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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 27, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> reporti fro washington bridging a ivide, palestinian grou and hamas and fatah sa they resolve their deep vision. bu not everyones lebring. an iideob comes lig after te afghan jailreak wit nearly 500 inmates goingfree. anone eheaal for the yal dding fastly approaching, everyonwillg to play tir pt. >> welmeo our vwers on pbs and aricand around the gle. after years of fighting each other, has a fatah have
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aged tput theirdifferences to o side. they reached a mutl agreement andnderhat agreement hamas that run gaza and fatah that ru the west bankill ve a general election. heres the bbc spokperson. >>n gaza cause for celebratio palestians o haveried out f polical unit get the break-throug the deal between ham and fatah w port by secret roup >> al the powers are alike, and now we have the songeunity. >> butalestinians will be cautio, wi this dea work in
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practice? the lit between hamas d fatah s be bitter a sometimes violent. it arte aft has won pastinian ections in 2006, a ye later for fday gaza and left from the westba. now will btwo ses be able t t thrdiffences asito ck a governmenade of depeent politians tasked for n electns it's understd inecurity for hamao repor i gaza dhenhere is israelhat es notwant this deal t happen. >> the palesnian authorit must choe, a this expression openly. >> whether this leads a aeady
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stalled peace progress isot clea andthe terrism orgazation, will they ctinu to giveid to the autrityif hamas has a sa inow its spent. th is eakthrohut many obacle to overco. >> now report fm syria that re tn 200 memrs of the party have resigne er the recent governme action or denstrors. andt's likelyhere will be high ranking ficials. anat t same time t united nation security cocil s failed to reach an agreement, but has heldn open meeting to allow membe to express their
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views. let's go to barbara, why did theyail to rch an agrment d what was the mostpposg things u heard. they sa that united stand ainst what is happening in syria, and failed because of opposition between china and lebanon ad russia. and they held an open meeting t restate their natnal missi dhe conmnatn othe olence against the denstrators. d they urged tse respoible be hd accountab and dended there uld genuineolital reform, t just words but actions. an the was a strong message sent tsyri >> myoverent calls on presiden assad tohange course w an heed tha ofis people.
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andeall the international counitto respond tohis brutal crack down, d toold accounble ose whoommi these human oss violatis. >> is it your impreion that theemonrators are ttin more attraction aer the violence ctinues? >> i belvehat we s today is a split inhe security counl an after ty offered in libya and not ready close to that to syr, can't ise a statemen and we heard from china and lebanon, a opposed and lanon a close neighboto ria. andruss was the most outspokennd that ts cck down is t a threat but t real threat would b outde
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tervention that couldead to more vlence and civil ca and toive them a chance f reform. d i ink it's unlikely at is stage to se more fromhe securi couil in spport o the demonstratorson. >>ery iefly, why doou think ty chaed theune whent comes to syria and more focused on libya? >> badly speaking, i think that libya a syria occupy fferent places. libya is more of a role power, and qaddafi was unopul. d syr has play and talk of whatcoul happen icoapse >> tha you. anin more new on the regi, and libya a iernaonal teams arring to tripoli and visited east of the untr and
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ddafs regi says ty will cooperate but that allarti must be investigated and in yemen theytepp up eir campaign ainst an oppositi activis, and people tooko th streets and closing shop and govnment offes. reports say that fiverotestors were killed in e capital. afghanistan, eight wer killed when anfgha military pilot opened firenem. an itomes after an incide when 0 inmas broke out of a ja. and now we learn that th jail wainfiltrate by the taliban d we have thisxtradinary
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story. they may have had toig eir wainsite, but this w a prisonunder taliban control. anthey were giv soonsn the cells and theyade is escape easier. >> hen officials shere was bak down secuty. ficis expressing amemen at the levelf detail and the sophisticati. the insurgts mayave used satellite maps to pinpoint wher to g, a hit the exact ot is w an insidjob, sayshe governme. >> it appearsthere was some collabatioou know to ve inside people bause it's n
