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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 23, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation -- pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and mufg. >> it is a global truth. we can do more when we work together. at mufg, our banking relationships span cultures and support almost every institute across the globe, because
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success takes partnership, and only through discipline and trust can we create something greater than ourselves. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington i am laura trevelyan. massive crowds turned out to see pope francis in washington, d.c.. he sent a clear message on climate change. we are living at a critical moment in history. we still have time to make the change needed. volkswagen sat down emissionsing
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tests damage the reputation. and pele. ♪ laura: welcome to our viewers a public television in america and around the globe. it has been a packed day for pope francis in washington, d.c. everywhere he goes he has been greeted by the mass. today was full of ceremony and connecting to the public, but he also delivered a strong message on climate change. jon sopel has been following it all. so many firsts, but surely so much pomp and circumstance for someone arriving at the white house in a
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fiat. this is pope francis, he does things his way. he was given the warmest of welcomes from the president. >> i believe the excitement around your visit, holy father, must be not only contributed to your role as pope, but your unique qualities as a person. jon: this was not only platitude. difficult policies he touched on that are controversial in america. >> we support your call to world leaders to support communities most vulnerable to changing climates, and to come together to preserve our precious world for future generations. jon: the pope spoke on the challenge to. >> it seems clear to me that climate change is a problem we -- that can no
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longer be left to a future generation. had private talks. hardwill find the pope's to swallow. but the president held him as a moral force. outside the white house, tens of thousands have waited to get a glimpse of the pope. >> we happy and blessed to be here today. >> he is a symbol of christ. when you look at him, he has a different aura. jon: glimpse him they did as he got into his popemobile and immersed himself in the crowd, even singling one or two out for special treatment. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. has beenroline wyatt traveling with the pope through his journey.
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we saw the crowds around the pope wherever he goes. saying about the pope's reception? caroline: i think they are delighted. it has been warm and welcoming. talk toot been able to the crowds because he is surrounded by security. i think that is something he will find difficult. security is so tight. he likes to shake hands with the crowd and talk to the people who came to see him. we spoke to people, some of them are not catholics, but they were very excited. come out and see him because he is a man who lives what he preaches. thea: 40 minutes with president in the white house. any word on what they talked about? caroline: they are being very discreet. we may find out more, but for now we do not know the exact content. not from the public statement
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they are agreeing the environment is an urgent issue, something the pope has made a signature of his papacy, why we should save the environment now according to him. other issues will be migrants and immigration. they are both sons of immigrant families to a degree. the pope wanted americans to open their hearts to give immigrants and migrants a warm welcome. originally he wanted to come into the united states from mexico, to make that migration. it was not possible and he came from cuba instead. laura: what about one issue facing the catholic church in america? the one of sexual abuse? caroline: and away some have already reacted to that as a controversy. he made clear that he wanted
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this never to happen again or be repeated. survivors'roups -- groups are saying it is more than this. the catholic church has been hiding that there was a scandal and in some parishes try to cover it up after work. i think some of the victims' groups have a sense it is not been dealt with properly yet. laura: thank you for joining us. sitting down days after admitting cars are equipped with software designs equipped to cheat on emissions test. the volkswagen stocks have plummeted. >> 5 days after the scandal first broke, the head of vw has quit. theas recently ring to 58th most powerful person on earth. comfortably ahead of the leaders
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of japan and mexico. in 8 years he turned volkswagen into the biggest carmaker in the world. late this afternoon, the company said he had to go. the fact that he is prepared to take responsibility for this since a clear signal that has been appreciated by the board. >> vw has been in trouble since it admitted about its pollution tests. at one point the share price had fallen by one third in three days. the loss of 17 billion pounds. it has picked up a bit tense then. bit part -- picked up a since then. as part of germany is a vw. filled everydge car park. finding out the company was cheating has made many workers angry. ofthe people and employees martin winterkorn -- of
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extremely upset. have been working for full track and for third and fourth generations. that is why they are so angry and justifiably so. >> vw has spent decades building reputation for engineering excellence and trustworthy reliability. what does the scandal mean for its future? we still do not know for sure if any uk cars have been cheating on emissions. the managing director in darby thinks that vw can recover. >> volkswagen is known for their , quality, and reliability. it is the number one retailer in the u.k. and the world. it is the last party you would expect to have done such a thing . in order to restore brand integrity, volkswagen will have to move quickly to put things right.
