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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 25, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> agreed dead and more of the biggest demonstrations in each of in years. demonstrations turned violent in lebanon. a candidate backed by hezbollah becomes prime minister. the russian prime minister rao's retribution against those who bombed the airport in moscow. -- the russian prime minister vows retribution. president obama aims to promote bipartisanship and unity. we know all of the contenders for next month's oscar ceremony. have died in the
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riots and protests -- have died in the protests in egypt. egypt is a far bigger country and it has crushed protests before but the demands are similar -- more jobs, cheaper food, less corruption. as demonstrators surged through cairo, the police were clearly struggling for control. >> egypt has not seen anything like this for years as thousands of protesters marched through the center of cairo, the police took up positions. then, the battle commenced. the demonstrators are not going to give ground. the police bring out water canons, one young man steps up to confront them. on top of another water cannon,
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you can see a demonstrator wrestling withรง the operator until they both tumble into the crowd. at times, the police had to run for their lives. these are amazing scenes. the police keep trying to disperse the protesters and the protesters keep pushing them back. the police have used tear gas and water cannon. they are throwing rocks, they are coming and coming, pushing forward. >> i will stay. get out. get out. >> it is our time to run for it as the police charge back. there are wounded on both sides. teargas this line. after watching what happened in to nicias, something has been the unleased in these egyptians. -- after what happened in
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tunisia. >> we will stay here. >> on a mobile phone, someone catches the moment that a poster of president mubarak is torn down. they are furious about the lack of freedom and the economy. the country feels like it is going nowhere. they have vowed to stay here until the government fold. something really did begin to change in egypt. >> in lebanon, an american- educated billionaire has been appointed prime minister despite an outcry by supporters of his predecessor. he is the preferred choice of hezbollah and their allies. >> as power slipped away from their party's hands, they
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promised a day of rage. on some delivered. the supporters vented their anger on the media outlet. as the anchor played itself out on the streets, lebanon was finding a political solution to a political crisis. first, the outgoing prime minister called on his supporters to show restraint. >> i understand the anger that has come out of your chest that are full of pain but it is not right that this leads us to what is against our values and upbringing. democracy is our only resort and the only way we express ourselves. >> then it was the turn of the new man, najib mikati who sums up many of the complexities of the lebanese social situation. he says he is a moderate, a seeker of consensus.
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>> on this occasion, i think my fellow lawmakers to have nominated me and i respect the opinion of those who did not according to the rules of democracy. i assured the president that operation will be complete. the lebanese would like a government that protect their sovereignty and creeds sovereignty between their people. >> this has produced 8 change in lebanon. they have functioned as a kind of state within a state. now they have their hold on more conventional power. the anchor of the supporters believed that has a lot is benefiting from a crisis in -- believes that hezbollah is benefiting from the crisis. this is the new lebanese
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opposition. at a moment, they go growing political problems. the backing waves heavily as well. their ability to broker a deal is on the rise. >> of these 12 people have been killed in pakistan in two suicide bombings. in the first attack on the eastern city, a suicide bomber blew themselves up at a checkpoint. there was a second suicide bombing at another location. this tree lankan supreme court has upheld the -- the supreme court in sri lanka has upheld the conviction for corruption and arms procurement.
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that means that the jews left to give up his parliamentary seat. -- that means the accused asked to give up his parliamentary seat. -- was passed with iranian, iraqi, and kurdish refugees. if they're found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in prison. in new york, the first detainee from guantanamo bay has been sentenced to life in jail. ahmed ghailani was convicted of conspiring to destroy government buildings. last year, he was acquitted on more than 200 accounts of murder. the russian prime minister has vowed retribution against those behind the moscow airport bombing. there's little doubt that militants from the caucuses are behind the attack that killed 35
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people. that has raised questions about how effective the policy of cracking down on them has been so far. >> at the airport after several international flights had arrived. then, the bomb. with dust and smoke everywhere, the injured were loaded onto stretchers and luggage trolleys. 35 people were killed. mark green had just left the terminal when the bomb went off and went back to help one of the survivors. >> he was quite seriously injured. he had a pair of cheese on -- a pair of jeans on that had quite a lot of blood on it. >> it was here at international arrivals at the bomb went off. the crime scene is hidden
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behind this area. this is what it is hiding, and a rival called shredded by shrapnel. vladimir putin visiting injured survivors. he is promising to end the attacks. the school attack two years later killed 334, many of them children. even the metro was bombed to this last year when 40 people died. the airport was working normally today with flights departing and arriving. russians are asking when they will keep their promise and restore security.
