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tv   PBS News Hour Convention Coverage  PBS  July 18, 2016 5:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> want to begin by saying to the people of south:0 carolina >>:0 he took his party by surpre by becoming the nominee. the fight for the soul of the gop continues.u >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. hes playing the members of the american public for suckers. >> between establishment conservatives. >> the goal is to unify the party. >> and empassion the grassrootso >> he can change the republican party. >> this is the week for trump mp and his party to make his case to the american people. >> we'll bring jobs back and manufacturing back and strong parties and build our wall and
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make america great again. >> good evening and welcome to our special pbs news hour of the republican national convention.t i'm gwen ifill. >> i'm judy woodruff. joining us all week from the other side of the arena next to the podium the host of npr's weekend edition sunday rachel martin. rachel, great to have you with us and here in the anchor boothh as always syndicated columnist mark shields and "new york times" >> ifill: also with us, npr's national political correspondent, mara liasson. later on in the evening,
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npr's political editor domenico montanaro and senior editor ron elving will join us. >> woodruff: amy walter from the cook political report is with us at the table, great to have you here. and down on the floor we have newshour correspondent lisane desjardin and npr congressional reporter susan davis. welcome to you both! >> ifill: out on the streets, john yang is covering any potential unrest. protests are expected, but the security is heavy and thousands of police are deployed. >> we expect an exciting four days. kick it right back to all off after a short break.rt stay with us.
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>> funding for this program has been provided by: >> welcome back. we're here with our entire team as the republican party kicks off it's 2016 presidential nominating convention and the theme keep america safe keeping former mayor rudy giuliani and donald trump himself introducing his wife melania. what are you expecting tonight? >> i'm expecting a pretty consistent message. donald trump is running as the law and order candidate and he's got the backdrop of these shootings of police and everyone
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of these speakers up to melania trump is going to talk how illegal immigration is a security issue. you'll have rudy giuliani the former law and order mayor of new york city and it's going to be all about security which is one of donald trump's major themes this morning. paul manafort his campaign chairman said he's been re-reading richard nixon's 1968 law and order speech at the convention. trump has been reading it and found it very instructive. martin shields what are you expecting? >> i agree with the assessment. it's who donald trump is a person and elusive but presidential he does emerge as someone other than a candidate and i'll fascinated when he introduces his wife tonight how much he devotes to talking about
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himself. >> amy walter? >> i think we have this contrast today of hillary clinton going o to the naacp and the idea of diversity is what makes us better and this convention is going to spend a lot of time tonight talking about the folks including people who are illegal immigrants and people who have come in and the distinction of us versus then will be very stern. >> david?av >> yeah, putting up walls. the immigrants have had a theme and the build the wall theme and i'm with mark i think melania will be the store dwlee dw >> story of the night and i think it's a super big risk and the introduction when he opens his mouth.
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>> the law and order theme has been the story of the night. now on the stage is someone familiar to the program duck dynasty his name is willie robertson. he'll be a familiar face to viewers. he's also a "new york times" best-selling author. let's listen in. >> who can be so wrong about sob much for so long. but i have a theory about how they missed the trump train. they don't hang out with regular folks like us who like to hunt and fish and pray and actually l work for a living. heck, i don't know they even know they know how to talk to
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people from middle america. when i say i'm from louisiana they either start talking real slow or real loud. let me tell you why i've been on the trump train from the beginning. see, when you grow up in the south and grow up with red necks there's occasional disagreementm sometimes those disagreements g turn into fisticuffs but anytime i was ever in a bad spot i always knew my brothers would have my back and today america is in a bad spot and we need a president who will have our l backs. i can promise you this, no matter who you are donald trump will have your back. if you're looking for a job or
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trig to grow a business like i am, donald trump will have yourv back. if you're a serviceman fighting overseas or a cop who is risking their lives to help keep us safe at home donald trump will have r your back. if you're an average american n who feels like they've been forgotten, neglected by far away leaders and the deck is stacked against you and you just can't win, donald trump will have your back. he won't always tell you what you want to hear. you may not -- >> ok. we're listening to willie
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robertson from the duck dynasty and the owner of duck commander and next to the podium we're going to our own rachel martin will be watching the proceedingi for us from there. how's the crowd's reacting? >> if he wanted to start off with a bang he's doing it as you can hear the crowd is going wild. >> so now we're going back to the floor where we're going to hear from the situation comedy actor and activist scott baio another big trump supporter. >> thank you for the warm welcome. thank you so tonight the theme is making america safe so i want to thank all the brave men and women who serve our country including retired lieutenant colonel
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charles this morning who received his medal of honor for his heroism in vietnam. and i want to thank mr. trump for asking me to be here tonight. i can't tell you how much of an honor it is to stand up here and talk about a man that i trust with the lives of my family and the health of our country. america, the greatest country god ever created. now, america is an easy place to get to but for you first-time me voters it's important for you to know what it means to be an american. it doesn't mean getting free stuff.
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it means sacrificing. winning. losing. failing. succeeding and sometimes doing the things you don't want to do including the hard work in order to get where you want to be. and that what it means to be an but folks our country right now is in a very bad spot. you can feel it and you can see it everywhere. there's no stability. nothing seems right and all the things that we hold dear are being attacked every single day. we cannot go down this road any more. we need to stop. we need donald trump to fix tr
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this. is donald trump a messiah?es no. he's just a man. a man who wants to give back to his country, america. the country that has given him everything. a country that has also given all of us so much. and now it's time to give back to her. we have a choice in november. we can go for hillary clinton -- [crowd booing] >> i agree. who wants to continue the same policies wrecking this country. policies that make us unsafe.e. a woman who somehow feels she's entitled to the presidency. she's somehow owed it or we can
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vote for donald trump. a man doing this from the goodness of his heart and genuinely wants to help. a man who knows how to get things done. a man who says what he means and means what he says. hillary clinton want to be president for hillary clinton. donald trump want to be president for all of so of course let's make america great again but let's make america america again. thank you all so much. god bless. go good night.
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>> scott baio the familiar actor, television producer. you know him from charles in charge, happy days. look at the crowd. he's already picked up the theme -- think we have rick perry going after hillary clinton.n the former governor of texas. >> hello, cleveland. you know back in 2006 my wife, anita, and i we had this extraordinary experience. this great pleasure of touring a naval base in san diego. our guide that day just happened to be this big old tall drink of water navy seal who is
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recovering from combat-related injuries. now, he was a texas boy. he was pretty plain-spoken and k respectful and his love for america came through loud and clear. as we've departed that day i just told him kind of in passing if you're ever in austin come by and see us. now, some people might say that that meeting was just blind chance or a twist of fate. i'll tell you it was about a grace of god. and he and i kept in touch over the course of the months through a tour he had in iraq and in his return to texas.rn darned if he didn't show up on our door step at the governor'sr
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mansion unannounced. he had nowhere else to go. we welcomed him into our home. we helped him get the care that he needed. and today he's like a second son. no, many of you know the battles fought in afghanistan but too few of you know the battles that he and thousands of veterans an just like him face when they come home. tonight our commitment is this, making america great again in starts by taking care of our veterans. thank you.
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ladies and gentlemen, please welcome an american hero, the lone survivor, marcus luttrell. >> former governor of texas, rick perry introducing the navy seal of a very successful best-seller "lone le survivor" about his experiences in the audience moved by this as part of tonight's theme talking about veterans and sacrifice and service to the country. it should be noted that rick perry is one of the 16 people donald trump met on the stage
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tonight. that was a nice hello and good-bye. >> we are going to listen to a little bit -- david brooks, i guess it's not surprising the crowd is going a little wild over marcus luttrell. amy. >> there were stories about them that he and his wife took him into their home. one other thing i'll note is rick perry did not mention the name donald trump one time. he said make america great agaig but didn't mention the person who's conventions --
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>> and we need to step away for a few moments. this a special pbs newshour from the republican national convention. stay with us. e anitu >> and try to get a better chance to win the fall election against lind d >> i want to remind you that extremism in the advance of liberty there is no vice. and let me remind you that moderation in the pursuit of
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justice is no virtue. >> that told them he intended to remain a strong conservative. a lot of moderates were very disappointed. >> we're back with our live coverage of the republican pu national convention here in cleveland. speaking now is a navy seal marcus luttrell.. he was introduced by rick perry who ran against donald trump. on the floor is our own lisa desjardins. >> joining me now is newt gingrich former speaker of the house. what are you feeling tonight? what do you think about the trump team? you were under consideration to be part of this?is >> i think it's a good team and a sound choice for trump. trump is a very aggressive outsider candidate and having
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somebody who's a solid insider to reach out to the house and senate governors i think mike in will do a great job of doing n that and think it will help build a sense of unity. >> you're a student of history and historian. what do you make of what we heard with some delegates opposing mr. trump. is there a divide? >> it's a takeover by an outsider. nobody's ever done it before. he ran with no previous public office and beat 16 people and carried 37 states and got more votes in that anybody in history and they got their nose out of joint. they'll get over it. >> you still need the voters i imagine. >> we'll get most of them. when the choice is trump or hilary it gets clearer. >> one final question are you o considering any positions?io >> i'll help trump anyway i
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any way i can but the first step is to get him elected. >> it's noisy here and we're trig to hear everything. lisa talking to newt gingrich. are we still waiting for more? >> we're hearing mark and david and amy. the beginning or continuing of this theme tonight about american veterans and the sacrifices they make and you're certainly hearing that from marcus luttrell. >> it's a rally for the republicans. it does unify them.
