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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 19, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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3 (campaign volunteer dies)the campaign trail turns deadly in iowa... as an icy road leads to the death of a volunteer for dr. ben carson. 3 ("no" to cruz)iowa's governor says "no" to ted cruz. why terry branstad is making a rare stand before the caucuses.(bald eagle killed) it's a federal crime... a bald eagle is found shot to death in northeast nebraska. 3 (barn fire)fire destroys a barn near dakota city. 3 (space heater safety) and... the deaths of an iowa family spur safety tips on how to keep space heaters from becoming deadly. 3 3 state conservation officers in nebraska are asking for your help finding the person who killed a bald eagle in northeast nebraska.the bird was shot earlier this week... apparently as part of a hunting trip. 3 3 and tonight that story is first on fox 3 3 the nebraska game and parks commission says the dead eagle was found yesterday (monday) in cedar county... about 3 miles southeast of yankton. the bodies of two rooster
9:01 pm *is* legal to hunt rooster pheasants in nebraska right now... but *not* hens. bald eagles are protected by federal law... and killing one can lead to a 250- thousand dollar fine and 2 years in prison. anyone with information is asked to call the nebraska game and parks commission. 3 3 a plan to replace a community pool in correctionville is taking a step forward tonight.the woodbury county board of supervisors approved a 5- thousand dollar grant to help pay for that new pool.the city is also applying for a vision iowa grant... in addition to local fundraising efforts.the city says the estimated cost to replace the pool is nearly 100- thousand dollars... but that the project is worth the cost. correctionville's application for the vision iowa grant will be considered later this year. we'll hear from the mayor tonight on siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14. 3 3 supervisors also honored two woodbury county sheriff's deputies who helped save the
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week.deputy david hansen and lt. tony wingert found 24- year- old shaniqwa hayes face- down in a snowy ditch near moville last tuesday. the supervisors approved a resolution thanking the two for finding hayes. she'd been missing for nearly two days before her rescue. the sheriff's office says there are no signs of foul play in the case.the award to the deputies will be presented next week. 3 3 an afternoon fire in rural dakota county has destroyed a barn and left one animal dead.that fire broke out just after 1- 30 this afternoon at a farm west of dakota city in the 600-block of 190th street. no one was injured in the fire. and no one was hurt while putting it out. but a fully grown pig living in the structure was killed. a dakota county sheriff's deputy tells siouxland news the cause remains under investigation. 3 the bitter cold temperatures have led more people in siouxland to use space heaters. as our jetske wauran tells
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you. 3 roughly 25-thousand house fires happen every year.the cause? well, you probably own one...they're space heaters, and when used inappropriately ...these warming devices can cause more harm than good."the loads on these big heaters, create a lot of load."as what happened in a tragic house fire that broke out on the night of january 16th...that killed a 27-year-old woman and her three children in boxholm, officials was believed a space heater is what sparked that deadly fire. that's why sioux city fire marshal joe rodriguez wants to give tips on how you can protect yourself and your family."you want to make sure that you prefer not to use a space heater and make sure it's plugged in directly to the outlet itself." also...never connect your space heater to an extension cord or power extension...alw ays plug into a wall outlet. one thing there is, you want to make sure you have working smoking alarms in your home. it's important that we have it
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in our areas that we sleep in or living rooms. at least one in every level of the home at a minimum.and when choosing betwen electric versus gas heaters? opt for electric...which does not produce gases like carbon monoxide.keep children away from space heaters. you don't want them to get burned as well. and just be safe out there and make you turn it off before you go to bed.and make sure nothing is running. standard out. 3 3 3 winter weather returned to siouxland this morning. we shot this video along hamilton boulevard and wesley parkway... as light snow fell on sioux city.officially we recorded just over an inch in sioux city... with higher amounts further south. most roads in northwest iowa were at least partially covered with snow... making travel somewhat difficult.sioux city police responded to nearly 2 dozen traffic accidents and abandoned vehicles... while the woodbury county sheriff's office reported another half- dozen traffic accident and calls for help. 3
