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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 18, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news america." katty: this is "bbc world news merica." reporting from washington, i am katty kay. the grim task of hunting through rubble continues in ecuador. the earthquake flattened towns and killed more than 300 people. cheers in brazil as the lower house of parliament votes to impeach president dilma rousseff. she says she has done nothing illegal. and the u.s. presidential campaign is in a new york state of mind on the eve of the primary. all the candidates are pressing for every last vote. katty: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe.
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the president of ecuador says it will cost billions to rebuild the area of his country hit by a huge earthquake on saturday. the human toll is even more tragic. at least 350 people are known to have died. rescuers are still hunting for survivors, but time is running out. our correspondent katy watson has traveled to the coast you're the epicenter of the quake and sent us this report. nearly two days after the earthquake hit, it is a race against time to find survivors. out, "ife worker calls nyone hears me, make a noise." then a request for silence, searching for any signs of life. this town was one of the hardest hit. many buildings here has been completely flattened. a town reduced to rubble. >> actually, it has been horrible, horrible. i can't describe it. the only thing i can say is that we are alive, we are alive.
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we are asking passersby to give us water so at least we can survive. >> i was about to eat with my kids. we hid under a table and it stopped the rubble from falling on us. i don't even know how we did manage to get out. some people helped us. dead, and then from northern ireland -- a nun from northern ireland could she was filled with five others when the stairwell collapsed in the school she was teaching. the hope is that some people are still alive under collapsed buildings, but the death toll is expected to rise. the president said he was the biggest tragedy in ecuador in the past seven decades. workers have flown in from across latin america as well as switzerland and spain to help, and nearby communities are doing their bit. they are sending bananas and water to communities down the road. but help hasn't got to everyone
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who needs it. the extent of the damage is still unclear in some communities are increasingly desperate. katy watson, bbc news, ecuador. katty: on the other side of the world come in japan, tens of thousands of people are also being told to leave their homes because of fears of more earthquakes there. the warning comes after 2 major tremors on thursday and friday. more than 40 people are known to have died and many more are still missing good from japan, robin brant has the story. n: this is what caused the earthquake that have left dozens dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. it's catches for 50 kilometers, full line were experts said the earth move almost two meters. ais was the hardest hit area, massive landslide here sucked away a bridge. rescuers are digging in the vain hope of finding seven people who are still missing. >> the self-defense forces and firefighters are doing their
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best in regard to the rescue efforts. there are still missing people. we will continue to try our hardest in the search and rescue efforts. robin: these girls should have been in lessons at their school today. instead, it is an emergency evacuation center. old and young sleeping side-by-side. there is no running water, but there is hot food. these are the essentials of daily life year. you check in, you charge your devices, and there is even time for recycling in the midst of this earthquake. but at the back of everyone's mind, they are worried about more tremors, more concrete chunks like this coming off the roof inside. there are hundreds of these makeshift shelters across this region of japan, and in them, thousands of people worried about what comes next. >> i'm worried that another big earthquake will strike at any time. robin: the weekend offense will only japan -- will only added to japan's stock market goes --
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rose to the countries car giants tickets. there was damage to a plant and toyota said it was suspending production. japan is the most earthquake-prepared country in the world, but it cannot prevent them. all it can do is wait and rescue, repair, and revealed. robin brant, bbc news, southern japan. katty: no one can prevent them. for more on the science behind these quasi-spoke a short time ago with theoretical physicist michio kaku. i guess the abbeys question is are these quakes in ecuador and japan related in some way? michio: first, let me say that my father's family comes from the q shoe area, the epicenter of the latest earthquake -- katty: 12 my hope they are all well. i'm sorry to hear that. michio: yeah. the short answer is no. from therthquakes stem
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pacific ring of fire, from alaska, california, japan, philippines did there is no relation between the plates. however, the cascadia fault off the coast of portland is we think linked to the san andreas fault. but there's no linkage that we know of between japan and a good or. -- and ecuador. katty: were they even the same type of earth tremor? michio: they are a little bit different. there is what is called the subduction fault line were one plate goes underneath the network and that can cause a tsunami. in japan and also in ecuador, there was a sin warning. however, as we now know, the warning was canceled because the tsunami did not materialize. but they are both of the subduction type which can generate a tidal wave. it is reallysor, totally random that in the course of the past four days we tremors, inmany