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that's the most popular indictment of hillary clinton il with benghazi and despite all the investigations and everything else the witnesses s will be the mother of the victim a marine. >> we'll talk more about that because that's going to be a theme we'll be coming back to on the podium but in the meantime n we want to go down to susan davis on the floor of the convention with ken cuccinelli i part of the moment on the floor today. >> big topic on the floor today is party unity. i'm here with ken cucccinelli. how do you describe the mood? >> things are calming down but it's a stinger when the party
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leadership doesn't follow its ll own rules and they did it again. >> you do not sound like somebody ready for donald trump. >> well, the last time the establishment broke their own rules and steamrolled the grassroots and newt's hear this time and it happened again and even with more tightly and lawyerly compliance with the e rules yet they ignore it and cheat and just to avoid a vote. it's especially after months and months of hearing about it's offensive your own party keeps people have voting. >> are republicans not invited?? how are they not going to vote? >> i've said since the he
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nomination came down to donald trump i'd vote for him and never hilary and our movement what you saw on the floor today it's about grassroots rules and protecting the little guy and against the establishment and their lack of transparency and you saw it again today and you saw it play out again today. there's other people with other motives voting against the rules.le there's people who don't intent to support and that's not our coalition and it's an important distinction to make because we were backed into a corner because all we called do was vote against these bad rules. >> what does the grassroots wana to hear tonight? >> tonight we're hearing -- marcus luttrell is very popular and just left the stage and
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we're very pro-military here and that's very common in this house. >> thank you. have fun tonight. >> i'll try. >> thank you, sue and thank you to ken cuccinelli for that and now we're hearing about the section on benghazi we were hearing about. it reminds us there's the anti-trump, never trump movement but something in between. people who wanted somebody else. >> they wanted somebody else. they're not ready to vote for hillary clinton but they didn'tn have the votes and lost fair and square. today was the last gas from the floor where they thought they had the signatures of the nine states and a roll-call vote on the rule and three states backed off and they didn't do it. >> we want to go down to the stage because you can hear a pin
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drop when there's not applause for the mother of shawn smith carried in the benghazi attack of 2012. >> in an e-mail to her daughter shortly after the attack hillary clinton blamed it on terrorism but when i saw hilary -- she sure is. she lied to me and then called me a liar. when i saw hillary clinton at his coffin ceremony days later she looked me squarely in the eye and told me a video was responsible. since then i have repeatedly dl asked hillary clinton to explain to me the real reason why my son is dead.
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i'm still waiting. whenever i call the state department no one will speak to me because they say i am not a member of the immediate family. shawn is my son. hillary clinton is a mother, grandmother of two. i am a woman, a mother and a grandmother of two. how could she do this to me? how could she do this to any american family. donald trump is everything hillary clinton is not.
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>> he is blunt, direct and strong and speaks his mind and his heart and when it comes to the threat posed by radical islamic terrorism he will not hesitate to kill the terroristst who threaten american lives. he will make america stronger not weaker. this entire campaign comes down to a single question. if hillary clinton can't give us the truth why should we give her the presidency?
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that's right. hilary for prison. she deserves to be in stripes. >> it's been a very raw statement by the mother of the young man who died. the video -- >> about our conrads in arms. we don't feel with failed leadership and washington double-talk when american lives are at stake but that's what the
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committee on benghazi uncovered. >> libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a single person. we didn't lose a single person. we didn't lose a single person. single person. >> we honor the memories of ambassador chris stevens and shawn smith and tyrone woods. they're families have dealt with the reality of their deaths because of their service -- >> what we're watching here is a video that's been produced for the republican national l committee about benghazi on various people believe hillary clinton did not do her job in that. >> they're showing some video right now of fighters in libya i around the type of the down fall of moammar gadhafi and it's in that aftermath of the attack --
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>> it might have helped those in the high-risk area of benghazi. >> it was sudden, violent and brutal. it was a terrorist no one could have known how lonn it would last. his comrades were under attack. he answered their call for help and went to the sound of the guns. >> at 7:00 p.m. in washington -- >> we're back here in cleveland, ohio at the ngr pbs newshour joint coverage of the republican national convention. maria liasson why is benghazi i resonating so much? >> it's something a lot of f republicans and hillary clintono opponents crystalizes as the worse thing about her that she b caused the death of the soldiers
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and other personnel. i don't know if mark remembers a time when so much intense animus it strikes me as pretty intense. . >> good question. >> i mean, hillary clinton in should be in stripes. she went off script. >> she represented responded to the crowd and the hecking. it was not an organized ed disciplined activity but spontaneous. >> it's the message being repeated in a disciplined way.n things are bad. donald trump can fix it.
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hillary clinton has to be put in jail. it's a disciplined message. >> but we should point out therh are congressional committees that investigated and several investigations and the -- [crowd noise] >> this was by a republican-led committee. >> it's unifying the party. what unifies them above allous and they haven't agreed for quite some time but the dislike of obama and his administration
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kept them together and keeping on the theme remember hillary clinton does have the issues of honesty and trust worthiness is a concern for her. it's a more significant issue than perhaps for independents or democrats. the issues of will she do what needs to be done or for political purposes will be a constant theme throughout this and the rocampaign. >> around the table -- and as you watch this does it sound like it's something else? is it and anti-hilary attack. >> the speech by the mother that lost her son will touch people across the spectrum and the core
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distinction of the straight-talking donald trump and the not-straight talking hillary clinton and people like us in small town america serve in the military. i'm struck by how different it is from four years ago. the last was economically-minded this so far is a convention of o people like us are being cheated by a dangerous world and the scott baio line i didn't think he'd have the line of the night but moving here and being an immigrant doesn't mean you get stuff for free and it's something you'll hear tonight.ou >> it's an angry tone , isn't it, mark? >> it is.t there's no question. being an american doesn't mean getting free stuff and the free stuff is code word. it goes back to the 47% of --
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>> the makers and the takers. >> the makers and the takers but there is a sense of us against them and the them is is the establishment, the leadership, the elite and there is a popular undertone, an angry populist undertone but it goes with the convention. >> and to turn on this scott baio said donald trump has your back. >> it's almost like trump can fix it. >> yeah, donald trump can fix it. this is the kind of thing it's no-holds barred attack they e wanted a candidate to do and choked in the end and donald trump about being a choke artist. this is not what's happening s here. it's a completely full-bore e attack on everything the
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republicans loathe about clinton.n >> in the vein and raw emotional speech from pat smith saying donald trump is everything p hillary clinton is it doesn't get more direct than that. >> still we still have an electorate billed as untrustworthy. and at the end of the day donald trump will have to find a way to do more than keep the base energized and excited. he's got to reach beyond that. he has to find other people who turned up for mitt romney. >> we're going to take another
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short step away this is npr conk of the republican national convention in cleveland. stay with us. this is rachel martin from the pode pod podium and we heard a lot about benghazi. we heard an emotional address ss from a woman who lost her son in that attack and puts the blame directly at the feet of hillary clinton. and we heard whether the is trustworthy and she said donaldn trump is everything she is not. you'll hear advocates for immigration reform and you are
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listening to special coverage ge from npr and pbs newshour. stay with us. much more to come.ay if you are just joining us this is special live coverage of the republican national convention from npr and the pbs newshour. >> earlier during a raucous ou moment we heard from the chair of the senate foreign relations committee. >> thank you for joining us. the convention is beginning like no other. can you compare it to anything you've seen before? >> well, it's unusual. i have to say i think spirits are much better here than people were thinking they were going to be. look, it's a very unique time in
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our country's history right now and if you think about it most the primaries and speak to the issues our nation is facing and in some cases western democracyc is facing. >> the theme of this convention tonight the trump organization i has named is make america safe again. is america not safe now? >> there's no question that at people are more on edge than they've been in recent times and what happened in baton rouge over the last few days and what happened in dallas and what happened around the country people feel more in fear. i think that's real.l i think it's by all americans.r my family members read about my state and you see what's happening in other parts of the world. i don't think there's any question that western democracyy
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is on the floor and it's an issue like we've never dealt l with and foreign policy and domestic security will be ur something both sides of the aisle will focus on and physically and there's no question people in certain income categories feel less sure of the future than they have in the past. look, america is great. no question but there are people who don't feel -- [crowd noise] >> earlier in the day there was a raucous demonstration and i wanted to ask you about that and donald trump being the likely nominee and we're having fights
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about things we don't usually fight about at a convention an you said he's a good man who should be president? >> if you look at the corporate culture in his office it's pretty interesting to see the respect he shows for them and they show for him and interesting to see the family members. i got to know them well during the process and i think they're going to try to highlight that and i think what he's doing in taking mike pence around we talked bit and it's a great selection and what he has to show that he'll be a good president is continue to move through the process and show people the types of people he'll be putting in positions and as a business person obviously not having been in government before he's got to demonstrate that and american people have to feel ee like in spite of the fact that
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he hasn't been setting public policy all his life he can have the ability to get good people around him and listen to the things they have to say and listen and make a decision. >> where would you most like to see him move when it comes to national security and foreign policy? what would you like to see if not changing his thinking at least giving a different perspective? >> i had the opportunity to talk to him about a number of things. obviously foreign policy. i think what's happening over the course of this campaign i know he had some good meetings g with paul ryan. i know the house has actually put out a six-point agenda. i think he's taking all these things in and i don't know there's anything specifically --
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i've already been able to talk with him about things like isis and things like iran and things like russia and things like china. >> do you think you've respected his own thinking? >> i mostly encouraged jim baker, one of my heroes in life as how he conducts himself in the public arena and i think he listens to a lot of people and takes things in. i see the campaign itself evolving. i think it's evolved a bit in the last two to three months.s i don't know there's anything specifically. i think if i was going give one overall thing it would be to begin a bit more fully addressing some of the policy questions. i think the reason he took out 16 other candidates was personality and strength of
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person and little of the time it was about public policy so i think to be able to lay some more concrete things out which i think he'll do over the course of the campaign is very i important. >> and finally senator do you regret at all not joining the ticket or deciding preemptively to withdraw? >> i don't. i was able to -- it was an honeo to meet each of the young family members for the 30 minutes and ended up spending eight hours with them and in my conversations with each of them i didn't see myself in that role. i saw myself in a different cabinet roles you and i have talked about before and no i don't regret it. i'm a policy guy. i think you pick something that is going to fit the bill in a good way and i have no regrets. i'm probably the most relaxed person here.
