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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 15, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs and sony pictures classics, now presenting "the lady in the van." > living likeed woman that. >> shut the door.
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i am a busy woman. >> i am a sick woman, dying possibly. >> rated pg-13. now playing in selected cities. now, "bbc world news america." laura: u.s. stocks take a massive slide area the dow jones closes down 400 points after oil prices reached lows not seen in over a decade. the gloves come off at the republican presidential debate. going head-to-head as the clock ticks down to the boat. -- the vote. not changed and that is the way they like it at one california roller rink.
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welcome to our viewers on public television and around the globe. we are two weeks into the new year and financial traders are reaching for their painkillers. stocks were pummeled again today. china cast a dark shadow over the market. what is driving the doom and gloom? smiles on the podium but stress in the trading area. is it unsettled? the dow is off for hundred points. .tocks continue the worst start driving the decline is the drop in oil prices. with the cost of crude falling barrel.low $30 a
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an overall downward trend that began in mid-2014. oil is trading near 12 year lows. 'se major factor behind crude crumble, growing worry. concerned is with their economy cooling the country will not need as much energy. restricted toly china. figures released here in the u.s. on retail sales and factory output painted a worsening picture of the world's biggest economy. and for more on the forces driving the market i spoke with david wessel, direc. what is it going to take to stop the markets letting further? david: i have no idea.
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the interesting question is is the market a symptom of a world economy that is downshifting, perhaps even a recession in the u.s. or is it going to buy itself cause the weakening economy? at this point the dow jones industrial average has lost 8% so far this year. it will start to shake people up. it could affect consumer spending, business investment and that could make the economy slow even more. take forw long will it us to find it which it is? are -- the u.s. economy has been doing ok. more thanating 200,000 jobs a month and the economy has been strong enough for the federal reserve to begin raising interest rates after holding them at zero since 2008. people will be looking closely at the reports in the next couple of weeks as companies, particularly those who sell to consumers report their earnings
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for the fourth quarter. the big question is can the u.s. keep its growth momentum while the rest of the world thinks or will the -- sinks or what will the rest of the world tumbledown as well. of the things where day by day sentiment may change. already we have seen some signs from what federal reserve officials have been saying in the last couple of days but they are worried that what they call in flechette next citations, and markets and consumers businesses expect inflation to do is falling and they are hoping it would rise because they have been trying to get inflation up to their 2% target. the fed meets at the end of january. the question is will they raise rates in march or will the economy be so sickly with the markets being in tumult that they will hold off. the people who have their
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savings in the market, what are they supposed to do now? >> cross their fingers and pray and do not sell everything right away. what has happened is with interest rates so low a lot of people have put money into the stock market and it implicitly thought it might not go up much but will not go down. those people are shaken up and so they have no choice but to wait. the good thing when you retire is that you do not have to sell all your assets on day one. people should be patient but it is a reminder that people who are near retirement even my age, i am in my early 60's, should not have all their eggs in their stop -- stock market basket. laura: gunmen have attacked a hotel in burkina faso. stormed the hotel
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which was used by staff and westerners. gunfire was exchanged between the men and security forces. there are reports of an unknown hostages -- amount of hostages being taken. one person has been left brain dead and three others face irreversible brain damage in france after taking part in a drug's trial. six volunteers were hospitalized last week. the drug had been given in various doses to 90 people. officials say there is no known antidote. >> it was three days after receiving the experimental drug that the first of the six male volunteers fell ill and was hospital.o this he is now brain-dead. three others may have permanent brain damage. the french health minister has met the families and ordered an inquiry? . x it is a moment of intense
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emotion because it is shocking it happened so suddenly. the victims are extremely anxious. i hope inquiry will be established as to what happened. reporter: they were among 90 healthy volunteers who received the drug since july of last year but theirs was the highest dose so far. >> we invest more than 20% of turnover in r&d. reporter: the medicine which works on pain and mood receptors in the brain was developed by a portuguese company. the incident has echoes of the scandal 10 years ago when six men fell dangerously ill within minutes of receiving the experimental drug. which had never before in given to humans. trial procedures had been tightened across europe since then. >> click ago trials are essential. without clinical trials we would , we would not have
