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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 31, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good kovler foundation, and mufg. >> it's a global truth. we can do more when we work together. at mufg, our banking relationships span cultures and
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support almost every industry across the globe. because success takes partnership, and only through discipline and trust can we create something greater than ourselves. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> we start this hour with the crash had celebrations in shanghai, china. 40 people have been injured and 35 have been killed. large crowds had gathered near the waterside area of the city. the incident took place at 11:35 in the evening. it is not clear what caused the crowd to surge. the annual new year's eve
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countdown had been canceled apparently because of crowd control issues. reports said it turned down version of the event would be held instead that it would not be open to the public. reports from china state media quoting government sources as saying that 35 people have been killed and more than 40 people have been injured. we have more on that as soon as we get it. in other news, more than 900 people, most of them flying the conflict in syria, are now in southern italy after the cargo ship they were on was taken over by smugglers. one suspected snob -- smuggler has been arrested. it is believed to have started part of the journey in turkey and then to croatia, but it
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never got there. the crew alerted greek officials. they made a short -- a sharp turn left taking it into eu territory. >> the italian coast guard was stock on autopilot. heading straight for the coast. the crew was gone. leading hundreds of exhausted migrants to their faith. the coast guard managed to take over the ship before it crashed. in the middle of the night, it talked in the port. this is how the migrants arrived in europe. they are now being looked after at a local school. >> it is a real emergency.
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>> is this the worst you have seen? >> yes. >> what must it be like to spend your entire life savings on a journey in the dark with no guarantee of arriving safely? the migrants are held at this school, they risk their lives to get here. it is hard to see how some of them survived the trip. the police asked us not to speak to the migrants but one man was desperate to describe the conditions on board. >> we don't have clean water, we don't have food. >> of their journey is now at an end. the investigation into how this cargo ship came to be used for smuggling is now beginning. >> is a priest of the roman
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catholic church told me how the local community was responding to the unfolding situation. >> to be honest, that's the lady is responding very well. this morning, one of the operators recalled what we had in the early 90's when a lot of albanians came suddenly on our coast. there is a big organization, a giant organization for the major part belonging to the catholic church. there is a network of simple people helping the immigrants in very very many ways to help them in their houses and so on. >> has anybody come tea with concerns about this problem? >> we are very aware of the
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problem and it is sad to say that we are very used to this type of thing. of course, we don't know, when it can happen, a ship with a lot of people like in this case. but, we are very used to people. many many times, they are more aware and wary of the government. >> is there a sense that they're getting help from outside or nobody really cares about what is happening? >> yes and no. the italian government is very involved in the operations, but
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the europe community seems to be so far. generally speaking, there are a lot of declarations from european politicians and the intention to help italy but to be honest, the problem with immigrants is our problem. first of all, italy belongs to your and above all, the major part, 60%, 70%, 80 90% of the people coming in italy. they just go through italy and they go to the north of this country and they go to north europe, germany, france, and u.k. and so on. >> the spring you an update in another incident in the adriatic involving ac rescue after a
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passenger ferry was engulfed on a voyage from greece. 105 survivors have been flown home from the port more than 400 people arrested at 11 people are known to have died. the crisis in ukraine is figuring heavily in the messages of leaders. president qiagen said the people of moscow the site -- of crime era return home. our correspondent reports from berlin. >> for these ukrainians, new year's eve in kiev means being far away from home. that is because they fled crimera before moscow took control. today, they're still living as refugees. more than half milk will have been displaced because of the
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ukraine conflict. the russian resident vladimir cute and said the annexation was a sign of love. -- vladimir putin said the annexation was a sign of love. >> it manifested itself in the broadly support of the residents of crimera when they decided to return to their home. this will remain as one of the most important events in russia's history. >> the german chancellor does not agree. she is talked to mr. putin more than any other leader. they have many trade links with russia, so berlin is looking for a solution. in an unusually tough message she condemned russia's actions in ukraine.
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>> it was the year when we in europe learned the hard way of what it means when the basics of rp's friend mark r chalmers, especially the free self-determination of the nation. that is exactly what russia is doing the ukraine. there is no doubt that we want security in europe together with russia, not against russia. there's no doubt that europe cannot and will not accept a violation of the law of nations. >> the fighting goes on with more than 4700 people killed so far. despite an official cease-fire, the death toll keeps on rising. so, local residents are wary of war. in eastern ukraine the season of peace is anything but peaceful. >> the first bodies from the air asia lane disaster, the
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operation to recover more victims after being hampered by bad weather. 100 62 people were on board when the plane took off on sunday, all are feared dead. the recovery operation is due to resume at first light on thursday. seven bodies have been retrieved from the water so far. to have been flown back for official identification. air asia says his priority is to help the victims relatives. >> this afternoon, the first two bodies arrived. as yet, they are just numbers. their identities are unclear. the numbers are going to get a lot bigger before this is all over. helicopter crews brought a
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handful more bodies but it has been a frustrating day. recovery teams have been battling rain, strong wind, and waits of up to three meters high and the bad weather looks set to continue for several more days. the rumor mill has been working overtime. the search ships had detected the fuselage. this afternoon, the head of air asia said that report is simply not true. >> the rescue team is doing a fantastic job, they are narrowing the search. they are feeling more comfortable. they're beginning to know where it is. there is no confirmation, nothing. nothing confirmed. >> family members are lining up to give dna samples helps ease the identification process. so far, there are only seven bodies to identify. at her home in the city, -- only
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has photos of her son. just a few days ago, he was right here preparing to go on would have been his very first overseas trip. this he was so excited that he had bought everything new for the trip, his mother said. he bought new clothes, new shoes, a valve and a jacket. he was so happy, i could see that his face was shining. around the world, millions of people are welcoming in the new year with street parties and fireworks. normally they would be doing that here. instead, everything is overshadowed and that's laying lying somewhere at the bottom of the job the seed. and the 155 indonesians on board, most of them came from the city. that is another reason why this touches us all, the people that got on the air asia flight were doing something incredibly
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popular, something we take for granted. they were getting on a plane with their families and going on holiday. certainly none of them thought that the plane was simply drop out of the sky. >> stay with us here on "bbc world news," still to come -- we will bring you the pyrotechnic highlights of some of the world's major cities as they welcome in 2015. >> known for beaches carnivals. but there are so many more stories to tell. rio de janeiro is my city.
