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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 9, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation; newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good; kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs; and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that's relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days, cooling tradewinds, and the
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crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am katty kay. confusion in brazil. this figure of the house tries to stop an impeachment of the president. the leaders of the senate safe so far.not and bring back the animals. photographer is using giant images to make a point about conversation -- about conservation. the changes he has seen are incredible.
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katty: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. there is a lot of drama and confusion in brazil. the impeachment process against president rousseff has been thrown into doubt after the lower house speaker declared the vote to oust her was invalid. the senate was due to have it say on wednesday. today it said it will go ahead with that vote. we sat down with president rousseff last week and he has been following it off from rio de janeiro. reporter: after a heated and divisive debate, the house of the brazilian congress votedlower last months to need an impeachment process against president rousseff. delight of the government opponents, it seemed as if the
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beleaguered and unpopular president will be facing a fallen -- full impeachment trial in the senate within weeks. rousseff oppressive or innocence on charges that she illegally had the size of the deficit but seem to ignore what she would be suspended during an impeachment trial. the president may have been thrown in an expected lifeline of thehe interim stick lower house world that last months vote should be around over serious procedural errors. the decision came out of the blue but in the eyes of some observers reflects the divisions and disenchantment with politics. >> what is causing this it contributes to the cause. brings the idea that something is going wrong, and i think at the end of the day they are trying to show society that here is lack of legality
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or there. reporter: he support her as a class war. this. a divided country all caps on the president's authority is that impeachment might not happen may be short-lived. back sayingas hit it intends to continue with this weeks of vote, meaning that rousseff could be suspended after all. the rest of the world watches on incredulously. katty: i spoke to him a short time ago about the dramatic moves. what is happening in brazil? ly confused. reporter: even the president when i spoke to her fully anticipated she would be suspended later on this week when the senate is expected to vote to subject her to a full
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impeachment trial. she was preparing for life after suspension, hoping to come back. then she was served a lifeline with this unexpected ruling from the interim speaker of the lower house of congress in which he said the whole impeachment process should be annulled. it reflects the craziness, the bazaarness of this process. nobody really knows why this is happening and what is going on. for a while this afternoon, it looked as though the person may be remaining longer in office. in the last few minutes and half an hour, the senate has made it clear that it intends to vote on whether or not rousseff should face an impeachment trial. they are expected to vote yes. therefore, and was was purposely suspected, the president would have to be suspended for six months. it is a very confusing picture. it does no good on international markets in particular.
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in termso trumps who of legality and hierarchy? is it the interim speaker of the house or the president of the senate? goneter: the case has now to the senate. the house voted in in at debate three weeks ago that they should pass on the case to the senate. that is where the case is residing now. one would assume that authorities, it lies with the brazilian senate. however, and might come down to the supreme court. in the next couple days. wonder we are all confused. for more on the fallout from these impeachment proceedings, i was joined by the associate director of the atlantic council's latin american center. asking you, as a brazilian in washington, d.c., what do you make of what is happening in your country? >> it is a bit shameful. it it shows the extent to which
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the congress has fallen out of touch with the population and with the desire to help brazil get out of the hoel and move forward. blame would you put equal on both sides or do you think that one or the other is more guilty than the other? equallynk blame can be divided on both sides, because i think there has been a disrespect for the way of conducting things and conducting procedures in brazil from the start. i think this is another proof of that. even people that support the president or support her continuance and power are not happy with the situation. and are not happy with the questioning, of th impeachment proceedings that just happened. ekatty: do you think the senate's right to say that we should go ahead with the vote on wednesday? >> yes. tohink that things need follow their course and we need to have a resolution because what is happening right now is that brazil is paralyzed. that situation is helping nobody. katty: the resolution is most
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likely to be then that she is removed from office at least temporarily. then what happens to brazil? rousseffink removing is the first step toward some kind of stabilization? >> i think there is little else we can do. i particularly was not in favor of the way the proceedings were conducted from the start, but i think at this point we have to let it go for it and we have to have a final resolution. it is likely, yes, that the president will be removed and they will see the vice president take over. there is much more focused not on what is going to happen with the new government than it is with the impeachment proceedings. everybody is getting fed up with the situation. katty: talk about that this is damaging brazil internationally, particular international markets. what is the potential fallout? >> i agree. i think that it is being harmed by the focus. we have seen right now a
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political crisis, and we have been saying a civilians that this is not an institutional crisis. it is a crisis we can contain within the political borders. right now i think they are pushing that limit. we are close to an institutional crisis that will bring paralysis and be a detriment to brazil going for internationally. katty: an economic fallout as well. >> investment is falling and we need those investments to be insured the rule of law is continuing care that we have some predictability. that we can know who the president is a month from now. katty: north korea detained our correspondent rupert wingfield-hayes after objecting to his reporting. bbcrt had been part of a team visiting pyongyan. john sedworth remains in the country and is being allowed to cover the congress which today elected kim jong-un as the head
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of the party. the first time, foreign journalists were invited inside north korea's party congress. ha only seen the tv pictures. dbut now we could quite literally feel the mass political adulation for oursel ves. ♪ rows waay --ew away was kim jong-un, a young man just given yet another title, unanimously of course, chairman of the workers party. it's an extraordinary site. the greatest political gathering biggest the world totalitarian regime. there is the supreme leader of a country that has long defied predictions.
