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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 5, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this is thebc wod news eric funding for thiresentation is made possible by the feman foundation of w york, stowe, t., d honolu. newman's ow fndatn, the john. and catherine t. macarthu fndation, and union bank. ♪ uon bank has p its finciastrength twork for wide range o comniesfrom smll binesses to mjor corporatns. wt can we do for you? >> and nowbbc world news
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america. >>this is a speal edition of bbcorldews america, reporting live from ground zo in new york. closg a chapter at the site ofsamain lad's st terrle aack. >> for the president to rcle bk tothe moral and ly a wreh fe and respecthe familyembe is a way to demonsate hat there is clure thisartilar part history. >> kistan, an fici inquiris oned i. why was osama bin len ae to findefuge there for so lon >>e lo of the last living nnection to the great r, claude stelay, the worldar
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i veran who led an a remarkab lif --ho l aremaable life. >> welcome t ground zero in lower manhatn. nearly a decade afte this part of the city was destroyed an unthinkae attack and four da after the kiing of osama bin lan under the orrs of president oba, th president ce he today to lay reat to remember the thousands who re kild at ground zo an also iamera and to close the book on ama n len, the mastmind bind ts aack. as the president put it, it was a bitrswe ment d then h added this "we will never forget d we mean what we say particle - and sa"meanhat we say rticl
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>> just days after the inspiration behd those tack osama bin laden was kied by u.s. forces. he paid tbute to the cy's fireghters who lost so many ying to ve the lives of otrsn 9/. >> it gives us some comfort, i hope. i want all of you to know tha en thoseuys took traoinary arrest in pakistantherwere dng iin partecau of the sacrifices th were made here. [alause] >>vens americans appuded priden oma, was having explain why phograp of th dead al qaeda lder uld not b relead. >> there ino doubthat we killed osama bin lad. i is important r uso make
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sure that very graic photograph of someone w was shot in e head areot floating around as an incimento additional violence, as a ppagaa tool. that is not whoe are. >> backobama's aprov ratinghave bee ring sce osama bin lad was killed could he didot me a speh here. the white house -- w kild. heid not make thspee appear the white house didot want to do . >> i can hear you and the rt of t world hears y and the ople- [chrs and applause] and the people w not these building down wll hear all of us soon. [cheersnd applause]
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now from the rubblef the worltradeenter, n skyscrapers e rching out. in theoundion of t twi towers the memoriato tse whodieds taking shape. ul saberi, whose husnd david waskilled on 9/11, -paul whos husband david was killed on 9/, got to me it t presidt. >> it is aay t gesture closure to thisartf histo. >> brown 0 isoonge the keeping wounded once was. -- ound zers noonger the gang wound it once wa >> and pakistan, wheresamain lade was fou and killed, a special inqui has been launched to ask th qstio
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how was i possible that the world's most recnizable fugiti was able to he i a lives ueus lla cmpleright xt t t -- to hide in a luxuous vla complex? >> sealed off and silent, the compound, a place of secrets. dails aremergg from onof his lis, now i pakistain cuody. she s alleged to of told -- she has legeto have told investigators th osa bin laden nevereft s room here. the unid naons is pressing america for a the facts so at the lality can be
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checked. olenilliams hasaid that th killinf annarmed m will alwayseave very comftable feeling. but he said that osamain laden wa mifesy a war criminal. pakistanas nowrder an quiry into the failu of its telligence servicesto capture osama bin laden themselv. but theovernmentontinues to insisthereas no collusion. >>t is ey to s tt the inter-rvicntelgence emenin the govnmenwere in cahoots with thal qaeda. this is a false hophysis. >> iits own defense, the army ys it did not kno w liv here, but did tl the americans about a ll made from the compound in mid-april asking f finance from udi arabia.
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the lemma for pastans what do thhis compoun to open e doors and le the cameras in or blow it up. ifeft standing, it cou come a kind of monumen osama binaden anderhaps a propanda tool. it is alrea local tourist attracon. it is now a pce f a family day out, much phographed and ch debated. but many locals do not belve this was home to the wod's mostante thesechooboys camto decide for themsves. >> i thi it true. how noses, very much a, curity gates, -- houses, vy mu big surit gas, erything. >> y believe that osama n laden li here? >>es. >> security souesere id thatmeri wants to question all of them.