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>> the international arrivals area was a vulnerable target packed with families, taxi drivers, and business people. israel is known for its tight security. all vehicles there go through a checkpoint. departing passengers are questioned by profile is before they check-in. non passengers are barred from the airport terminal. for the into the terminal, luggage is x-rated. washington dulles is more relaxed and some areas. more now from our correspondent has been to madrid and looking into how security is handled. >> this is the biggest airport
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in spain. at the entrance, there is no extra security, you can walk off the streets. this airport handles around 50 million passengers every year. this is not the place that is bristling with arms security officers. in fact, the atmosphere here seems pretty relaxed. in 2004, there was an attack on the railway system. then, there was a bomb set up outside the airport. just behind me here is the area for passenger security checks. there are all of the usual x- rays for checking. vacation, people are taken out of line for special attention what madrid does not have our body scanners. it was that the departures area
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that was targeted. here in madrid, as in so many airports, it is the arrivals area where security is particularly relaxed. there are always dozens if not hundreds of people waiting here in the crowd for their friends and families to come. like everywhere else, access is free. you can come in off the streets no questions asked. the problem is that crowds like this weather it is at the airport, the railway station, or the metro, are a soft target. >> you are watching bbc world news. stay with us if you can. the nominations are out for the oscars. but king's speech," leads there's a lot of competition. developing countries are
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expected to enjoy economic growth at double the rate of the world's richer countries this year according to the latest assessment from the international monetary fund. however, they warned that financial stability is still at risk especially in europe. given the strength of the two powerhouse economy of china and india, it is no surprise that the imf predicts that both countries will lead the way to growth. the chinese economy will enjoy expansion of 9.6% while india will grow 8.4%. there are debt crises facing several countries in europe that will restrict growth in several other countries. >> what has happened is that this has gone down since the second semester of 2010 but that was largely expected.
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the bottom line of the headline is that the economic recovery is continuing. >> obama get ready to unveil his state of the union address among criticism of failing to start jobs and start the recovery. economic growth is predicted a 3% this year. however, millions of americans will be out of work as unemployment is predicted to remain stubbornly high. compare that to three years ago. nearly four years after the financial crisis crippled many of the economies, many are concerned that financial stability is at risk. the fund wants interaction between banking and struggling credit risks remains a critical factor.
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>> latest headlines for you on "a bbc world news," and thousands of anti-government protesters have clashed with police in egypt. protest turned violent in lebanon as the candidate backed by hezbollah became the new prime minister. president obama will deliver the state of the union address. for the first time, there will be more republicans in the room than democrats. what does the present have to do to unite the country? >> just a few miles is a monument to state intervention. in this quiet corner of maryland, you will find a green belt. >> this kind of cooperation, whenever doing things together means better living.
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>> the 1930's utopian vision entirely planned and paid for by the federal government as part of the new deal. president obama's social contract never went as far as building whole communities but he has already used a modern-day stimulus to try to get millions of americans back to work. tonight, he will announce plans for more spending that he will package is targeted investment in the economic well-being of america. this is one of the most -- this is one of the unemployed and that the president says will be one of his party's. she says she has seen a new president. >> it has been very interesting to me. he has been very bold in this communication. >> he would be happy for him to make compromises on policies that you believe in?
