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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 6, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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to know your business, offering specialized solutions in capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small and businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." newsis is "bbc world america." the death of nelson mandela brings a sense of loss around the world as people paid tribute outside his home in johannesburg. crowds take to the streets in so weto to remember their former leader. example nelson mandela has left for the rest of us to follow.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. since last night when the world learned of the death of former south african leader nelson mandela, the tributes have been flooding in. we learned from president jacob zuma that mandela will be given a full state funeral on sunday, december 15. the white house has confirmed president obama and the first lady will travel to south africa next week to take part in memorial services. we will have full coverage and area begin in johannesburg -- johannesburg. >> they come from all walks of life and all communities to pay respects outside the home of nelson mandela.
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the sense of bereavement is palpable. to some, almost private and personal. together,so a coming a nation united in mourning but also in celebration of the life of the man they call madiba. >> people are celebrating the life of nelson mandela. i think he would want us to celebrate his life. >> we kept holding onto that and i hope with the spirit going [inaudible] prepares forfrica a state funeral of unprecedented proportions, what kind of nation mr. mandela leaves behind. is possible to overcome hatred and anger in order to
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build a new nation and a new society. lson mandela went to prison and a great young man. committed to letting his enemies by violence if necessary. byfighting as enemies violence if necessary. 27 years later he emerged preaching. can say withf you authority and confidence that i have traveled this long road to freedom. fight, i madenot
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missteps along the way. [inaudible]e cross.y more hills to >> his longtime collaborator archbishop desmond tutu gave ask for a friend and global icon. >> thank you for the gift of madiba. him andu for watching enable us to know what we can become. >> for decades of struggle.
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the system applied violence and racist ideology in equal measure to oppress south africa's black majority and keep the white elite in power. but having won the battle he shared hiseid, victory with his former oppressors. >> his greatest legacy to south africa and to the world is the emphasis which he has always put on the need for reconciliation. heart that be a hard was not moved by the spectacle, the flowers and candles and the messages, many of them written t- children born in a pos apartheid south africa, messages that more or less boil down to one thing. thank you for freeing our country.
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are gone but south africa is still a land of vast economic inequality. his unique ability to bring people together and to lift their spirits remains undimmed. >> for the latest i spoke to gabriel gatehouse outside mr. mandela's house a short while ago. i asked him about the atmosphere there. >> standing outside the house where just a little over 24 hours ago, nelson mandela passed away. the crowds are still coming. there is a large pile of tributes piling up, cards and .lowers to your screen right there crowds of people who have been dancing and singing.
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now very nostalgic songs. it feels more like a celebration than a week. in a mistake -- do not mistake that for happiness. this is still a country in morning. at halfs are flying mast across south africa. they are in many countries and across the world and even though the death was widely anticipated, he was 95 and increasingly frail and receiving treatment in hospital. for many, the reality of his passing on is still donning. >> what are people saying to you about safed -- south africa without mandela? for many south africans which was articulated by jacob zuma last night when he made that initial announcement. we saw in him so much of ourselves. what many people have said to me
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is what he meant was we saw him as the best is out -- of ourselves. what we could become and what south africa could become. many people are saying the vision is and complete. we may have got rid of the race laws but this is sterile -- is still in an equal country. alongnequality is divided ethnic and racial lines. well people are grateful for what nelson mandela did for this country, bringing it from a apartheid past into a post-apartheid present, many feel that to fulfill his vision, a lot of work still needs to be done. >> get real gatehouse speaking to me earlier -- gabriel gatehouse speaking to me earlier. he had been described as a visionary and one of the greatest leaders of our time. here in the u.s., tributes have
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been coming in from those who knew him or who simply felt his influence and former president george w. bush and his wife laura will join the obama's when they travel to south africa. we have this report. >> the flag at the white house flies at half mast in honor of a man who means much to america. inside on the desk of the u.s.'s thereblack president sits out oh, a memento of their first meeting. when obama visited the present on robben island in south africa he told his doubters of the link mandela, gandhi, and martin luther king. >> we will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again. it will fall to us as best we the example that he set. to make decisions guided not by hate but by love. also do not discount the
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difference one person can make to drive for future that is worthy of his sacrifice. >> nelson mandela was feted in washington but his struggle against apartheid divided this country. not taken off the terrorist list into 2008. he was welcomed as south africa's president and warm hugs from the first lady who went out to be secretary of state. she told the bbc, people should warn and celebrate. >> we have so much still to from hism him, example, from his understanding of how people need to be brought together. the whole idea of truth and reconciliation which helped to pave the way for a new south africa. labeled a was once communist. wall street fell silent and homage. the news broke in new york, it was perhaps in harlem where the
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tributes were most heartfelt. he was fascinated by america's struggle against white supremacy and here he is a hero. >> we have somebody to walk the face of this earth and to fight for our rights. >> he was an ordinary man who wasded to fight for what right. >> in a country where politics divides, where the scars of racial oppression still ache, in death, nelson mandela is bound to be seized on as a symbol of unity, a symbol of hope. a's meeting to americans. also among those sharing his memories was general colin powel l. the in the u.s., powell was first lack chief of -- black
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secretary of state. >> i heard the news last night, i was immediately saddened but only for a moment because this was a life well lived and i rejoiced in his life and i think that the outpouring and affection that you see me from all of the world tells us what kind of a person he was. a man of honor, a man who lived for a purpose and was repaired to guide that purpose and to free the people of south africa from the chains of apartheid. and not to take the black position against the white position but make it one south africa, black and white together moving forward, and he stuck with that principle in a purpose through 27 years of jail but through political difficulties, through all sorts of challenges, and he leaves behind an example for the rest of us to follow. of what it means to have principles and act with moral ad physical courage and be person of character. above all, to remember that we all have a responsibility to
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help our fellow citizens to achieve a better place in life, to have a freedom and democracy. it isy people fear that useless and futile for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence. >> he was always a presence in my life, in my early years in public service. he was something of a contemporary with martin luther king, junior and the parallels are rather striking an obvious. both of them believed in something and willing to fight and die for that something. he was the most humble, gentle man and he had an engaging smile. his eyes twinkled and this was a human being who had spent all that time in jail, who had all these difficulties, yet he kept his humanness and was willing to reach out to other parties, and so i was deeply moved every time i met with mr. mandela. but nothing was like his inauguration in may 1994 that i
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was privileged to attend and i saw there the real nelson mandela who came upon the stage generals ofthe four the south african defense force as his guard of honor which was a symbolic moment where the power of the state was being given to this lack man. oath ofup and gave his office and recognized his jailers in the front row and it was one of the most deeply moving moments in my experience as a diplomat and soldier. i was the first secretary of state that happened to be black. we have to get beyond these labels, depending upon your gender or your color or background. i am proud of being black and proud of being an immigrant of british subjects but i want to be seen as an american and melson -- nelson mandela was
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able to create that image. we are not black south africans or white south africans, we are one family, one nation, when people. i hope that his image and spirit will live on for generations to come. l, a trailblazer himself, the u.s. secretary of state who is black on the man who inspired him so much. dozens of people have gathered outside nelson mandela's former home and so it oh -- in soweto. our respondent who filed this report. paying tribute to the father the nation. he was the consummate reconciler.