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bupakistan has not made up its mind. >> we will have more ler in the program fr he atround ro. >> thank you. whilthe death of osama n laden is received as welme newst ground zer i is the response around the wld tt may sha the fight oextremism gog forward. now am jned it d s- by ed hussain. we he not seen a large negave reaction so far. we he not seeprotts or reprisals. youre right. we have not sn protestor reprisal kling t weave en gatherings fo "the absentuner."
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e bo would not be there, but mo less radals would be theringfor a funeral. hamas coming out a endsing m as a hero and may d bls hem is also disturbin otherlessadic organitionlike the muslim otherhood, come out toay that he waa chiiek, but was no with the kind of mood mic play by thosergazations, rath than looking r direct terrorist aacks that wlit the sooner rather than later pire >> you are a younan whot --thanater >>if you are aoung man diding whichine youwill take, either extremist or modetion when you have hea
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tt osa bin laden has been killed, which do you choose >> th killing of osama bin ladeand his ionic stusthat has emerd amg his yng arab peop and thearge amounts of commentaryeft hind on websites, i think there is a lot of sympathyor oma bin laden's plight, a young saudi wethy man who tk to pista and foht t good fight. was a good guy there and the became bad guy after 9/. ther are a lot of coniracy eori there. i am not saying thatheyecome terrorists, but it doe inculcate so symthy. >> yourote that osama bin laden haseen kild, but al qaeda hasot. >> the localrandthe philoshy, the mind set i stilllivend well. in le in -- osama bin len has been o of t sce for thpast 10 yes.
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no in his death, his wilis beg circulated re iradical webses. ey have radal iividualized shoes. -- radicalized offshoo. in 2006, thereas a sense that al qaeda wld be weake buit has not. it is ck as strong as ever. >> wld obama ris a "mission accolished" here? >> he was one major plar. >> thank you. n miions of dollsy victory inibya that is the qstion after 22 countries met today and pmised nancl aid to the rels seeking toverthrow colonel
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gaddafi. according tsecretary of stat hillarylint, the aim is to free up part bovia's $ billio inssets. art libya's $30 billion assets. >> this i a sight they have been waing for for nearly a week. the red star won finall made it of thisazi morning. most refugees are african, migrant workers trappe in . traed in misra since the war began. minutes later, this n is
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reunitedith his broers the de bow. the tearsare oreli. finally, they are sk from gaddafi rockets. --hey e se fm gaafi roets. there s not one minu of peace. if anying, the arica migran havhad i even worse. caing out i the open near the misra portfor ds, fr were lled in rocket fire as they waed forhe ship to dock. south from bghaz, yowill find the rd that remains om gaddafi. theshave been extremely ccesul in preventing gaddafi troops from moving furth dow this road. at theame time, the rebels do not seem to hany capity come bk uphis road to take on gdafi forces. that ia problem for nato.
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th front lineas now been stuckere for nearly a mon ere es not seem toe any strategy for how toreakhis delock little furer on, y see an ambulance adinto the fron th doctornsi confirms what havbeen told. what is the situatn down ere now? >> uuntil n, th situation is stable. theres no fighting. the is no face-to-face fighting. >> as thmbulance leaves,any come racing towards . they are not happy so far. none here wan to mit that, ter more than o mohs of fiting, thisebelon is no clos toemovg colonel gaafi from power. >> the former egyptiainteor minister h been jailed f 12
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years in cair crt appeared was found guiy of corruption and money-lnderg. he still fes charges o killg p-democracy protesters. s the first former minister to be convied aer a huge protts that overthre president mubak ifebrry. a robot is beingent dow3 miles to t seabed to t to bring up the remains of the30 ople who were kild in that crash offf brazil in 2009. a final gooye -- pple ound thglob stop to honor claud chu. workers inapan have entered a reacto buildingas the damed fukushima plant.