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>> we do not know who knew what about the cheaaing device. the german government has denied accusations they were aware before the scandal broke. their ongoing investigations are ongoinge investigations from france to south korea. it is possible some will face criminal charges in america and germany. bbc news, germany. -- i spoke a short time ago with a reporter from "the wall street journal." they saying why they cheated on the emissions test? >> know, and that is the biggest question when it comes down to what they might be sued for and what the department of justice in the u.s. might go after them for. the first one is it improves the
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fuel economy of diesel engines, which are more efficient than gasoline engines. you have that her fuel economy that can help consumers get more bang for their buck. it can be cheaper to cheat then install other parts to enable the car to be clean and fuel inefficient -- fuel efficient, and not a net levels of carbon emissions. they have the reputation of being clunky and dirty, diesel inines, leaders there has -- the last come of years there has been a clean diesel push in the u.s. >> is there a timeline? and 2008 is when vw try to push into the u.s. market with the clean diesel movement. if you watch tv you might see advertisements bible's wagon.
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-- by volkswagen. there is one with three old ladies that they around in a model and they talk about how diesel engines were supposed to be dirty, but this one is clean and zippy. was able toe vw cheat on the test, don't they mean the tests are too easy? >> things have to evolve. this has shown a blind spot in the epa testing. they have taken the auto .aker's word they do not test every car. , and the epaesigns rather than designs testing every vehicle. the epa will revamp how they test cars. it might take more time and effort on in the epa and automaker's parts. laura: is is the first carmaker
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that has tried to t-storm these tests -- that has try to cheat on these tests? >> not the first, but the biggest and longest efforts. 1998,ggest one was in seven or eight engine manufacturers were using devices . it was clear why they did that. in big trucks every mile for fuel economy makes a big difference. cadillacs, gm cadillacs, in 1996 for similar reasons for a truck. for this, it is not clear why they did it, but this is the biggest. laura: thank you for joining us. in other news from around the world, 2 al jazeera tv journalists have been released from prison in egypt. and anian citizen egyptian. they are among 100 prisoners freed.
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this was the day before the president travels to the u.n. assembly in new york. the president of bakino faso has been replaced. on tuesday night, the two leaders signed a peace agreement for the regular army. a legendary american baseball player, yogi berra, died at the age of 90. he is considered one of the best catchers in history. he was known for his sayings, including it ain't over till it's over, and the lies they tell about me aren't true. thought to have inspired the tv character yogi berra -- yogi bear. more migrants, what to do with them? ofoeing factory outside
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seattle, president xi jinping visited. a wide range in friendly and colorful speech, sprinkled with chinese proverbs and references to american culture. sleepless in seattle has made this city almost a household name in china. >> and audience packed with chief executives are you -- executives of u.s. companies, he said china was open for business. china will never close its open door to the outside world. that is the business policy of china.
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the policies for board investments will not change. >> in a country where he beijing's intentions, this was with words soothe about currency and economic rights, and chinese cyber attacks on u.s. companies. >> china is the staunch defender of cyber security. it is also a victim of hacking. notchinese government will engage in commercial theft, or encourage or support such attempts by anyone. ♪ >> outside the venue there was a protest against china's human rights records. demonstrators claim support for beijing on the other side. there will be plenty to discuss when president xi meets president obama on friday.
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♪ european leaders spent most of the evening trying to agree on an approach to the migration crisis. leaders were divided as a plan was announced to relocate 120,000 migrants across the eu. from brussels, we have the latest. >> rather a stark contrast between this european scene and this. it is here in brussels tonight that europe's leaders met to sort out the continent's migrant crisis. an ambitious goal after months of the great between leaders and chaos at europe's borders. they know there is a pressing need. >> today, we are talking about millions of potential refugees trying to reach europe, not
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thousands. >> the emergency summit was called to bring eu leaders together to find a way forward on the migration crisis. instead, all of the media attention is on individual politicians -- personality clashes and deep divisions in europe. the divisions are very real. over the issue of sharing the issue of asylum-seekers were equally across the continent, 6000 cross into europe every day of according to the u.n.. this was the greek-macedonian border earlier. there are huge rows on how to better police europe's borders. hungary wants them slammed shut in the face of this kind of migration. how do you seal the external borders? if you do not follow the regulations, the whole european union will be in chaos.
