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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 26, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the and n good, jason cosart muschamp fg -- kovler develop, and m funchess fg. >> build a solid foundation, that is the strength behind good banking relationships, too. which is why at mufg, we believe financial partnerships
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should endure the test of time. because with time comes change. and what matters in the end is that you are strong enough to support it. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> and now "bbc world news america." >> hello and welcome to the program. special prayer services have been taking place to remember the 220,000 people killed by the indian ocean tsunami 10 years ago today. it was one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history and left more than two million people hopeless. indonesia was one of the worst hit areas. the prime minister and his wife laid flowers and prayed for the victims. and in thailand, candles were lit at the end of the remembrance ceremony. nearly 5,500 people died there. half tourists.
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our report is from southern thailand, where the country's main memorial event has taken place. >> this was a day of remembering. ♪ as thailand's prime minister in pouring rain, laid a wreath in recommend brass of thailand's tsunami dead. minds were cast back 10 years. these are the images that flashed into the memory, of the day the sea merged into land. for power communities along the southern shoreline, people and livelihoods were destroyed. time, iday makers at the like this one today lighting a candle in memory of his girlfriend. >> i woke up to the room shaking. it was getting more and more violent, and literally the wave
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slammed into the bungalow, took them all down with those inside of it. that was the last time i saw nova. >> it was six months before her body was recovered and identified. and to this day so years on, there are still victims of the tsunami whose names remain unknown. in one graveyard, anonymous numbered concrete blocks. >> hundreds of victims are buried in this cemetery, but no one knows who they are. 10 years on, their families presume their loved ones are dead. but d.n.a. matches has proved inconclusive. a decade later, the grief is still raw as if the tsunami happened yesterday. the whole area has now been rebuilt. in the event of a similar tragic, a better early warning system, as well as better public awareness of the
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destructive power of the sea. >> thai amongst were reflecting on the day, chanting prayers for people. the shocking images of death and destruction from 10 years ago will take much longer to be erased from people's minds. "bbc news" in southern thailand. >> and we will come back to those events 10 years ago later in this bulletin. can you find out much more on the anniversary of the tsunami on our website. there you will find more stories from those who survived this devastating natural disaster and their memories of that day. let's bring you up to date on other stories. more details are beginning to emerge about the exchange of prisoners between the ukrainian government and pro russian separatists. ukraine said 146 of its soldiers were freed on friday with another four due to be
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released on saturday. there has been no confirmation on the number of militants being released. here is more. >> we have been talking to the presidential administration. it must be said not a lot of details are coming out. they are being very discreet about it, perhaps in reflection of the sensitivity of this exchange. now this exchange was part of a 12-point peace plan agreed on at the beginning of september, including a cease-fire. that cease-fire never really took hold. it was a de-escalation, but we have had more than 1,000 people killed since then. have been told by the presidential administration that we would get the details after it is all done and successfully completed. we also have had the beginning -- or the resumption of peace talks this week. they went on for a few hours in the middle of the week, but
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they concluded without any real result. we are also hoping to hear about resumption of these peace talks -- they were supposed to take place today, but they didn't, but sometimes in the next new days. >> now a judge in pakistan has issued an arrest warrant for an imam in islamabad. he is accused of having threatened demonstrators who re angered by his refusal to condemn an attack on a school which left more than 150 people dead. here is our report. >> he is known for his radical views. earlier this year, a school run by the sque named ormer leader, bin laden. there was a wave of anger when
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he refused to condemn the taliban for the attack on a school which killed nearly 150 people. unprecedented demonstrations were held calling for his arrest. but the cleric said the authorities should focus on catching those responsible for more serious crimes. >> the government should arrest those who are accused in more significant cases like murder and kidnapping. there are warrants out against those accused of such crimes, but no one pursues them because those accused are powerful and have strong connection. my case is very small and even an inspector can grant me bail. >> a spokesman for the red mosque said they would resist any attempt to arrest their everyone mam. after the attack, security forces have stepped up their operations against the taliban positions in the northwest. a number of senior militants
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are said toove killed. >> the dead terrorist has been identified as sad dam. he is one of the most wanted taliban commanders. he is thought to be one of the facilitators of the attack. we are vest gating this. >> it is difficult to verify the army's claims as access is restricted. but in the wake of the massacre, the authorities want to show that they are going after the militants and their supporters. "bbc news." > the boxer kahn has arrived in pakistan has arrived in pakistan to lend his support for the shooting massacre. he has vowed to help rebuild the public school. here is our report. >> the images that shocked the nation. more than 130 school children