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a very quiet evening under overcast skies. after an inch of snow across most of the area, overnight lows should bottom out in the lower teens. it is certainly possible areas to the northeast of sioux city will see lows drop into the single digits. for the most part our weather will stay quiet but get just a little bit warmer through the end of the weekend. by saturday, highs will top out in the lower to middle 30s. we will generally see mostly cloudy skies, and the only real chance of seeing any additional snow may come on thursday as another boundary slides through the region. for now we have escaped the arctic air, so enjoy it while it lasts. >> 3 3 sioux city's salvation army is celebrating another successful bell- ringing season.the goal of the 2015
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raise 180- thousand dollars. now... the salvation army says it not only met that goal... it passed it... bringing in 203- thousand 684 dollars. the money will be used to support e salvlvion army's mission in siouxland... which is to provide help to those in need *every* day... and after major disasters like fires... floods... and tornadoes. 3 3 tax season is back in full swing..and now the volunteer income tax assistance program wants to help you file your taxes *for free.*thanks to (vy-tuh) vita... people with a household income of less than 54-thousand dollars a year... can receive help filing their taxes at no charge. vita's program coordinator oversees the i- r- s- certified volunteers. the program is operated out of the "center for siouxland" six days a week. 3 "we want you to file as soon possible. it just reduces the risk of identity theft and that kind of thing, and it gets it out of the way, and you're done with it."all you need to bring is the required documents: a
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card, 2015 tax forms and all your tax information ffrom this past year. 3 3 iowa's governor is taking an extraordinary step ahead of next month's caucuses. which g- o- p candidate he says he *doesn't* want to win... coming up after the break. 3 3 but first... the main challenger to hillary clinton on the democratic side brought his campaign to sioux city tonight. hear from supporters of bernie sanders next... on siouxland's only nine o'clock newscast. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 e man running neck and neck with hillary clinton atop the democratic polls in iowa made a stop in sioux city tonight.our kayla novak was inside the orpheum for his
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local supporters of senator bernie sanders so excited? 3 3 larry, diana... nearly 12- hundred people packed into the orpheum to listen to the vermont senator speak.sanders spoke for more than an hour about what steps he would take to combat income inequality... and provide universal healthcare and education to americans while increasing regulation on wall street banks.local supporters say they feel sanders is the best candidate to move the country forward. 3 "......."sanders also held a moment of silence for the campaign workers for ben carson's campaign involved in an accident in southen iowa today.sananrs says he thinks s
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digit gap between himself and hillary clinton before the caucuses on february 1st. 3 3 iowa's governor is making a rare intervention in the iowa caucuses... calling on caucus - goers to *defeat* texas senator ted cruz.speaking at the iowa renewable fuels summit in altoona... terry branstad says cruz's opposition to ethanol and the renewable fuels standard means his election would be *bad* for one of the state's biggest industries. 3 "whawe're doing is we're trying to educate the people of iowa. he is the biggest opponent of renewable fuels and he actually introduced a bill in 2013 to immediately eliminate the renewable fuel standard. he is heheily financed by big oil.//i think it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him."the governor's comments are unusual... as iowa governors traditionally remain neutral in the caucus process. 3 3 dr. ben carson is canceling campaign events today and tomorrow to honor the life of
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old braden joplin of midland, texas was killed in an accident in cass county, iowa this afternoonthe van he was traveling in with a campaign staffer, two other adult volunteers and three children hit a patch of ice on interstate 80, flipped on its side and was hit by another vehicle.the three other adults were treated at a hospital in atlantic... but joplin was taken to the nebraska medical center in omaha where he later died.the three children were taken to children's hospital in omaha... there is no word on their the last hour... carson spoke to the media in omaha. 3 3 when he does resume campaigning... he'll begin a three- day swing through iowa that includes a stop in sioux city.that event will take place saturday, january 23rd at the orpheum theatre downtown.the "hear our voice, heal our land" event will feature actor kirk cameron and musical group casting crowns. it will begin at noon. 3 voters will have a clear choice on the issue of gun control in t upcoming