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kyushu, where your family lives, and also in ecuador? no causality between them? michio: that's right for the first of all, surprisingly enough, takes place about once a -- first of all, a magnitude seven earthquake, surprisingly enough, takes place about once a month. mainly it is underwater in place is not populated so we don't notice it to have these major quakes back-to-back is unusual in populated areas, but it does happen and it is basically random. much have the quakes that have been in ecuador and japan then put stress on the earth's service in those regions and trigger the possibility of more earthquakes afterwards? michio: well, there was a possibility that the aftershocks can create more damage. however, in the ecuador area we have over 300 aftershocks, a similar number in japan, and the aftershocks represent a
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rearrangement of the rocks underneath the ground. so we think that most of the .nergy probably has dissipated however, we should point out the fact that the people of california and washington state are definitely not out of the woods. in some sense what we are witnessing is addressed reversal -- is a dress rehearsal, address or partial of what might come in the coming decades on the american west coast which in some senses of time on. it is an earthquake -- is a time bomb. it is most regretting happen because we know it will happen. not a question of if,k but a question of when we will have a big one on the west coast of the united states. katty: michio kaku, thank you very much could lead to hear your family is all safe. -- glad to hear your family is also israeli police have confirmed that an exposure on a bus -- one person is described as critical. the bbc reports from jerusalem. reporter: a huge blaze after an
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explosion ripped through the number 12 bus. it sent a cloud of black smoke billowing over jerusalem. a second bus and a car also caught on fire. and for some, regular evening rush hour is terrifyingly transformed. te. road became a bomb si an expose ofe say device was detonated at the back of a bus and it could have been a terrorist or criminal act. but the prime minister was actually this to the rising palestinian attacks on israelis over the past six months and the threat of militants in gaza. pm netanyahu: we will settle the score with these terrorists. we are in an ongoing struggle against terror. rockets -- night
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terror, shootings, thompson rockets. reporter: if you look at the chart remains of these vehicles, it is clear that this incident could have been even more serious. for many people this will bring back bad memories of attacks that have been in jerusalem targeting buses more than a decade ago. within hours, the wreckage was cleared away. this attack has left fears of a new escalation in violence. late today, results in battle president dilma rousseff embattled president dilma rousseff addressed the public, saying the legal proceedings against her have no grounds and she committed no crime which should remove her from office. last night the lower house of parliament found a family. now it goes to the senate, where able to -- where it will decide whether to accept the motion. reporter: a routine changing of the guard in brasilia. not yet a metaphor for a change
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of government. but there is real clamor for reform in south america's biggest and most powerful country. momentds celebrated the congress voted to begin impeachment proceedings against resident rousseff. -- president rousseff. clad in the national colors of green and gold, opponents of the ruling workers party say this is their moment. their families, and patriotism, few deputies actually mentioned the charges of which the president is formally being accused. that she hit the scale of the budget deficit. including theen, powerful speaker, are accused of more serious crimes, including corruption and investment. to some -- and embezzlement. to some protesters, ousting the president is just the start. want dilma out of
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the government. a lot of leaders. reporter: in this modernist capital, institutions of power, congress and the presidency, are locked in a bitter battle. presidents failure to recognize the crisis was a big mistake, says one former aide. >> i think the problem was not to face the true and hard situation of brazil and economic situation until -- and tell people the way things were. reporter: dilma rousseff remains in the presidential palace. but this crisis could drag on for months. the removal of an unpopular president won't necessarily solve the problems of the country recession, with 10% inflation and facing a huge corruption scandal. president's working-class
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base preparing to leave brasilia after traveling halfway across the country to support her. the fight isn't lost, says this community worker. "i want dilma to know we will continue to be at her side and defend the social rograms if we have to." some brazilians are optimistic. others fear they have a lot to lose if dilma rousseff is forced from office. a country divided and a president weekend. the u.n. envoy overseeing the syrian peace talks in geneva says the main opposition group is suspending its formal participation in the process in protest of what the delegation sees as violations of the cease-fire by government forces. but he said the group would stay in geneva. the united states says it is deploying an extra 200 troops in
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iraq to help in the fight against the islamic state group. it takes the number of u.s. forces there to more than 4000 u.s. defense secretary ashton carter, weston in baghdad, says the extra troops would mostly be used to advise iraqi forces closer to the front lines. in libya, the threat of so-called islamic state has led to the new unity government to warn the militant group could take over two thirds of the country. the government of national accord is acting from a heavily guarded naval base in tripoli, but there is one government in tripoli and another rival administration in the east. the fear is that i.s. could benefit from the instability and gain ground. travel toast editor libya with the british foreign secretary. reporter: the foreign secretary has to come to the heavily guarded tivoli naval base to see the new government. after almost three weeks in the capital, the base is already controlled.