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this was the house he would return to when he was released in prison. in february of 1990. we met one of mr. mandela's neighbors. met those who lived in the same street. >> i went with him to introduce him to the neighbor. after so many years being away from there. them. -- he still loves he still remembered their names. >> when i went to school here in the late 1970s and i 1980s, he was still in prison. there was no road here. all of this was dead road. spirit ofodied the the fight against apartheid. mr. mandela inspired this place to keep that fight going against racial oppression.
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>> white south africans feared after his death they would face an uncertain future. the man who succeeded mandela as resident told me there's nothing to fear. >> some people in the country feel like that. when mandela goes, all hell is going to break loose. it is wrong. should not entertain this false fear that something is going to happen. ns continueas soweta to celebrate his life, there is no life -- no doubt that his legacy will live on for long time to come. lament and rejoicing over and
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next ordinary life. his funeral will be held on sunday, december 15. you are watching "bbc world news america." he was an avid's boards van. we will tell you how the world cap panned out in brazil today. nelson mandela was a keen sports fan. he was a boxer and follow the strict exercise regime in prison. sport has the power to change the world. >> his most memorable statement on sport came five years after he had shown what could be done. in 1995, a year after becoming his nation's first lack president, south africa hosted the rugby world cup. president unified his
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people with the simplest of acts. donning the journey -- the jersey that had been synonymous with white south africa. are 43 million south africans. >> this landmark woman would have been impossible had he not saved the emblem itself. a symbol of apartheid to many doesrotected after teams -- defied sports and sanctions to play around the world. mandela had supported that sporting band and believed it earlierim come to power than otherwise. >> this was one of the biggest blows. >> many years later the former boxer would deliver one of his punches.
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they were entrusted with hosting the 2010 world cup. this was his last public of parents -- appearance. world cup started with a tribute to nelson mandela. millions of white are watching eagerly as the teams are placed into eight groups. spoke with the soccer analyst in new york. i am looking at this draw. germany andwith portugal and ghana. thisou feeling good about
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draw form erica? >> it is one of the most difficult groups in the world cup that the u.s. has been placed into. you look at the likes of germany, one of the best teams in the world. they also have to face ghana. portugal withand the best player in the world. if anyone has watched the u.s. over the last few years, the last decade, they know that it is immensely strong team and they relish the role of the underdog. on any given day they can get the job done. >> what about -- they are an exceptionally tough group. they have uruguay, costa rica. no repeats of 1966. >> as a small chance it could be a repeat. what they had going in 1966 was that they were the host nation in 1966. a huge advantage for a team and brazil will have at this year. if we look at the previous four
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world cup so have been played in south america, they have all been won by south american teams. it does not bode well for europe. then you have to consider who england have to face in their group. uruguay who has the semi final and they boast to find strikers, and in italy, one of the european powerhouses. it will be hard but i think england can get it done. they never -- they make sure they take care of business. >> would your money beyond brazil over spain, for example? >> why money would be on brazil. -- my money would be on brazil. they are turning to the first knockout in the round of 16. they will face either spain or the netherlands in that match. i think they will get through but it will be a rocky road. >> european teams are complaining about the humidity. is that really a factor or are ?hey just whingeing
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>> it is a factor especially when you look at manaus. it is oppressive heat, huge humidity. and european teams typically do not play well in those conditions. unfortunately for england and the u.s., they have got matches there. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. the world cup drama that is to come next summer. tonight's show is nearly at a close but we want to remind you of our top story. all day the tributes have been pouring in for former south african leader nelson mandela. here's is a look at life pictures. the tribute outside his home in johannesburg. you can see their people morning until way into the night in south africa. his state funeral will take place on sunday, december 15. of course you can watch bbc world news for continuing coverage on our 24-hour news
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network. just check your local listings for our channel number. from all of us here at world news america, thank you for watching. we leave you with these pictures of nelson mandela. ♪ >> there is no easy road to freedom. none of us acting alone. we must act together as a united people. let there be justice for all. let there be peace for all. bread, water work, for all. the mind and the soul has an free to fulfill themselves. again never, and never shall it be that this beautiful
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the spirit ofe oppression one by another. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions.
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