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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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that makes the romantic unforgettable. >> i have lived in this city for years and it makes me fall in love with it time and again. news. now, bbc world this is bbc world news america. words andting war of a dispute over the saudi arabia and execution of a shiite cleric causing turbulence in the middle east. obama takes aim at gun sales and plans to bypass congress. we see how easy it is now. >> thank you. you get everything on sale here. tradition ofd
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welsh names losing their distinctive character. welcome to our viewers on public television and around the globe. ran and saudi arabia, tensions are expanding. hranomatic action against prompted an attack on a saudi embassy. here is our chief international correspondent. >> more protests across the region over the execution of the
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leading cleric. ball inre is a growing crowd communities. the cleric was known for his fiery speeches for minority shiite rights. was convicted for sedition and violets. -- violence. >> i'm a spokesperson and i'm applyingrned about sharia law, according to the facts we have. niun grows louder with mosques attacked and a prayer
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leader killed in retaliation. the reaction rises along sectarian lines. hrain followed saudi arabia in ordering all diplomats to leave. even sudan, in northeast africa, has cut ties. >> the divide goes back centuries to a battle over who should lead the muslim community after the death of the prophet mohammed. it's put the faith into two main -- it has split the faith into two main branches. the issue of leadership has become intensely political, following the islamic revolution. >> a pledge to export revolution threatened the neighbors. historic deal to dismantling nuclear program had thereon returning to the fall -- had iran returning to the fold. of reducingbilities
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crisis have been reduced. that is bad enough, by itself. if this escalates into some kind between iranly and saudi arabia -- currently, it is a proxy war -- the we have to worry. worry., we would have to >> there was cautious hope in negotiations. the year has begun with fear of a greater crisis. bbc news. anchor: for more on the tensions between iran and saudi arabia, i spoke with robin wright, a contributor to the new yorker. >doe the hostility that we are seeing between saudi arabia and iran have the ability to escalate? >> i doubt it.
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it could fuel a proxy conflict across the region, in yemen, in syria, particularly. it comes at a terrible juncture. everything is expected to happen this month, the implementation of the iranian nuclear deal, the syrian peace talks, a second yemenof peace talks on just after the cease-fire has fallen apart, right after the first progress in iraq in confronting and pushing back isis. this is a moment where you need to develop cooperation. there is a danger of escalation. given all that you outlined, what made saudi arabia execute a cleric? >> a big question. it was clear that it would provoke a reaction in the region and beyond. this has complicated tensions in the region and shiite communities, weather in michigan or india.
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it has heightened tension to a conflict that has dated back more than a millennia and it plays out in a strategic rivalry today and an ideological and sectarian conflict. >> backing away from the brink now with a way to get all the initiatives and everything from the nuclear deal. it gets it back on track. tryingunited states is to go back to try to salvage the peace efforts. is, you know, even if there a recovery, the original schism is deeper. anchor: the white house has advised both countries to show restraint. saudi arabia is an ally. do you think the united states has influence? >> not enough to make a difference. that is the problem. they have better ties with
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tehran. secretary kerry made a call to his counterpart today. does this have enough influence to pull this off? it will take an international effort to prevent this from derailing the peace process. close to white house the new monarchy? >> you have a man in power who is elderly and ailing and his young son is the deputy crown prince and is a young player. stableess of a community. -- a stable leader. anchor: obama will make remarks about ractions.
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obama said that his plan will likely include more background checks and the closing of loopholes at gun shows. he says they are legal and in accordance with the constitution. his critics are not sure. we went to a gun show to see how easy it is to get your hands on a firearm. >> any guns today? ofpeople from all walks life are buying gun from the industry. >> i am here to get a laser sight for my gun. >> what are the dangers you think are out there? >> it seems like the public events of terror and things like that are on the rise and i think that i am often with my small children and it would make me feel more secure, if i had a means of defending myself and my children. >> fetching pink rifles for the
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women and shotguns and revolvers. some are for hunting. >> what is this for? a short barrel gun. thank you. >> you can get everything on sale. >> in america, the right to bear arms is in the constitution and moves by the president to tighten the rules will be fiercely resisted. >> it will make crime worse and terrorism worse. it will make them worse in this country and help the terrorists. >> nearly all the dealers at the gun show are registered. if you wanted a hunting rifle like this, you need to complete a form.
