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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 19, 2015 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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♪ announcer: this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and sony pictures classics, now presenting "truth." >> ladies and gentlemen, dan rather. >> what is our next move? >> i might have something for the election. >> the president may have gone awol. >> he never even showed up. >> parts of the file were being tossed into the wastebasket. >> do you have these documents? >> tonight, we have new information. >> the memos can be re-created.
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>> they are going to start an investigation. >> this is bad. >> you've got to make your case. you have to fight. >> this isn't a trial. this is a hunt. >> they did not get this mad for asking a question. >> "truth" -- rated r. now playing select cities. >> and now, "bbc world news america." anchor: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington to miami laura. migrants cold and wet. the typhoon blazes through the philippines. builde blocks that can virtually anything. tonight, we take you inside the minecraft with a teenager who has written a trilogy on it. ♪
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. tonight, a border opened in serbia, removing the bottleneck for stranded migrants. it comes as the balkans struggles with the couple of the influx. about 3000 people have been stuck in cold, wet weather in a hungary land between and kosovo. reporter: her name is aya. she is 8, shivering with cold. we found her and her brother today along with 4000 other refugees stranded in a sea of mud within yards of the european
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union. isause croatia down there holding the refugees back. the rain has been pouring down here since yesterday, but as long as countries of the line, austria pennsylvania, are limiting their numbers going there, then the croatians are as well, and everybody is the care in the mud and the cold. just a few, the informed babies in the old were being let through. her mother, who is pregnant, had made it. her husband desperate to join her. >> he is trying to look for her, but he cannot. were fraying.ers >> yes, children, need food, need water, now, now. reporter: that is what people he said? >> police, yes.
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reporter: are you her father? there were a few tensts for shelter. inside, more misery. families soaked. the temperature -- 10 degrees celsius. >> they are very desperate. , askingthey are coming for more raincoats, they are shivering -- they are soaking wet. reporter: europe's immediate problem is a lack of coordination. in had freed the refugees to the border and dumped them here. further south, 6000 more arrive in greece every day, fleeing poverty and war. your friend died in the war in syria? and now? >> and now we will die also from the cold. i am waiting.
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reporter: by now, patient was wearing thin. refugees surged forward. that up with being out here in the open, they waded through the mud and forced the police back. in the malay, -- in the melee, more children were separated from their parents. police eventually decided to let this group of refugees pass rather than leave them out in the open for the night. with winter now setting in, this is a crisis that looks set to the event. laura: last week, a delegation
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of u.s. senators went to greece and germany today firsthand look of the unfolding migrant prices are a brief time ago, eyes will to senator jeanne shaheen from her home state of -- i spoke to senator jean jean from her home state of new hampshire. -- to senator jeanne shaheen from her home state of new hampshire. we went to a reception center where refugees were being processed, fingerprinted, pictures taken, and given papers so they could move on. i also met with the coast guard who had done really an amazing so many refugees who had been put on rubber rafts less toafloat and whatever circumstances might happen, and we have all seen some of the tragic pictures, so they are dealing with a huge humanitarian crisis, i think doing the best that they can, eu,i think the world, the
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the united states needs to do more to help. laura: what more do you want to see the united states doing specifically? in greeceen: we were and germany to learn more and see what we could do to be helpful. the administration here has announced that we will be ramping up our efforts to take more immigrants into the united states, more refugees of syria. that is one of the things that we heard when we were in europe was that people wanted to help those people fleeing from syria, from iraq, from the conflict areas. we had a chance to meet with some business people while we were on the island of les bos, and we were talking to them about the impact of the island because so much of their economy is based on terrorism, and they said it has been difficult, but it is a
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humanitarian issue, and we must help people who are in need, and i think the rest of the world should try to respond accordingly. laura: you met with german officials, and germany is expecting more than one million migrants a here. should the u.s. be taking in more syrian refugees? i think we should you we should make sure we can do our due diligence and provided background checks that have been important to refugees coming in to the united states. we need to see what more we can do to be helpful, and obviously germany has, i think, been a real inspiration, and chancellor merkel standing up and saying this is a challenge for all of europe, and we need to respond positively. more: there's been violence in aleppo. were there any new ideas about how to end the violence that is the root cause of this migrant crisis?
