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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 14, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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america. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, get a nonprofit to charity in pursuing the common good. kohler foundation. it national geographic channel. always been fascinated by god. why do people all around the world worship their god? i'm setting off on a journey.
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we all ask ourselves this one question. who is god? >> this is bbc world news america. they say the government has not done enough to rescue their daughters. they say they can't cope with the huge numbers of migrants passing through territory on the way to europe. and love is in the air at this independent bookshop. the people behind the first romance only store in america.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. families of the schoolgirls kidnapped two years ago have been protesting today. they say the government has not done enough to bring their daughters home. the girls were abducted from their boarding school by the militant islamist group boko haram that opposes girls getting an education. 219 of them are still missing. >> two years on end the calls to bring back our girls are still loud. people on the streets of nigeria are staying focused on the plate of the missing girls.
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>> every town must be taking the girls, at least. >> many of the students were paraded before the cameras days after being snatched from their boarding school in the middle of the night. a key prize for a brutal jihadist group. the group emerged in the early 2000. the military tried to crush what was then a religious cult that morphed into an extreme jihadist group hell-bent on violence. they were abducted at a time when the war was being lost. thousands of civilians were killed. the government of the day was week. and did not seem to care less.
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more than three weeks after they were abducted, world leaders were pressured into promising help. no one wanted to admit it, but rescuing all the girls was daunting and looking increasingly unlikely. >> it is hard to try to rescue hundreds that might be split up. it is hugely dangerous. i don't even think the best will find this easy or would have been keen to do it unless they absolutely had to. it is ridiculous. >> thousands more victims are missing.
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what specifically do they want the government to do that the nigerian government is not doing? >> it is not entirely clear. it's not just a question of bringing back the girls. there may be several or many different groups.
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negotiations will take a long time. >> we saw michelle obama getting involved to try to get the girls back. >> the military has stepped up its efforts and made good progress. >> the president has taken a more active role. >> even in the last days of the jonathan administration. the french are supporting chad and the multinational joint task force of regional militaries. and the u.s. is very much engaged in surveillance. and they have been deployed in nigeria. to locatean easy task
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them or extract them. is there anything they would like to trade the girls for? >> acceptable, probably not. they have asked to release prisoners, and report they asked for $56 million. ideally, they would surrender without being killed. but the international attention has been something of a double-edged sword. it put the pressure on the nigerian government. the success or failure in global perception is hinging on finding the girls. it also makes those girls the most valuable bargaining chip boko haram has. it has been pushed and squeezed
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and those girls are to best leverage. thousands have been released, held under horrific circumstances. they are within our reach to help give them the kind of help they need to thrive. >> a great point. thanks for coming in. libya is warning it doesn't have the resources to control the flow of people heading to europe , a day after officials warned of an alarming buildup of migrants in the country. more than 24,000 people have made the crossing and hundreds of died. the coast guard is struggling to cope with the numbers of migrants.
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>> only just staying afloat. we joined the coast guard that is bracing for a tidal wave of migrants heading for europe's shores. half of the boats are out of action. they have 15 for the entire coast. they are begging europe for help. >> it is really painful to see people dying. >> support in libya is tricky. back on shore, there are three rival administrations and multiple militias. >> the fear is that this route will attract a lot more migrants trying to reach europe.
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officials say it is exactly what they expect. chaos makes itd an easy environment. the islamic state is now in control of the town, giving them an atlas. and here, just one on the open seas this week, jammed with migrants headed for italy. they were rescued by the coast guard when the engine failed. we met some of the men at a detention center in tripoli. they just wanted to provide for his brothers and sisters. >> i don't know what to do.
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>> libya is tired of trying to cope with an endless string of migrants. >> they send them to europe. they have thousands here and we can do nothing. it is a really big problem. >> a big problem with big profits. police showed some of the cash they have recovered recently. smugglers can earn 350,000 pounds with a single voyage.
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they claim this nigerian man is one of them. he was detained after a ship went down with the loss of more than 100 lives. keep protests his innocence. >> why do they say you are a smuggler if you are so innocent? >> because they don't want me to survive. [indiscernible] sands, the site of the mediterranean beckons so many. there are no names. only numbers. rows of fresh graves are waiting for those that could soon be claimed by the waves.
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it was noticeable watching your report. there are a lot of families and children. we saw mostly men, is that correct? >> the people that we have seen have been mostly men. they are typically separated and taken to different detention facilities. others are economic migrants trying to reach europe for work. we are not seeing syrians that are in war and persecution in their home country. oh we have been hearing all week from officials is that libya cannot continue to face this problem on its own. they say they have been struggling for years. officials emphasize that they want to get to europe.
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they don't want to stay here in libya and they tell us all that have received our empty promises. enoughy do they not have vessels, they don't have a single helicopter with which to monitor the coastline. they don't even have proper nightvision goggles to use it night. beenf the difficulties has the lack of a credible central government. we have three governments including a national unity government struggling to establish control. >> that precarious situation is also destabilizing the entire region. even tunisia is suffering from the chaos.
