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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  January 26, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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"this is siouxland news at nine on fox 44." 3 3 we've heard a lot more in recent years about the impact football can have on a player's there's startling news about this fall's death of former iowa hawkeye and professional football player tyler sash. 3 3 tonight those findings are first on fox. 3 the new york times sasa scientists have discovered sash had major neurological trauma known as "chronic traumatic encephalopathy"... or c- t- e. sash died in september of an accidental drug overdose at his home in oskaloosa. his family donated his brain for study after noticing he suffered from growing memory loss... confusion... and minor temper probobms. the timemesays his family was toldldhe level of c-t-e was similar to hall of famer junior seau who commited suicide in 2012. sash won an orange bowl while playing with iowa... and a super bowl ring with the new york giants. 3 3 the woodbury county board of supervisors hope to lower the
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row.the board hahastarted rking on the budget for the next year. it'll have have to spend a little more money to help the auditor handle the extra expenses of a november general election. but taxpayers shouldn't feel the added bite. 3 "i think that we've made great strides, as i said, my anticipation is that we'll actually be able to lower the tax rate again and that's a great thing for woodbury county families."supervisors also formly recognizing the efforts of two sheriff's office employees who saved the life of a missing woman earlier this tony wingert and deputy david hansen found 24- year- old shaniqwa hayes face- down in a snowy ditch near moville january 12th.sheriff dave drew says this is a great honor for the department. 3 "to be recognized by someone from outside our agency is nice and we're really proud. it's one of the first times the board has really recognized as of late to
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different people in the countyty for doing outstanding servicic."investigators with the sheriff's office says there are no indications any foul play was involved with hayes' disappearance. 3 a canine cop helped take a bite out of crime in sioux city today.this is a photo of rico and his handler... woodbury county deputy nate sands... tracking down a suspected car thief in the greenville area. the suspect ditched the vehicle and ran into a creek bed near the economy inn.rico got his man. and 29- year- old reginald galvin of sioux city was taken to the hospital following his encounter.galvin is facing charges of 2nd degree theft, eluding, and driving with a suspended license.he's being held in the woodbury county jail on 75- hundred dollars bond. 3 3 today'chase isisdding to an alarming number of car thefts in sioux city this month. police have already had 29 reports of stolen cars in the first 25 days of january. they say a lot of those thefts are
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their cars running to warm up. they add the easiest way to prevent your car from being stolen is to never leave the keys in it when you're not there. 3 3 sergeant bluff police releasing the name of the man arrested after a brief car chase monday afternoon.48- year- old daniel suhr of yankton is 3 being held in the woodbury county jail... 3 awaiting a transfer into the custody of the u- s marshal's service.suhr was wanted on a federal warrant when he was arrested yesterday after a brief chase through sergeant addition n the federal charges... he's alsoso facing *local* charges of driving without a license and driving while barred. 3 3 the city of south sioux city has named an interim police chief.... following last week's retirment of scot ford.lieutenant ed (may-hawn) mahon is taking on that position. mahon is a 32 year veteran of the department. he was born and raised in south sioux citytyif mahon is chosen to be the new chief... another person would be appointed to the position of lieutenant. 3 "i'm really proud, i've always been prouto serve the
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honored to do so. it's a great town. we have a great department. one that chief helped build, so i just want to keep continuing doing the work that i can do to keep progressing into the future."mahon is also a candndate to replace ford... but the search for the new chief is still on- going. 3 3
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stay tuned for details on that as the system develops.>> 3 the weekend before the iowa caucuses means eleventh- hour trips to siouxland for several candidates.on the republican side... while ted cruz, jeb bush and rand paul will all be in the area this weekend, they'll be joined by new jersey governor chris christie. christie's campaign is planning a town hall meeting in sioux city saturday morning. that event will take place at the olsen student center on the campus of morningside college.doors will open at 8 a- m... and the event will get underway at 9. 3 3 on the democratic side... former maryland governor martin o'malley will be in sioux city friday night. o'malley will stop at his cacaaign eadquarters on nebrbrka street at 7 appearances in council bluffs, missouri valley and denison.on sarday... he'll remain in siouxland with events in cherokee, spencer and storm lake. 3 3 democratic party front- runner hillary clinton will also make a last- minute campaign trip