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possle,t's not imaginableo thk that 8eople whin fourourscan esca. >> the warden whonce ran this pronnd his senr staffre suspended and hd unr gornmental investigators and the search for the men whoot out, onl 70 have been caut and theest on the loose for the talin. >> as we mentioned eight servic members and a civilian contctorall americans, wer kill by a mbeof the afghan aiforce. toda tse rise serious questionsbout the country's security and we sak with a spokesperson fromtheashington post." is is alarming an attas
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sidehe security, d how can one account for this? >> this is anlarmg trend. th is the latest in what sms to be a sees o these sorts of tacks. of course taban aders are aimi credit for aumbe of these hrifi incints. 's not at all clear what linkages toy's attack m he with t liban. but i points to the challenges that the unitestat and its nato parers have as it seeks to grow the afghan security forces. at are north 300,0 police ofcers and sodierand they want to keeprowi them. and ere is an effort t recruitindividuals, d no thats crting problems of how you screen people. how do you ensure i such chalnginenvironment like afghanistan, that tho you are
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hiring actually haveoyales to the govnment and not others. or when put in high-presse situatio the don't just snap. and u have incidents like toda >> the wholeolicis basedon mutualrus and blding up ose ghan forces and what c the do mitigate ainsthese attacks? they are expanding theaking of b metricata a mke se th hav background formion. and th are trying to develop sort of a counterintelligence capabili in t effort to look for badpple in the ranks. buthere is annhert dger when you are workinwith shlder to shoulder withhose who earmed. >> andhat aut thisreshuffle athe top inashiton, genel praeuto thecia,
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tell usbout at >> don't think it wi hav immediate fectut over the cour of this yr and into the next,e will s how president barackbama and movg these inviduals around may s the pace for a dradown of u.s. foes that will begin this summer and continue through next year. le petnita will bore disposed of the afghan mission, and ptting did petraeus out of the comnd, d couple that wi the changestoth of u.s. emssy d soo at the nato coand in kabul. >> thank youromthe washinon pt."
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now for controversy brewing for years, president bark obama's birth certificatend alleged that he wasn't born in the united atesand thiss joined b tt of dald trump. d hoping tout this iue to rest, will . >> you codn'tave dealt baby bara's cutene, and thate wa't born the.s.a. and uldn't be esidt. an the think tha perhaps he came from kenya. but today he was forced to me an extraordinary statemen taling the alegations head on. >> we have had ery fici in haii, docrat and repuican
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every newsutle tt has instigated this, confi yes, i was bornn hawaii on august 4, 1961. >> o man pushed this fromh polics to the mnstrm. >> if he has a birth certificat h shou produce it >> dal trump the tycoon best known for his wes and air, and now 40% o republica lik m question iresident obama was born in america. an that he mad available this certificate, and n a full birth certificate line the state of hawaii doesn't normally rease them. and dald trump says its his triuh. >> tay am ver proud of
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mylf, because iave accomplied sething that no one else habeen ae to accompsh. >> president oba wasn' doing this for donald trumput for the hyainseam erica. >> and many think th was erdue. >> ts should be de por t meing elected. rsonly i hope he wasorn the unitedstates. >> i amlad tt heameut and let everyon kno wt was gog onand didn' feel ts shou be ought up thahe w bo inhawi. >> there is a fascinati tha obama wasn't bor he and to ce heconoc decisions >> do no hav time for this
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siines we have more important things to do, i have more important things todo. >>his was about cleing the de befe campaign bens i eaest. >> andodayhere i a n e of openness, whe el? where at the u.s. fedal rve, e airman, be bnank ge the fst press conference. and bernan said that the fed can'ttake the rk for high inflation. no it'soingerious damage control, sony has putut warnin that tir pern informatio includg names an possibly credit rd details could be at risk. sony say tt th details could have fallen to the hands with