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a new report suggests tanisha could slip into chaos if the government fails to address economic and security challenges. president at the carnegie endowment. let's start with the regional connection. to what extent is it having a huge.on effect? >> you have more than one million that have emigrated coming through or staying. they have done extremely well in terms of the lyrical in vision progress. from an economic slowdown because of terrorism. the world is not expected to be more than .5% this year as well as terrorist attacks.
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it is having quite an effect. tunisia, it was the great hope of the arab spring. one indicator, tourism has declined by 50% in the last year or two. how bad is the economic situation? >> it is bad. someovernment needs to do badly needed programs. we need to do is not invent the wheel. they agree on what needs to be done. but some capacity building mechanisms and ways to help them implement what they themselves need to do. there is no question the security environment has a acted in economic recovery a great deal. remains, even with
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all its problems, a society that has actually agreed on a peaceful transition to democracy. on a constitution that would of old literalistic values. a constitution that would guarantee rights for men and women. resilience.y strong happen isn't want to to threaten that. it would say that if people stand up against dictatorship and bad government, they have nothing to show for it. >> thank you for coming in. an earthquake with a magnitude of six point four struck southern japan followed by
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strong aftershocks. at least nine people have died. police say some people may still be trapped. say twopower officials plants were functioning normally. worldng surgery to the through virtual reality. a doctors hoping to transform how we train medical staff. britain's duke and duchess of cambridge have arrived in the himalayan nation with a have and will buy another young couple. correspondentoyal . proudlyntry that proclaims it dares to be different. it was known as the hermit kingdom of the himalayas. baseball nations strongly in
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loans to buy it buddhist a. the even have a national happiness index. the destination is hardly a priority. they normally have to have a very clear purpose. it might ask why, other than to imbibe happiness and contentment, why have they come to this small country in the himalayas? is the official line. they have a new king. two royals of a similar age. and here's the important point. he is the first constitutional monarch residing over a democratic nation sandwiched between india and china. it is also a pretty amazing experience for the visitors. the king and queen have escorted their guest to a buddhist temple
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. and here's another part of the experience. archery which kate discovered is not as the as it looks. they have some of the best archers in the world. it is their internationals toward. not a lot of people know that. come to think of it, not a lot of people know the country. >> a doctor has taken on the challenge of showing medical staff around the world how to perform an operation. earlier today, he operated on a london man and broadcast the event live through virtual reality.
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spencer kelly was there and has this report for us. watching a world first. the first surgery to be filmed in 360 degree virtual reality and streamed live online for anyone to watch anywhere in the world. they can see everything happening in the operating theater from the perspective of a 360 camera directly above the patient. >> this is operating theater one. currently removing a tumor from the patient. he is passionate about using this kind of tech to train a new generation of surgeons. >> we have to scour things up and pay people in a more efficient manner. using low-cost technology.
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a simple vr headset. >> kicks lanes his actions to the camera. how useful was it? >> it was amazing. people would not usually be able to see such an operation. >> [indiscernible] it's like looking in over the surgeons shoulder. you see what they are getting into. >> the main selling point is it puts you in places you would rarely get the chance to experience. here -- israel as being it is not as real as being here. whether or not you want to be is another question. can havecal student
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that experience beams to you will change the way students are learning. -- romancermals novels are among the best selling in the world. but there is a stigma. there has never been a bookstore devoted solely to romance. two sisters love their books and want to share that love with the world. >> people still take a public stand against romance. it is not worthwhile or well-written. it's not worthy of my time or attention. the sections are organized chronologically that range from biblical romance to ancient china, vikings, and we get into the highlanders. eternally popular scottish romance.
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the best-selling genre did not have its own bookstore did not seem fair to us. comic book stores and science fiction and mystery. you can have a light romance which is fun and silly and you can ever really dark romance with a hero who is doing without the holism or sexual assault. but because they have a happy ending, is somehow devalues everything that came before. we are a feminist sex positive bookstore. we think romance is a feminist and sex positive genre. 's uncle turns out to be a banner -- a different one. >> the stigma against romance is extremely this. we don't worry about people that feel that way because we have so many people that love and support the genre.
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it's interesting when you look at teenage girls. you look at things like one direction and twilight. there is an inherent dismissal of whatever teenage girls like despite the fact that they have huge buying power and should not be dismissed. we're not comfortable discussing women's sexuality. >> we are. >> we are very comfortable. >> everyone reading this genre wants something different from it. >> is very personal. i like this cowboy. i like this werewolf. >> love can come in many forms. >> any store called the ripped bodice is worth visiting.
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people love to read romance. it is the best-selling genre in the english language. that brings this program to a close. thanks for watching and tune in again tomorrow. >> make sense of international news. >> funding is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, pursuing the common good. kohler foundation. national geographic channel. playing a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is easier than you think.
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