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killed by taliban militants. the city is skill in mourning, and pakistan is still in shock. over the last week, the country's leadership has been show they can tackle militancy. the prime minister said military courts will be set up for speedy trials of suspected terrorists. a day after the attack, he reinstated the death penalty. six militants have already been hanged. many have expressed solidarity cross the world, including boxing champion amir kahn. >> innocent children were killed who did nothing to anybody. that is why i wanted to get involved. they were at school, and i saw pictures of it. it was heartbreaking. that is why i went to get involve myself and express my feelings and to build awareness
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over here so people realize how bad this situation was. >> many children will still be very scared to go back to school. how do you think you can help? >> if i do get the chance, i am going to go to the school. i want to meet the children's families as well, give them my support. what i also want to do is help rebuild the school and also help build the security over that area that was affected where that incident happened. >> pakistan is on edge. there are concerns about how the taliban will respond to the recent government measures to combat terror and whether the security forces are capable of preventing a mack kerr like that from happening again. "bbc news," islamabad. >> some of the day's other stories for you. the italian navy says it
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rescued around 1, 300 migrants on christmas day. the majority were on botas adrift off the coast of sicily. they said that this year there has been a huge increase of people trying to cross the mediterranean sea from north africa. the trial of to men charged with the murder of a british couple on a thai island in september has been postponed four months. the bodies were found on the tourist popular death nation. the men deny the charges. >> doctors in ireland have been given permission to turn off life support to a brain dead oman who is 18 weeks pregnant. the hospital referred the case to the courts because ireland's constitution protects the right to life of an unborn child. chris butler is in belfast.
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>> for more than three weeks now this pregnant woman and her unborn child had been kept alive on a life support machine. at the end of november, she trauma and vere she was declared brain dead. her body has deteriorated after a series of infections, and doctors say the baby will not survive. they would like to turn the life support machines off. ireland's constitution protects the right to life of the unborn child. today the court ruled to continue the treatment would deprive the woman of dignity in death. it said there was no reasonable prospect for the baby surviving, and it was causing unimaginable pain for her family.
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>> chris butler reporting. more to come. we have the heavy snowfall that couldn't prevent a full program of action in the english premier league. we will bring you all the latest results. >> one were the most popular cities in the world where time is money. mumbai is my city. >> mumbai is becoming a concrete jungle, and we will need beautiful, quiet places to live. >> the gateway to west africa, it is my city. >> these aren't made anywhere else. it is very popular here. >> one of the last communist strongholds in the world, havana is my city. >> when i grow up, i want to
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play for the national team and go to the world baseball classic. >> you are watching "bbc world news." our main headlines this hour. memorial services are held across asia for victims of the indian ocean tsunami on the 10th anniversary of the disaster. runs of prisoners have been exchanged by the ukrainian government and pro russian separatist in the east of the country under a peace plan brokered in september. millions of people have found their gaming consoles have been hit by technical issues after hackers managed to disable some online services. sony and microsoft, the companies behind the playstation and x-box systems say they are aware of the problems and are working to fix them. here are more details.
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>> computer gaming is a huge industry with legions of followers around the world. but over the past couple of ys, many of them were left dividedling their thumbs. he is one of many gamers who took to social media to voice his frustration with sony. >> i am very disappoint the. they should sort this out. they are a big company, and there are many people at home trying to get online such as myself. if i am not making music, i should be playing playstation, and it is not working. it is very frustrating. >> so what actually happened? well, to make the most of these consoles, players have to connect to the internet. the outage stopped people accessing some the core services, things like registering a new account to download games. connecting with other people to play the same game and connecting to entertainment chance. microsoft's system has 48
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million subscribers for the x-box. there are more than double that for the playstation network. there was a time when you bought a computer gaming console, that is pretty much all you were buying, and if you wanted to play with your friends, you would invite them to your house. nowadays when you buy one of these, you are joeckel a much wider community. the problem is, if the network doesn't work, it doesn't work either. it is not clear what caused the problem. a hacking group has claimed responsibility. that is bad news for sony, which had the launch of the interview disrupted bucek of hackers. but this is something different. >> this is a hacking attack which is not like the sony pictures one where personal information has been stolen. this was a services attack. they are being hit so hard that they can't deal with any requests. which means people aren't able to play online. but their personal data has not
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been compromised. >> that may come as a relief to some gamers, but on a day when sony and microsoft would have expected to rack up bumper sales of games, they will now be counting the costs. >> earlier i spoke with a cyber security analyst who runs a cumpton ant firm. he said while this particular attack might be an inconvenience for gamers, there are actually bigger problems to me in keeping the area secure. >> everything online is a source of concern. as important as gaming is to folks, if it is interrupted, it is not going to cause two nations to go to war. it is not going to mean that your bank account has been emptied. while it is important, especially to gamers, on a scale of severity, it is not yearly as high as some other types of attacking.