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>> we'll see you in the cabinet roles. >> it's choice but i see myselfs in other roles being more effect for them and more effective for the country. >> senator bob corker thank you very much. >> and that was senator bob corker of tennessee with us earlier this afternoon during aa very noisy moment when there was a lot of disagreement on the floor whether there was a discussion in how many nominations could be placed on order. there's dissent and they're still talking about benghazi but lisa desjardins is in the colorado delegation and who do you have? >> we have a delegate from colorado but the founder of free the delegates and one of the delegates leading the chant overriding bob corker's voice
5:48 pm
during the interview our viewers and listeners just heard. you tried to get a roll call vote about the you were not able to get the roll call. the rules were overwhelmingly iy favor of donald is he absolutely going to be the nominee or what is your movement going to do now? >> you saw the voices of the delegates being heard but being i ignored. you saw the establishment doing what they do best which is suppressing dissent. we're going to regroup and we still have the right to challenge the vote count at the rnc is going to inaccurately reflect. >> in the presidential roll call tomorrow night.t >> there's still the opportunity because we know the votes are
5:49 pm
not going to be counted accurately. the right to reflect your will in the form of the sanctity of a vote is not given or taken by the rnc. what you saw was disconsent witt the process and the fact they have tried to keep the process s out of the party. >> we're all decked out in red, white and blue under a giant sign that says make america great. if he's the nominee will you support him? >> i would have to. >> back to you, gwen. >> thank you, so much, lisa. sue davis is on the floor and also has a delegate with her someone originally elected with ted cruz. >> i'm here with maria apodoca.
5:50 pm
why can't you agree with him? >> he's not a real republican. he donated to hillary clinton ll through two senate races and her foundation. also he called bill clinton a month before he announced his candidacy. >> so what do republicans do do this november?er >> i'll work hard for the grat good grassroots people >> as >> if you're not supporting donald trump why come to cleveland atna all? >> we had a conservative platform and the rules committee ram rodded the whole thing and we hoping to have the delegates vote their conscious is what we were hoping for and i wanted too be part of that movement to do
5:51 pm
that. >> so from your perspective it t doesn't sound like the republican party is unified here. there's still a lot of dissent. >> and that's happened way before this convention. there's been many republicans pu who left the party due to donall trump being the presumptive nominee and it's not going to unify. >> we'll have to leave it theree gwen and judy. >> thank you, sue. now we'll take a peak outside de the convention floor where john yang is out on the street watching for the security issues we've been talking john. >> this is cleveland's public ic square in the heart of downtown. we're four blocks from the arena where you are. there's people here for donald l trump and against donald trump but now it's a very calm scene. there's a heavy police presence here but very low key. i've seen shoulder patches from not just ohio and indiana and
5:52 pm
georgia as well. this area of downtown has special regulations in place. there's things banned like large backback backbacks backpacks and umbrellas and ohio's an open-carry state and a militia called itself the west-ohio minutemen walked lk through with assault-style rifles slung over their shoulders. there were no incidents but it attracted attention from reporters and they're preparing for whatever may happen in cleveland and they cleared 1,000 jail cells for people who may be arrest and the courts are open 24 hours a day to process. they're ready for the worst but so far it's been a very quiet day. >> and thank you, john.
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we are with our group in the sky booth as we listen to much talk tonight about the attack at benghazi, libya.y it's one of the central themes of tonight's convention. we're hear with our colleagues david brooks and mark shields, amy walter and maria liasson. i want to come back to you, mark. we hear about the security and benghazi. we're told the country's divided and there's more divided divisive talk inside the hall. is there a connection?ne >> sure. i mean by definition it reflected the country and i don't think there's any question the division in the country on the issue of benghazi doesn't rise to the level of urgency that obviously these republican
5:54 pm
delegates feel and by implication of inference the e argument is donald trump would be a stronger and better commander in chief. >> we're in the one hall in america where everyone's talkina about benghazi tonight. that said, it is an emotional touch tone if what you're trig to do is rev up your base. >> so far it's all been aimed at. what i'm waiting to see does melania trump put forth an effort to humanize donald trump and make him more appealing to white suburban women. he has to expand beyond the base. he has loyal supporters. people here are fired up about him and fired up about hillary l clinton but there may not be enough of them though he won more primary votes than any other republican in history.o >> he'd be happy to tell you -- >> that's right. >> david brooks, those are two
5:55 pm
different commissions aren't they? to both fire up the base and you have to do both and to make donald trump seem more likable and more human. >> yeah, i'm super curious how the emotions spin when melania comes up. usually the conventions are coronations. people are feeling good and they won the nomination and want to project happiness and joy and hope on the american people. that's not the case here and they're reading the country right. have you people thinking the country's heading in the wrong direction and maybe trump's play which is probably his own play is that the country's in a bad mood and angry how they're being governed and whether benghazi itself is an important incident it plays into the mood that our leaders are not representing usi and protecting us and having our backs. >> we talked about this before. david brooks kept saying last
5:56 pm
night and i want you to pick up on that because it's not just numbers but people don't want to vote for anybody. >> when you look at the last abc washington post poll 54% of hillary clinton supporters said they're voting for her because r they didn't like trump not because they liked her. almost 60% of trump voters are voting against hillary clinton.i i think we'll see -- we talked about how much anti-hillary clinton messaging there is here, there's going to be a lot of and anti-trump messaging and it seems to be hillary clinton's only rationale and she'll have to flush out more than that. >> and we remember a convention -- there's been negativity before and criticism but this much on the first night? >> no.
5:57 pm
i really don't. that goes back to 1912. i do want to say one thing, benghazi is playing into the reality of political earthquakes and aftershocks with turkey and nice and baton rouge and minneapolis, orlando. this is taking benghazi higher then. this election a good part of it rests on the shoulder of president barack obama. his sense of resolve, leadership and sure-footedness over the he next 100 days will influence in large part in my judgment the outcome of this election. >> you're watching -- we're making the administration here n at the republican national convention from benghazi and libya and the attack there to
5:58 pm
talking about illegal and undocumented immigrants and there's a video and we'll talk to a sister and brother of a border patrol agent who died while patrolling the mexican border. terry bryant was killed by men using guns connected to an operation which we won't get into but something republicans c were involved in -- >> it's a high-security issue. immigration is a national security issuegr because he tale about syrian refugees and it's a security issue.ue if you listen to him you would think the problem of illegal immigrants killing americans isa huge. huge. it's not but he is going to highlight some cases here where illegal immigrants killed people either in a border-control incident or a traffic accident.t ok. we need to take one of our short breaks that we take on a convention night and this is for
5:59 pm
our npr nation and coverage of the republican national convention in cleveland. we hope you will stay with us. >> i have an update of the non-convention news of the day, terror broke out in a train in southern germany tonight when a young man attacked passengers ss with an axe and knife. several people were wounded before police killed the attacker. he was identified as a 17-year-old from afghanistan. no word on ar- motive. police in louisiana confirmed ir the sunday killing of three officers was an ambush. the shooter was gavin long from kansas city and posted messages saying black americans have to fight back against mistreatmentr federal investors are trying to discover if he had associated as and the trackdown in turkey accelerated in the wake of friday's failed coup. the government dismissed 9,000
6:00 pm
police and other workers and today top europe union urged them to respect the rule of law and they could not be e this is live coverage of the republican national convention from npr ano the pbs "newshour." i'm judy woodruff,. >> i'm gwen ifil, a very spacious sky booth here in cleveland, ohio. welcoming ron elving from npr, amy walter from the political report. david brooks from the "new york times." our own wonderful mark shields. there's a lot of conversation happening on the floor of the
6:01 pm
convention. not only about immigration which is what we've been talking about most recently but about the benghazi episode, basically, now we are speaking on the floor the actor and antonio sabato who is best known for general hospital, soap opera, and fine underweard model and trump supporter. >> my beliefs and my faith to get our country back on track.a in the past eight years, failed policies have caused our country to deteriorate. our rights have been troubled, our security threatened. we are weaker by almost every measure, we are on the wrong path. it is clear even to someone who was not even born here, i camem to the united states from rome, italy, in 1985. that's right.
6:02 pm
i follow all the rules, ninely became naturalized citizen in 1996. that's right. others who want to come to the to live and work should follow the same rules. that's right. we are a nation of laws for a reason. there should be no shortcuts fof those who don't want to pay or wait. my mother was born in a communist of prague, escaped the czech republic and met my dad in italy. i know what specialism looks like. i don't want 245 for my children. 2 not at all. but that's the path, that is the path we are headed down with the leader we've had. and the candidate he endorses.
6:03 pm
barack obama and hillary clinton promote division. don't be fooled, but donald trump is for unity. donald trump believes in one america. with liberty and justice for all. having secure borders, protecting our citizens, none of this is hateful. this is the responsibility of the government, that's right. and it's the right thing to do. donald trump will get it done and put us back on the right track. people know this and that's why they have voted as they have. we can no longer afford to be silent. our country needs donald trumpds to make us great again.
