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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 26, 2016 9:00pm-9:29pm CST

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unidentified man stole a semi from the willard family farm. before stealing the semi, he had stolen a pizza ranch delivery van from a restaurant in sheldon. that van was dumped at a ranch. they believe the thief is on the run after an incident in wellard minnesota where he's accused of assaulting a police officer. the sioux city police received a report of a man stealing -- installing a card reading device. >> they discovered the skimmer
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not working correctly. >> this is because the skimmer was malfunctioning or broken. still, authorities are asking everybody to keep an eye on their bank information. bank card skimmers are unable to be identified by users. >> it's got a little computer device that's hooked into it. what it does is it reads the credit card that has been obtained and it stores the data from that credit card such as the numbers, and pertinent data. that way it can be made into another credit card later on or sold to somebody on the black market. >> reporter: thieves get information stored in one of two ways. they can physically return to the pump to retrieve the device or some skimmers include a wireless transmitter. police are investigating how the device was put inside the
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it does not appear to have been broken into and they do not suspect employees. and while this is one of the first skimmers to be found in the area, police say they expect to see more. >> this is the first time i've ever experienced a gas skimmer here in sioux city. but i understand it's more prevalent in omaha. i think it'll just be a number of time before we start seeing them more. >> reporter: as for customers, pay inside or pay with cash and notify the gas station if you see anyone gaining access inside a gas pump. a man is facing charges for sexually assaulting a young girl over a two years. scott threatened her warning her not to tell anyone of the touching or he would quote come after her.
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scot is charged with one count of second degree sexual abuse. he is being held on $50,000 bond. one person is dead and another hospitalized with serious injuries. according to the sioux county sheriff's office, james waldner was passing a semi while heading south when he collided with another vehicle driven by 63-year-old bleeker. both drivers had to be trapped and had to be extracted by the fire department. they were then taken to the sioux city hospital where walner was pronounced dead. it was a beautiful day here just as we expected. plenty of sunshine and a little bit of cloudiness working its way through. helping our temperatures warm up into the upper 50s.
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the view here brought to you by the square tire folks. of course we are looking at mostly clear skies across the area. a little bit of cloud cover has been streaking through and is going to continue moving on toward the south. tonight as skies continue to clear temperatures will continue to drop. same story down in lincoln. the only cloud cover being reported any where close is a few clouds up in minneapolis. so over all expecting a very nice night. here is a look at your weekend planner, going to be warm over the weekend highs in the mid- 50s. watch for a little bit of rain to close out our weekend. we'll talk about it coming up in a few minutes. a sioux city man suffering of -- huntington's disease may
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>> reporter: todd ozz tells us he is very thankful that the iowa house passed a bill to try experimental drugs. >> reporter: the couple is a step closer to a treatment for huntington's disease. affecting one in every 10,000 americans. >> todd was a veterinarian here in sioux city. he built the clinic in 2000 and had two partners and had to retire in 2009 because of huntington's disease. >> reporter: todd can no longer drive. his motor skills limited. >> just? >> nothing. >> his wife nikki is his primary care giver and says some days it can be difficult. but thanks to outpouring support for his family and
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able to push through the challenges. >> you always look good honey. >> you too. >> and they're hopeful because new treatment may be in the works. >> what was your reaction? >> very excited. for sure. >> on a 50-0 vote, the iowa state senate approved what's being called a right to try bill which would help people with terminal ilillness get access to medicines that are not available in a pharmacy yet but have been tested. now that the measure is going to the iowa house, the family couldn't be happier. >> we know this treatment may not be in time for us, and may not be in time for some families, but we do have the opportunity to try it. it's worth it. and if it's something that can help other people that are in similar situations. >> todd's wife is also a founder of the shepherd's gift. if you would like any information, we have a link on
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fifth grade students taking part in sioux city dare program got a chance to socialize with their community and police officers. it's meant to teach kids early about alternatives to gangs and drugs. >> it's a chance for us to interact with young kids and let them see us in maybe a different light that they don't normally get to see law enforcement officers. >> reporter: the children played laser tag, got smoothies and watched movies. they each got a free backpack at the end of the day. >> the governing body for one of the world's most popular sports has a new leader tonight. who's the head of fifa and how did he win? >> first all the remaining candidates running for the job of u.s. president say they are
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but how many of them can actually back up their claims? we'll investigate coming up after the break. castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 donald trump is back on the attack this evening after aggressive attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz in last night's c- donald trump is back on the attack after aggressive attacks last night by cruz and rubio. but today he got the support of chris christie. this after christie criticized trump and questioned his fitness to hold the job of commander in chief. almost all the remaining
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eager to distance themselves from being labeled a washington insider. as our national correspondent reports, political experience in 2016 is squarely viewed by candidates as more of a liable than an asset. >> reporter: to one degree or another, everyone still in the presidential race has layed claim as the notion of running as an outsider. saying they're not to the money or wall street. >> the hatred. and all it is is establishment because i'm not taking anybody's money. >> i cannot imagine anyone being more than an outsider than a woman president. >> they should be getting nervous. we have taken on the political establishment. >> about half the people didn't know who i was.
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from across the patomic is the washington cartel. >> i actually don't think any of the candidates on either side can consider themselves to be anything other than insiders. >> reporter: but they are insiders how does that explain the rise of donald trump? or ben carson. neither of them fit the definition of insider and neither have served in public office. >> trump has been a long- standing developer. that requires knowledge of wall street. >> reporter: but carson is the closest one in his view to an outsider. this is not how voters feel. >> hasn't been in congress. >> the outsiders are trump and carson. >> if a strict definition of outsider is applied just four of america's 44 presidents can be considered outsiders.
