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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 11, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i'm kathy kaye. licensed to kill. two men linked to iran are arrested in the u.s. after trying to assassinate the saudi ambassador. it is a plot for a movie, says the fbi. child sacrifice, new victims, and one was very lucky to survive. we have a special report. >> the many claims kidnapped him for sacrifice live in this village and were arrested and released without charge, but members of this community say they continue to take children for sacrifice. >> and hidden below the ice of antarctica, a group of scientists are digging deep to find a source of life that has never been seen before.
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welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and elsewhere around the world. a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to washington was conceived and directed from iran, according to u.s. officials, who today announced they have broken up the scheme and arrested two men with links to the saudi government. they announced the two charged apparently met members of the mexico drug cartel to carry up the order. and for more on the latest developments, i enjoyed by the bbc's adam brooke. >> they say this was a plot like in a movie.
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a man according to the charge sheet met with people who he thought were mexican drug traffickers, and he tried to hire them as assassins. he tried to get the mexican drug traffickers to come to washington, d.c., and set up a bomb and kill the saudi ambassador. however, these men were not mexican drug traffickers. they were members of the dea, an american agency, and that man was arrested and is in custody. another man is also being charged, who is allegedly a member of a clandestine and oversees special operations force. it is being portrayed by the americans tonight as elements of the state of iran is sponsoring an assassination attempt against the saudi ambassador on american soil, which is, indeed, an extraordinary tale. >> as you said, all around the world, and global plot, and the
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director of the fbi robert mueller pointed this out himself. >> this case demonstrates that we live in a world where boundaries are increasingly irrelevant, a world where individuals from one country sought to conspire with a drug trafficking cartel in another country to assassinate a foreign official on united states soil. it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been very real, and many lives would have been lost. >> ok, the americans say they will hold iran responsible, not specify who in iran they are holding responsible. what is the reaction from the iranians tonight, adam? >> we have categorical denials, saying this is a baseless plot. we were told of five individuals in iran that they are holding accountable for this plot. they say they are sanctioning
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five individuals associated with the iran revolutionary guard corps, part of one unit. xp u.s. and iranian relations to be even further strained by this, and also expect the relationship between iran and saudi arabia to be under new, complex, and dangerous strain tonight. >> a very complicated story. we will keep on top of it. adam, thank you very much for coming in. now, for the global economy, all eyes are on the tiny european nation of slovakia, which is about to vote on a measure that could decide the future of europe. under euro zone rules, every member state must approve the latest bailout fund, but slovakia is holding out. they are the second poorest nation in the union. from slovakia to the u.s., the scare is different, but economic woes are similar. the u.s. economic crisis has
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prompted anti-war protestors to go to new york city, and it was not to admire the mansions. tonight, the republican presidential candidates have their latest debate, and the economy is the only issue on the agenda. for more, i am joined by the bloomberg editor at large tom kean. -- keene. thank you for joining us. what do they have to show to say that they are the front runner? >> we see governor christie of new jersey getting behind mitt romney really behind -- really in the last hour. we will be about the economy. it will be fascinating to see how they all do. i would say right now that herman cain is the man of the hour, the person people will be watching at the beginning of the debate. >> i want to point out a new
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poll that shows that some americans do not think it makes any difference to their own economic well-being if there is a republican or a democrat in the white house. can these candidates to change that perception tonight? >> i am so glad you brought that up, because i think that poll is accurate. people are so tired about the crisis, whether it is in england or slovakia. there is a removal from the president and a removal from the republican candidates. they have got to engage those people, project early in new hampshire to get the independent vote. it will be interesting halfway through, and hours through the debate with charlie rose, if they can stay focused to go after the disaffected americans. >> too much to hope for concrete plans, a proposal that will do something, anything, to reverse the recession that america seems to be falling back into >> i had a conversation
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with our al hunt this afternoon, and he made it clear that rick perry is a mystery. we have 59 items from governor romney, and we have got 999, whatever that is from herman cain, but we do not have anything from rick perry. maybe that will come up tonight. we have been hearing about that today. >> it is the events around the world that will be affecting america, right? slovakia might be a long way away, but if you're goes under, that will have a direct impact on americans and american voters. >> i ran a slide on my show, the dow four years ago at 14,000. it is now at 11,000. it is tied to the equity markets, not entirely the currency or equities, but the affairs to europe directly
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linked into the global economy, to china, and, indeed, to the u.s. we need a healthy europe to keep our demand going. >> all right, thank you for joining us, tom. 14,000 is what the dow was at, that is amazing. other news from around the world, a jail sentence handed down to a former ukrainian minister. he was found guilty of acceding powers involving a gas deal with russia. the ruling was criticized by the u.s., you, and russia, but the ukrainian government says that the verdict must be respected and that no one is above the law. a nigerian man accused of an attempt to bomb a flight bound to the united states with explosives sewn into his underwear. in his opening statements, they say he was on a terrorist mission to kill nearly 300
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people. child sacrifices said to be a practice of held by which doctors seems to have emerged in the bond. -- in uganda. little is being done to help the potential victims. according to a major report released by the jubilee campaign, around 900 children in uganda have fallen victim to the practice. our correspondent traveled to the capital, where he met one victim managed to survive the ordeal. >> he did suffer brain damage, which is permanent, unfortunately. >> they call him a miracle child. a machete was sliced through his head and neck in an attempt to kill him, and he was also castrated. it was the work of which doctors in an attempt of sacrifice.
