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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 20, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying cleaner-burning natural gas to generate electricity. partner in brazil, shell is made from renewable sugar cane. >> let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> reporting from the washington, i am jane o'brien. brees if a new -- greece gets a new government, but will they have more luck cackling the financial crisis? the house of -- health of
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mubarak remains critical. he held crack and germany's code in world war ii. we look at his contribution. >> we are reinforcing the rewards of his -- reaping the rewards of his work in the 21st century. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. after three days of negotiation the leader of a conservative new tomorrow received an -- new democracy program. as the fourth prime minister in eight months, it is hardly oppose that screams job security -- hardly a post as screams job
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security. good >> three days after an election watched around the world, he takes office as prime minister of greece. he will lead a coalition government, and the rest of europe will be praying he can lead stability, but there are no guarantees. he came out to face the cameras and knowing there is a tough road ahead. he has just been sworn in, and he wants the eurozone to give a little bit of breathing space. otherwise he says the report for the main opposition party will simply grow and grow. he promised to try to restore a sense of hope at home. >> i am asking the greek people to show patriotism, solidarity, and trust, and we will do what we can to help it reach out of this crisis.
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>> in another part of athens, a reminder this is not just about numbers. the real people are trapped. farmers carry out some 22 tons of food to people with low incomes. >> there are people and we would like this. >> the country is still deep in debt, but what can they expect from the rest of europe? they will have for years to meet the targets. the government may want to reverse a big cut in minimum wage imposed earlier this year, and is seeking investment funds to create jobs and growth, but in berlin there is limited enthusiasm to giving too much to a country that spend more than it has earned.
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angela merkel says she congratulated them, but she has already made it clear she does not see a huge room for maneuver when it comes to the terms of the bailout. they were dancing in absence tonight. at least the greeks know how to enjoy livefe. there are more tough times ahead. crisis delayed instead of overpowering good >> for more on the unfolding events, i spoke to mark. there must be a tremendous sense of relief. >> i think there is relieved of the power vacuum has been filled, but there is also relief among europe's leaders, because they have warned if they wanted to a lack of government debt would turn its back on spending cuts, it could have led greece out of figaro, so now they have
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a government in plays that will broadly support the bailout and spending cuts, albeit with some demands for renegotiation. that will put some minds at ease. >> with so many people suffering economic hardship, do they have the confidence of the new government will be able to come up with a renegotiated settlement? >> i think very little confidence for the time being, because remember two of the parties have been in power for much of the last decades, and they are widely hated but pushing through austerity in the first place. they now have come back into power, but people voted for them through gritted teeth for fear the bailout party could have put the euro membership under
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threat. now it is up to the government to prove itself to the greek people to try to win concessions from brussels in terms of tightening the austerity and easing the pain, and that process will begin tomorrow at luxembourg at a meeting of finance ministers, when greece will send representatives to try to negotiate some of the terms of the bailout. now the chancellor said greece and must honor what it signed up for, but there could be some maneuvering around edges. for example, the deficit could be extended a bit. that is the pressure on this fledgling government, and if it fails, i think we can expect social unrest, particularly since the anti-bailout party did so well and could mobilize a strong showing on the streets of athens and beyond.
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>> thanks for joining us. the chairman of the u.s. federal reserve ben bernanke delivered another round of monetary stimulus and said the fed was willing to do even more to help the fragile recovery. this came after the fed cut its estimates for economic growth this year and also cut its forecast for 2013 and 2014. now to egypt, where election authorities have announced the results of the presidential poll will be delayed. the weekend allen said the muslim brotherhood candidates who was against the former president. the results were due on thursday, but the election commission says it needs to look into complaints by rival candidates. i spoke to our chief international correspondent for more on the move. how are people interpreting the soleil?
