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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 12, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> brisbane floodwaters, widespread damage is expected. the waters are pushing aside just about anything in their way and there is a warning that there may be more to come. >> they have already faced some dark days. there are dark days to a head. >> the army crackdown after weeks of violent protests. a russian investigation into the plane crash that killed poland's president last year plans polish officials in the cockpit. welcome to bbc world news. coming up later, at a year after haiti's earthquake, why are so many living amid the rubble?
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>> they are still struggling to house their homeless. more than 800,000 people still remain in places like this. >> physically, i do not look arabic. i have blue eyes. my mother has black eyes. >> the muslim, it is no holds barred. -- comic is no-holds-barred. >> as river levels peaked in australia's third largest city, floodwaters have not reached a high that officials have predicted. the river has peaked at least 3 feet below the worst production.
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still, widespread damage is expected. 130,000 homes have lost power. this is a once in a century of disaster. >> brisbane is now being deluged by the river that gave it its name. australia's third biggest city with little defense against the surging water. local television crews spotted the first signs of the central business district finally relenting. >> extraordinary. the water is starting to flow into the city. >> this is no longer a story of the suburbs. what does are lapping at the heart of the city. -- watchers are lapping at the heart of the city. the river banks are impossible. boats have been thrown against
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bridges. an entire riverside dear garden -- garden swept away. the city's 52,000 seat stadium lights and one of the worst affected areas. >> what can we do about it? this is devastating. >> this is absolutely unbelievable. >> constructed after the devastating floods of the mid- 1970s, at their main dam is struggling to cope. >> queensland has already faced some dark days and there are dark days do i had. australia is standing with you. we are working with queensland. >> normally tranquil suburbs have become disaster zones. over 50 will be hit by the floods. animals and livestock are fending for themselves as the
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waters rise. some residents have attempted rescues. most will have to be abandoned. this was rosily village, where the community turned out to help. they stayed with they could. australian city dwellers selling the same kind of self-reliance and humor that we have seen from those who live in the bush. this is testing be no worries, mate, experience. >> we are trying to rescue the everything that weekend. -- wheat town. these advance in flood waters just keep on rising. the brisbane river has just burst its bank. it has inundated the low-lying suburbs. in a few of our time, the water will be. >> many people are reluctant to leave.
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many people live on bungalows -- in buffalo's on stilts. >> -- bungalows on stilts. >> they have said the slightly. >> today was bad. tomorrow is certain to be worse. >> a million people are affected after days of on seasonal monsoon rain. the cities are suffering worse. nearly 20,000 people are misplaced. >> when you are company lehman range from land access, rescue by air is a welcome the prospect. the air force has been locating some of those in need. some parts of the eastern
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seaboard have had their highest rainfall ever recorded. about 160,000 acres, the crop has been ruined. about 50 or a reservation -- irrigation reservoirs have burst their banks. some are filling up and posing a danger to those living nearby. this man was the commander until seven years ago. it fell to him on wednesday to distribute supplies to affected people. 180,000 are in displacement camps and a lot of people are suffering. the government and relief agencies are sending food and medicine into many places. people have told us they have seen no sign of aid from the government. they have set up camps on their own.
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>> around 100 people have died in southeastern brazil. they have seen more rain in 24 hours than they would see in the whole of january. nearly 50 people have died there in landslides. lebanon's national debate government has collapsed. the political factions are in dispute over the international investigation into the murder of the former prime minister. tensions have been running high. the office of arizona congressman gabrielle giffords issued the first picture from her bedside since she was shot and had over the weekend. she is single dinner has been sent. -- she has -- she is seen holding her husband's hand.