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the 9-year-old mutilated body was found just 1 mile from his home. it was one month before he woke from a coma. doctors are surprised to survive, but he will need a lifetime of emotional and physical therapy. child sacrifice, a ritual that was rare here until three years ago, when it reemerged, coinciding with a boom in the ugandan economy. it is widely believed that some members of the new elite are paying which doctors sums of money for the ancient practice in the belief it will bring them greater wealth and good health, but these people do not sacrifice their own children. in the villages that surround the capital kampala, i hear horrific stories. >> where you found the body. >> one woman found the
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decapitated body of her 6-year- old grandson stephen who had been missing for hours. the local witch doctor had confessed to sacrificing him. the police did not want to investigate. >> they offered me money to keep quiet. >> she refused the offer. uganda has a child sacrifice police task force. the families' complaints of corruption and slow investigations. father has sold their home to pay for medical treatment, and they are near the slums. they are also waiting for justice. the men that allen claimed the attack him live in this complex. members of the community say they continue to take children and sacrifice them. posing as businessmen, we asked around for a witch doctor who
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could bring success to our local construction project. we were introduced to this man. during the first meeting, he sacrificed a go to to bring luck to the business. a few days later, we were invited back to his shrine to discuss what he regards as the most powerful spell, child sacrifice. >> there are two ways to do this. we can bury the judge alive on your construction site, or we can sacrifice him. if it is a male, his whole head is cut off and his genitals. we will dig a hole and bury the feet and the hands. and put them all together in the hole. >> alan, do you recognize this man? and is he one of the men who took you, alan?
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yes? >> it is too dangerous to confine him, so we gave the police our findings. 38 children have been victims of sacrifice since 2006, a number based solely on conclusive investigations. 900 reported cases remain outstanding, including alan's. >> if we get word that they are involved in criminal activities, we shall go and investigate, and if we prove the case against them, we shall take them to court. some of the complaints are not approved. >> for money.
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would such brutality -- with such brutality. >> there have been more victims of child sacrifice than the official number for the entire country in allen's area. communities like this one are backing the charity jubilee campaign, which is lobbying the government to regulate which doctors and better help the police. >> the police, not acting. people who do nothing. we have to stand whatever it takes to fight these people. >> do you think they will listen? >> we pray that they will. >> ♪ hallelujah ♪
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>> no one from the ugandan government would do an interview. charities claim that without the full force of the law, there is little that can be done to protect ugandan children from the witch doctors that kill for profit, and that which dr. remains a free man. bbc news, uganda. >> a story of child sacrifice in uganda. you are watching "bbc world news america." an italian cargo ship is freed just one day after it was seized by pirates off the coast of somalia. the new zealand government has described the oil spill off the country's east coast as its worst-ever maritime environmental disaster. our reporter. >> it is already the biggest
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maritime disaster in new zealand, and it is getting worse. the abandoned to container ship is still perched on a reef it ran a direct against, leaking more toxic fuel than they have ever in georgia. -- have ever endured. >> it will be an environmental disaster. there is no doubt about that. >> meanwhile, on the beaches, the first toxic sludge comes ashore. they are telling people to avoid visiting. teams are doing their best, but they know there is much worse to come. >> last night. >> despite the cleanup operation and the arrival of oil on otherwise pristine beaches, it has brought home an environmental crisis, and the
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weather is making the situation worse. a tanker that had been pumping oil had to return to port because of the severe conditions. until today, 30 tons of oil had escaped, but that has now increased tenfold. they are bracing themselves, as conservation lists fear an impending calamity. >> we do not know what the implications will be. we know it will go on for a long time. it depends on how much oil was spilled. >> this remains a mystery, but for now, they are looking to avoid an ecological catastrophe in one of the most beautiful places on earth. bbc news, new zealand. >> discourage of piracy of of the ghost of somalia has grabbed
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headlines recently, but this is a rescue that is being celebrated. the monte christo was taken hostage on monday. now after a joint effort, prompted, i kid you not, by a message in a bottle, the ship and those on board are safe and the pirates in custody. i am joined now by the former commander of the anti-piracy task force. first, tell us what happened to the monte christo. we do not get a lot of these. >> we have seen an increase in the piracy in the last couple of years in the gulf of aden. the coalition came together to rescue hostages, and also the merchant community put themselves in a citadel and went out with an sos, a mayday, we are in trouble, and the coalition said they could go out and have a successful rescue. >> step-by-step.