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-- this delya? >> the mood appears intense. they put up a public address system. they had a stage. they have singers singing nationalistic songs, people waving their hands in the air, our religious pop concert, if you like. other times it is back to the chanting, calling on the military council to give its powers, calling on the military to let powers given way for the democratic elected president. good stay say their candidate won, even though we are getting more of what they plan to do once they formally take over the office of the president. there has been a warning there will be more attention if the results are just delayed for a
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significant amount of time and if they did not win as they are expected to appear eager >> joining me for more on the latest developments out of egypt is a professor out of georgetown university. thank you for joining us. you heard her saying both sides are claiming victory. what affect is this delay having? >> it increases suspicions that the presidential election commission is up to no good and credibility is called into question, and i think the protesters we saw from many segments of society are really protesting against the military's our and are going to stay there until the election results are announced. >> you were there a few weeks ago. you say you can judge the mood
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of the egyptians. are either side going to accept it when it comes through? praxair was there for the presidential elections just a couple weeks ago. i think many people believe the camp will accept defeat because they lost. not only the muslim brotherhood of many organizations as well as news media have tabulated the results and shown it looks like they have a 900,000 vote lead. i think not only will the muslim brotherhood supporters but others may also questioned whether this election was free and fair or read from the beginning because shafit is seen as allied with the military council. >> we also have conflicting reports with the former president's health.
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you get an idea that some of that might be deliberate? >> i think so. after 16 months of this management with regard to the transition process by the military council, they have lost in a credibility, and people think this talk of the health crisis is really a maneuver to get people's attention away from the throne does -- from the protests and onto his health. i think there's a possibility, and we have seen conflicting reports. >> egyptians are focused on the future. do they care about him any more? >> i think there is some care. the real issue is the confrontation between the muslim brotherhood and civilian political forces against the supreme council of the armed forces, which wants to have a very big role in shaping what
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now in their view of non- democratic egypt becomes. >> police in france have ended the siege at a bank in the city of toulouse. they stormed the building where an armed man claiming to be an outcry the militants reject now how kinda -- claiming to be a militant held hostages. 17 people died in an attack in an area crowded with schoolchildren. the bomber, riding a motor bike packed with explosives, appeared to target the patrols of nato and afghan security forces. the u.s. house committee voted to charge eric holder with contempt of congress. the vote says holder has not cooperated fully in turning over
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documents of a gunrunning operation along the u.s.-mexico border. a vote is scheduled for next week. thewas a long wait, but nin leader of a firm of's opposition was awarded a doctorate in 1993 wasf burma's opposition awarded a doctorate in 1993. she was just now able to collect it. a major united nations conference has opened in the brazilian city of rio they janeiro -- rio de janeiro. it is 20 years since they hosted the summit. guard ban ki moon warned her time is running out and progress has been too slow.
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david looks of the challenges ahead. >> scientists are worried we are putting the planet beyond its limits, that economic growth is taking a cost on the environment you're a good -- on the environment. the talks are about charge take a more sustainable course, and it met with an appeal from a teenager. >> you have 72 hours to decide the fate of your children, my children, my children's children. at it is notme is thu just nice to the gap. people depend on it. getting a meaningful agreement is proving difficult, so what is
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set to be agreed by the leaders at this summit this week? first, a sustainable development goals, although they have not been defined. get-go promised to protect the ocean -- a promise to protect the ocean and now and economic commitment. today at the forest, the deputy prime minister. david cameron and barack obama are among the leaders not here. are dealing with over 190 countries, you have a problem. if you get everyone to agree, you end up diluting things. but expectations have been high they might forge a new relationship and with the planner pierre a good -- with
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the planet. all the talks of saving the planet would be followed by more talks. price still to come, as nations stopped to mark world refugee day, we speak with the author of the kite runner about why he is lending his voice to the cause. now for a warning on how not to pay for your wedding. an english prides though money from her boss to pay for the lavish affair. she is sentenced to 20 months in prison. she admitted to defrauding the company she works for your good -- she worked for a period of we have the details. >> appeared as a no expense
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stern wedding. on harpist agrgreeted them. the reception took place at this smart venue just outside blackpool, and the evening finished with a fireworks display, but the money had been stolen from the company she works for the reuter achievement invited abbas -- she works for. she in white did -- invited the boss she stole from. >> it was an amazing event. i dread to think how much it cost. >> one of the invoices was queried, and it was uncovered. she had made 122 payments to
