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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 5, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PST

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>> the people in those areas have proven to be resilient. it is amazing. i have heard it from some any other sources. as you know when you are hit by this devastation, it can be very demoralizing. facing another tragedy but this time we are better prepared because our systems are much better largely due to new technology. the information, warnings have been widely disseminated. people are better educated with regards to the dangers. i think government has been imposing higher building standards for the building of residences, schoolhouses, hospitals, and commercial establishments. >> if you could send a message to the people living in those
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communities, many of them living in temporary accommodations, what would you say? heed hope that they will the warnings of government. that they would stay in the centers that have been identified by the government. that they avoid going out because there is a big risk of them being hit by flying debris as some people experienced in that last tragedy. they died because they went outside their homes and they should avoid and stay in safer ground. they should listen to the suggestions that are being aired to avoid the dangers of the storm. >> thank you for coming in. a quick look at other news. president obama has nominated ashton carter to replace chuck
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as secretary of defense. he has to be confirmed by the republican-led senate. president obama described him as one of the foremost national security leaders accepting his emanation. he said he will show the same unflinching dedication as the men and women of the u.s. armed forces. one of china's most senior former leaders has been expelled and arrested on charges of accepting large bribes. state media said he was removed and handed over to authorities. he was the internal security chief until 2012. france has announced an agreement with the u.s. to compensate jewish people who were deported to nazi concentration camp's onboard .rains than 6000killed more
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people in west africa and over the past year we have documented the misery it caused. our africa correspondent visited the village and sierra leone which was being devastated by the virus with no sign of help. things have changed and for the better. a month ago we found a village torn apart by ebola. the dead and dying on one side. >> is it ebola? >> it is. >> often children stranded across the road. >> if you ask the children to raise their hands if they have been orphaned. >> i have not get -- got any help. october he biggest to -- for help. today we are back to find out what has changed.
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we are back in the same spot and i must admit i did not expect to either alive. both sitting on their porch looking it seems pretty well. you are ok. how do you feel? you feel good? she fought off the virus. >> now she's cured. surprised to be alive, she says. i was so sick. >> i did not touch her. in the camp to take all the sick away. that saved us. came almost immediately after our visit. now they brandish hospital certificates and a new holding center is opening down the road. help. getting
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we're very happy now. >> you have ebola under control in this area. >> yes. >> the village has paid a heavy .rice 16 children are dead. many more orphaned. this girl. her father did not make it either. you feeling ok? >> then there is allison. the six-year-old was ill and being a cap -- kept apart with six other suspected cases. there were people dying all around them. today, all but one have made it.
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they were rescued by a tiny british charity. her mother also be ebola. him thought i would lose like my husband and baby that allison did not have the virus after all. no i do not know what the future holds. died and -- but some have good reason to smile. >> she looked so sick when we have that report. it is good to see her smiling. one big step or nasa. the test flight of orion is a success, taking us closer to putting people on mars.
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indian authority say they will file criminal charges against surgeons and organizers of a medical camp after patients lost their site following cataract surgery. she can no longer see from one eye. she underwent a cataract operation a month ago at a free camp run by a nonprofit organization. hericed and hurting and vision started fading. doctors say the eye cannot be saved. >> i am having so much trouble. i do not know what has happened. i am not a virtual -- able to see properly. >> 19 others have been brought to this hospital. they have developed an infection in the eye that was operated upon. doctors are doing all they can
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but they have left it too late. from the patients are same village and come from extremely poor backgrounds. which is why when they were offered a free procedure they jumped at it. saying half the patients lost vision. charles -- charges have been filed and an investigation has been ordered. india has the most number of blind people in the world and cataracts are the leading cause. questions are being asked about the conditions under which many of these camps operate. she is wondering how a simple
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procedure went so horribly wrong. spacecraftew orion took off on a test flight, harold what is said to be a new era of human exploration with the grand aim of sending humans into -- humans to space. that may not happen until the 20 30's. don.ft off of the dawn of a new era and a new era of space exploration. the rocket hurdles and to lower or orbit at five times the speed of sound. >> still looking good.
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passing mark five. >> the capsule returns to earth after five hours. >> there is your new spacecraft, america. >> one with a back 20 or 30 tors we can trace it back the day it started with orion. >> the capsule has echoes of the apollo program that sent people to the moon more than 40 years ago. start. test is just the the next mission is scheduled in 2017 using a powerful new rocket called a space launch system. the first manned mission will be in the year 2020 11 astronauts will -- orbit the moon. the hope is to send people to orbit mars in 2023. the plan includes a mission to capture an asteroid and send astronauts up to study it. >> the program is not sustainable and it -- the
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current pace. more money is needed and that means more political support by the next president whoever follows. >> nasa saw a successful splashdown and a perfect test flight. it is one small step on a long and difficult journey to mars. i spoke a short time ago to leroy chow. there was some pretty happy people at nasa. what have we learned from orion so far? x today was a significant milestone. arendt has been nine or so years in the making and today was the first flight test of a version of orion. they tested some important systems. we got some important information on the heat shield. theame back down through
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atmosphere at 20,000 miles an hour and the -- the heat shield got up to 4000 degrees fahrenheit. they were sensors that were measuring heat at different parts and we were able to test separation systems, including the parachute deploy system and the system itself. lookme -- the flight test pretty much flawless. we will be analyzing the data in the next day and weeks to come and determining how things work area and >> you have been into space four times. not as far as mars. do you think it will happen in your lifetime? -- i certainly hope and i believe we will get to mars in my lifetime. children'sne from my generation or my children's generation.
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back on the 1970's, we all thought by the 1990's we would be on mars. it is hard to predict the timetable. this was a small but significant milestone towards that journey. >>, chula depend on the community, how much will it depend on countries like the u.s. and russia overcoming difficulties and carrying on with cooperation in space? >> i think international cooperation will be required to mount a mission to mars. >> are the keeping going with that cooperation? >> yes. the cooperation is differently going ahead and especially at the working level. there are no problems between the partner companies -- countries.
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the station was designed to be operated by american and russian control centers. neither can operate it alone for any sustainable amount of time. we have to have the international corporation by design. that is a great model especially when we bring in other countries that are spacefaring now including china which is the third able to lunch astronauts into space. it makes sense to bring more partners in. >> how confident are you that people are fully committing it -- committed to finance an expensive and long-term project? is the biggest wildcard. it is exacerbated by the election cycle. we had a change of party control and so all these things will
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ripple through and the space program is not the only one but all the programs, especially the space program because it is longer term. you have to take a longer view. proposed aush 41 mission to mars and he had a republican congress and the budget director that was in favor and he still could not get it done. that is the biggest challenge, the political and financial part. >> thanks for joining me. >> thank you. that brings the show to a close. you can find much more on our website. here, thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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>> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, >> athletes need role models like anyone. they need people to look to two. i am leading men. >> "foxcatcher." rated r. in select >> build a foundation and you can protect commerce for centuries.
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that is the strength behind bank we believe it should in to the test of time. because with time comes change. and what matters in the end is that you are strong enough to support it. mufg -- we build relationships that build the world. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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