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you have to follow regulations and restore order. >> given the bad blood between eu leaders over migration, getting them together around a table is already an achievement, creating an impression of european unity. there was an effort focusing on issues were everyone agreed -- the speedy deportation of economic migrants, and sending one billion euros in aide to the sprawling refugee camps in syria. make sure those in refugee camps are properly fed themooked after, to help to stop people from making the dangerous journey. bestopping migrants will not that simple. refugees like these in turkey are looking for more than better blankets and food. the urine for safety and
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security they believe europe will offer. yearn -- they yearn for safety and security they believe europe will offer. day travelinghe from serbia crossing into hungary. the camprning rush at near croatia's border with serbia. emagin this many people in need turning up on your doorstep every day. most, but not all, are fleeing blood shed in syria. others are economic migrants. they are not a priority under the eu relocation deal. they all week to the hope of a new life in europe. line up for have to registration, and the crowds keep building. there are more coming hour after
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hour. refugees and migrants have been arriving in croatia at the rate of 8000 a day. whatever limits and quotas the eu leaders have in mind, the influx is continuing. aid workers say the eu discussions have prompted a rush to get to germany in case the gateway is closed. >> refugees have spent, from their point of view, a lot of money to come here. they are afraid they are missing opportunity. they are worried about the debates in europe. they are extremely anxious to leave here and reach a northern european country. >> here are some of the many who want to do just that. iny are escaping poverty south asia, and they believe they are on the road to new jobs. >> where's everyone from? pakistan. >> everyone from pakistan.
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anyone going to germany? >> germany. job. electric job. welding job. ok. >> further north, a convoy of migrants and refugees. croatia takes them to the border with hungary, where they know they are not wanted. there lined up at the crossing. buses,e taken to more which will take them to austria. an elderly man collapses within sight of the border. who knows what it took for him to get this far? who knows what lies ahead for many of them. tonight, thousands more are already on their way. bbc news, on the croatia-hungary border. daya: 8000 migrants a crossing into croatia as europe
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struggles to cope. the legendary brazilian footballer pele, held by many the greatest player the game has ever seen. he celebrates his 75th birthday. to honor his achievements on and off the pitch and exhibit is in london. our reporter had a look and spoke to pele about his career. protectedrhol everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. it is easy to believe that he might always be the gold standard against which all performance is judged. .> it is an honor this is not something for the new generation. pele's own work is in the
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exhibition, as well as a 'ainting on the rolling stones guitarist. his effortless grace, power, and skill are on display in the artwork. it is the man rather than the football that many found >> inspiring. he really got into it -- found inspiring. >>. got into it. the eyes, the head, he knew how he had to do it. he wanted to be a part of it. he is a part of it. he is an amazing person to work with. >> paleo admits that attending events like this are part of being famous. talking about corruption and fifa are more difficult. >> you have good players, nice goals, people forget. unfortunately, human beings are
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a part. have forget this and let football continue. >> more than half the people on earth weren't born when pele played his final game in 1977. he is at age 75 stronger than ever. isthat people will realize that if they are not a football supporter, what an iconic human being he is. the imagery and films and words people have spoken about hamill hopefully give them inspiration. there is a sense in the exhibition that pele belongs to the world, not just brazil. in a time of big money, corruption, and commercialization, pele is a symbol of something more pure and magical. laura: pele's magic brings the show to a close. you can find more on the news, including the latest on pope francis' visit to the u.s. on
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our website. to reach me and the team go to twitter. i am @lauratrevelyan, and i would love to hear from you. thank you for watching, and please, 10 in tomorrow. in tomorrow. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation -- giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation -- pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and mufg. >> build a solid foundation and you can connect communities and commerce for centuries, that is the strength behind good banking relationships, too. which is why at mufg, we believe
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financial partnerships should endure the test of time, because with time comes change -- what matters in the end is that you are strong enough to support it. mufg, we build relationships that build the world. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening i'm judy woodruff. gwen ifill is away. on the newshour tonight: pope francis' first full day in washington. thousands turn out to try to get a glimpse as he tours the nation's capitol. and on the eve of the pontiff's address to congress, gwen's interview with the chaplain of the house of representatives. >> woodruff: also ahead this wednesday: migrants continue to flood into greece as european leaders meet in brussels to try to agree on a unified response. and remembering the plays, and


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