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former secretary of state will hold a rally sunday at the sioux city convention center downtownwn.doors for the event will open at t 45 sunday afternoon.clinton is scheduled to appear at 5- 15.while she still leads the democratic field nationally... in iowa, some polls have her narrowly trailing vermont senator bernie sanders. 3 this friday the final batch of hillary clinton's emails is supposed to be releaed to the public.instead, the u-s state department says it needs more time.our national correspondent kristine frazao spokokto the journalist who is suing the state department under the freedom of information act... who says the voters are losing out. 3 natsot hillary on campaign trail "let's build on what we have"on the campaign trail in iowa, hillary clinton has her eye on the endzone.but in washington - a delay of game, with the state department asking the courts fofoan extra a month totoelease the final batch of her emails - 55 thousand pages that would be *after* iowa, new hampshire,
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jason leopold/vice news journalist"as secretary of state, her communications as well as other documents, we are entitled to ask for that information under the freedom of information act. i think the public needs to have that information." vice news journalist jason leopold, who filed the original freedom of information lawsuit more than a year ago, fired back with an opposition suit - saying the state department has not shown good cause for the extension... and argues voters in the primary states before the release will be harmed by not having all the information. standup at federal court"the state department listed two reasons for the extension. one - they realized they forgot to scrutinize about 7 thousand pages of the emails... and the second reason is the weather. many of the roads here in washington are still blocked and the courts are closed." it's an issue that comes up time and time again for hillary clinton. hillary clinton"when you're facing something like that you've gotta get the facts and it takes time to get the facts." one former lawmaker says things could potentially get worse as the fbi continues to
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private email server.tom delay/former congressman/n ewsmax tv's the steve malzberg show "i have friends in the fbi and they tell me they're ready to indict, they also say if the attorney general does not indict they're going public." so how will this all play out on the campaign trail? we'll get the first real indication next week when iowa voters head to the caucuses. i'm kristine frazao siouxland news. 3 it's now up to the courts to decide if the state department will be able to delay the release of those emails by another month. 3 3 more than 300 thousand iowans could end up going to a precinct caucus this coming monday night to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice. 3 but what about the iowans who can't make it because they're out of the state on military duty? the iowa republican party has set up "online" caucusing to let those folks have their "say." and democrats have also developed their own system. 3 "so one of the things we've done is added a telecaus. and since iowa has more military famliies than a lot
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active duty in the military outside of the boards of iowa or overseas... they can come in and do a telecaucus and do it on their phone. and so they can be in a caucus. they can even realign n d it's realal done exacly like a caucus except they v ve by theiei phone."the democrats are also settting up "satellite" caucuses for people who can't attend a precinct caucus due to a hardship. you can call either party for more details on these programs. 3 3 and even those *too young* to vote on monday are getting into the caucus spirit.students at sunnyside elementary school in morningside held their own youth caucus thisorning.225 students from theherd, 4th and 5t5tgrade classes took part... casting their ballots using voting machines provided by the woodbury county auditor's office. 3 "its nice and like how they do it cause to see what the kids think about it and not just the adults.....well because i
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want to be prpridenti think its really good because like you get the opportunity to see what its like to voting. "on the democratic side... hillary clinton came away victorious in sioux city with 82 votes compared to bernie sanders' 68 and martin o'malley's 51.for the republicans... dr. ben carson won with 65 votes.ted cruz got 46, marco rubio 41, , donald trump 26 and jeb bush other candidates got no more than 4 votes each. 3 3 still to come tonight... four people are hospitalized after an overnight fire at an omaha *funeral home*. how they were injured, coming up... 3 3 but first... a surprise decision by a texas grand jury investigating the planned parenthood undercover videos. why the two people who *produced* those videos are facing charges... coming up after the break. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox
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castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 tonight, the founder of a group that videotaped planned parenthood executives talking about baby parts maintains his repter sarah navoy from opr sister station in houston explains... this comes shortly after the grand jury indictments of him and another person involved in videotaping the conversations that sparked a national outcry and debate. 3 it was an effort to expose what abortion opponents call "horrific."but the alleged selling of fetal body parts by planned parenthoododcaught on undercover camera - backckred. now court documents releasas tuesday show center for medical progress founder david daleiden faces a misdemeanor charge for purchasing or selling human organs. daleiden and employee sandra merritt
