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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 12, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> this is a b world news amica. in his o words, details emged from osambin ladin's diary, ashe american attorney general defes theperaon in which heas lled >> iis not a assassinaon. if weould have tak him alive, it is somhing we wou have de. concted. and not seear criminal is found guilty -- a nazi r criminal ifounguilty. butill ever go to prin? welcome tour viewers on pbs in
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americand aund the globe. a week and hal after osa bin ladin's death, t nformations seized fro his compound is providing aweal of infmati about al-qaeda handwritten jurna as well a computer files sugge has stl a driving force in t organition the u. aorney general today strongly defend the attack which led to bin laden's death. >> bin len demint lar in america ightmares, and he -- rge in america' nigharesand he was apparently stillobseed with the country. he was a hands-on chief executive. be affirmation we ha shows at he was pushing al qaed-- thinformations we have shows that he was pushing al qaeda to
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gage in mor plots thughout e wod. after killing b laden, more an00 memory stis, computers, a rerted a handwritten diary re szed. they pai aivid picture. bin den was deteinedo find anotheway toillhousands of americans inne spectacular attack. al qaeda wanted lessrisky tackin africa o the mdle ea, but he kept throwg up new ideas, attackingn ju 4th or thenniversary of 9/11, attackin plane rather than trains. security is still tight around capitol hill, even if the death of bin lad removes one teat. the intelligenceommutyopes th wil all americaoo on the oensi. >> i hope we learwher t al
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qaeda oratives sleep at night i hope it makethem nervousnd they hav nhtmas about the americanshowing up. >> when you he them in a ttleit more disarra you have to continue to ess forwardot allow them to considat reorganize, or execute me ofheir taics they wer thiingbout >> qstio are still being asked abouthe raid that kied b laden. the attorneyener says it was no doubt legal. >> it was not an aassination. if wecould have capred him and takehimlive, it is something we wou have done. >> there is determinationo build on ts success, lting the shadow n lan has cast over washington. >> perhaps the most string evidence of al qaeda's perstent threat ces from afanistan where fighting rages on. general vid petraeus says he
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hopes the death of bin lan willeakeheroup's fluence on ahanistan, but it could mean that the coury will on again become a haven for terrorists. >> these men wer recruited as icide bombers. they wereent to die here. th we arsted athe border of pakistan. they are nvous, not sure what makof it all. th boy, aged 10, was told the bo would not kill him, only infidels. he would surve maculously anget moneyor h family. suicide childr were an allocate a ttic,ut t
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taliba havmade it their ow --ere d al qaeda ttic, but the taliban have made it to their own. they say there wil beore videos like this "i wan t bece a marr," she says she is just 14-years d. heride sits her father. the taliban ny using chiren as bombers. its thought she has alrea own herself up. osama n lin's death has erefore not changedhe mitary strategy i afghanistan. thatemainso train menike tse, ghan soldis to take over for nato. still, the americans hop that th talan can be me to split from al qaeda.
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peeight then be possible. if the taliban can return to afghanisn witho briing al qaed. for many, the onl way to e this w is with a negotiated settlement. manyorry aut the cost of such a deal. is is a rally to oppose tks witthe liban. >> we would prefer dnifi restance than disgraceful piece, which will inamee peac, t in reaty, it will be and and and death. >> so r, t taban swn no gnsf cong in. they have issued a statement yinghat ama bin lad's bld haurgedn at their jid.
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post-bin ladentherwill be no rad end to the war in afghanistan. forore onwherthe colict goes now, i spoke t a seniordviser and u.s. state department speci reesentative to afghanistan w chilled byhe ptures of chdreneingsed as suicide bombers. what i yourssessment? do the killing of osama bin ladin change theynam in afanisn? doest make things like that more or les lely? >> the tibanre likely to coinue to use violence unt such time as there isa settlement and aease-fire. t dea o binaden might lee man- lead to many in theovernment tothink that now that t unid stes has closure with 91, it is me lily to nt to leave afghanistan.
