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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 27, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, and mufg. >> they say the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit. at mufg, we have believed in nurturing banking relationships for centuries, because strong financial partnerships are best
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cultivated for the years to come, giving your company the resources and stability to thrive. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington i am katty kay. some of the bull's most powerful figures are arrested on charges of corruption. >> this is the world cup of fraud. today, we are issuing fifa a red card. katty: as a rock works to take back territory from the islamic state, we talk about what it will take to win. cities are submerged in texas and residents are coping with
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record flooding. welcome to our viewers and public television in america and around the globe. racketeering fraud, and money-laundering are some of the charges brought against the leading leaders in football. what the u.s. attorney general -- it is for what the youth -- it is for what the u.s. attorney general calls -- >> a don raid as plain c lthed says police officers extended on a hotel. one of the game's most powerful
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men was among them. the fifa vice president, jeffrey webb. these incidents were instigated by the fbi, who have been investigating officials of football's governing body. >> in 1990 1, 2 generations of soccer officials used their positions of trust to solicit bribes through sports marketers and exchange for the commercial rights to their circle -- their soccer tournaments. they did this over and over. >> the scale of the alleged corruption is breathtaking. suspected tribes worth almost 100 million pounds were paid over a quarter of a century. the conspiracy even extends to the 2010 world cup and the fifa election a year later. >> this is the world cup of fraud. today, we are issuing fifa a red card. >> another arrest card was
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issued for jack warner. he gave this response to the charges. >> it seems strange that the u.s. did this before the elections. it seems like this has something to do with it. >> the arrests are related partly to bribes given to former fifa by isl, a former marketing company. fifa went to another crisis after a newspaper probe into allegations of corruption related to the awarding of the next two world cups. it is that controversial decision that is the subject of more criminal proceedings. this time they are announced by swiss federal prosecutors who raided fifa headquarters and will question about the vote five years ago. fifa somehow put a positive spin
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on the days events. >> this is good. not in terms of image it is not good in terms of reputation, but in terms of cleaning up, in terms of the last four years this is good. >> tonight fifa was not among -- fifa president was not among those arrested, and said that misconduct has no place in football, and we will make sure those who engage in it are put out of the game. the european football governing body once them to be put out. many critics are now saying the time has come for change. >> it is completely nauseating to be involved in football and having to suffer this ongoing embarrassment to the game that is the governing body.
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the election should be suspended for now. common sense does not always exist. >> he arrived this week looking confident, but he may not be so sure tonight. katty: it has been reported that former fifa vice president jack warner has turned himself into police and has been given they'll by a court in trinidad. i spoke to dan from zurich and asked how shellshocked people are. >> over the years are has been something of a sanctuary for those at the top table of world football, specifically the luxury hotel in the center of the city, which is where fifa's top brass has stayed in town. that is where the arrest took place today.
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this morning, it sent shockwaves throughout the sport. this is the most popular sport in the world. fifa runs it. it is no stranger to scandal but this feels different. it is not the result of an internal investigation in corruption, it involves one of the most high profile law enforcement agencies in the world in the fbi and they have made it clear that this is just the beginning. it is the scale of the allegations that is so striking. year after year, tournament after tournament. the number of arrests and the proximity to this crucial election of the presidency on friday seth expected to win a fifth term in office, it is something of a perfect storm.
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katty: what is your hunch about what happens on friday. does the election go away and does he get reelected if it does? >> i think we will find out more tomorrow. uafa has demanded that the election be postponed tonight given this controversy and crisis. it has suggested that if it is not postponed they may boycott the assembly that is due to start in zurich tomorrow. the stakes are being raised. his opponents and rivals uafa is definitely one. katty: for more on the charges announced earlier i spoke to football analyst tommy smith who joined me from new york. tommy, the game is looking unbelievably ugly today. tommy: this is an ugly side, but
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you couldn't look at it and say the glass is half-full. finally, something is going to happen. we have spoken about this several times and we have known something is not right. we find out that we know that the authorities are looking into it. and the fbi goes after you, that is the end of the story. katty: how deep is the corruption? has it surprised do? tommy: it is unbelievable, the figures they are throwing out. someone in new york had to the below apartments in trump tower one was $6,000 a month and his cap was living there. -- his cat was living there. if you listen to the fbi and the irs, the one thing that they are trying to put across is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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it will start flowing. can you believe that this has gone on, and sepp blatter was not stupid that he didn't know anything was going on anything, or he was smart enough to distance himself completely? he is in an ivory tower and everything else is crumbling around him. the fact that the u.s. were in for one of the world cups and that they were embarrassed, i remember bill sitting there and looking in dismay when it was announced that qatar had the world cup. when you find out -- you find out in any business that if you cross the wrong people you'll get yourself in trouble. i think that what happened here. katty: what is your hunch looking at this? is fifa saying that they will
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not revisit russia or qatar? tommy: you can look at russia and say they have a history. qatar has no history, no league. i imagine there are a lot of top leaks in the world, like the premier league, and they were going to rearrange their season because qatar was going to play ended december -- they were going to play in december. they were going to rearrange their schedule. there is a possibility that they may say to fifa you can go you know what, because we do not want any part of rearranging our season to suit a bunch of corrupt crooks. there's a good possibility, i would say, there could be a second look at this. katty: we will be looking at that again if they read about. -- if they re-vote.