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*felonies* for creating and using fake i-d's during thier undercover investigation. "i don't think i have ever seen that before as my 20 something years as a judge"former district judge -- charles baird calls s e offense serious.: "this is different clearly than a 19 year old college kid getting a fake id so he can get into a bar. " baird says the main difference lies in the fact that the controversial videos sparked national outrage, as well as state and federal investigations.the videos even prompted some states, including texas, to attempt to defund planned parenthood. baird: "because of the explosion from the vivios has bebe so large that i would think this i inot a case that they could ever sweep under the rug. that this has to be actively prosecuted." nationally the reaction is mixed.u-s senator susan collins says this indictment illustrates why having all the evidence is important before making major changes to planned parenthood funding. "it's so important that we make decisions here in the
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that can be difficult when you look at a video that is upsetting to know whether or not you're getting the whole story.""in a statement daleiden said their actions are protected under the first amendment. an online petition pushing to drop the charges already has more than 30- thousand signatures. reporting -- i'm sarah navoy." 3 3 three firefighters and one civilian are recovering in omaha hospitals this evening... afterbeing injured in a fire at a *funeral home* this morning.that fire broke out around 3 this morning at the funeral crews had to be pulled out of the building after it partially collapsed. that's when one of the firefighters and one of the home's owners was injured. 3 "i heard a boom and i thought living close to the air force base--maybe they were out flying. but that didn't sound right with all the noises that i heard."two other firefighters were injured after slipping and falling ononsome ice.a
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says there were several bodies in the building at the time of the fire... but can't say if they were affected by the fire. 3 3 3 taking a live look out over arnold's park tonight on our great lakes countertops and kitchens skywatch camera... 3 we're welcoming in a warming trend over the next few days. chad's got the details coming up after the break. 3 the newest research points to a woman's hands as the first area to betray her age. with so many options to look younger, now you can wave goodbye to old hands. with fat transfer you are only a couple of injections away from youthful hands. a small amount of fat is harvested under local anesthetic from your own body, mostly from the stomach and thigh areas. the harvested fat is then processed and re-distributed in your hands, to wipe away a decade. there is no scaring and the results are soft and natural looking, and can last for several years. fat transfer is also
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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head toward the sunrise hours, it will get cold with lows around 10 degrees with patchy fog settling in across the areaea for wednesday afternoon, west to o southwest winds and partly to mostly cloudy skies should push our temperatures into the upper 30s. temperatures will stay very pleasant through the end of the workweek and by friday, we could even see temps that reach the mid 40s. heading into the weekend, thing start getting messy on sunday, with a chance of a rain or snow mix. but whwh has us really ininigued is another winter storm set to arrive here monday night into tuesday. stay tuned for details on that
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3 3 still to come tonight... what *mcdonald's* is crediting for a 4th quarter turnaround... but first... 3 asman on cam: "the highest paying job in america is? find out. i'm david asman with the
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coming up."3 consumer spending up... as apple expresses concern about the future of *iphone* sales.david asman has those stories and more in tonight's fox means business report. 3 americans feeling pretty good about shelling out money... after all that holiday shopping.(take vo) a new report showing consumer confidence jumping in january. an improving job market and falling gas prices were the big reasons why.and that gave investors some confidence... markets way up on tuesday... the other thing helping? higher oil prices.but it s sm folks could be losing confidence in apple.the tech giant reporting earnings tuesday, beating estimates. but get this... the company
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million iphones last quarter. that was fewer than expected.meantime, homes values are heading higher.a new report showing prices for single- family homes soaring in november from the same time a year ago.they're now just about 5% below the all-time high hit back in july 2006.and want to make "mega bucks"?then look at the medical field.a new report says anesthesiologi sts are bringing home the most pay.the average salary-- $187 grand a year.not too shabby. asman on cam: that's a look at business. i'm david asman. 3 3 it's *good news* tonight for the golden arches.mcdonald's says its switch last fall to offering breakfast items all day is the reason it saw a rebound in sales in the 4th quarter.sales for the fast- food giant rose 6 percent in the last three months of 2015... even though the number of *customers* dropped yet again. 3 chad's back k with a ainal check
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