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>> what happened is that the ship was taken hostage, and then they put out a mayday, basically saying that pirates had taken the ship hostage. so now there was a determination whether they were safe or on deck. it was determined they were in a safe space where the pirates could not get to them. one, that was determined, and then that is basically free game. then we know the only people on the deck are the pirates, so the forces could go out. >> there was an awful lot of attention paid to piracy in the united states. has it been on and off since then? can we assume that there is less piracy, why are you saying it has not gone away? >> it has not gone away, and in fact, there was an increase last year. it is a game sport. in the monsoon season, the pirates do not come out, but this is the time of year,
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september through january, february, where we see an increase in piracy. i estimate we will see more in the coming months. >> are we any closer, admiral, to dealing with the causes of the piracy and eradicating it at the source, if you like, or are we going to have to keep playing was kamal out in the ocean? >> -- seaplane whac-a-mole -- keep playing it? >> today, we saw that the merchant community took responsibility. the coalition working together is an outstanding example of hal naval forces can work together and basically decrease the piracy, but it is not going to go away until we fix it on shore. >> thank you for coming in, admiral. >> thank you. >> one man could be freed within days. benjamin netanyahu says a deal
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has been signed by both israeli and palestinian militant groups, hamas. the man has been held by hamas since his capture in 2006, and all attempts in the past to have his return have failed. they are thinking there will be a prisoner exchange as part of this deal. we go to the bbc's john dawson. can you fill us in on the details? is this one going to stick? >> well, i think for the family of shalit and for the hundreds of prisoners that could be released, they will not believe it until their relatives are home, but i think we have had a significant breakthrough, with the israeli prime minister saying in a televised address that he will be home soon. they were fleshing out some of the details. what he said was 1000 palestinian prisoners will be freed in two batches within a
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week. he said 450 palestinian prisoners would be released. they would be the ones who were serving a long this sentences, some of them life sentences, and then after two months, a further 500, 600. it was thought that shalit would not be released until the first 400. >> why now? can we learn anything from the peace negotiations? what is happening now? >> well, i think to be honest, both sides have been negotiating this time from a position of weakness. i think how moss have been put on the back burner. mahmoud abbas got a lot of publicity going to the united nations a few weeks ago, trying to get membership for palestine there. that is something of a mosque were against, even though many, many palestinians supported that move, and i think that cost them popularity.
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they will gain popularity if they get 1000 prisoners released. there has been a lot of anxiety, a lot of concern about the tremendous upheaval in the middle east this year, and i think for them, they might have seen that this is as good an opportunity to get a deal as they are going to have. >> ok, john dawson with the latest from jerusalem. thank you very much. a quick update on one of our earlier stories. the slot in parliament has just rejected plans to increase the euro zone fund. they all have to approve, and slovak deal was the last one to vote on it, but it is expected to pass in a repeat vote. now, for a pioneering mission to the and arctic. british people are getting ready to sample a lake from two miles under the ice cap. if successful, but they hope to find clues to life and global warming. we have more. >> antarctica, and land of ice,
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but deep under the ice, there are lakes that have been cut off from the world for hundreds of thousands of years, and now, a british research team plans to be the first to drill down to one of them and explore its secrets. >> if it's successful, we will look for life in the lake and the ice sheet. if we are successful, we will make profound discoveries about life on earth and the history. >> to get to this lake, scientists will melt and hold down through the ice using a hot water jet at the bottom of a rose. then, they will lower a cable carrying a probe and bring up samples of water and sediment from the lake floor. this is part of the probe that is going to be sent down more than two miles through the ice. it has got to work at extreme temperatures and incredible pressure, but if all goes according to plan, the samples
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it brings back could contain be forms of life that have never been seen before. the lake may also contain clues about climate change. if it were to melt, it would raise sea levels by about 20 feet. the scientists hope to find out whether it has happened before and how likely it is to do so again. bbc news. >> i cannot get over the fact that there is a late two miles beneath the ice cap. quite incredible. remember, you can always get updates on our website on all of our stories, and you can reach me and all of the bbc on twitter. for all of us here at bbc world news america, thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow.
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