6:04 pm
god bless you and god bless the united states of america! >> woodruff: you've been listening antonio sabato, junior, he is a television actor known for his roles in "general hospital" "the bold and the beautiful" and he continuing the theme of make america safe again. you heard strong criticism there at the end of hillary clinton and president take you now to a conversation our lisa desjardins had with bob dole who was the republican nominee, i believe only former republican here at the convention in is the 96.on lisa. >> joining me now to s former senator and alsoer former presidential nominee robert dole outside the family box here. sort of a unique situation, i, can't quite reach him for security reasons we need someone to pass him the mic, thank you
6:05 pm
for joining us, sec senator ile want to ask if you can passn to him, ask him how he thinks his -- >> well, i like donald trump because he's a strong leader. and he is someone who can work with congress.g if you can't work with congress you can't get anything done. i don't know, there are a lot of similarities between my days in the senate and what donald is proposing. >> reporter: just one more question. is itor divided party and what does it mean? >> it means we got to get them back together. and i think indication tonight
6:06 pm
is that, governor pence that brought a lot of conservativesns over. months before november, i think the trump campaign is going to prevail. >> reporter: bob dole, i salute you. thank you, sir. >> woodruff: we were listening to bob dole, the only republican, former republican nominee who will be attendingat this convention. saying that he believes donald trump will work with congress which is interesting. given what we've heard. the program, gwen, that judy woodruff here with gwen ifill has been in the last few minutes made the transfriction benghazi to talk about immigration and
6:07 pm
largely illegal. right now it's marion mendoza at the -- on stage. tonight her son was killed a few years ago when a drunk driver traveling on the wrong side of the highway hit him, the drunk driver turned out to be an illegal immigrant. >> ifill: why don't we take a listen. >> life was good, his future looked bright until a criminal illegal alien turned his car in front of him riding his motorcycle to work and he killed him instantly. the killer was from guatemalate had previously been deported with a felony for armed robbery and grand theft. after returning to america illegally, again, he was caught drunk driving, no license, no
6:08 pm
registration, no insurance and he got probation. another dui, another probation. five weeks later while barely under the legal limit of being drunk, he killed my dom.m he was given a misdemeanor and served just 35 days in jail. biff talking about illegal immigration since 2012, since he got killed and no one listened until donald trump. donald trump is not only my hero, he's my life saver.
6:09 pm
hillary clinton or as we know her, crooked hillary -- always talks about what she will do for illegal aliens and what she will do for refugees. well, donald trump talks abouttr what he will do for america. usa! usa! usa! we need to enforce our immigration -- our existing immigration laws. we need to secure our borders so
6:10 pm
no other person has to ever go through this kind of grief, pain and agony knowing this could have been prevented. build the wall! americans need to come first. thank you! >> thank you to rnc for invitation to speak about my beloved son, jamil jazz charless the second. thank you to my friend the undisputed g.o.p. nominee and the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. on march the 2nd, 2008, my life changed in the twinkling of an eye. one minute i'm hearing my sons
6:11 pm
voice, be right home, old man, i'm right around the kosher. next minute, gunshots. and jazz is dead. >> woodruff: we're listening to jamiel shaw who is immigration reform advocate. his son was murdered while returning home from the mall as you heard him describe and he's telling that story now.. >> -- overseas. the day we buried jazz l.a.p.d.. came to my home to tell us they found the killer. for two weeks local politicians supported us and every black politics in l.a. did, too. they even put up a permanent memorial. two weeksne after that, everythg changed. we learned the killer was illegal alien gang banger from mexico. released from jail with a
6:12 pm
deportation hold, three gun charges and assault and bat preon a police officer. and the politicians disappeared. in 2012, we finally had our day in court. the d.a. proved jazz was murdered because he was black. the coroner testified while jazz was on his back bleeding from a stomach wound, his hands were up and a second bullet went through his hands and into his head. it was also proved that the killers gang targeted black males. you think obama cared. and black lives matter. no. and we all know hillary is obama's third term.
6:13 pm
only trump called me on the phone one day to see how i was doing. only trump will stand against terrorists and end illegal immigration. build the wall. only trump mentions americans killed by illegals. trump will put america first not crooked hillary. i'll say it again like i said it before. trump is sent from god. support trump-pence, let's come together and make america safef and great again. thank you.
6:14 pm
>> woodruff: we've been listening to jamiel shaw as you heard his moving story about his son, jamiel an draw shaw, ii, he was murderrd coming home fromf the mall. it was in 2008 it was eightt years ago. it's a difficult story, talking to my colleague, this is judy woodruff here at the republican national convention in the pbs "newshour" joint coverage with npr. the theme of illegal immigration, undocumentedcu immigrants is running throughru this chunk of the program. >> ifill: from npr into this conversation it's not an inconsequential topic, is it? i >> no, it is not. what we're seeing is the beginning of four nights in which the game that we'll see and pursue is to make donald m
6:15 pm
trump more sympathetic. we have seen several people with tragic stories tonight having to do with illegal immigration and donald trump has reached out to each of them in some kind of empathetic way. we're seeing him portrayed as a person of sympathy and empathy for people in these tragic situations. there are many more ways to look at donald trump and the immigration we saw the people begin to chant "build the wall" as these people spoke. but we have to reach out to some of these people and understandde their stories and the way they feel about the issue.s >> woodruff: david brookss this, again, we talked about the anger and criticism coming out. it's so much of tonight's presentation. is this effective, do you think? >>hi i think given the alternative. that every convention is a foreign policy night. and the general rule is you try to establish your global visioni
6:16 pm
donald trump does not have the party establishment willing toll come on stage.t i have to think i think they're making the most of it. o they're going entirely differenr tact with a lot of grieving parents and grieving siblings. that is a very strong emotional under tone we're having. it's probably, a, against the establishment because there are lot of regular people. but also emotionally the sort of thing. it's not for nothing. donald trump spent his life on reality tv. >> woodruff: one of the things that we're doing telling who donald trump is. melania trump in the 10:00 hour we're joined by julia from thee "new york times" magazine wrote a very deep profile of melania trump, most people have not gotten to talk to her let alone wrote a what do we need to watch for? >> melania trump did not sign up for this. as long as anybody has shown known her has been a railroad reserved, very intensely
6:17 pm
focused, focused on her family. she was young and model in paris and milan she was coming home after a photo shoot, go home, call her parents, hang out with her sister. she was signing up for a life of luxury and comfort in marryingyi donald trump. that is not what t she got. she in fact says that she asked him to think about it many, many times before did he it because she knewse her life would change and she did not want to do it. but now that he has declared the presidency a year ago she rode r down onment escalator, that's all that she's she's been along for the ride. but not really out in front. ivank as has taken on that role >> woodruff: that is my questions she all in or is melania trump all in? we'll hear from her at the top of the 10:00 hour >> i think she's as all in as she can be given her temperame r she calls him many times a day
6:18 pm
and offers her advice. he calls her.. she's always in the background,a always in the audience for debates, at least she was during the primary season. but she's not comfortable speaking, she's not a public speaker. she has done it one time in milwaukee when trump's ratings were really low because his campaign manager was charged with battery. trump suggested that women should be punished for having abortions he brought out melania, she said, now you know that when donald trump attacks -- if you attack donald trump he will punch back ten times as hard whether you're a man or a woman. i think that didn't quite go over the way it 1450 have. and she's been kind of -- haven't heard from her since the spring. >> ifill: we're assuming that he relies on more on ivanka his daughter than his wife. >> absolutely. >> ifill: fun to watch. we need to take another short for npr and cbs 24 is special pbs "newshour" and
6:19 pm
npr coverage of the republicane national convention in cleveland. anay with us. st with us. >> funding for this program has been provided by: >> lincoln financial-- committed to helping you take charge of your financial futurel >> this program was made possible by the corporation forp public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you.coro
6:20 pm
>> in george washington university. dwight eisenhower is essentially recruited by the republican party to view their nominee. we think, oh, there was no question that dwight d. eisenhower would become the republican party nominee. in fact there was quite a tussle in the delegate race for the convention. so, his convention speech is really fascinating because what he does do is rely upon exactly why it is that they nominatedd him. >> i know something of the
6:21 pm
solemn responsibility of leading a crusade. i have led one. i accept your summons. i will lead this crusade. >> woodruff: if you're just joining us this is live coverage of the republican nationala convention from npr and the pbs "newshour" i'm judy woodruff.o >> i'm gwen ifill. we are taking you here in the booth with our incredible group of helpers, ron elfing from npr, i know, getting late already. amy walter from political repo report. mark shield from "newshour" and david brooks of the "new york times." we've been talkingew about a little bit glumly what we have seen. this has not been a big night saying, oh, wow, what a great nominee we have. it's been a, you should be very afraid kind of night, amy
6:22 pm
walter, what does this make you think of? is it completely different?fe >> no, this is actually, because i think something of a consistent theme the republicans and donald trump this idea that the world is unsafe. that the people who are supposed to help us have not been helping us. that there is only one person who can come and make america better by making it stronger, closing our borders. the sorts of things going to keep those people out from hurting us. >> ifill: i think it's quite remarkable, i've covered a lot of conventions, mark shields, i don't remember one where fear is the theme tonight. >> it is, judy, remember that putting a personal face on any political issue is important. put a personal face on illegal immigration tonight. we put a personal face on it, the victim. they put a personal face to some degree on donald trump. these acts of kindness.dn
6:23 pm
his acts of support.. in that sense, that is the positive kind of message. i agree that the overall theme is one going to the anxiety and fear. but those are very present in the body politic today judd we have intrepid floor team. rachel martin on the podium. susan davis we're about to turn to on the floor with npr and lisa desjardins of the pbs "newshour." and susan davis is our just talked to, worked with donald trump, for donald trump ex exited the campaign a short time ago now doing some other things. she just talked to her. >> i'm on the floor at the new hampshire delegation with corey lewendowski a former trump campaigner. who knows delegates well, melania trump. what should we expect here from potentially the future first lady? >> i think they will hear from
6:24 pm
her tonight a different donald trump than people know. the husband that he is, the h father that he is. the caring individual that most people don't know. i think she is going to talk about how she fell in love with him, what that relationship was like. the type of man he is outside of public spotlight. >> americans feel very personal about their first ladies.t what kind of first lady would you thinku melania trump would somebody what things do she care about? >> she's very articulate. she's very smart. she had career getting married m to mr. trump as a model. she's very successful. her priorities for kids. i think people will understand that. as a person would haved the ability, as mrs. trump to find o make sure that her son has upbringing that she wants to be
6:25 pm
part of, that's the type of person that she would be. >> we've heard a lot of strive earlier on the floor, talked to delegates say they're not there yet. how much further do you think donald trump will get -- >> the party is -- what you have, you have a decision coming november either hillary clinton or donald trump who saved. many people want, they want safety, security, want jobs, reduce our national deficit. only person that will do that is donald trump. the party is 100% >> thank you very much for your time. >> woodruff: npr sue davis who was just talking to the former campaign manager, but still very loyal campaign manager to donald trump, corey lewandowski. we'll hear from the chair of the milwaukee county, david clarke.c >> earlier this month with three more were murdered two days ago
6:26 pm
in baton rouge, louisiana. and that is the importance of making america safe again. you see, i believe that this noble mission is not just a requirement but a prerequisitete for achieving this campaign's goal of making america greatt again. we simply cannot be great if we do not feel safe in our homes, on our streets, in our schools. i see this every day at street level where many americans increasingly have an uneasiness about the ability of their families to live safely in these troubling times. that transcends race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age and lifestyle.