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katty: doctors leave has been canceled in india which continues to be gripped in a heat wave with temperatures as high as 40 degrees celsius. there have been many deaths, mainly in the southern regions. the former british prime minister, tony blair, is stepping down as the middle east envoy. it was his chapter bring economic development to palestinian areas, a challenge that depended on political progress. critics say that he felt to make an impact in the role. queen elizabeth has formally unveiled the first conservative program of government for the u.k. in two decades. and he you referendum by 2017 is among an agenda of new laws. prime minister david cameron said it was a program for working people that would create full employment bringing the country together.
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in iraq, islamic state of iraq and the levant's launch a series of suicide bombings to counter a new military drive by pro-iraqi forces. 17 iraqi soldiers were killed. the attack began hours after the iraqi troops again to drive them out of the anbar. i spoke to the man in charge of plotting the u.s.'s military teacher. as a military tactician, what do you make of the islamic state military capability? we see the iraqis trying to push back and waves of suicide bombings. how good are they? >> it is a reminder of the nature of war. the military capabilities are important because of how they relate to what you are trying to
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achieve politically. isil is trying to establish control of territory and resources. that is their political objective. katty: they are good militarily, aren't they? >> everything is relative. in the context of the political situation and the human dynamics of the cultural tribal and religious dynamics, war is uncertain. the future events depends on the interaction of multiple forces, as you can see in iraq. reactions by the enemy are often difficult to predict. we have to be prepared for the war to take a course that we do not anticipate. katty: your defense secretary has ruffled feathers in iraq by suggesting the army does not have the will to fight. do you agree? >> i agree that war is a contest of wills. the nature of the contest varies
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depending on what you are looking at. what the secretary is talking about, and in the most recent hours, there is a very degree of will and different elements of iraqi forces. iraqi forces have been under continuous strain, not only by the enemy, but on the nature of the political government evolving in iraq and the perception that the minority populations were not represented in the government. and that weekend the foundation of the army that iraqi leaders are trying to rebuild. katty: this puts america and a tricky position. you are spending time, money and effort supporting an army that lacks will and does not represent the sunni population, that is now drifting toward the islamic state. >> the situation in iraq is not extremely difficult. what is necessary to recognize
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is the importance of iraqi forces to solving the problem of isil in iraq. katty: what are you going to do? >> we have to work with iraqi leadership to develop capability and will, and that has to be based on strong leadership within the iraqi security forces. it also has a lot to do with the iraqi people recognizing that they can pursue their interests for security. >> how concerned are you about the prominent role of the shia militia to retake ramadi? >> what we can see is that iran has to some degree succeeded him for trying themselves as patrons of parties in this destructive civil war across the greater middle east. they are pursuing their interests by perpetuating weaknesses and dependences in certain states.
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and having them depend on the iranians for support. really what is required -- katty: you are concerned? >> i think everyone is concerned. everyone is concerned about the humanitarian catastrophe in the greater middle east. and also they are concerned about the security concerns. the conflict is characterized by a cycle of ignorance and the perpetuation of ignorance, and using that ignorance to form hatred, and that hatred to justify violence. katty: thank you very much. you are watching "bbc world news america"." could there be a new tool in the treatment of skin cancer? we will tell you about the unusual source. the number of people falling
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victim to identity theft is rising. in the u.k. it has risen to almost one third. criminals are using forms to buy and sell data on internet forums. they are committing fraud and other people's names. angus crawford has been investigating the problem and how eye recognition technology could tackle it. angus: this is a step-by-step guide to identity theft and online scams. this video is made by a dutch charity to warn people about the dangers of cybercrime. how easy is it to buy stolen identities and accounts? this internet investigator showed as criminal chat rooms were everything is for sale. the years published today show 83% of identity theft takes place online. anyone can become a target. almost one in five victims is
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over 60. if this be the solution? iris recognition. unique and unchanging, more accurate than fingerprints impossible to fake. when could you see this technology being used in a practical way? >> a could be used for purchases, you could almost get rid of a credit card. >> i'm in the system and i will find out where this works. i go up to the reader -- >> thank you, you have been identified. angus: the technology is on mobile phones, and it could mean an end to passwords and identity theft. angus crawford, bbc news.