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herself adding up to nearly 200,000 pounds. >> to steal the amount of money from her employer, of breaching the trust, and calling conduct of other staff into question. by her husband was free from the wrongdoing. he thought the money was from savings and bonuses. she was sentenced to 20 months in prison. >> they are victims of conflict, social strife, or humanitarian crises, and last year had plenty of them. the u.n. refugee agency says there is suffering on an epic scale with 43 million displaced. the numbers reveals three- quarters of refugees have been in limbo for at least five years, awaiting a solution. i was joined earlier by the
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author of the type runner, khaled hosseini. can you give me an idea of the scale of the refugee problem we face? why has the last year been i hear of epic suffering? >> it has been unprecedented scale. and we have 42.5 million people around the world who have been displaced because of war and prostitution and violence. increasingly, people are becoming displaced inside the country. over the last year more people became refugees out of any time since 2000. some of that began in late 2010 in the ivory coast and a string continued in libya and somalia and elsewhere, leading to this last year been one of the ears
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of the biggest displays and we have seen in the last decade. >> afghanistan has the worst problem in the world. give what particular problems to people face? >> in afghanistan we have to situation. there are 2.7 million afghans still living abroad and in pakistan. we have people who have returned to restart their lives, but from 40% to 60% are struggling to make it go out of its in a country that is one of the poorest in the world. we also have an increasingly number of people who are becoming displays -- displaced because of a conflict. the numbers are becoming and worrisome. good 180,000 people became displaced in 2011 because of the security situation in afghanistan.
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>> the you think the situation could get worse when nato troops leave in 2014? there is no real support for these people. good >> that is the worry. time will tell. that is the concern of just about every afghan i have spoken to. i have been there a number of times. the concern is when the western forces withdraw, is the afghan'' fate ready to protect its own people? as the situation deteriorates, we can expect more population displacement and possibly across the borders. >> you were a refugee yourself. how you think your experience compares with what people are going through today? how has the situation changed?
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did you get more support at the time and? >> world refugee day is on june 20 every year, and that is thanksgiving day. it reminds me how lucky i have been to be granted asylum in the united states, but there are millions who are still struggling and have been uprooted and have lost their homeland, lost their belongings and are trying to restart their lives. 80% are trying to restart their lives in developing countries like shad and kenya, countries that have socially economic concerns of their own, and i want to say the international community needs to take some ownership of this issue. it is a truly international issue, and it behooves the international community to try to find solutions and to
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continue to support the refugee population of around the world. >> thank you very much for raising this important issue you're a good >> thank you for having me. >> now the man regarded as one of the greatest mathematical mind spirit doug it was 100 years ago he was born in england, and he became best known for helping to crack the german secret code in world war ii. now they are set to open a science museum in london. and we were granted an exclusive preview. gby 1940, and as the germans advanced on all fronts, they were confident the coded message were unbreakable. get a brilliant young mathematician was at work.
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give the mets since he designed now change the course of the world. -- the method he designed to change the course of the world. >> it cut the length of the war, and that saved a huge number of lives. >> an exhibition at the science museum shows that he was more than a code breaker to regard he was one of the fathers of the modern age. in the 1930's he wrote a theoretical papers seen as the blueprint of the modern computer. and one designed by him was briefly the world's fastest computer. good >> he was able to turn his mind too many things, whether computer science or codebreaking. he went where he was interested, and we are still reaping the rewards in the 21st century. >> his tragedy was that he
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lived at a time when homosexuality was illegal. >> they put me under probation if i agreed to drug treatment. good >> he was forced to take female hormones. sometime later, he took his life. in cambridge they have been holding celebrations. among those attending, mike, whose first job was as an assistant. >> the modern world would be balmy without computers it. it sounds like an exaggeration. >> the story of enigma was not told until well after his death. now his contribution to the war effort is finally being recognized here are good parts
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of fascinating insight into the complicated mind. that brings our show to a close. to see what we are working on at any time, you can visit our facebook page. thank you for watching, and please tune in tomorrow. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, union bank, and shell. >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies.
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that's why we're supplying cleaner-burning natural gas to generate electricity. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
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