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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 1, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america," reported from washington. dominick strauss, has his bail relaxed as the case against the former imf chief starts to crack. breaking his silence, hugo chavez reveals he is fighting cancer into but but vows to return to this post. party is outnist to prove they are still the power to be reckoned with welcome to our viewers on pbs
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and america and around the globe. the case against strauss-kahn produced another stunning twist. he is free from house arrest. a judge significantly relaxed the terms of the bail after prosecutors brought doubts about the credibility of the woman accusing him of trying to rape her. >> another turbulent day in the life of dominique strauss-kahn. he was back in court for a hastily scheduled appearance. his loyal wife was there and support. the man accused of raping a hotel made says that the prosecution is mixed. they have doubts about the story. >> the strength of the case has been affected by the substantial credibility issues related to the plaintiff, we are not moving
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to dismiss. we are consenting to the defendant's -- >> the case still stands, says the judge. he can now travel around the u.s.. >> we have maintained that mr. strauss-kahn is innocent. these recent disclosures reinforce our conviction that he will be exonerated. >> lawyers for the made insisted that her story is accurate. >> the medical evidence supports the victim's account. the forensic evidence supports her account. she was taken from the hotel to the hospital in an ambulance. a grand jury has already found her account credible. >> this began at a hotel in the
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heart of manhattan on may the 14th win a made here accused mr. -- when a maid accused mr. strauss-kahn of trying to rape her. the new york times reported that the prosecution case against him might collapse because of doubts about the maid's credibility. she apparently has drinks -- links to drug dealers and money laundering. mr. dominique strauss-kahn was a contender for the presidency. his supporters are hoping that he will return to political life. >> the people here will have for him a greater admiration than before because he had shown during his time courage and
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dignity. >> it has been a grueling six weeks for mr. strauss-kahn. he is hoping to rehabilitate his reputation. >> if this case has gripped america, it has totally stunned france where strauss-kahn was expected to run for the presidency. what are they making of the latest news. >> this is a thunderbolt. the prime minister seems extraordinary. we're talking about a man who is facing a long custodial sentence and now we're talking about men man who could potentially be the next president of france. how's that possible, surely that is far fetched. the big guns of the socialist party have been out today in force. we have had the former prime
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minister saying that he can win the presidency if they can get him out of court but we don't know how and when they will free him. this is an extraordinary terms of development. the candidates will put their name forward. i think that most critics who were watching thought it was a pretty uninspiring list. they did not have the killer instinct that dominique strauss- kahn has, the persona, the international standing. the socialist party knows that if he can be rehabilitated in the eyes of the french public, he can win a gamble. >> they were furious about the way he was traded. >> not just with the american justice system but with the way the american media treated it. there was some headlines like in
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the "new york post." these did not go down very well. 56% thought this was a conspiracy and this was a plot to bring down leading socialist candidate. there were many people who will be pleased and that has been echoed by the socialist party. there's also a good many people in france who were appalled by what they have seen. many women have come forward who had been sexually abused or sexually harassed. twice as many reported cases. there has been a change in french society and there will be plenty of people the cannot happen -- who cannot let go of what happened in court. >> thank you so much for joining us. for three months, protesters and syria have risked the wrath of their government after friday prayers.
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today saw one of largest turnout yet, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated against the regime of bashar al-assad. human rights groups say that several people were shot dead. >> these are some the biggest demonstration since they began in march. these pictures show hundreds of thousands of people in a square. this is the city where at least 10,000 people were killed after the regime brutally suppress the uprising. they are not afraid to defy their rulers. activists say at least 3 million participated nationwide in demonstrations today, a figure that is impossible to verify. what is certain is large-scale protests are taken place. the pictures to show crowds of
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demonstrators. similar scenes in aleppo, the country's second city. in the capital of damascus, more calls for president assad to leave. the focus has been mostly peaceful after mounting pressure on the regime to stop using violence against its people. in one of the centers of the anti-government unrest, troops opened fired. many people are believed to have been killed. washington says they're not convinced that the regime is serious about change. >> they are either going to allow a serious political process that will include peaceful protests to take place throughout syria and engage in a productive dialogue with members of the opposition and civil society.