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sadly, there were not, and as you point out, it really is that war in the area, it is the conflict in the middle east that has led to so many people fleeing at this time. i think there was agreement from the officials that we met with that this is a challenge that with all of the people, all of the players at the table. the international community needs to step up. continue to blood-pressure on those people who have been unwilling to work for a negotiated settlement and try to help find the political solution because obviously the violence in the fighting is only leading to more tragic loss, more tragic deaths, and that is not the solution here. laura: senator jeanne shaheen, thank you so much for joining us. sen. shaheen: thank you. laura: at least 10 people are debt and tens of thousands forced from their home in the philippine after typhoon koppu
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blew ashore. now it is a race to reach those who have been trapped by floodwaters. david shipman has more on the worst affected areas. david: the typhoon has left a legacy of constant struggle. this is a city with main streets submerged. everyday life is virtually paralyzed. the latest victims of the flood are delivered to dry land by bulldozer. this is the safest way to get around, as we find out. the water isth of striking, a meter in some places, and we are taking a long roads that have been turned into rivers. city hall, and it is where the emergency food supplies are stored, but as you can see, it is surrounded by floodwaters, so nothing is getting out, even though there are thousands of people around the city desperately in need of aid.
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so though the rain has stopped, the real problems are getting underway now. an evacuation center where the food is meant to be delivered. the families here fled their homes in a hurry. on top of the stress of it all, the concern about supplies running low. >> we were not able to bring food. -- we were it will not able to bring our belongings. all we were able to bring was the baby and the baby's things. david: nearby, we found the city's weather forecasting office flooded, the instruments ruined. there were not enough warning of the next typhoon. >> as you can see, it is already done with, so if there comes another -- it is too much for us. david: for the moment, the priority is coping with the aftermath of this storm, and it still is not over, with the
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president warning of more floods to come. laura: typhoon haiyan was only two years ago. now, canada. theoles were played -- poles, at the question, whether stephen harper can hold onto power, or whether justin through token follow in his father's footsteps and become prime minister. bridging the, this has been the longest and most expensive races in canada's history. but it also be the closest as that isrrespondent: what they have been saying. began with the liberal parties in first place, and just intro has emerged as the front runner, the longest in canada's history,
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78 days of campaigning with the candidates crisscrossing around the country. i was at some of the rallies over the weekend. the candidates are really pressuring as much as they can because it could be very close to the point that one of the parties may not even form a majority government. laura: after nearly a decade of stephen harper's government, have the opposition tried to make one of these general elections, a time for a change? correspondent: this is all boils down to a choice between in stephen harper, and changed presented by the liberal party with justin trudeau. if you look at policies, was justin trudeau's front to do is offer a distinctive policy agenda. they are taking into account climate change, whereas stephen harper is reluctant to reduce
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carbon emissions. that be crucial, laura. i.s.hen strikes against suddenly in syria and iraq, which prime minister harbor has assigned canada to come and justin trudeau does not believe that airstrikes are the best way to take out i.s. he has actually talked about perhaps withdrawing get it air pupport and wants to beef u local troops on the ground. if there is a change in government, we might see dramatic change in terms of policy. of course, who knows who is going to win big tonight because it does look like a very close and exciting result. laura: thank you. oscar pistorius has been released from jail in south africa a day early to serve the rest of his five-year sentence under house arrest. the 28-year-old was jailed last october after being found guilty of manslaughter in the
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death of his girlfriend requesting cut -- reeva steenkamp. reporter: last seen in public, oscar pistorius as he was escorted into an armored van and taken to a nearby jail, a former hero fallen from grace. this was caught in a trial that captivated the world. now, he is being released under house arrest. for the family of reeva steenkamp, shot dead by the athlete on valentine's day, this hardly feels like punishment. >> he really does have his freedom. he can drive down the road. our daughter was shot behind the door four times. that is getting off lightly. reporter: 1/6 of his term now done in his prison, oscar pistorius is being released on parole, the next chapter in a tragic drama. om was a year to the day when he first arrived, oscar pistorius will now leave this prison
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complex to serve the rest of his citizens under house arrest. he will not be electronically tagged, but his movements will restricted. he will be subject to spot checks, and he will have to undergo psychological assessments. the athlete's first test will be this 20-minutes drive, it will take him to his uncle's home in suburbs.retoria this house his prison cell for the next four years. this was oscar pistorius at the peak of his sporting success. as for reviving his athletic career, that seems highly unlikely. a friend, a professional resource trainer who visited him in jail, that he is just not interested in a comeback and is in poor visible shape. >> people will be horribly surprised when they see that boy. he is physically not as strong as he was, and he is not carrying as much weight as he
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was. he has lost quite a lot of -- in in muzzled him muscle tone. but is the same man that we grow to love. reporter: oscar pistorius' taste of limited freedom will be -- could be short-lived, if an appeal succeeds, he could find himself back in jail. karen allen, bbc news, pretoria. laura: just to confirm, oscar pistorius has been released from jail a day earlier than expected. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, we will give you a rare look inside the tibetan region where one monastery is proving a challenge to china's state power. ♪ believe they have dissected a way to determine who could be a greater risk for developing skin cancer. people with 11 or more moles on one arm are at higher risk of