6:27 pm
and if you don't believe ita recent gallup poll confirms it in more than half of all americans now worry a great deal about crime and violence, of consistently and dramaticallya from just a few years ago and for african americans, that number is 70%. sadly for a growing number of communities, the sense of safett that many of us once took for granted has been shattered.d. americans don't always feel safe no matter if they are working in a big city, living in suburb or rural areas all around this great country. i often tell residents of milwaukee and the city and towns that i visit that safety is a shared endeavor. it starts with the willing acceptance of people to play by
6:28 pm
society's rules. a code.. a code, if you will, where we collectively agree upon that ensures stability, fairness and respect. it is built on a foundation of trust in each other and in the people who administer and enforce society's rules which at its foundation is the rule off law. in 1963, dr. martin luther king, junior wrotema passionately abot the interrelatedness of all communities and states and abou our inescapable net worth of mutuality tying us in a single garment of destiny. he spoke of the base of moralita of the rule of law provided that it is applied equally to both
6:29 pm
the wealthy and the impoverished, both men and women and, yes, the majority and the minority. what we witnessed in ferguson and baltimore and baton rouge, was a collapse of the socialia order. so many of the actions of the occupying movement and black lives matter transcends peaceful protests and violates the code of conduct we rely on. i call it anarchy. you see, american law enforcement officers understand that race is and has been a heated issue in our country. most appreciate the vital need for thoroughness and transparency in pursuit of the greater good in their actionsns and in their investigations. these are truths that are self
6:30 pm
evident to me that i practice and they are the truth thatat donald trump understands and supports. donald trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs. he has spoken passionately to me of his beliefs in our american system much justice and he speaks to the values that are the foundation of our social contract. throughout his campaign and over the many years before he has consistently and constantlynt raised his voice, not only in defense of the character of the american police officer, but the need for all people to feel that they are being treated fairly and respectfully by law enforcement.
6:31 pm
you you see, donald trump understands that what can make our nation safe again is a recommitment to a system of justice in which no government official, not even those who have fought their way to the marble and granite halls of washington, no private citizen, no elected official, even hillary clinton, and no group of people despite the fervor which they press forward their grievances can claim privilegele above the law. it cannot happen in the unitedpe states. the tradition of the privacy of the rule of law in america is strong. it is in no simple fact and in our act we will move forward toward making america safe
6:32 pm
again. god bless you. and may god continue to bless these united states of america. >> woodruff: they managed to find in the united states a black sheriff who is very popular from wisconsin, who has come here to basically say that blue lives matter which is considered to be the opposite ot black lives matter in many -- i think we want to talk a little bit about that because this has been something which has been over -- over shadowing the whole conversation. not just in this room butju certainly around the country. >> there's been a effort made black his matter with some ofwi the crimes committed of late, connection which has not been evidentiary commitment. not an evidentiary connection, but it is an emotional one for those who have resented there black lives matter movement. for those who have felt wrongedd
6:33 pm
by it including many police officers. these awful tragedies, baton rouge and dallas, serve as view for that commitment which is not necessarily a straight line logical progression. >> ifill: amy walter, it is a subject on the minds of many people. and it's a way the republican party, donald trump has chosen to approach it is without any ambiguity. they are saying flat out that the -- one point sheriff clarke head black lives matter is the same thing as anarchy. >> hillary clinton had chance to address this today at the naacp convention where she made the case much like barack obama did that this is about, we're all in this together. we don't want to hurt cops. make sure that we take the lives of african americans who have been discriminated very seriously, the system in and of itself needs to be looked at, more of holistic approach to this. not very much in contrast withtr
6:34 pm
the approach that we're seeing here tonight which is, you need law and order, there's no nuance, there's no -- it's either this or complete anarchyn >> woodruff: we are here at the "newshour," amy walter of the "cook political report," mark shields of the "newshour," and david brooks and rachel martin of npr who is covering all kinds of things for us. what we're curious about rachel, just coming out of that speech had everybody cheering, how things are going on the floor. how people are receiving this kind of information the way a little bit of down beat openingp night. >> that address from david clarke, the sheriff, was interesting to watch and watch the reaction. hats soon as he started that refrain of blue lives matter, blue lives matter, everyone responded to that. went on to talk about how the obama administration he believes
6:35 pm
has tuned its eye on inner cities of america, that this administration has been neglect in making who live in those communities feel safe and secure. obviously, this comes at -- people around the country are still reeling from what they have seen happen, tragedy after tragedy, whether it's the shootings of african american men, or shootings from call of the five police officers and then most recently in baton rouge. it was very powerful. in uniform talking about safety, security and the fact that he believes that donald trump isru the man to drink that kind of steady hand to what feels like a very unsettled world right now. >> rachel, i'm struck by speaker after speaker tonight has really put in motion, we've had been
6:36 pm
able to see on camera people crying openly when we've heard from lovers and fathers of those who have been killed, either at benghazi or at the hands of undocumented immigrant. >> there is the -- such a raw kind of emotion in some of these addresses. they schedule these kind of speakers who can deliver an emotional gut punch. they can deliver personal stories of loss which is what we've heard whether it's the families who lost loved ones in ben goody or involved in that fight or the mother who lost her son in drunk driving accident at the border, a man responsible happened to have been illegal. they were looking for this kind
6:37 pm
of emotional moment.en >> woodruff: thank you, rachel martin, for us on the floor. also going back to the stage now listen to shawn and rachel duffy from wisconsin and his wife, the spokeswoman, person for the libre initiative. the largest hispanic initiative. >> we have won every election except the big one! we can't stay home now if we're going to -- america, let's rally behind donald trump and together let's make america great again! may god bless you all. have a great convention. >> woodruff: mark shields i bet you know how they met, on reality show. >> they did. they justid had their eighthh child. that's the mother of eight.
6:38 pm
remarkable. just one point on sheriff clarke, he wrote this is a war and black lives matter to the enemy. it's interesting, paul ryan, the speaker from wisconsin at a lunch today, that "wall street journal" hosted, got the most -- all lives matter versus black lives matter. his home state of wisconsin making that very argument. actually elected. >> woodruff: as we listen to darryl glenn, he's also running as republican to the united states senate in colorado. we are going to take a break as we move closer to the 10:00 hour in the east. this is special pbs "newshour""n
6:39 pm
and npr coverage of the republican national convention in cleveland. stay with us. >> on the podium at the republican national convention. with the themeio tonight is make america safe. the theme for that by the trump campaign. this is the message that we've been hearing from a number of speakers this evening. the legal immigration and stories of two mothers who lost their sons in a motorcycle accident and car accident that involved illegal immigrants. coming up we will hear from senator sessions who has been a staunch supporter of donald trump. also rudy guiliani, former president shat candidate himself
6:40 pm
both men will try to help donald trump bridge the gap. >> we can listen to -- if i are just joining us, this is live coverage of the republican national convention from npr anr the pbs "newshour" i'm judy woodruff. >> i'm gwen ifill. before we took our break for npr stations, david, we wanted to give you chance to weigh in a i little bit on what we've been talking about, the blue lives matter, black lives matter, the whole idea of domestic securityc that we're having, and race.