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or they will continue to see organize resistance. >> there are also many who want the president to stay and are rallying in his favor. despite that support and promises of change from the government, there might be no way back for the government. the sense is that if -- that bashar al-assad's time is up. >> the libyan leader colonel gaddafi has delivered a telephone address to thousands of supporters in tripoli. he vowed to continue in his role as leader and warned the nato alliance that they would face catastrophe. the moroccans have been voted on a draft constitution put forward by the king in response to pro- democracy protests. the king says it would give more
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power to the prime minister. critics say it is not go far enough. he has been the outspoken leader of venezuela for more than a decade, now hugo chavez reveals he is fighting cancer. this comes as a political shock wave following weeks of speculation. >> says the president was first sworn into office, he has been the strong man of the venezuelan politics. a charismatic speaker who understands the power of publicity. potential rivals have been kept from the limelight by regular cabinet reshuffles. those who retain their jobs are completely loyal. his announcement that he had been treated for cancer shows a
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chink in his armor. >> this is a major intervention. i am recovering successfully while i keep receiving complementary therapies. i can continue on the path to recovery. >> opposition politicians have called into question his ability to govern from abroad while he is recovering. the president insists he has been able to carry out his duties as head of state while he recuperates. a top military official went on venezuelan television to give assurances that the president had the full support of the army and that mr. chavez remained in charge of the country. after the president won a press and -- a pivotal referendum to scrap term limits, many thought he would be in power for years to come but his health now calls
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into question. >> at the end of next week, the world will get a new country. the public of boss republic of south sudan will be -- the republic of south sudan will be formed. troops will continue to fight along the border between the two halves of this nation. this is that what peace is supposed to look like. they are fleeing the wrath of the north. this has forced tens of thousands to leave their homes. >> the reports are horrifying. >> said recently, there was so much hope. in january, southerners stood in line to change history. they voted overwhelmingly and joyfully for independence.
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the government in the north promised to except the results under pressure from an american president who wanted to end this brutal civil war. barack obama called it the words inspiring. in these villages, there is little inspiration left. the north launched attacks in the border region which the referendum never fully settled. the fighting spread to another city. when the south becomes independent next week, these refineries will fall on their side of the border. the north does not want to let the reserves go and that adds to the ethnic tension. south sudan has suffered decades in civil war. next week, they will be independent. but would also be peaceful?
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>> what are the prospects for the future? i addressed that question a short time ago. we're joined from the state department. >> back in january, the president said that the referendum was an inspiring time. it does not seem very inspiring today, does it? >> is still is, actually because on july 9th i expect the south to become a fully independent country and this is an achievement for the sudanese people and for the international community. there has been some serious obstacles along the way. this is still a major achievement. >> the ambassador to the u.n. called what was happening in the border region horrifying. >> we have had two very serious crises in the past two weeks. one, the military takeover and
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the second, the fighting going on in the state of southern -- these are serious matters. ahbiya is under control but the southern one is of concern. >> these are serious issues. it seems like this has been kicked down the road and the north does not want to give up oil reserves. what is the international community going to do? >> i don't think the issue is so much oil. this is not that big of an oil- producing area. each side has an important constituency and a very strong and emotional attachment which makes the resolution of that problem extremely difficult. still, we expect the african union to put forward a firm proposal on how to resolve it with the the next few weeks. the other issue is a problem
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within the north where people who fought in the civil war fought for political autonomy and a greater sense of a quality and access to resources and those issues still remain to be addressed. there is an agreement on and political framework but we don't yet have a cessation of hostilities. >> you convened a meeting of international representatives here in washington. do you think that the international community is prepared to really fault the government of the north to accept the referendum and the independence of the south and the border region? >> we cannot force them but the international community can have a tremendous influence on both parties because the government has to live in the region and the countries around them are deeply concerned. they need to integrate back into the international financial