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sarah palin appeared in a video on facebook offering condolences and defending herself against criticism. >> did you do not like a person's vision for the country, you are free to debate that vision. if they do not like their ideas, you are free to propose better ideas. within hours of the tragedy unfolding, a derelict and pundits should not manufactured blood libel that serves only to inside the very hatred and violence that they purport to condemn. that is reprehensible. >> more clashes between protesters and security forces are reported and tunisia. police have fired tear gas at protesters. the army has been posted their for the first time in living memory. >> this is the center of anti-
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government protests. in this town, opposition supporters say at least 50 people been shot dead by the police. they demonstrated against poverty and unemployment. there are reports today that another big demonstration. they are girding with anger about their lives, the economy, and about the government. >> this is real. unemployment, deprivation, poverty, poor education, jobs are being sold. >> it is as if we are dead. our lives are worth less. my husband is unemployed. i am unemployed. we are lost. >> government television shows pictures of the aftermath. they try to convince the people
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that this is just mindless garbage. the government made an abrupt u- turn today. the government dismissed his interior minister. at the same time, military and soldiers were seen on the streets of the capital for the first time. what seems to under the government are these demonstrations yesterday. the pictures were posted on facebook. the site has been a vital. activists say the protests are continuing today and have now. to many other towns and cities. after 23 years, but crisis is unfolding with dramatic speed. >> the crash that killed poland's president last april was partly the fault of officials on the plane in pressuring the pilot to land.
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the late president twin brother has condemned that report as a joke against poland. dozens of members of the political elite died when the plane crashed near the russian city. >> it was an air disaster which shocked the world. on board flight 101 was polish president kaczynski and dozens of senior polish officials. there were no survivors. today, russian 88 -- russian aviation officials announced the results of their investigation. they held the polish group responsible. >> among the causes of the catastrophe, the crew decided to make a tiny decision. the crew had been no divided repeated the that the conditions were too bad for landing. >> the rain is ahead. this is a moment before it hit the ground.
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the image is a computer reconstruction, but the voices are real. presidents kaczynski was heading a large delegation to russia. crash investigators believe the crew felt pressure not to change course despite the weather after fear that the president would be angry. officials say that psychological pressure increased when other high-ranking strategist entered the cockpit. >> the presence of the polish commander on the flight deck right up until deep impact put psychological pressure on the captain of the plane. the goal became landing a plane at any cost. >> but russian investigators say they did not reach those conclusions alone. the polish officials were involved in the investigation.
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>> at least 17 people have been killed, many more wounded, by a suicide blasts in northwest pakistan. the attacker drove a car into a police station. the taliban say they carried out the attack to avenge u.s. drawn strikes. portugal has sold more than one place by billion dollars worth -- the auction attracted a high demand, but the interest rates are high. european astronomers are talking of stunning discovery is. the telescope was identified 15,000 new objects, among them clusters of galaxies. stay with us, if you can, on bbc world news. the country's referendum will be valid.
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the afghan capital has been rocked by an explosion. a suicide bomber -- at least four people were killed. almost 30 were wounded. all this during the city's early morning rush-hour. >> the bus was full of members of the afghan intelligence service. they were on their way to work when the suicide bomber struck in rush-hour traffic. >> when we arrived, we saw a motorbike. there were a lot of casualties. i heard a huge bank outside. i hid under the chair. after a few minutes, i rushed to see what had happened. i sell two motorbikes on fire and two wounded people near the site. when i write, there were still
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alive. >> the teledyne spokesman says they carried out the attack. -- the the taliban spokesman says they carry out the attack. they were taken to a nearby hospital. officials were surprised that more people were not killed. >> the admitted 29 wounded. one of them died upon arrival to the hospital. another one is in critical condition. it is the second significant attack on security forces in the capital in less than a month. this was the scene in december. five soldiers were killed and more than a dozen injured. afghan police and soldiers are critical to securing the country's future. their numbers are expanding rapidly. the taliban and other insurgents are determined to do everything possible to slow down the
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progress. >> the latest headlines for you. in the australian city of brisbane, they are bracing themselves for plot while ours -- floodwaters. they have paid at the highest levels. -- peaked at the highest levels. what we're being told, it's a death that is not as bad as it might have been, but bad enough. >> that is exactly right. nevertheless, they peaked at an incredibly high level. i was in sydney just a few others ago and i did not recognize the city. entire suburbs are under water. the brisbane river engulfing everything in its path. one of the most famous