6:41 pm
>> it does turn into -- i hopee some of the rhetoric has not been great here. >> g we're having trouble hearig you so we're going to work on your microphone. and get that fixed so we can hear because we want to hear every syllable out of your mouth. don't want to miss a thing. mark is saying -- there was some difficulty in the control room. ron elving is this a theme we'rr going to hear relentlessly now until the election day. >> if tonight is any indicationa you'll hear it relentlessly. there are four nights of this convention might not hear it oni every but tonight we're not talking about terrorism so much. we're talking about making america safe again in highly domestic terms having to do with things that americans are doing to americans. not people coming from outside
6:42 pm
of our hemisphere, not coming from the middle east. we're hearing about things that are being done within our own country. that's where the fear factor seems to be focused, at least for tonight. >> i have to say, have to remind ourselves and our viewers in our audience and listeners this is a very -- this is a bubble we're in. this support -- >> albeit >> because it's a bubble. part is that everyone saying what they want to hear in this room. we're going to hear these things over and over again.a >> it's the convention. >> ron makes a very good point i perhaps will hear that get latee beer the hour talking much more about the threat from overseas, obviously. we're out of time now just happening but what happened to turkey. what is continuing to happen in syria and iraq. a night that is supposed to be about keeping america safe.e. what i'd be curious is this
6:43 pm
discussion about, the ban on muslims coming into this country. we've seen in the last day or so that mike pence, the vice president shall candidate made a comment that he supported donald trump's decision with countries that support -- really unclear what exactly that means i'll be very curious to see how other speakers address that issue as we get later on into the night.. >> it's fascinating one.n one of the things that donaldt trump goes after hillary clinton on is the vote to go to war in iraq. mike pence voted to go to war in iraq. i hope your microphone is fixed, you want to weigh in now? >> donald trump's record on that is not clear either, by the wayy he was on both something rachel said earlier,ie to me the word of the night is word rachel picked up on is law.
6:44 pm
almost everybody here along all the themes described some law. we focus, they almost describe a law. not only loss of child but loss of a job, the loss of neighborhood, loss of a town. so they are thematic ly correct. so, they are picking up on something. it is other thing i'm sorry to say i don't think we've heard a joke i don't think single piece of humor in the evening and that is part of the starkness i think we're all sort of feeling. >> i also looked -- i realize talk about what is it that who are the trump voters. >> there are people who have face loss of concept. the concept of america as they knew it. and america that they thought they understood and were part of. they are suddenly feeling in th last few years maybe decade or two that it is not that america. >> let's go to the stage now
6:45 pm
listen to the senator from arkansas, tom cotton. >> thank you. for eight years we've seen whath happens when america leads from behind. leading from behind, that's not what the army taught me. and to everyone who agrees that america ought to lead the way, i have a message to deliver. let me say it loud and clear, help is on the way. let me tell you a story about an arkansas farm pow who became a soldier. when america was at war, he was away at school.ho and then in a comfortable, professional job, exempt from service. but he sacrificed that comfort against the wishes of his
6:46 pm
family, against the wishes of his father.f who himself had served.r he volunteered for the army, he became an in fran treeman. that farm boy was my dad. lynn cotton. he went to vietnam in 1969. 35 years later, because of 9/11, i did the same. against the wishes of my family, i gave up my legal career and i volunteered for the army. and i became an infantryman i went to iraq and afghanistan.
6:47 pm
my dad felt like god was punishing him for what he did to his dad. but god wasn't punishing him,m god had called us to serve, just as he called so many of you to serve as my family is an extraordinary, in fact we're very ordinary. from the farms of arkansas to the fire stations in new york, so many families could tell the same story. but the defense of this country is always a family affair and these families shoulder more than their share of the task. we don't fight because we hate our enemies but because we love our country. we love its freedom and we love that we as americans are born equal and live free and that no
6:48 pm
one can boss us around. we know these things are worth fighting for and dying for because they make life worth living for. our warriors and their families don't ask for much. we're blessed to serve and we're grateful for the generosity of our fellow citizens, but there are a few things we'd like. we'd like a commander in chief who speaks of winning wars and not nearly ending bars wars. we'd like a commander in chief who calls the enemy by its name. a commander in chief who draws red lines cautiously but enforces them ruthlessly.
6:49 pm
and it would be nice to have a commander in chief who can be trusted to handle classified information. and we'd like politicians who treat our common defense as the chief responsibility of the federal government not just another government program. this isn't much to ask for. but eight years without it is more than enough and another four years is unthinkable. so let me quote the last republican vice president about the consequences of the last time a clinton was in the white house and let me say again, this time directly to our troops in a trump-pence administration and withmi republican congress, help is on the way.
6:50 pm
now believe me, no man wants more war if he's seen the face of war. i planned memorial services for fallen comrades in the mountains of afghanistan. i've carried their flag-draped caskets off the plane. i've buried them at arlington national cemetery. but the wisdom of the ages, affirms the counsel of our firsf president to be prepared for waw is one of the most means of preserving peace.
6:51 pm
the purpose of our common defense, after all, is to protect the american people andl preserve our independence soe that we can enjoy the blessings of peace. faith, freedom, family, prosperity. my father and his father were willing to fight so that their children and grandchildren might live in sadly, that wasn't to be. but my generation is fighting, has fought and will fight so that our children, my infant son gabriel and the christmas baby my wife and i are expecting might one day live in peace. and for that cause i speak tonight not only for republicans but to the millions of
6:52 pm
independent and democrats who share that dream and who wish to make america safe again. thank you and god bless you. >> senator tom cotton of arkansas. crowd.g to the now. we're expecting to see karn vaughn as we just heard she's the mother of a fallen navy seal she is going to tell her story. karen vaughn. >> thank you so much for the opportunity to be here tonight.h it is a great honor. i'm here because i remember when america was strong and proud. when our word meant something. i'm here because i raise addison who believed in his country enough to give his lifeu for it. and most of all, i'm here because we're at a crossroads
6:53 pm
unlike anything we have ever witnessed in our lifetime. and something must now. we need new leadership, strong leadership.le leadership we can trust to protect us in the face of ever-changing dangers, both herh and abroad. leadership that will no longer sit idly by and let our enemies define the world in which weic live. there is no adversary the u.s. military cannot defeat if we unbind them from the restricti restrictive, ludicrous rules o engagement they have been forced to fight under for the past seven years. thank you.
6:54 pm
our national leader's desire to win hearts and minds at whatever cost to our own has had devastating effects. too many american sons and daughters have died needless deaths due to these absurd rules. including my only son, aaron. and the 29 other brave, fearless warriors on board extortion 17. countless others have curtailed their military career because of a culture they know puts their lives at needless risk. as one brave warrior put it i did not join to be sacrificed i joined to fight. we have lost the will to defend ourselves against enemies who are hell bent on destroying us.
6:55 pm
because we have been unwilling to lead with strength. we've been unwilling to even call our enemy by name. and how -- how can you defeat an enemy you cannot even name. >> we're listening to karen vaughn the mother of a fallen navy seal.a we just heard her say we need to lift the rules of engagement that our armed forces has been under. let's go to rachel desjardins -- i'm sorry rachel martin i combined two 6 our -- sorry about that. npr's rachel martin, somewheree near the podium she's talking to an important member of congress, rachel. >> that's right, judy.t' i'm joined on the podium here by congressman michael mccaul. busy thank you for taking the time.
6:56 pm
i wanted to follow up on some of the things that you hit in your address. you talked about illegal immigration, that it's a huge problem. and you talked about the obama administration. >> we had testimony from three parents who lost children to illegal immigrants, they could have been prevented that's veryt sad when you have a death that could have been stopped. had the laws been enforced. i think reagan talked about when you were better off than you were four years ago, question for me is, do you feel safer. i think refounding most americans don't when they see what is happenings overseas. in nice, paris, bros i will, istanbul to chattanooga, san bernadino, obama, boston. they don't know when next attack is going to occur they don't
6:57 pm
feel safe. >> let me ask you then, would a donald trump administration combat isis in a way that is different? >> you have to defeat isis at the core where it exists in iraq and syria. to stop their external operations in the united states. >> does thatio mean more ground troops? >> i think it means airstrikes, i think coalition forces underfo american leadership. can't do this alone. i think the arab league of nations would step up to the t plate as well. but the fact of the matter is, if you don't take it to the enemy they can conduct the operations. radicalize on the internet quite a bit we need to deal with that. >> a huge problem, thank you so much for taking the time. go to jeff sessions who is speaking now.g >> that's right, we're going now to the stage to see jeff sections of alabama one of
6:58 pm
bromase earliest supporters.pp >> the more of the same. more government. more taxes. more regulation. more illegal immigration and more deaths. she has been the champion of globalist trade agreements, but the facts are in, they have not worked for the american people. when those agreements were signed, president clinton and obama promised our dangerous trade deficits with china and korea would be reduced. but the deficit with china has increased five fold. and the deficit with korea is more than doubled in just four years. these are job-killing numbers. worst of all they're now pushing disastrous 5,000 page obama trade that transfers a partnership agreement.p this must not happen. this election is also been about
6:59 pm
immigration. for 30 years our good and decent people have rightly pleaded with their leaders for an end to the lawlessness and for sound immigration policies that advance the national interests.e to this legitimate plea our elite have responded with disdain, dismissal and scorn. but is there anyone in america that does not understand that when we bring in more workers than we have jobs for that job prospects and wages fall. top economists and the congressional budget office have told us and congress just that. is it too much to ask that we slow down and protect our national security and jobs?
7:00 pm
we admit, friends, 1.1 million permanent residents annually tou this country, more than any other country in the world and they are for the most part wonderful new additions to our country. and on top of that, we have 700,000 guest workers here that take jobs and majority of these are not seasonal or agriculture workers, they are about 350,000 people who succeed in crossing our borders illegally each yearr and almost 500,000 more unlawfully overstay their visas. these are extreme numbers. but the only solution from obama and hillary clinton is to capitulate to the lawlessness and give amnesty and citizenship to all. it will not work.