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and therefore, if you have anything online that is sensitive or that would hurt you if it were released, you should think twice about having it online in any way. >> but for people who don't go into this kind of online game land, and there are millions of people involved, but for those who don't, what kind of information dow end up giving when you play against other people on the internet? >> well, usually it is your registration information, credit card or billing information, e-mail addresses, pass words. sometimes people use the same e-mail address and pass word multiple times. depending on the type of attack, if it was just a disruption, that information may still be secure. if it was a disruption plus stealing user fsm, if you are repeating that information in the rest of your online registrations, then you could easily be at risk in those
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other areas as well. >> that was cyber security analyst jeffery crosby. sony has banned sin mark from showing examination duss, gods and kings. they said it was because of what they call historical inaccuracies, including the claim that the pyramids were built by jews. orocco has also banned the movie. he tells us what he thinks lies behind the authorities' decisions. >> it is the same old story once again. they have noticed a lot of inaccuracies, historically inaccuracies in the film. but why i think it has been banned, it is just to satisfy the institution that represents the sunni muslims all over the
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world. it has always been against showing any sort of prophet on come pan including companions. it shows moses as a fighting general. why on earth do you ban showing a general? it is really something that is not based quite well, the egyptian censorship to showing the film. they are promoting the move. the government represented by the censorship are playing on the grounds of alhazar, a muslim religious institution, and now they are trying to show that they are the guardians of .slam
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the muslim brother hoods don't like to show themselves. it is a very political issue really in this sense. that was an egyptian arthur and film critic. iraqi refugees who have had to flee fighting from the islamic ed there has mplain been little help. here is our report from iraqi kurdistan. tens of thousands of iraqis are spending christians this year under tents. they have never felt so vulnerable, under threat in a country where they have lived thousands of years. more than 100,000 christians fled their homes last year when the islamic state took control
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of lands around the villages. of those who remained, many were killed or kidnapped for ran some. others were forced to convert to islam. today many live in churches here. others in refugee camps or construction sites, dependent on international help. >> we began the organization when the crisis started. but when this case lasted for a no time, we can see today help is coming. >> in another church in northern kurdistan, another priest is also struggling with the dwindling international help for refugees, refugees who cannot wait to go back to their homes. >> our most pressing problem
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here is we don't know what will lap to us, what the future will hold for us. will we ever be able to go back home? >> with the onset of the cold season, one of the main issues here is how to keep the old and the young warm. here, too, are complaints that there is no sign of help, even from the world's biggest institutions. as the priest of this church, i have never seen anyone from the vatican. one once promised help, but we haven't seen any help. >> in this stone of generosity toward others, they are waiting for help and an end to this most serious crisis in their history. >> now let's bring you up to date with all the futbol news.
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while most of the big european leagues have taken a break for the christmas period, in britain, all 20 european league teams were in practice. chelsea united consolidated their place at the top of the league. john scored for a second con tiff game. and kosta ground his 13th goal of the sony. manchester city are close behind chelsea at the top of the table after beating west brahm 3-1. snowstorm. brave a ben foster dropped a cross, and they made it 2-0 with a penalty kick, and they win 3-1. manchester united enjoyed some festive cheer at new castle, winning 3-1. brian rooney put them five in front. he added another before
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supplying the path of robin van persie to score the third. a late penalty was scored. liverpool up to ninth after a 1-0 win. the home front had 16 shots but not a single one was on target. here are today's other premier league results. let's take a look -- there we go. hurricanes scored again, at at that time ham wins. hull ended a 10-game winless run with a 3-1 victory. in the evening game. thomas scored the winner. they beat f.p.r. 2-1 at the emirates. you are up to day on futbol news. the demolition of a large building usually results in a rather spectacular explosion
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and a fall. but not this one. the explosion fails to demolish a 10-story building which had been built illegally. the building was leaning on its side. people watching had a laugh, with some of them referring to it as their own leaning tower of piza. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the , mmon good, kovler foundation and muschamp -- muft. >> they say the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit. at mufg, we have believed in
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nurturing banking relationships for centuries. because strong financial partnerships are best cultivated for years to come, giving your company and resources and stability to thrive. mufg. we build relationships that build the world. >> "bbc world news" was "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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