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national correspondent jeff barnd has a break-down of the top candidates.. and where *they* stand on our 2nd amendment rights. 3 2 weeks before the primary and caucus season, gop candidates are on the attack.. on the explosive issue of gun control. ?sot/transcripts from gop debate 1/14 rubio " i am convinced that this president, if he could get rid of the second amendment, he would." /sot/transcripts from gop debate 1/14 trump "the guns don't pull the trigger. it's the people that pull the trigger."/sot/transcript from gop debate 1/14 cruz "there's a reason gun owners of america has endorsed me in this race. there's a reason the nra gave me their carter knight freedom fund award."/vo/ the top gop ndidates agreenough laws are *already* in place to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the focus should be on mental health programs.. *all* fully support the second amendment. /sot/ transcript from gop debate 1/14 cruz "listen, in any republican primary, everyone is going to say they support the second amendment. unless you are clinically insane."/vo/ donald trump heard that message loud and clear trump the mogul in his book "the america we deserve" *used* to support longer backround checks for firearms now, trump the g-o-p *presidential candidate* has gone to the right /sot/allan lichtman ftp dc broll - 7:30 "its as if every republican candidate is
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more extreme position on gun rights than the other." 7:37 /vo/ the top *democratic* presidential candidates *favor* some sort of gun legislation with very few didierences./sot- hillary ad/ :16 "it's time to pick a side. either we stand with the gun lobby or we join the president and stand up to them" :24/vo/ hillary clinton wants to make universal backround checks the law of the land and wants gun manufacturers liable in certain crimes. just days ago senator bernie sanders *reversed* himself from a law he favored giving immunity to gunmakersto *recinding* portions of the law./sot/ hillary py-04su :26 ""i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity :32 /sig-out/ senator sanders *still* says gun control should fall to the individual states.. but supports president obama's planned executive action on gun control saying republicans are not interested in doing *anything* about gun safety. in washington im jeff barnd reportrtg. 3 3 we're taking a live look over the dest maintreet in
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onawa, iowa on our skywatch camera. 3 will it get a little warmer when you walk down main street... or anywhere else?
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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part our weather will stay quiet but get just a little bit warm through the end of the weekend. by saturday, highs will top out in the lower to middle 30s. we will generally see mostly cloudy skies, and the only real chance of seeing any additional snow may come on thursday as another boundary slides through the region. for now we have escaped the arctic air, so enjoy it while it lasts. >>
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3 coming up after the break... how a local company is
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holiday with special deals. but first... 3 asman says: "the one group of americans who are driving less.... and it's not grandma and grandpa. i'm david asman
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network... more coming 3 millenials are ditching their driver's licenses. and there are big jobs cuts for a well known business.david asman has more in tonight's fox business report. 3 looks like millennials are putting the brakes on driving. (take pkg)a new report saying a whole bunch of 20-to- 24 year olds are ditching driver's licenses.just 77% of them had one in 2014...that's a big drop from the 92% with a license 30 years ago.big job cuts at johnson and johnson. the healthcare and consumer products company laying off around 3-thousand workers in its medical device division. the cuts will take place over the next two years.and there's apparently a lot of mega money in maryland.a new study says it's the state with the highest rate of millionaires...
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worth at least a cool mil.and listen up... before the next time you log on.a new report naming "1-2-3-4-5-6" as the worst password in 20-15.also making the list....the word... "password"and the phrase... "let me in".(asman on cam)that's a look at business... i'm david asman. 3 3 today... the 19th of january... is national popcorn day.sioux city is the home of a nationally- renowned popcorn manufacturer... the american pop corn company. that company produces both the jolly time brand... and koated kernals. they've got a special offer for customers to help celebrate national popcorn day. 3 "national popcorn day to me i enjoy popcorn every day but what so fun here is having costumers in having them try some new samples and learn more about the history here at jolly time. "for the next few days... you can visit the "jolly time koated kernel shop and pop corn museum"... and if you buy three bags of pop corn you'll get a fourth free. the museum
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3 3
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thursday as another boundary slides through the region. for now we have escaped the arctic
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