7:01 pm
understand this, from 2000 to 2014 while our existing population increased by millions, the number of jobs held by americans actually declined. amazingly all the net job growth during that period went to immigrants. combine that with the reality of efficient businesses, increased automation and slow growth. the fact is, we just don't have enough jobs being created now for the people who are here. does this help to explain why our wages have fallen and why we have the lowest percentage of americans actually holding a job in 40 years. our duty as elected officials is to get our people jobs first. it cannot be our policy to take jobs from abroad by government
7:02 pm
support payments are used for those unemployed americans. >> we seem to have one protester in the crowd here causing some disruption. but it's not like a whole group of people. that is jeff sessions up on stage. >> with terrorism, remember the president has the clear power to suspend immigration to protect america, so americans want help now. this election will make it happen. that is why we need donald trump.
7:03 pm
donald trump is a leader who will bring change. he has the strength, the courage and the will to get it done. he is attracting more and more independents and dam contracts to our movement. donald trump willme kill obamaob trade. donald trump will build the wall. and donald trump -- >> as alabama senator jeff sessions wraps up his remarks, the portion of this auditorium here in cleveland is occupied with surrounding a young woman,
7:04 pm
we were able to see her pink compos tomb just a minute agoo you can see they are trying to obscure her from the television cameras. watch rudy guiliani come down. campaign manager, paul manaforta told reporters this morning that the campaign would be happy if there were protests both on the floor and in the city. because it would remind everye one of the importance of donald trump's message. let's go to rudy guiliani. >> thank you new york. for a new yorker for once on the ticket, donald trump! i'm here to speak to you about a
7:05 pm
very serious subject. how to make america safe. the vast majority of americans today do not feel safe. they fear for their children. they fear for themselves. they fear for our police officers who are being targeted with a target on their back. we pray for our police officers in dallas and baton rouge and their families. and we say thank you to the cleveland police department for protecting us! thank you!
7:06 pm
we know the risk you're taking and we say thank you to every police officer and law enforcement agent who is out tonight protecting us, black, white, latino, of every race, every color, every creed, every sexual orientation. when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white. they just come to save you! we also reach out our arms with understanding and compassion to those who have lost loved ones
7:07 pm
because of police shootings, some justified, some unjustified. those that are unjustified must be punished.ed those that are justified we must apologize to. it's time to make america safeaf again. it's time to make america oneo again. one america! what happened to, there's no black america, there's no white america, there is just america! what happened to it? where did it go? how has it gone away?
7:08 pm
i know we can change it because i did it by changing new york city from the crime capital of america to the safest large city in the united states. what i did for new york, donald trump will do for america! i have known donald trump for almost 30 years. and he has created and accomplished great things. in my city and all over the world. but beyond that, this is a man with a big heart.
7:09 pm
every time new york suffered a tragedy, donald trump was there to help. he's not going to like my telling you this. but he did it anonymously whenen police officers were shot, when firefighters were hurt, when people were in trouble, he came forward and he helped and he asked not to be well, i am going to break my promise to i am going to mention it. this is a man with a big heart who loves people, all people, from the top to the bottom, from the middle to the side. i am telling you this because i am sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and by the clinton campaign.
7:10 pm
i am sick and tired of it. this is a good man. and america should be sick and tired of their vicious, nasty campaign. you deserve to know this about your next president. he's been a great father. father in law, grandfather and friend to me, my wife, judith, and my family for now almost 30 years. i know him personally. and this is a very good and decent man and he will be a great president! in the last seven months there have been five major islamic terrorist attacks on us and our allies.
7:11 pm
we must not be afraid to define our enemy. it is islamic extremist terrorism. i am for the purposes of the media, i did not say all of islam. i did not say most of islam. i said, islamic extremist terrorism. you know who you are! and we're coming to get you.
7:12 pm
failing to identify them promptly maligns all those good muslims around the world who are being killed by them. they are killing more muslims than anyone else. it also sets up a fear of being politically incorrect that can have serious consequences. it did in san bernadino. it did with major nadal. he was yelling alah akbar the only person who couldn't figure out that was islamic terrorist extremist attack was barack obama. who called it workplace violence. this is why our enemies see us
7:13 pm
as weak and vulnerable. donald trump has said the first step in defeating our enemies is to identify them properly and see the connections between them so we can find them and catch them to defeat islamic extremist terrorists we must put them on defense. if they are at war against us, which they have declared, we must commit ourselves to u unconditional victory againstry them. this includes undoing one of the worst deals america ever made, obama's nuclear agreement with iran. that will eventually -- that will eventually let them become
7:14 pm
a nuclear power and is putting billions of dollars back into a country that is the world's largest supporter of terrorism. we are actually giving them the money to fund the terrorists who are killing us and our allies! we are giving them the money. are we crazy? donald trump will make sure that any agreement with iran meets the original goals of the u.n. and our allies. a nonnuclear iran. donald trump is a leader. he will reassert america's position as the nation with the best values to lead the world. it was hillary clinton who
7:15 pm
advocated for the overthrow of gadhafi and libya. now libya is in chaos. hillary clinton is accountable for this and much more. her derelict shun of duty and failure to keep her people safe played a major role as you heard tonight in the hoar riff i can islamic terrorist murders on september 11th and 12, 2012. in benghazi, which claimed the lives of four brave >> former new york city mayor, rudy guiliani giving out some red meat mark shields, we've seen rudy guiliani animated, we know he feels strongly about being tough on terrorism. but he has delivered some strong language here. rudy guiliani was the face of 9/11 for many americans, that was his greatest contribution.
7:16 pm
he ran for president in 2008. but he is invoking -- to say what -- using the lines which he says, donald trump will make america great again like ronald reagan the man i worked for did sitting on the hill. first time ronald reagan has been >> here with the pbs "newshour"w and npr coverage of the republican national convention. we're joined around the table by domenico montanaro, mark shielde we just heard from the pbs "newshour" and david brooks ofid the "new york times" as judy said we've been hearing steady diet tonight of unhappiness, anger, loss as david brooks pointed out laid out the standards for why donald trumpld should be president here. david brooks, have their made their case?
7:17 pm
>> theyth represented an emotion that people can identify with. some voters, 57% of them believl that life has gotten worse for them over last 50 years. the way you saw here. a lot of speeches about as impassed as i've seen him, in part because the moment has found the man. the moment of anger and aggression which he representsio in pure form just now is now suddenly in vogue in the way it really wasn't before and eight years ago when he ran for president. >> the question whether or notio donald trump can actually capture this moment. this is definitely the angriest most frustrating sounding speech i've heard rudy guiliani give. that is saying a lot, i've heard a lot of rudy guiliani's speeches. he is the law and order mayor, right? donald trump is running the law and order candidate, the law and order party after what we've seen in the country the last couple of weeks in particular. we saw the county sheriff from
7:18 pm
milwaukee say that blue lives matter which got huge standing ovation here tonight.on that is the running theme, make america safe again. we'll see if donald trump can live up to thee moment this wew >> interesting thing about this also is that we have heard all week long that we're going to humanize donald trump because we're ha going to hear from his wife. later in the week we'll hear from his children. the speeches so far have not done that. maybe that's why we're waiting to hear from melania.l >> the one person that can do that. we'll hear from more of the children as we get later on into the program, later on into the convention. rudy guiliani doing here which is none of the others have done. seen some of the candidates tiptoe around him, number of folks who kind of mention his name but don't really spend lot of time talking about him in particular. this is full on, getting this crowd fired up in way that no other speaker has been able to do after a very difficult few early minutes on the floor.
7:19 pm
>> we're going back to the stage to more of mayor -- former mayor rudy guiliani. >> the reason she should not be president of the united states. there's no next election. this is it. there's no more time for us left to revive our great country. no more time to repeat our mistakes of the clinton-obama years.ams. washington needs a complete turn around and donald trump is the agent of change and he will be the leader of the change we need. he will make america once again. like the president i worked for, ronald reagan.
7:20 pm
the shining city on the hill. vote for donald trump for saw safer america and for an america headed in a different direction. greatness, god bless our next president donald trump. and god bless the united states of america! usa! >> rudy guiliani the former mayor of new york, he had his wheaties tonight. thought you were losing sight of what was going on, not with guiliani at podium.po >> not a chance of it. this is a man who ran for president as he reminded us as new yorker himself, he's someone been a large figure in new york city since 9/11.
7:21 pm
we're now looking at bob dole, i think that is donald trump's junior on the left first time tonight and michael pence. the vice presidential candidated with his wife, karen. bob dole, former -- the only former nominee for president of the republican party, 1996. 20 years ago. >>20 that's right. he had couple of critical things to say. but now early in the campaign but now he's completely marked and bought in. >> wearing a mike pence pin. >> big moment coming up. we're going to hear donald trump's wife.s see what many nominees have done is show up at the convention on monday night and speak. it's going to be to introduceod his wife. >> there he is. >> we're seeing donald trump in
7:22 pm
profile, shadow coming out with the lights behind him as -- the teleprompter rises on both sides of him. we know he's there tonight the crowd is going wild. this is the guy they came to see. donald j. trump. >> changing pictures behind him. >> thank you very much. we're going to we're going to win so big. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much.
7:23 pm
we're going to win so big.g thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. we're going to win so big. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to present the next first lady of the united states, my wife, an amazing mother, an incredible woman, melania trump. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> thank you.