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earlier, we were given a glimpse of another enduring fact of north korean life. the suppression of freedom of speech. rupert wingfield-hayes, a bbc colleagues who had been ygan wasg from pyon being expelled. north korean officials made it clear they objected to his reporting. >> the coverage was not respecting the local custom. .he system of the dplk and the realities of the situation and they were speaking the leadership of the country when they should have been reporting objectively. upert was put on a flight to beijing. media visits are tightly controlled by an expulsion is
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rare. meanwhile, we have been allowed to continue our reporting trip with numerous visits to factories and monuments. this is a country that cares deeply what the outside world thinks about it. i asked one of the workers about the deep economic crisis. >> nonsense. that is just allies, she tells me. -- a lie,k she tells me. propaganda has allowed this message to him to repair the outside world is welcome but only on north korea's terms. katty: amazing images from inside north korea. in canada, they are getting their first look at some of the areas burned down by wildfire which has raged for more than a week. the hardest hit areas was around the oil mining boom town of fort mcmurray, from which nearly 90,000 people were forced to evacuate. thea bickel was one of
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first journalists allowed into the area and she took these pictures. i spoke to her a short time ago. i know you have just gone to fort mcmurray. what have you seen so far? homes.these are family the flesh is gone. what is left is piles of rubble. you cang to turn -- so actually see the devastation. another area. and family area. i am told, i was sitting next to a gentleman on the bus. this is where he lives. these are family homes. and this is why they have had to flee. now, we have had a number of briefings from the fire chief. he calls this fire a beast. he said everything they did did not seem to work. they dropped water from above. ave these families home but it just simply was not
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enough to save this area. we came from another area. again, i was told it was one of the nicest areas to live in for mcmurray. ad these are areas where number of oil workers come to stay. and certainly i have met a number of people who are from he re. and when they see these pictures of their homes, i know this is going to be devastating for the. officials are saying the damage is less widespread that they had feared. -- than they had feared by the water supply has been contaminated. it is going to be ages before people can live in for mcmurray. that isne of the things interesting as you are driving along, although you see these areas of devastation, the other thing you do's he is part of the infrastructure are still intact. the hospital is still standing. there are number of hotels still
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standing. but you are right. the water has been contaminated. there are areas around here that we are loved to get around in cards and then we have to get back on the bus because they know this is still an evacuation zone -- we have to get into cars. the winds is still blowing which is not helping when it comes to fighting these flames. but what is helping is the temperatures that have dropped 10 degrees in the last two days. and we are told this is good weather to fight fires. i think today, and i think one of the things that people will take away from this trip, are these images. these are the first images we have seen, the first time the media has been allowed in. this will be a difficult thing for residents to watch. katty: in the midst of the ruins fort mcmurray. thank you. spare a thought for the families who i've seen those pictures of their destroyed homes for the first time. it must be heartbreaking for
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the. a quick look at other newspaper after week seven tends pressure, the austrian chancellor has resigned. he has been politically d -- suffered a heavy defeat in the first round of elections last months. he has also been roundly criticized for being too tough on migrants and on asylum-seekers. the governor of north carolina pat mccrory has filed a lawsuit to defendant that forces transgender people to use public toilets that match their sex at birth. justice department has given them until today to announce that law. in reaction, late today, the attorney general of the u.s. responded by suing north carolina, calling the largest majority. you are watching "bbc world news america." ining to build a new life germany. we see how refugees are learning the ways.