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hackers intohe network last week. >> for the last week 's been ga ovefor millions wanting to connect with other playstation users onne. and now hit wth me ews, a haer attackas put tm at risk for identit tht. these are a few othe unhappy users. >> mexpression ishat the us is n sony andhey should ve ten blame. ithink tha sony has done a huge disservice to ta so long of the problem. it mes it harr to certainly trust sony, a i don't ow what wilhapp with is ge beyond this point. >> a lot of peoe ar affted, 77 mlionworldwide, and sony warned thathe hkers mayave
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obtained the nam and passwords ad c't rule o the possibility thataybe their editard details ve bn leed. sony and the banks are warning to be look o on the scs and promising an inquiry. >> anyrganation has the respsibity to keep customer da secure, and there are quesons be ask of ny. s their procedures secure engh? >> ric is sony cusmer and an eert security. d ss thatverye needsto arn from this. >> t big lesson from sony a any other organition t store itecurely and crypted. the lessonor csume, be surehat you use uque passwords for echerviceou
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use. >> son say ty will track down tho resnsible for the attack. but ill no word on when the aystion network will up and running agn. >> you are watchatch "bbc world news america," sll to me, leavingo tail to ance fothos taking part in the royal weddg, the practice is er and nowime forhe real rfornce. the motr of mr. nson manla wants at of lives and downs anof ama. and now par of the opera, and her story the wh all of its istiness and flaws. and we have reportbout the show premiering before it begins worldwide. theain of the wen who buriedheir daughters and ss
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killed under the apaheid regime ora is the story of a woman people hear called winnie. eedo figer, iconife and moth. everyone has an opinion onhe exife of nelson mandela. >> we arlookg at this oper and loong at what ppen t a wounded soul. spnter soul,racred soul. en one is traumatized. nothe iconic figure tt the worl has created. i never lose hope and my peopleever los hope.
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winnie was thrusted io the splighand as nson mandela served time i jail. but after his release, winnie's reputation was tainted. of the kdnap of a boy and with it th notorio focal cl. the catornsisd the air brushing of history. t a look a wman mh more inline playing the ad, says that the opera of the memorynd the uprisings. >> i mean i went rough experienng t raid that went on when you were a baby police coming in thrgh the nighand knocking on t door and oking for pple. th teaas on thestre. >> this opera isn attempt to show tsomanor my south
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afcans as a mbol theroduction whis eecte to tour worldwide comes with the blessing of eeading lady heelf. a fwed figure perhaps, but al a never forgotten. >> winnie mandela, the oper and now a differentind of stage, the place, london. the event,ou guessedt. o days to go bere the mt watched wedding in theorld since the lastn 1981. an today the dre rehears tooklac at the westminster abbey,nd our roy rrespondent has this rort. >> almost ther but tonig's kg not to be
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en. the cple wit pnce hry and theilitary mily, aived at the abbey in blacked-out windows an wliam and kateead the abbey in bef run-roug morehan 12 hoursearlier, as mo of lonn slept, the housold cvary and the litary were completg their run for friday's parade. when they return they will be in theirulleremial unifoun uniform and thetreets wille packed. for this rearsal, theparaded bere dn. this was ahance forhe sergeant mors too things as only the can. check thei measurements alonghe route an to inspect
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the soldis who will be ling it toeensure that everytngs as they want it. onriday the wld will watching ldon and i has to be right. one manhat understands the essuresshe one that bore programs for the queen. >> and like a sta and putting it all tetheso it els good and looks good. on this occaon ware looking for the w faor, and i am sure we wil getne. >> the main wow momentille when th carriage movesorwa and th ridef theannd fe. tonht theumbs were starting t grow, retaste of the manyhousands who wille here b friday morning.
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twoore nights to gond ready the bes placesn the pavement fore the abbey ar ken. final rehearsal tomorroand then t real thi. >> guardg as kwing that on idayhere will be preous fehidi places. >>hat placen th pavement, that's dedication,sn't it. foromplete coverag of all the wedding eventsgo t our website and seehe route a a chance to ve a tour of the aby, it's all the at that it r this program, to t in tou witme on twitter, i wodove to hear om u. at's all w have time r, thanks for watching, see u back here tomoow.
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