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and george washington was the first. both previously served in the military. the u.s. is saying russia and syria could help in taking down isis. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert dress, i'm michelle marsh, a seize fire in syria proposed by the u.s. and russia goes into effect at midnight. president obama's advisors says the key is to take down isis. >> our goal is that they don't have the money to press people
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terrorist plots in europe on here. >> reporter: they seized $34 million owed. the victims who won claims against the country include survivors of a 1997 suicide bombing in jerusalem. world soccer governing body has adopted its first president. fifa's member nation chose johnny enfantino to replace bladder who is accused of taking payments. promising to return the organizations focus to growing the support. >> the money of fifa is your money. it's not the money of the fifa president. it's your money. you are the national association. and the money of fifa has to serve for the development of
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>> infantino must serve a four year term working with a new executive committee featuring female representation at the top of one of the world's popular sports. taking a live look tonight. all over downtown sioux city, we saw the beginning of a warm
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chad will "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 diana and chad what a huge change in temperatures from yesterday to today and it's only going to get better tomorrow. >> if you really like today just hang on because we're going to see virtually the same type of conditions but a little bit warmer. certainly good news. take a look at downtown sioux city. you can see things are pretty quiet out there this evening.
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with light winds even after getting into the lower 40s and 50s we're going to see temperatures cooling off quite rapidly. everyone going to stay in the middle to upper 50s. and then we've got another series of boundaries or fronts coming through. we have a chance or wintery mix on tuesday. and a little bit of overnight snow wednesday into thursday and perhaps even late friday. temperatures going to be getting much cooler by the middle part of next week. a little bit of cloud cover sliding through late this afternoon. other wise just a fantastic day by any stretch. and what we're seeing now across the entire upper midwest is generally clear skies. so as we work our way through the evening we will continue to see very light winds. and a clear sky to start off your weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning should be into the upper 20s when we wake up but they are going to warm up quickly. you see the warm front to the north. that's'soing to allow a west to southwest wind to come in. those west southwest winds
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looking for highs in the middle to upper 60s. not going to be around long. the system kicks off to the east pretty quickly. by this time sunday night we look for the skys to start clearing out pretty quickly. we will actually be setting up for a very nice monday. first day back to work next week going to be looking for a high near 60. right now in sioux city we're up to mid-60 degrees. and winds are pretty light expected to stay. on the light side throughout the rest of the evening. your forecast tonight calling for an overnight low into clear skies. 29degrees. looking for a light south wind at three to 5 miles per hour. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day any way you shape it up. 64 the afternoon high with southwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour.
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forecast. again, not too bad for sunday and monday. but we may see a touch of winter coming back. highs back in the 30s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> come on chad, give us a little break. >> kind of on that time when we're in a teeter totter for the next few weeks. tonight, it's about to get just a little cheaper to mail an actual letter. the reason why coming up after the break. but first, you can take those savings from stamps and take them on clothes?
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can soon get new duds just one *department store* chain is offering shoppers *new one department store chain is offering shoppers new clothes for almost nothing. david azeman has those stories and more. >> reporter: watch out drivers those prices at the pump are rising higher.
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gallon of regular now running a little over $1.70. this might have to do something with higher prices. oil now up for two straight weeks with a barrel costing nearly $33. but if prices keep moving up at least you'll have extra cash to pay for it. personal income is up in january. the biggest gain we've seen in about six months. apparently that had people out shopping, consumer spending is also up. and buying something at jcpenney for a penny literally. starting on sunday the retail offering up a bunch of items from their private label collection for just 1 cent. the deals are going to be running throughout the year. that's business, i'm david azenith. the price of stamps are going down. it's not a promotion. the price high was contingent upon a plan price drop this year. that surcharge is slated to end april 10th.
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letter will drop from 49 to 47- cents. commercial pricing will also decrease. for a complete listing of the new prices you can check out the postal service website.
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we'll explain what brought
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expect today with highs in the 50s. plenty of sunshine expected on saturday with highs in the 50s. cloud cover starts to move in and as a front comes through sunday morning look for a little bit of rain. but high the temperatures are still going to be in the lower 50s. so for the last weekend of february, not too bad at all. didia. >> thanks. chad. elementary school students got a chance to bring a special guest to breakfast this morning. their mom. it's part of a program called moments with mom. the counter part donuts with dad that aims to get parents more involved with their kids atatchool.
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- hey. - what are you doing back so early? did chestnut forget his wallet? - no, we saw that cat we don't like. i tried to spray it with a water bottle, but it just laughed at us, so we ran. what are you doing out here? - enjoying the day.
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i love the leaves. oh, gross! a condom! - wow, i guess autumn really is coming. - who would throw that over our wall? - that cat. what? he's not only arrogant, he wants us to know he has sex. all i know is, if i had nine lives, i wouldn't wear a condom. [cash register bell dings] - hey, you know, we should start figuring out what to do w wh chestnut this winter, now that it's already peak condom dropping season. - you're right, chestnut is the most important thing. but more importantly, what do you think of this vintage sweater i chose for my date with andy? - it's nice. but won't it be hard to pull off over your head in the cab? i'm assuming you'll do it in a cab. - max, it's a a rst date. that's'sot appropriate.


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