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melanoma or skin cancer. mean youit does not will get it. for doctors, it is a quick and accurate way to assess skin cancer risk. it of got is our role -- it has got us all rolling up our sleeves, checking our arms. the study shows the number of moles on your right arm is an accurate indicator of the total number of moles on your body, and therefore your risk of developing skin cancer. >> if you have more than seven moles on your arm, you have a chance of having more then 50 moles, if you have 10 or 11 on your arm, you have 10 times the risk of having more than 100 moles. daniela: the more multi you have means an increased risk of skin cancer and increased risk to check. patient'slmost on a
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body is time-consuming. this new method of checking the right arm could assist gp's in assessing risk. >> we do not want to worry people, but it is a good opportunity to remind people to get to know what is normal for your body. get to know what is normal for your skin and not just your moles or freckles, look at your skin overall, and if you have shape, in the size, color, or feel, tell your doctor. it probably will not be cancer, but checking early can make a difference. daniela: doctors stress it will lookingace the value of at individual moles which may be suspicious, but it will help them and us, the patients, who will be at biggest risk. daniela ralph, bbc news. ♪ china's president xi jinping has arrived in london to begin a four-day state visit. officials say nothing
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is off the table between the prime minister and president xi, critics say in order to restore relations, david cameron will distance himself from the dalai lama, the spiritual leader of tibet, and a man china considers a dangerous person. john says rick -- john has traveled and has filed this report. john: it is one of the most beautiful yet closed and controlled places on the planet. the voices of these devout and traditional communities are rarely heard. china tries to keep foreign journalists well away. but we have, head of the chinese state visit to britain to try to find out what people think of china's recent efforts to keep tibet off the diplomatic agenda, too.
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there is a heavy security presence, but we pass unnoticed through the checkpoints and reach our intended destination, the monastery, which is been at the center of one of the biggest challenges to chinese state power in decade. protests and gruesome self immolation of a nearby town of armor are met with a steady response. punishment for such defiance can be many years in prison. a long way from the palm and ceremony of london -- pomp and ceremony of london, but the fear shows that it remains center to the question of how the outside world engages with china and how individual countries,,including britain, are prepared or not to challenge beijing on its human rights record. there was a time when the
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british prime minister was keen to be seen with the dalai lama, but not anymore. by surveillance cameras, they have been turned off from the internet, forced to turn their backs on their exiles ritual leader. now china is forcing foreign governments to do the same. in a quiet corner outside the monastery walls and at great risk to themselves, some of the monks agree to talk. "the dalai lama is the only master in our hearts," this man tells me. china tells other men not to meet with the dalai lama. "they should meet him," he if the, "but then government knew i was talking like this, they would arrest me." popularity is's undiminished.
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he is still worshiped here in secret. region,from this remote the chinese president will know he has had more success in limiting his influence in london. dworth, bbc news. laura: the dalai lama, who will not be on the agenda between the talks -- of the talks between the leaders of london and china. minecraft has come to life in a series of books. the elemental chronicles use the computer game as a backdrop for the characters and plot. the trilogy was written by an 18-year-old freshman at the university of rhode island. >> this is similar to the real everything, but all of the natural resources in this
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world are made up of blocks. and you are in this world as the only person, you can play with other people in multiplayer worlds, and what you do is you can take these blocks and move them around to create structures. i think that minecraft is so popular because it is such a basic concept, but such a brilliant one. it is something that absolutely anyone can get into. there are also zombies that chase after you but burn up in the sunlight. i finish writing book one when i was 14 years old. it was not too long after i started playing minecraft, back in my freshman year of high school, i had a lot of free time back then. basically, most of my free time was spent both playing minecraft and writing this book. by howeally intrigued
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interesting this online world was and how the people acted were, and i ssw that a lot of people in these online worlds had problems with each other, just like they didn't realize. justgot me to thinking -- like they did in real life. that got me to thinking about what a real minecraft world would be, and the idea i came up with was the resources starting to run low, and people starting to fight and get greedy over them. typically with the older players trying to kick out all the new players come and that was basically the idea that turned into the concept of "quest for justice or co-kids who are reluctant readers who not read a lot have really loved "the elenti -- elementia chronicles." you can build anything you can possibly imagine, even something that you can find familiar.
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that brings today's broadcast to a close. and find much more on all the days news at our website. tweet me and the rest of the bbc team, and please tune in tomorrow. ♪ announcer: make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and sony pictures classics, now presenting "truth." >> ladies and gentlemen, dan ratter. >> what is our next move? >> i might have something for the election. >> the president may have gone awol. >> he never even showed up. >> parts of this file were being tossed into the waste basket. >> do you have these documents?
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>> tonight, we have new information. >> the memos can be re-created. >> they are going to start an investigation. >> this is bad. >> you've got to make your case. you have to fight. >> this isn't a trial. this is a hunt. >> they did not get this mad for asking a question. >> "truth" -- rated r. now playing select cities. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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