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that might mean that e taliban m look for a way to find an exit f the united states, -- >> you are lookint a siatio whe rhaps the taban regains se sort of control through a negoated settlement, but this isan tremist islamic group. they are not focused on external terr, uncessarily. the reaso we went into afghanistan was not to fight the taliban extresm, buto ge rid of al qae. the talan has been attached to bin laden all along th b lad gon man think the demd that ty break with qaeda is pretty much me it rit no herefore, the reason tstay in afghanistan is a weaker. >> would youugge that amica should get outf
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afghanistasoon? ishisinnable militarily? should t.s. state toet a litary victory? >> military victory in the near future es n look to be in t cards. we have me it clearo the taliban that thecann win kabul, but we ha not been able break their bas. we have o ownifficulties th paktan well. thiss going t be a long ul. if t taliban may calculate that the reason r us to stick itut becsein laden is ne. >> bk t the pakasta government. has is made theelationship tween washington and pista more dangerouso u.s. national curity? >> it is ch mor difficult. it is no more dangous than it was before. we art the poinith pista whe we are at logrheads. our relationship with pastan
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broken. they feel ty mabe punished for cutting off ai the same tim we flur national security ises in pakistan are more ris than before, becau tha is wre a qaeda haseen fesring. >> thank youor jning us. lib, nato aircraft hav cared out fresh raidsn a mpoundusedy colonel gaddafi inripoli. the bombardnt appeed jt hour after -- the bombardment occurred just hour afr the lian leader appeared state levion. >> alive and well, andn the mea hotel. last nightolonel gaddafi was iued in to the sameroomn which correspoents are iued their acedition. this is not entirely surisin that he wld meet trib
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leaders here. afte all, the hotel in which t worldediaathers is presumably thsafe place in tripi, much safer tn the military cpoun a cit whin a city, surunded by towering ass and concre was. we we shown the edenc o three rike twoad lt the polls in t road. the first was filled th waste -- two had ft hol the road. e fitas fied with waste water. he second, more myerio. it lked like a bunk. om here, we were taken to another sithere again, there were two deep holes. this time, there werstairs leadingnto the ground. ery time we ted to film it, we were ckedy the crowd. the nex fie, a group of
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men blockedhe view. there were satellite dishes, barbed wire, television ar. >> wou appr from what we ha sn at thisocatn that ere is aophisticatedunke network benea thi compound. it haslrea beenit by nato. next to is children's playground. >> i was built some me ago. officis said this was sewage syem a rejectethe ia th tyere defending themselves with women and children. >> this is o country. this is or city. thes are our streets. we wl not move aw t allow na to bombards. >> nato continueto dismantle colonel gaddafi's ability to control an comnd his forces, ning in on radio sigls that int em to suppose
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underground nker the military college srt warfe. yo need more than ppaganda -- cal itmartarfare. you ed more than propagand to eat it. in her new two men have beenrrested in w yk after plotting to bomba synagogue. they were arrest wit weapons and a handrenade by an dercer officer. they a amecans of algian anmoroan descent. ar gas has been use on suorters of the oppositi ader in that youone . in uganda. army tents have bn puup in a spanish town r huredsf residentwhoshomes were juredn an earthquake. the tworemorsre t
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deadliesquakto hit the country in mor than half a ceury. redents are still braci for aftershos. a lot ofictures oearthquakes ound the world at the ment it wasecad in the makg. aerma court has found 91- year-old john demnjuk guilty aessory tothe rder of ,000 jewst a concentration camp i gerny. he has bn stenc to five years, but released pending appeal. he m never spend a csingle day in prison. >> guilty of murdering 28,000 people, but ao now a free n. at the end of the tal, his usual dark glasses and kappa finally came off. -- cap finly came off.
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theourt decided h wartime entity car was geine, not the forgery his defen claimed. he herd people into the gas chambers. court, nam were read out and relatives sobbed this woman losall of her mily in t holocaust. >> wasusti done? >> how uld ? how could it be de? they ve n come back. one ofhe perpeatorhas been sentenced n, and that isk. b theudges left -yea oldohn demjanjuk with one hope. ill be freed unl hilea peals heard, and th cou take te. after the verdt, his lawyers said the appealould vindicate him.
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>> he will spend theest of h live i freedom. th ispartf the dnity of a man's li. >> ofree war crinal. >> tt is what you s. >> the cot sa so. >> i finis what you say. do notike . wh you says completely ong. >> for t familieof t de, this trialas abo mor than one man. they wanted t history of the concentraon cps exposed in trial inerma this city where the not seazi party was founded. >> at 91, th likelihood mus now be that he wlie in eedom in this country. >>ou are watching bbc world news amica.
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tillo come, tralingack in me. a corridor of a century aft he doomsday projt planted weal of datait i noweing gin nelight. today,ueen elisabeth reach theilesne of bein t second bntest- con longes reigninmonah in brish history it is aecor only rpasd by queen victoria who reign strehed for more than 60 years. > lasmonth, aew dsbefo herrandn's wedding,he cebrated her 85 birthday. ne year, she willeach her diond jubilee, 60 yrs since she bame britain's een. no one can quite ctureer styl though some have trie thisas a mting with the actress helen merrin, who portrayed her onilm.