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katty: another day. the state of texas has been pounded by rain making it already difficult situation worse in houston. since this weekend, storms have caused record flooding, which has destroyed hundreds of homes stranded motorists, and killed at least 18 people in texas and oklahoma. i spoke with the former head of the federal emergency management agency. he joins me from houston. rima award two weeks ago this could happen. -- fema warned two weeks ago this could happen. were enough precautionary measures taken? >> texas and oklahoma in particular were prepared. and you have water rising so quickly, stresses on government services and frankly, a lot of people did not heed the warnings, particularly west of
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austin and in houston where the water is still rising. on the colorado, the trinity it is very dangerous. what i would ask sightseers is to stay out of the way. we have any rescue operations going on. one right now. these happen occasionally. you will have the global warming people go crazy and say see see. but humanity has always lived around water, since the beginning of time and we will continue living around water. there are dangers to that trade-off, if that is the lifestyle you want. katty: do you think people in texas he did the warnings that you are giving a couple of weeks ago? i know when people get warnings, it is often easy to discount them until it is too late. >> i commend the citizens of
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texas, in particular, to paying attention to their local weather forecast. given the size of texas, we have 26 counties that have been declared an emergency, the state has 254 counties. it is a huge place, and we only have 15 deaths statewide. it is a horrible storm moving across the country, and it will have repercussions for years to come. we are still in the search stage, and we are beginning the recovery process. the texans do pay attention to the weather. katty: you mentioned the global warming argument. you worked in emergency management for much of your career. are you saying that you do not see anything and climate change that is contributing to extreme weather disasters, like the one in texas? >> i'm not a scientist, but i do
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know that since the beginning of time, the earth has been heating and cooling through a series of cycles. we may be living through a cycle right now, but blaming it on global warming -- man-made -- i do not believe that. give me a break. katty: think you for joining me. scientists in the u.k. say they have developed a new weapon in the fight against skin cancer. they believe a genetically engineered version of the buyers causes cold sores shows promise. -- of the virus that causes cold sores shows promise in treating the disease. here is our correspondent. >> melanoma kills more than 2000 people in britain every year. scientists are excited that this landmark trial has shown a new way of helping some patients
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survive. how does the new treatment work? a version of the herpes virus, that causes the cold sore, is the key to the treatment. the virus has been genetically modified so that when it is injected in a patient, it is harmless to healthy cells, but kills the cancerous ones. the herpes virus has been redesigned to make it attractive to the immune system, so that cancerous tumors are attacked. the study of 400 patients with inoperable elena doma was the largest. while it wasn't affec -- while it was an effective for everyone some saw tumors destroyed, and others saw their life extended by years. the green area shows where the virus has infected the cancerous
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cells and is killing them. the blue areas is where they are damaged and will die shortly. researchers think the melanoma treatment could eventually work for other forms of cancer. they hope it will be licensed by regulators soon. >> this trial today represents 10 years or more of pork, but we have already submitted the data pass -- the data package to america and europe. we expect a favorable opinion that this could be available next year. >> there are questions about which patients will benefit and if other drugs should be taken at the same time. skin cancer charity save the promise of extra years of life to some people at the late stage of the disease, is a new hope. katty: one of the most deadly forms of cancer, and now it looks like they may have something they can help people that suffer from it. that brings the program to a
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close. you can find out more on our website. if you would like to contact the bbc team and myself, you can contact us on twitter. from all of us, thank you for watching, tune in tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, and mufg. >> it is a global truth. we can do more when we work together. at mufg, our banking relationships span cultures and support almost every institute
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: a darker side to the beautiful game. nine officials from soccer's international governing body are indicted for corruption. we look at the consequences just weeks before the women's world cup kicks off in canada. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. also ahead this wednesday: rain continues to fall in texas deepening floodwaters and disrupting the search for those missing. and now, new questions about whether the state was prepared. >> woodruff: plus, the struggle to find homes for orphans in morocco, a country where an estimated 24 children are abandoned every day.


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