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>> that is the right way to do it but it is how you do it. if there is no compromise, it will fail. >> president obama will use this state of the union address to try to revive the flagging self-confidence. even his most ardent supporters knows that lofty speeches are not enough. this presidency will rest on something far more prosaic -- the state of this economy. tonight, the president will say that america must invest in education and innovation in orders to stay ahead. how do you square that with few john popper their deficits? this is the owner of a small tax services owner. >> he is used to taking dollars and allocating them. he has never had to worry about
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finding money. for him to create some master policy, i don't see it happening. >> is anything that he wants from the speech? >> it is really unhealthy for the country to be fighting. he really burned a lot of bridges. >> barack obama has an opportunity. if the president can offer cooperation over conflict, he might be able to make this government work for you. >> the lower house of parliament has approved a new treaty reducing long-range nuclear weapons. this paved the way for the upper house to ratify on wednesday. it cuts the arms to just over 500 each.
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statements suggesting a situation in afghanistan is improving to not reflect the reality on the ground. the security office says there is a 64% increase in attacks by armed opposition groups. a yellow shirt and red shirt protesters have been on the streets of thailand. the red shot -- the red shirts are against the government and the others are protesting the policy toward cambodia and the border dispute. handing food out and meet people disaster independent and not hanging in out is immoral. right now, there are problems with food failure. there are problems and
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considerable risks involved. >> this is one of the most poor places in the world. for decades, people have been kept alive by international aid. now, that is about to change. these families exist on the edge of starvation. their lives are hunger and disease. without basic health, some will certainly die. >> ieds to have animals. now, there is only one little bit to live on. >> handouts from the world food program lasts two people for it -- 10 people for two weeks. the aid organization says that they have made people too more
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dependent. this is backed by you gondar, britain, and other western groups. this is to identify the most vulnerable like these mound nourished children and then persuading everyone else to fend for themselves. the officials who designed the project has moved here from his headquarters in rome to check work on the ground. >> that people who are receiving reports and taking risks, we are taking risks but in the end, those risks are paying off. >> with difficult decisions. there is plenty of food in the warehouse but now the only a very few will receive it.
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a woman got her hand out in november. now the food is running out. they are saying that the aid has stopped completely and the only have enough supplies to last a week. she talks of having to forage for food in the bush. >> i am frightened. i don't know where the food will come from. what will happen to the children? >> there is a final fall back, two in raw old goat skin. this is a chilling familiarity hungry children will eat this down. they have done it before when food is short and they are doing it again. the head office plan perhaps but how long did you withhold food for children of forward to this -- before children referred to
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this? >> a look into the life of frederic chopin, he was plagued by illness all his life and he probably had epilepsy. two spanish doctors have said that temporal lobes epilepsy could account for the hallucinations that chopin experienced in his life. he died of tuberculosis at the age of 39. but the oscar nominations are out in hollywood. few surprises but they set up a surprising battle for next month. >> this a first look at oscar has become a hollywood tradition. complete with reporters going live throughout the world. >> i am very happy to announce
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the academy award winner moniqu e. >> it is only 6:00 a.m.. there are few surprises in the best actor category. colin firth is a hot favorite. in fact, "the king's speech," got the most nominations with 12. >> it made until great and it took them on a great adventure and it taught them something to. -- id made them feel great. >> the remake of "true grit," gets 10 nominations. there are 8 for this, many think "the social network," is the main contender for top honors. other nominees include christian
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bale for best supporting actor for "the fighter," natalie portman for her role as the tortured a ballerina in "the black swan." numerically speaking, "the king's speech," is the movie to speak. just because you start as the favorite does not guarantee a big win but it does guarantee an exciting show. >> the italian prime minister is mired in allegations of sexual scandal and he has found a tv program which is discussing the latest investigation. speaking live, he described the show as discussed in television based on lies and it is contemptible and file and loathsome -- and vile and loath
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some. thank you for watching. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was
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