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the were onl allowed t be insi for 1minus each. >> this the area to which the workers have venred. inside t buiing of reacr . 1,ntil nowille with the lels o radtion robots plored it last week. theyound the contaminaonad llennough f peoe to g inside, b not for lg. >>s for how much riation ey wl be exposed to, it plans for theto be therfor 10 mines. >> n onead entered t building sin it was wrecked by a hydrogen elosi in march. the yefore, the por station habeenrippled by th eartuakend tsunami. e woers are setting up bentley to stem clean the ai if scessl, they should be able to suain inside longer and fix the coolingyste
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tting people int the buiing is a gn that progress is beg made. t the riation continues to leak fro the fukushima pnt. officials kn the pow compa' headqrterwarn that itould take the rest ofhe ereas aostile reception waing for its psident when isited an evuation cter fopeop who led aund the plan ey have been here for nearly two months witho idea if they will be able to hom he sai it cod nobe an accident there would n be anotherhernyl. wathat lie? another oute-- admit you ve. alhe cld do was kneelt their feetn an topology- admit you ld. all he could do wanew at their fe in ject apology. >> it is the story
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th the u.s. car industry only dreamed of -- it is a story ne tt the industry oy dreamed ofnly a decade ago. coming after two years from emerng from bankruptc, they ha turned around. profits tried, ares fall by 4.7% i am confused. i tnk the big queion is w muc gm can sustain its momentu going forwar we have seen the impact startg to take efctn i riv toyota appeare. the earthquake ijapa ha taken its toll on mponents and rts. uld that slow things down? could the national mood seion in the.s.,he pce of fue the ess at theump, th is
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also having -- therice at e pump, that i al having a knoc on the effectn general torsnd its competitors. certainly, the is lot of unceainty out there. the moment, neramotors is enjoying the day. hey ve seen massive profit they have reinvigated their li of rs. it wl not benvestors who have reaction to e share pric t treury will be looking very csely athis. itho this government bailout, this company would of d a ry diffultime getting its finances ord. it lost an astromicaamount mon in the five years leadg up to now. if it h not been able to she its debt, courte of e government wld i have
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endud the succesat t mome and invest in this of cars? th is prtlyehind the suess. -- in this new le of cars? that is partlyehinthe suess. the big gun known in allf thisitill be something th karma --he big unownn all this, it will beomething the caakerwill be looking at. a lot of the success is built on e reinvigorated car market here in the united stass well as china appeared in europe, it is stillosi money. in some of its other operations, is also not doingell. the big driv has been the.s. market. f ga pris keep going up, c that momentum stay we will have to wait an see. tha you very muc he was knowno his crades as chuckles. there iso doubt th he liv
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life tthe llest. w thlast surving cbat veran t fir world war. he joined the navy when heas 14 yrs o. he died day in auraliat the grand o agef 110. at hisnt loks ck traordinarylife. as others passeaway history close in onlaud shuls. he became the conflis last surviving combaveten. >> thawas me in 1936. >>orn in worst assert in 19, heoined the navy in 19. he bore wness to the surrender of the german inrior ny in 1918 andcuffng and carver flow. theknew they did not have any more chance.
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theyad gen up hope. was les - it was left to us wh wou happeno them then. >> now you are the lasman surviving. met him 18 months ago with s dghter daphne when his dy htarted to faihim. t hisind was lovely sti, an ahive of vid meries. e seed in bot wars,irst for the itisandhen for his adoptedome stralia cod he wamode to the last -- adopte ausalia. he was modest theast. nicknamed chuckles, he detest war. >> i have soany grandchiren that i rgetalf of them. >>e says he owes his loevit to the clenesof hisamil and thsimp fact that heept drawing eath he swamuntihe was 100 could
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be pubshed hismemoirs at 1. he w always slightly mtifi by his accidental fame. >> somebody has to be last. >> that is right. >> why not you? >> why not me? [appuse] >> what an amazing life, t pern to be active seice in the rst rld war has died at the a of 110. . the vis of barack oma at the grou zero site in new york, w go back on the scene. there is big debate all arou the world. at impact will the deathf osambinaden hav on al qaeda d terrorism? i imagine ne yor iseeli extremypleased and ratr losebout it. >> ihink the response out here has been quite context a
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settle in a y. five firefighters whose so were kied at the siten 9/11, on lel, there were puning the air d sang that this was renge. the mother of one of the refighters said that ts was sweet revenge. at the same tim the were ry careful to poin ohat, althoughhis rticular chapr had closeand e billle o justice have a plebeian and cheer all these yes, the bookn ts wa has not been closed. this is a strange conflict it is not like alf hitler feated at the end o world war and reconstruction bens. i is a faceless enemy that reconstitutes itsf. with osama bin lad bei kill, an iorta icon has be removed, but the threat self is still o there sowhere. >> what was the recepti for barack obama today in w york?
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of coue, it was president bsh was there o9/11. washere the same warm reception f president obama today? >> wasctually a grod ze when the preside was laying the wreat thonly thing i could he wer the crdsheerg as the torce approached. even tho whoo not particarly like predent ama,ard core republicans wouldot vote for him, are gd that 'here to close the book on oma bladen. at theam time, history i full of solitary sson remember what hapned to w.h predictedeorge w. h. bush? -- rmember what happened t eorge w. h. bush? oodbye. see you soo
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