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any new drugs basically. reporter: thousands of healthy volunteers take part in drug tests each year. serious side effects are rare but the french incident is a reminder that all trials carry an element of risk. laura: so many questions there. the u.s. coast guard is searching for two military has -- helicopters that collided during nighttime training the island of oahu in hawaii. the coast guard said they found debris but no survivors. helicopters belong to the marine corps and they have taken 12 people on board. i'll should bob says it has taken control of an african union base in southern's amaya. southern somalia. the african union mission to somalia said troops had been attacked but denied the military
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-- militants had seized the base. a olympicect of stadium denies copying a design. -- he that she admits admits that there are similarities. lined upial candidates once again to debate and it did not disappoint. donald trump and ted cruz wasted no time in taking off the gloves i grinned whether -- arguing a u.s. citizen. reporter: last night the republican debate felt more like a dual. the head-to-head before -- allies.two former
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cruz'sas questioned eligibility. >> there is a big? on your head. have spent my entire life defending the constitution between the u.s. supreme court and i will not be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal and pro-abortion or procaine gay marriage, focus around money and the media. reporter: the billionaire had a powerful comeback. the response to the attacks on 9/11. >> everyone in the world watched and love new york and love new yorkers and that was a very insulting statement that ted made. pridesr: ted cruz
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himself on ruffling feathers. the tea party favorite has championed grassroots revolt against the republican establishment. he got the endorsement of the hit tv show "duck dynasty." the son of a cuban dissident and a son of a star at harvard, he made his name by matching a 21 hour filibuster obamacare.stroying repetition as a firebrand has helped make ted cruz a darling of conservatives. as for the proud new yorker donald trump, he is seeking to prove what may be called these -- the frank sinatra doctrine.
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these girls were not singing "new york, new york." it is an anthem that may browse the republican right but will it appeal to mainstream america? iuren: for more on the battle spoke with the former communications director for the republican national committee. he posed the question, what does this mean to the wider country, last night's debate and who will being electable? has praised obama and
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universal health care but does not know where he is on abortion. what we see is trump is working in the republican i marry because he never talks about substance. everything is a rhetorical trick to avoid talking about any or solid issues. on the birther question i do not think anyone came off well. he does his rhetorical trick of saying i am not accusing of -- you of this but he is raising .he question american voters, republican voters lose because we are not hearing about how either candidate will defeat isis, grow jobs, or do all the things that a president needs to do that is serious and substantive. lauren: do you see the debate as dynamic?the
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>> donald trump did really well last night. he handled himself very well on andquestion of corporates talked about 9/11. i think that was pretty well planned and well rehearsed but he did well on it and voters will respond to that. we forget one other person, that is marco rubio. they always do well in these forms and that is why they tend to be the top three people who were talked about. lauren: could marco rubio come through the middle? >> i think so. there are a lot of lanes there. ted cruz and owl trump -- donald trump are fighting over the lions share. is -- he has a wide lane of folks who may not want to go for jeb bush at the end of the day or chris christie. kasich.n if he can pull those voters away it is a real three-person race and that makes it tough to predict.
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lauren: could it be the bigger thatdown the line determine who the nominee is in the end? >> of this has gone on so long we have not even started the match yet. once get past new hampshire, iowa, nevada, and south carolina, that the we -- the we go in the south. thed the -- where all football goes on. watching "bbce world news america." the first british asked her not to walk the walk -- asked her not to --astronaut to walk the walk.
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a split in the episcopal church remains. reporter: after a difficult week in canterbury, the revolution was leaked on thursday night. there were neither winners nor losers at the end of a tough meeting. the resolution showed the majority agreed that by recognizing same-sex marriage the church and the u.s. had departed fundamentally. causing what they termed deep pain. affirmed thatity marriage was between a man and a woman. the of physical church no longer represented the communion of interfaith bodies. they insist there are neither winners nor losers and lesbian sent lettersrs who
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have expressed deep hurt at the result. the general synod was behind the letter. >> i am deeply distressed by this communique. it is appalling. at no points in the letter or the statement does it give any indication of any recognition of the pain to the lgbt community around the world. we are completely swept to one side as if we do not exist at all. the fact that we are not even made mention of i think is a poly. -- appalling. was held a task force bring the community together. the piece is a fragile one. lauren: the country will be watching you make history.