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you can walk out with the rifles and as much ammo as you can carry. , non-registered dealer, there is the gun show loophole. >> if i want to buy this rifle from you for $400, i can just walk out with it? >> if you give me the money and show me a drivers license to prove that you are a resident, i would ask you the question, are you a convicted felon or is there a reason, legally, that you cannot own the gun. say, no reason whatsoever. >> isil the gun to you. you could have lied to me. there is no way i would know. >> he thinks that is mad. the guns are a symbol of freedom and liberty. a component of national identity and part of the national psyche
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from an early age. the nation's gun show. >> for more on the actions obama may take, i spoke to alberto gonzales, the former unite states attorney general and a council to george bush. >> what action could the president take, in your view? challenge and it remains to be seen on this difficult issue. every time the president issues , i assume that he is advised by lawyers and that he has the authority to issue the executive order to
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expand the types of transactions . it remains to be seen. >> the president says he has the legal authority and the white tose intends to force more register as gun dealers and increase background checks. is that something you support? i support that, so long as the information by the government is used for that purpose and the database is accurate and complete. the substance of what he is trying to do, i do not have a problem with that. i am concerned about the president having the authority to do this with executive action and i think the country would be in a stronger position, if this was taken by both branches of the congress and the president,
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making this more lasting and making it not a law that can just be undone by congress. >> george bush supported .ncreasing background checks why is this issue so politically toxic, with opinion polls suggesting that americans are in favor of more background checks. >> when the government takes action to increase background checks, who knows where it will stop? we have a number of laws and regulations on the books that are not fully enforced and gun owners would like to see the enforcement of the existing laws. listen, i am in favor -- we have a strong second amendment in the country and it is a different culture than where your viewers may be from. there is concern about
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regulation by the federal government and there is a slippery slope concern. then your opinion, is second amendment and unqualified right? >> no question that it is not. the supreme court recognized the reasonable regulations are ok and the background checks are ok. at one point, the nra supported expanding background checks. i may have that wrong. no question that reasonable regulation is constitutional and we are talking about the fact that there is a policy matter and, in my judgment, the legitimate question is whether or not the president has the authority to do this through executive action.
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, thank alberto gonzales you for joining us. , arying guns in this country group of activists refuse to stand down, after taking control of a federal building. they are protesting government overreach in controlling public lands. federal officials have been wary of moving them by force. this is the militia insisting that the federal government has no right and they are taking it back. bundy was asking them to leave. >> i would not say that words do it and i would say that actions would. it will be for the federal government to remove the unconstitutional presence here
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in the county. >> he would not say how many there were and the media was given access to the site, of to a point. >> you will not get any photographs are anything like that. we are not about that. >> critics of the militia say the federal authorities should enforce the law and that these men are domestic terrorist who are using force to impose their will. the ranchers insist that the law is on their side. the individual americans, i want them to live free and have access to the natural property rights. that is what it is about. >> this is where you are sleeping? >> yes. know, there are people
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sleeping still. >> we were taken into the buildings the protesters have is a lot of there food and soup here to enable us to hold up here for a long time. the fbi will not say what they plan to do here and not a single law enforcement official has been seen near this. this is not a standoff yet. >> you are watching bbc world news america. the financial markets take a tumble to start the new year and we will survey the damage ahead. a group in pakistan and kashmir said they carried out attacks on the indian air force base on saturday. we have this report.
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>> the heavily armed gunmen stormed the site. about 10 commenters from where .e're standing in the moment there are at least two more gunmen believed to be inside. the entire episode is turning out to be a huge embarrassment on saturday. , the indian shoulders that soldiers have been killed in the operation. only security is allowed to go
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beyond this point. andas been quite some time there is an air force chopper. we have also seen this carried inside the airbase. believe that this is precisely the reason it is going to be a step back for the indian prime minister. and met the counterpart this was considered to be a diplomatic development between these countries.
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>> clawing back a bit of the ground. withrt time ago, i spoke our business correspondent at the new york stock exchange. >> what extended the global markets into such turmoil? same is some of the concerns we saw at the end about fireworks here and around the world. concern about growth fallingaw the currency and what all this would mean to the global economy. the shockwaves
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and people wonder if they will be able to sell as much as as they have in the past. is a weeeak -- this is the key question many are asking. the worst part of the year is since 2008. some people entered the year feeling fairly pessimistic with concerns. we also see weaker oil prices. it is not asserted a global company.
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there is concern about growth. anchor: should the be a law about changing welsh place names? there are historic landscapes. some of the tongue twisters are too much to be managed. and it fitsests perfectly. it dates back to the 1300s with this stilles of
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written at the entrance. he does not pay for the business. >> they cannot sell it or say it properly. ande is internet marketing you need to have someone that people will remember. it does not mean that they have to like them. >> a name that you give to the place is a political situation. the name seemed to be changing. it is better known to some as where the telegraph cable connects. it is called nameless by some. problems withlar the sleeping giant to some
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people. it is to the consternation of some campaigners. >> the name was recorded early on. a green island. concern about some new names bordering on the ridiculous. >> a group of people who came in and call this sausage island, i am reluctant to use the word. these names can stick very easily. >> she says she has done nothing wrong and the government will consider legal protections that could be hard to enforce. she and the donkeys remain happy on the hill. sounds sausage island better in welsh.
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that brings us to a close and you can find more on our website. thank you for joining us here. please tune in tomorrow. >> make sense of international news. >> funding of the presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation and the newman's own foundation. foundation. and, the hong kong tourism board. >> i will show you. >> i love heading for the
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evening stroll. it is utterly unforgettable. >> hong kong makes me fall in love with it time and again. love with it time and again.
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