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restaurants floated downriver yesterday. it is just extraordinary. large boats are being thrown down the river like they are brad dolls. the power behind this water -- just some heartbreaking stories coming out of these floods. a mother and her two young sons were stranded just the other day. the young boy handed -- his little brother was rescued and the other two were never seen again. just some heartbreaking stories. some positives as well. the community is pulling together. they are al help -- they are all helping each other. complete strangers are rescuing precious items from each other's houses. there is a positive here. the city is in shock at the moment. >> thank you very much for that bid picture. -- for that big picture. the governing party in south
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sudan is think that turnout has reached 60%. that is the legal minimum required for the vote to be valid. voting will go on for a week until saturday. >> it is the fourth day of voting in this historic referendum. boats are being cast. according to officials opposite don people's liberation movement, the all important 60% turnout has been achieved. >> i know very well that by the third day of voting, 60% turnout has been passed. >> one of the oldest people in southern sudan turned out to vote today. she's got to be 115. that means she was born before the air out of anglo egyptian
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rule in 1899. i southern sudan prepares for likely independence, she told those around her, there is nothing else we need to do but separate from the north. the result of the referendum will not be known until next month. independence for southern sudan may not be declared until later in the year. after so many decades of conflict, there are many issues to resolve of burris putting this vast country in two. >> in haiti, after the crippling earthquake, many survivors are still homeless. >> it was one year ago today when his life changed forever.
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>> we first met him after the earthquake. in the hospital next to his daughter, stephanie, who was dying. he and his wife alone here and a makeshift shelter that they keep spotless. still taking pride in the little they managed to salvage from their home. >> we think about her every day. i love my only child. >> personal grief is not the only legacy. haiti is still struggling to house its homeless. hundreds of thousands have moved out of the emergency camps and more than 800,000 people still remain in places like this. the big problem is the rubble. so much of it is still lying in exactly the place it fell 12 months ago today.
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we felt it piled across this city, on land that could otherwise be used for rebuilding. many are simply left to move it one bucket loader at a time. that is not good enough. >> rubble is still a major constraint to helping people get back. they are still stuck in the camps. land availability, there is land, it need the legislation, it need government to make that available. >> the land issue has been holding back projects like this one. it took the red cross months to get the right to build some temporary homes here. families have been moving in nevertheless today's. -- over the last few days. life here is functioning. there is food in the markets.
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women are scraping by as best they can. making ornaments. she sells 64 $6. >> i cannot be mad because there is somebody in control. it could be that they have not reached our camp. i am just waiting. >> even before the earthquake, haiti was already barely functioning as a country. that is why progress here takes time. that is why there will be many more anniversaries before a better haiti can be built. >> loss and the world laughs with you. in france, an unlikely figure is helping to banish the austerity. a comedian who has escaped his own poverty and stereotype. ♪
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>> contrary to what the music was playing, it is pretty unusual. he is muslim and of algerian immigrant dissent. he lives in a paris suburb. he has overcome more obstacles than most. >> interest in education. it makes you a special personality. >> he calls himself the ragged count. he jokes about his immigrant parents, islam. he challenges on stage the prejudice that daunts those who live in the port city's suburbs. >> i started with my family and my close friends. after i talked about muslims,
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gays, women, people on television try to do their best to separate people. what we have to do as an artist or onstage, we have to link. >> for those living in the poorest suburbs, perhaps those divisions have never looked so stark. he was a long way from its humble beginnings by that point. he left for connecticut's university to study english. to their surprise, he was already fluent in the universal language. ♪ a shoulder injury -- the
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discipline it was short-lived. he was sorry trying his hand at comedy. [applause] today, audiences of every creed and color, he switches from french to english and back again. >> physically, i do not look arabic because i have blue eyes. my mother has black eyes. she got them from my father, too. [laughter] >> he is proof that the old adage that wherever we may live, laughter is the shortest distance between us. >> you will get much more on back any time you wanted on you can get in touch with me and the team on twitter.
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