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elisethi has ached another miston she is now britain's seco lalong-diance servi monarchs. the onl morchs who reigned longer was queen victoria, who ruled for 60 yes until her death. like vioriaelisabeth came to the throne as a youngoman. unlike her precesss, she has be able to travel the globe and wiess changg wor at close quters the destrucon a sadss o the 19's areehin her >> i think shis popar a respecd. i thinkeoplsee much more at she isabout now that all of that' awkrd, terrie, bak up, a family scand is the past. >> theueen and never retire she will occu t throne
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until t momenf her death. ifhe i still on the throne by a dec.,015, she wl break threcord. feimaged she will not make it. >> pces the pp isn issu anyon w drive acar knows abt. wall kw pres are high these days. of t bigge oil mpans went bore a congreionacommittee tod, it ino surise they got an eaul about theirealt the oces-- healthy profits and whether they truly servtax brks. therre mixed vwsn the state of the econo. i it discussed thi earlie todaith al hunt, political edit fo bloomberg news. >> a lot of amecanssk
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themselves if oil companies really deserve tax break. >> exx andobil oil mad $10.7 billioinhe fst quarter anthey get a multibillion-dollatax eaks. at itrue. i think itill be a great bateon citol hill. the conventional wiom is that not much will happen beuse it ver does, but if there is t beome kind of a package it seem like it will b very hd for politians say we are going to cut back onediid and ll grants,ut t tak anything awa fm oil mpans. >> you work for bloomrghere investormake money from making money. theyare suggeinghat l prices might come down. >>hat was one bit of go news. instoraround thelobe, abt 4thought oil prices wod come downver the next six months.
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about a quarterthought they uld stay the samne third thout they would stay up. >> wtwoulpush them down? >> ty wod aue it is sply andema. the byan suati is a sml part of oil. if ibecos more tranquil, that wouldelp. basically, i thi there h been aittlbit of artificial re and there is a feeling that now it wl come ck. aga, only 40% sd th, so do not want to aggerate it. it is interesting becauseheir optimism about the world onom generalas mper over the last three-four months. are thos tw related? e high oil prices impacting instor optimismbout the economy general? if we see oil prices and commodities prices ce down around theglob would tha change theptimm quotient? >> youan get hit both ws. if o pris get -- go utoo
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fast, tt can hurt the economy. ifhey me down too fast, that cabe a leading indicator agn, its notramacally ffert fromhreeour years ago. they still think the united states i the best place to invest,ith azil and china second and third. i do not know how to tel you this b the u.k. trails bad. >> wherere ppleutti their ney? >> a lre putting it in cash. th areeing cautious. >> ahunt of glimmer news looking at cash. it is being revealed - of blooerg nws looking at cash. it is being reale that faceok pnted anti-gole stors asart of a smear camign.
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facebook says nsmea campaign was intended, but the story does highlight theierc competition in theech industry. just imagine a life without ipad, fabook, or even t world wide w. this is
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>> ♪ dinosaur train >> ♪ we're gonna ride >> ♪ ride, ride, ride, ride [whistle blows] >> ♪ the dinosaur train >> [roars] [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] >> what do you got there, don? >> i don't know. it's stuck. it's--uh--i got it! >> so, what is it? [bells jingle] >> baawk! well, what do you know? it's my old tooth collection.
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>> tooth collection? ooh. >> yeah. i used to collect all kinds of things when i was young--feathers, shells, even teeth. >> you used to collect things? i love to collect things. >> i sure did, donono describe i area inords andictus. >> it was a bi likeoogl maps we wld sayow,ut ts was 25 years ago wh all of this had to be invente >>ow, me ofhose involved are gting a chance to look at what the wro to then. >> in eht a i like fhionable clothes. i sti do. its bizarre juseading that. it is comptely different from what iememr. >> the ia w tt ery sool and lraryould end u with one of thes systems bb couterand a state of the art lasdisc to display the data.
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e trble with as the troue was, the technology did nottay. soon, the whole format was obsolete. >> it so ng ago, we ve oppe feeling cross aut i wernever really crsed. we jus wondered wha to with . we did enjoy dng i the data has been recovered and cabe viewe on a bbc website. in986,here was no rld wide b or digital mera haly anyone had a mobile phone. chnogy should now me a dosday project that muc eaer. >>y goodness,ow the worl has changed. while you are on-lineheckg out dmsday entries, beure visit our wsite yocan eck out all of th
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day'sews and get inouch with me and all of the b tea that does it for ustonight. thank yofor tching. see you tomorrow >> hello and welcom >> see e ne unfold, get the top stories from aund the globe d clk-to-play video port go to experience the in-deh, eert repoing of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made poible b the freeman fodati of new yo, stowe, vermont, and holulu. newman's own fountion the hn dand catherine t. marthufoundation. d union bank.
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