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it is early days of the government and for the band. minister showed mr. hammond small patrol boat that brought the politicians and. , whof libya's militias have been the real power the last five years, improve the aircraft. across the doc was a libyan forget sunk by -- a libyan frigate sunk by i.s. president obama said his biggest foreign-policy disappointment is the failure by the u.s. and france to stabilize libby after dropping so many bombs. back with always look the benefit of hindsight and say we could have done this tivoli, could have been that heavenly. but i think if you look at conflicts like this that have happened historically around the odrld, there is always a peri of confusion after a change of regime. ofre is always a period
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instability could and gradually found that a new order emerges. reporter: the libyan prime minister talked of his government. "many people thought we wouldn't be able to come back," he said, "but here we are in tripoli." this is why the u.s. is interested in libya again. have movedts of i.s. into a vacuum left by the collapse of the libyan state. and then there is the pressure from the desperate of africa. these migrants were captured by a militia. one estimate is that 300,000 others could arrive in europe this year from libya, and reports this week have said hundreds more migrants leaving your have drowned. --leaving here have drowned. virgins foreign secretary says that building security is how -- britain's foreign secretary says that building security is how libya will recover. but the prime minister doesn't have an army. the plan they have is full of potential weaknesses,
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particularly because it depends upon the consent of libya's powerful militias. but the only kind of a half on the table -- the plan that they have on the table in libya and outside as well, and if it doesn't work, it means more chaos, more danger, and in libya, also just across the mediterranean from the european union. libyans ares exhausted enough to talk, not fight. but this was benghazi today. politicians,, not used to giving orders in libya. jeremy bowen, bbc news, tripoli. katty: three governments, one country. it is not a recipe for much success. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, johnny depp's pet land him in legal trouble in australia. we will tell you what led him to a public apology. an many pilots it was
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accident when he to happen to a british airways passenger jet reportedly hit by a drone on sunday as it was coming in to land at heathrow airport. no one was hurt, but for some time pilots have been warning about the dangers of a transport. police are investigating the incident, as our transport correspondent richard wescott now reports. richard: for months pilots have warned it would happen, after 40 near misses last year. it seems a drone has now hit an aircraft coming in to land, this time at heathrow. the damage was minimal, but it could have been much worse. >> we're pretty certain that if the drone went down the jet engine, the jet engine would stop. some people are saying, well, you can use the information, but that is just lazy because birds are not made of plastic and metal and they do not have big metal batteries in them. we think if that battery ends up in an engine that engine. . hehard: this is the research
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is talking about. for years they test the impact of a bird hitting an engine. now there's a call for similar research into the effect of a drone strike. it is estimated around one million drones are sold around the world -- flown around the world last year, many thousands of those in the u.k. if you buy one in a shop, you should get a leaflet telling you what the rules are for flying. but online, putting it together yourself, you may not be told. you can be fined or even face prison if you break the drone laws, but is enough being done to warn people? >> no, simply noted at best, a piece of paper with the rules on it tells you what the risks are and what the fines and penalties are if you break it. it is not an education process. richard: police are investigating the possible drone strike at heathrow come despite dozens of near misses recently, just a handful of owners have ever been prosecuted. richard wescott, bbc news.
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katty: now, it is almost primary day in new york, the presidential contenders there are contending very hard. republican donald trump is hoping his home state will deliver a big victory. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out come with rival claims to the empire state. nick bryant has more. >> trump, trump trump it up! the days leading up to the new york primary committed his is donald trump's a business that has made his brand even more ubiquitous. the candidate himself as cap a much lower profile overview of protests at campaign events in staten island, the only when he has held in new york city itself. polls show she is heading for a thumping victory, but the key is to get enough delegates to reach the magic number for first ballot victory at the republican convention, 1237. linerump: i'm winning by a
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i think we are going to win the 1237. i think we are not going to have the second delegate despite what i just said, it is a corrupt system and a rigged system, and i think for future years, the republican party should change it. as out-of-town arrivals are trying to show they are just at home in york, but with rather unconvincing results. john kasich was spotted at one restaurant eating pizza with a fork. ted cruz rolled fresh matzoh added delicatessen but it was his indelicate remarks resizing new york values that have not turned out so well. won two senate elections in new york but it has clearly been a long time since she has used the subway system. it took her 5 swipes with the metro card to get through the turnstiles. because of the multiracial electorate here, she should be celebrating on tuesday night.
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but she still cannot shake off bernie sanders. senator sanders: good morning, how are you? nick: the 74-year-old is a favorite of young smartphone-building selfie hunters and the thousands who flock to his rallies. stater sanders: new york helped lead this country into the political revolution. seven out ofwon the last eight contests. could there be a "feel the bern" upset here? bernie sanders could be generating the enthusiasm but it is still hillary clinton who has the commanding lead in the race for the democratic nomination. as for donald trump, his success will be measured in a currency that is still new to him, delegates rather than dollars. nick bryant, bbc news, new york. katty: stacking up those delegates. actor johnny depp is starring in a new video but it is not the type you might be used to. instead, he and his wife, amber heard, have been apologizing for
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smuggling the family dog into australia, violating regulations in place. john donovan has the story. john: a little bit of hollywood in queensland, australia. court couldte really have seen such a who. amber heard back down under to defend herself in a case called the war on terrirer. it dates back to last year, when the couple were staying at this gold coast villa on a break from filming good but they were not alone. with them, their 2 cap yorkshire terriers. the docs were spotted this local groomer and it was not long before amber heard was charged with illegally importing the hounds, a crime with a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. in court today, the couple committed to somewhat bizarre video apology: amber: protecting australia is
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important. johnny: clear everything when you enter australia. john: in the end, the hollywood couple left court with amber heard sentenced to just a months probation. the more serious charges were dropped after ms. heard agreed to plead guilty to filling out custom documents wrongly. australia's so-called war on terrier was resolved more amicably. for amber heard, no conviction or fine, and someone wondering if this case was worth all the fuss and expense of bringing it to court. john donnison, bbc news, queensland. katty: the war on terrier, really? that brings this days news to a close. i'm katty kay. from all of us at "bbc world news america," thank you so much for watching. see you back here tomorrow.
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