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community so the attitude of the european union is important. i think the international committee's role is extremely important. it is up to the leaders to make the tough decisions. the have to make the hard decisions. that is what leaders have to do. they have to do it for their own people. theet's have your optimism -- let's hope that your optimism is well-founded. >> still to come, the changing face of china in 90 years after the communist party there was founded and the push to progress will come at a price. now to a british woman who claimed that her back pain was so bad that she can only walk on crutches. she got about $12,000 in disability handouts. then authorities were tipped off
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that it was a scam. 12,000 feet above south wales, this is clear jones. she told the department of work and tensions meant she could not walk more than a few feet without stumbling. she said simple tasks such as chopped vegetables and cooking were impossible. the truth was very different. as well as skydiving, she worked at a sandwich bar and she rarely went to this wimple and the gym. do you regret what you did? do you regret claiming the money? >> the magistrates were told that the mother of three claimed just over 6,000 pounds in benefits. she was caught after the department of work and pensions received an anonymous tipoff. this video of her charity
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skydive providing all the evidence that investigators needed. >> she is claiming that she is unable to care for herself, she is unable to walk without crutches. yet we have seen that she has a job where she is preparing breakfast for 10 people and a busy restaurant. able to walk quite ably. this will not be tolerated. >> clair jones was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison. she was also to do 150 hours of unpaid work. >> rolling out the red carpet, a color that is appropriate in beijing which had a lavish
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celebrations to mark the anniversary of the communist party. this is the world's second- biggest economy. that growth has come at a cost. >> who said that communism is dead? the party once led by chairman mao is growing. other communist regimes have collapsed, tied up's has gone from strength to strength. this might look like a relic from the past but the leaders were congratulating themselves. progress, at china's we have come to this basic conclusion, success in china changes. there was no mention of the disaster. tens of millions to died from persecution.
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and chairman mao is at the center of everything. his body lies in state. a secret of the party's success is the way has adapted, dumping communist economic ideas but keeping strict political control. they are crushing anything that challenges their right to rule. the communist party is presiding over an economic transformation. hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty. open just yesterday, the longest sea bridge spanning 26 miles and a bullet train line from shanghai to beijing, 800 miles long. under our to buy and democratic revolutions in the middle east, they are in the middle of the most severe crackdown cents the tenement square incident 10 years ago.
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-- crackdown since the tienamen square crackdown. it is believed that the party is driven only by power and greed and that are increasingly corrupt and unaccountable. >> we have had no compensation. generally, the hired goons backed us. >> we were lied to, cheated, our land was stolen. they said thugs to beat us. no one cares. i will go on fighting until my last breath. the new recruits keep swelling the communist party ranks. they have 80 million members. that is no surprise.
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they are seen as a path to success and they have eliminated all of their rivals. >> the celebrations in china to very different celebrations in canada where the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their first trip overseas as a married couple. tens of thousands lined the route just to get a glimpse of them. >> at some point today, he will have thought of her, a mother he lost when he was 15 and whose 50th birthday would have been today. so much as coming to william's life since then, most important, this woman, catherine. they were intended to day and she was dressed in the canadian colors of red and white. they went to grant canadian citizenship from 25 people from around the world. each one was presented with
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canadian flags from the couple. then into a horse drawn carriage. the right to parliament here in ottawa where the national day is celebrated with an outdoor pageant. this year, the crowds were possibly bigger than other. they were there to celebrate their country's 144th birthday and to welcome the guest of honor. while the governor general concentrated on the guard of honor, the crowds shouted for will and kate. the couple made their way to the stage where they stood together to sing the british national anthem and to celebrate the nearly 150 years of canadian heritage under a crown which is based across the ocean. brown 50% of cases think the monarchy is a relic from colonial times. -- around 50% of canadians think that the monarchy is a relic.
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can williams and kate make the market seemed for relevant? >> they make a new face for the monarchy. they are approachable, young, vibrant. >> they are a lot like all of us. >> i think they remind me of lady diana. they carry the same charm that she carried and the way that they're able to connect the people. >> on the day that i and would have been 50, her elder son could reassure himself that judging by this crowd, he and his wife are ensuring that her legacy lives on in today's royal family. >> congratulations to canada. you can find constant updates on our website. you can beat me on twitter. from all of us here, think of so much for walking -- watching. have a great weekend.
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