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many people had their eyes up to the sky today in the hope of catching a glimpse of material passing in front of the sun's surface. the term professional assignment -- a tru reporter: against the fiery backdrop of the sun, mercury slipping through deb so that we did a spectacular view of it from earth. is only happens about 14 times every century. the site is a reminder that -- how the solar system works. world,on and around the people gathered for a glimpse of the little planet closest to the sun. >> there it is on the right. royal astronomical society laid on a variety of views to view the event. what you can see is a black dot, this distant world has caught the imagination. dot, it hasg a tiny
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an incredible beauty. the last time i saw this was back in 2003. i'm just as excited as everybody else. most people here would never have seen anything like it. the majority of the world's population has not seen mercury. those things together make it something to celebrate. a lot about mercury is still a mystery. in this image from nasa, the colors represent a landscape beaded by meteorites. it is a planet that has long been fascinating. a couple hundred years ago, astronomers studied planets like mercury to measure the distance from earth and try to calculate the size of the solar system. now they have done all that, and today is just about a very exciting sight. of 48 millione miles we have been able to watch this strange world racing past the turbulent surface of the sign. a journey of seven hours that is now almost over.
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katty: as the migrant crisis continues, the focus has fallen on the plight of child refugees. the million people who reached europe by sea were children. many have found their way to germany where they have begun to build a new life. as paul adams reports. fled afghanistan alone. could any of them have imagined this? thousands of miles from home, without family, these unaccompanied young refugees are putting their backs into new lives. us what we need. more importantly, it is a safe -- this is the first time i feel safe. we felt homesick early on.
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very sad, but now i am happy. my father was taken by the talib on two weeks ago. i'm worried about that. only beenboys have here since the start of the year but they know the drill. up early for the drive to school. it's a short ride past landmarks from an earlier conflict. home to prisoners during the second world war. the school has had to adjust. refugees started arriving in federally. now there is a whole class -- started arrivingthe in february. most from in afghanistan for girls are here with their families. he's syrian, he lives nearby with his father. >> i want to get an education
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because -- i never went to school in afghanistan. i had to work so i never had a chance to go to school. now i am here, i am in a good school paradigm like it so much. -- ii have a good school. >> i give them my hands might help because i know that for them the school here is a place, a peaceful place for them. paul: but still a place of uncertainty. at right time, the new arrivals keep to themselves. this small, tightknit community has never seen their light before. in nearby cities, there is anti-immigrant sentiment. aging population, traditional values, plenty of good will, but skepticism about what the german government has done. my opinion, it is not
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right. no country in the world just opens up the borders and let's 100,000 people marched in on control. our way of thinking is this -- if they come to us, they have to adapt to fit in with us. paul: these boys look confident enough, but unaccompanied minors are among the most vulnerable of all refugees. no one knows how many there are in europe today but at least 20 or 30,000. in the first two months of this year alone, 30% of all asylum applications in germany were from children. have eachboys other for company and it seems a warm, nurturing welcome in europe. katty: just children and they have already seen and suffered too much. for close to two decades, a british photographer has been
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capturing portraits of east africa's most majestic animals. many of the places he worked had been transformed by rapid development. and the environmental consequences that come with it. now when a new book, he is using portraits of animals to try to make his point -- in a new book. i first travel to east africa in the mid 90's and completely fell in love with the natural world there. my name is nick brant. i am the photographer behind "inherit the dust.' i never imagined the speed of environmental development would it celebrate to the degree it has over the last few years. i felt there was a new way to capture the devastation i was seeing. i would take animal's photographed in the past and place them into these environments where the animals do. to roam but no longer
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♪ see animals as sentient creatures not so different from us. when i photograph an animal, i am really photographing them and exactly the same way i would photographic human being. -- a human being. animals just like these used to live on this exact spot. the elephant in this photograph was a beautiful 45-year-old bull. he was striding across this unspoiled savanna. but now appears to be crossing this sea of garbage. this beautiful matriarch, her theiras kumquat, she is photograph with her daughters. the baby now appears to be cowering in the face of these tracks. and twos later, kumquat of her daughters were murdered
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by poachers. lion looking out across the plains has something of a lion king quality, except what we see is a devastated world of a quarry. the expression on the chimpanzee's face seemed to be one of lamenting. the loss of the world he once knew. i always wanted the people to be oblivious to the animals, like ghoest in the landscape. in just one photograph, i wanted humans to recognize and acknowledge those creatures. we have unnatural connection with nature that as we grow up, we often lose. victims ofs are also environmental devastation. katty: a world that we and those animals have lost.
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nick brant is the photographer. you can find out much more of the days used -- days news on our website. thank you so much for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation; newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good; kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs; and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that's relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the
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island with warm sunny days, cooling tradewinds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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