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that was a tweet that david cameron sent today. to carry outas repairs on the outside of the international space station but it ended early after water bubble was found in a fellow astronauts helmet. this will be his first spacewalk. a moment of exploration of history as he prepares to venture outside the space station. >> through the course of the depressurization -- reporter: he needs his colleagues to guide him into the airlock. here's the final check. they have been plenty of spacewalks before but they are always hazardous. it was time to float out. emerged, a when he
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tiny figure against the vast space station. >> hand by hand, he and a fellow astronaut insta long outside. -- inched along outside. help carrysition to out a key repair job. his owna view from camera. everything is weightless and wants to float away. >> looking great. glad to see you both out there at the tip of the world. reporter: spacewalks are essential to ill then fix things. the astronauts emerged through an airlock here. if we take a closer look we can see how they had to make their way about 60 meters to replace
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what is called the sequential shunt unit, part of the power supply connecting the solar panels. so how do they stay safe while they are out there? your spacesuits have 14 layers of material to give protection from the vacuum of space and from temperatures ranging from -100 celsius up to plus 120 backpacks contain oxygen, power supply, and water for life support. in case the astronauts drift away, a small thruster jet can maneuver them back to safety. the main task was to replace that power unit. they had to get it done within 31 minutes. that is how long night last on the space station and as sunlight hits -- if sunlight hit the solar panels, they could have been electrocuted. all went well. then, a problem. >> it is a small amount of water. if there is anyway to get a temperature, i do not know if
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you can move it around or to try to drink it. >> water was found in the helmet of his companion. they were ordered back inside. a syringe was used to collect samples of the water. this matters because three years ago and asked her not nearly drowned in his space suit. -- an astronaut nearly drowned in his space suit. >> we appreciate all the dedication and hard work. reporter: there will be questions about what went wrong and all of it is a reminder of the dangers of working in space. high drama up there but what an absolutely incredible view. the city of los angeles is known for its car culture. those are not the only wheels in town. there is a place where locals have been cruising around for more than 60 years.
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at a much slower speed. our journalist went for a spin. >> ♪ reporter: this has been around since 1950's. and prior to the 1950's, the for fighterlant planes in world war ii. the change has not been significant in terms of people and style of skating. going to school, they used to bus us to the skating rink and i was always fascinated i the organ music that was being played and i became friends with the organist at this gain rate -- at the skating rink in pasadena. he said if you learn a few tunes i will let you sit in and play/ . on a fewme and worked
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numbers and he hired me on. i was a rink organist until 1985 when i took over as owner. 1960's, when and elvis presley and the beatles and rock 'n roll came into the picture, the music sort of change data began to phase out organ -- and they began to phase out organ music. we always kept a few nights of week of live organ music. pictures of me when i was skating and me playing the organ here and that is me receiving an award. it is the most popular rink in the united states. its gates between 80,000 to 90,000 people coming through our doors a year. do a lot of birthday parties. a lot of major films have been done here. what types of movies and television shows?
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of compton."t we had justin bieber here many times. reporter: many times? >> yeah, he comes. reporter: has ever closed or shut down? >> no. all the years that this rink has been here it has been the same. the future of the rink will be the same as it is today and we will just go on for years and years and years. hardly any changes. a piece of l.a. history there. the skating rink that has been around for more than 60 years bringing today's broadcast to a close. you can find much more on all the days news at our website including the latest on that unfolding story of an attack at the hotel in burkina faso's capital where hostages have reportedly been taken. to reach me and most of the team you can always go to twitter.
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from all of us here thank you for watching and have a great weekend. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and sony pictures classics now presenting "the lady in the van." >> just until yusor yourself out. >> and educated woman living like that. >> merry christmas.
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>> shut the door. i am a busy woman. >> i am a sick woman, dying possibly. now laying in slick cities. -- select cities.
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