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>> this is my city. >> this is becoming a glamorous city again. >> welcome back to watching "bbc world news." celebrations in shanghai have turned to tragedy. many more are reported injured. investigations beginning into a
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cargo ship carrying 900 migrants and set to a collision course. less than 24 hours after the palestinian authority failed to bring about the u.n. vote in the israeli occupation, president abbas has made good on his promise for a friend approach. threatening israel with charges of war crimes. the move is already being condemned by both israel and the u.s. our washington correspondent says the u.s. state department issued a statement containing some very strong language. >> they say they're deeply troubled by today's action regarding the icc. they say that today's action is entirely counterproductive and badly damages the atmosphere
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with the very people they need to make peace. confirmation about this move. we know the u.s. believes that restarting peace talks is the way forward. >> have indicated a plan for how this is developing? >> piece talks collapsed earlier in the year. john kerry conducted what was referred to as shuttle diplomacy. going to the middle east to visit various leaders. they failed earlier in the year. they want to try a new approach. the fact they tried to take this to the un security council, try to get that resolution passed yesterday, a resolution which demanded that israel withdraw
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from areas that it occupied by 2017. many people are saying that there is frustration that the u.s. led peace talks didn't really yield anything. the idea is to move it to other institutions to try to see if there can be any progress made. this move has been condemned by the u.s. and israel. >> officials say 14 people have been killed when a wedding party was hit by a stray mortar shell. 45 people have been wounded included women and children. this was during fierce fighting between afghan soldiers and taliban militants. one of the brides relatives said that the rocket struck the house and nine of the children are missing.
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world health organization published its final ebola figures for 2014. the worldwide told stands at 7905. the british nurse who contracted ebola has agreed to be treated with an experimental antiviral drug. she is also receiving plasma from survivors of the disease. here is our health editor. >> this was the first roberts report seen here with volunteers before leaving for sierra leone. she tested positive for ebola on monday and only yesterday was airlifted from glasgow to london where she is now being treated at a specialist isolation unit. >> she is sitting up and talking, she's able to read, she
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has been eating a bit drinking, she has been in communication with her family. >> she was being treated well -- with blood plasma from a patient that had been treated with ebola. >> obviously very good reason that it will help her otherwise we would not be using it at all but we simply don't have enough information to know that is the case. the one thing i will say about the drug is that it has been used extensively for different reasons and it has a very good safety record. >> he emphasized it was a critical stage for the patient and her condition could get worse. treatment continues here at the hospital will stop the debate about how effectively she and other workers were screened when they arrived back at heathrow. health workers have treated patients have screened at temperatures checked. the process was chaotic. what do you say to those
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criticisms? >> i except those on behalf of public health england. it sounds like the process was not as we would have wanted it. the new that the health care workers were coming back into the country, some preparations were made. i don't think it was good enough. so, lessons need to be learned. >> the charity she was aced with an sierra leone said the children is investigated how she could have contracted ebola. the government has artie said it wants a review of safety procedures, the nhs staff who have volunteered to work in the immensely challenging conditions. >> we will review more on the news. 35 people have been killed in a crash at a new year celebration in shanghai. chinese media has released images showing what has happened in the aftermath. 40 people have been injured as far as we know. the incident occurred in the
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waterfront forest strip. that confirmation, 35 people have been killed. more on that to come. temporary shelters are overflowing in malaysia after the worst flood for 30 years forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate. forecasters say there is more to come and conditions can deteriorate even further. one of the worst affected areas is -- >> for eight days, the streets were cut off from the outside world. this village is built like a waterfall, heavy rain flooded the river and within hours the whole area was submerged. this used to be a muslim prayer hall but it was social wrong that it lifted the entire structure and shifted it some dirty meters away to land on top of here.
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villagers are eager to clean up. stronger men have to scrape the mud off the floors. 12 people share this two-story home. what they can do is a tiny room. >> is very sad. this is the most severe flood i have seen. we have had floods before. they hardly ever but it the house. they had the run-up to the second floor. >> not everyone feels the government acted quickly. this is assessing the damage at the hospital. earlier, he was criticized. there were reports of desperate people stealing. there is still electricity.
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government aid is getting out. this is the first time that they have seen foot of a rise in more than a week and it is not enough. rain starts to fall again. the residents have been told to prepare themselves. some villagers feel that they already lost everything. >> istanbul welcomed in 2015. most have done the same.
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[speaking foreign-language] >> happy new year. ♪
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