7:24 pm
thank you very much. you have all been very kind to donald and me. to our young son and our whole family. it's a very nice welcome and we are excited to be with you at this historic convention. i'm so proud of your choice for president of the united states, my husband, donald j. trump. and i can assure you he's moved by this great honor. the 2016 republican primary were fierce and started with many candidates, 17 to be exact. and i know that donald agrees with me when i mention how talented of all -- talented all
7:25 pm
of them all. they. deserved the respect and gratitude from all of us. however, when it comes to my husband, i would say that i'm definitely biased and for a good reason. i have been with donald for 18 years and i have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. he never had a hidden agenda when he comes to his patriotism, because like this he loves this country very much. i was born in slovenia, a small, beautiful and then communist country in central europe. c my sister, who is an incredible woman and a friend and i were
7:26 pm
raised by my wonderful parents. my elegant and hard working mother amalia intro dueled me to fashion and beauty.n my father, victor, instilled in me a passion for business and travel. their integrity, compassion and intelligence reflect to this day on me and for my love of familyy and america. through my young years my parents impressed on me the value that you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people with respect, they showed me values and morals in their daily lives. that is a lesson that i continue to pass along to our son and we
7:27 pm
need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. i'm fortunate for my heritage but also for where it brought me today. i traveled the world while working hard in the incredible arena of fashion. after leaving and working in milan and paris i arrived in new york city 20 years ago and i suppose the joys and hardships of daily life. on july 28th, 2006, i was very
7:28 pm
proud to become citizen of the united states. the greatest country on planet earth. i cannot take the freedoms this country offers for granted. but these freedoms have come with a prize so many times. the sacrifices made by our veterans, are reminders to us of this. i would like to take a moment to recognize an amazing veteran, the great senator bob dole.
7:29 pm
and let us thank all of our veterans in the arena today and those across our great country. we are all truly blessed to be here. that will never i can tell you with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as i have known him. with all of my heart i know that he will make a great and lastint difference. donald has a great and deep and unbonding determination and a never give up attitude. i have seen him fight for years
7:30 pm
to get a project done or even started. and he does not give up. if you want someone to fight for you and your country, i can assure you, he's the guy. he will never, ever give up. and most importantly, he will never, ever let you down. donald is and always has been an amazing leader. now he will go to work for you. his achievements speak for themselves and his performance throughout the primary campaign proved that he knows how to win.
7:31 pm
he also knows how to remind -- remain focused on improving our country, on keeping it safe and secure. he's tough when he has to be but he's also kind and fair and caring. this kindness is not always noted, but if he's there for all to see. that is one reason i fell in love with him to begin with. donald is intensely loyal to family, friends, employees, country. he has the outlook respect for his parents, mary and fred to, his sister, marion and elizabeth, to his brother robert and to the memory of late brother, fred.r, his children have been cared for and mentored to the extent that
7:32 pm
even, they are an amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. there is a great deal of love in then trump family, that is our bond and that is our strength. which especially important when considering the presidentcy of the united states. no room for small thinking, no room for small results. donald gets things done. our country is underperforming and needs new leadership. leadership is also what the world needs. donald wants our country to move forward in the most positive of
7:33 pm
ways. everyone wants change. donald is the only one that can deliver it. we should not be satisfied with stagnation. donald wants prosperity for all americans. we need new programs to house the poor and opportunities to challenge the young. there has to be a plan for growth only then we'll see a result. my husband's experience exemplifies growth and successful passage of opportunity to the next generation. his success indicates inclusion rather than division. my husband offers a newe direction while change,e, prosperity and greater cooperation among peoples and
7:34 pm
nations. donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people. that includes christians and jews and muslims, it includes hispanic and african americans and asians and the poor and the middle class. throughout his career, donaldon has successfully worked with people of many faiths and with many nations. like no one else, i have seen the talent, the energy, the tendency, the resourceful mind and the simple goodness of the heart that god gave to donald trump. now is the time to use those
7:35 pm
gifts as never before, for purposes far greater than ever. and he will do this better than anyone else can. and it won't even be close. everything depends on it for our cause and for our country. people are counting on him, all the millions of you who have touched us so much been your kindness and your confidence. you have turned this unlikely campaign into a movement that is still gaining in strength and number. the primary season is behind us. let's all come together in a national campaign like no other.
7:36 pm
the race will be hard fought all the way to november. there will be good times and hard times and unexpected turns. it would not be a contest without excitement and drama. but without it all my husband will remain focused on only one thing, this beautiful country that he loves so much. he's been honored to serve as first lady i will use that wonderful privilege to try to help people in our country who need it the most. one of the many causes dear to my heart is helping children and
7:37 pm
women. you judge society how it treats its citizens.i we must do our best to ensure that every child can live in comfort and security with the best possible education. as a citizen of this great nation, it is kindness, love and compassion for each other that will bring us together and keep us together. these are the values donald and i will bring to the white house. my husband is ready to lead this great nation. he's ready to fight every day to give our children the better future they deserve.
7:38 pm
ladies and gentlemen, donald j. trump is ready to serve and lead this country as the next president of the united states. thank you and god bless you and god bless america. >> melania trump. the bride since 2005. he's walking from back stage, embracing his wife. kiss on the cheek. he's pointing at her. as if to say didn't she do a great job.ea the crowd is cheering as you can
7:39 pm
hear, we are the greatest. nice thumbs up. they are walking back across the stage. the wave. crowd has been very cordial i think you would describe to melania trump. they are happy to see her and happier to see him. donald trump on stage with his wife tonight. >> and they're showing mikee pence in the trump family box watching and now the crowd is waving their hats and cheeringch and i have to say, gwen, that was quite a -- quite a >> it was quite a speech. >> by the candidate's wife. >> we normally do not hear from on the first night of the convention. >> i. think you get the short straw what did you think? >> it was a real missed opportunity for the trump campaign. what the spouse can really do for you is to be sol date. soften the edges, he is special legal someone who is going to be have the highest dislike -- most
7:40 pm
disliked candidates in u.s. history at the top of the ticket had an opportunity tonight with his wife to be able to tell some specifics about what is the other story of donald trump. what don't you know about him. what are some things that can make people who maybe could give him a chance to say, you know what, he's not as bad as some of you might think. you know, maybe he has a tough image, she tried to say but then, what is it about him, why did you fall in love with him. >> i was going to say, domenico montanaro of npr joining us. amy walter the "cook political report," david brooks and she did say he loves his family and he's a good father, good -- loves his siblings and parents. >> when someone eulogizes me i did something specific,
7:41 pm
something funny, lot of platitudes. >> what do you think amy waltera >> you have to do two things.s throws remember that this is a woman who does not do public speaking at all. this is a person doing this in a foreign language and so i thinkk i have to give a little bit of that as well that this is goingi to be very big hurdle for her. that this is a very different challenge. i thinkt we're going to look for her really what she did was, she did soften some of the edges that have been coming into this. this is very angry, there was a lot of bluster she came in, she was the first person to be magnanimous to the people that donald had beaten. much softer side. it would have been nice to have gotten story or two. i would think you have to remember sort of who she is and the challenge that comes with doing this for the very first time in language that's not your own. >> david brooks, what do you
7:42 pm
think was behind the campaign putting her where she was. >> i do think so soften, i thought she did pretty well for inexperienced speaker she delivered slowly, well, in a measured tone. with some conviction, but there was no showing. so, you know, you want to know how did he propose, what is he like at breakfast in the morning, what is he like at noonday. these are not alien things for political campaigns, those were covered, you get a glimpse inside. you hunger for a glimpse inside especially from a guy who defined almost 99% by business. not by any aspect of his private life, yet when we think about our friends, how they conduct themselves. >> mark shields, one of the things that remains a little detail of the melania-donald trump that hillary and bill
7:43 pm
clinton attended their wedding. that doesn't hold any more, does it? doesn't tell us anything. >> it speaks volumes about all four. i think. the fact that the clintons went and the fact that the trumps invited them. that aside. the purpose of it was to soften and humanize him, i thought she did well, i think amy is absolutely right. it was a tough assignment for her. talking about the centerpiece of the first night, a character reference to say, let me tell you about the vulnerable, let me tell you something human about him. he's not always as sure as he seems. that never came >> a night with so much red meat, right? >> four yearsa ago when mitt romney was -- by the clinton campaign -- i'm sorry by the obama campaign, you know, you had these nights where you had
7:44 pm
people tell story after story about mitt romney going to people's bedsides and the mormon bishop, left wondering why didn't they do more of that because you learned so much. >> so let's see what happened hear from the other members ofs his family and other members involved in his life. i think you start to see a pattern that there aren't a lot of personal stories, that there isn't the ability to translate him from character tour into real person that is the difference. >> also possible that one of th> things he's trying to do is appeal to women. he made w specific appeal talkig how wanted to help women and children. don't generally hear about a l lot, that's what we think. >> the campaign says that there are -- to get to amy walter's point. he's unbeknownst to anybody he's gone helped somebody out. >> we heard a little of that from couple of people, it's clear that the night belonged to rudy
7:45 pm
if you read the headlines, we thought going into this it was going to be melania, it was rudy guiliani. >> we have a little bit more red meat on the floor, retired left make earl flynn, former director of defense intelligence and he's also for short moment maybe 24 hours, short list, a little longer -- short lister on thee vice president deep six list.s let's listen to him for a few. >> our new american century doer not risk its future on political correctness and senseless hyperbole. exactly. exactly. usa! you got it.
7:46 pm
you got it! that's exactly light. about this country, it's about this country, that's right. the time is now. to recognize our obligation that we have to the world, an obligation to lead the world with unwaivering integrity, renewed strength and unapologetic resolve. and with donald trump in theum white house we will make america great again! america once traditional, undisputed as world leader is now in jeopardy. it's in jeopardy, folks.
7:47 pm
the obama-clinton duo they failed our country by defying america's exceptionalism and betraying our nation's history and our founding fathers' revolutionary spirit. that established america on the principles of freedom and democracy. american exceptionalism was a core principle when the united states led and won our battles hundred doctrine, we led the allies to victory in world war vii against nazi germany. usa! usa! god help us, get fired up! you are right.
7:48 pm
i love it. i love it. we are the first country to put a man on the moon. we ended the cold war. and we stopped communism's quest for world domination. as ronald reagan said -- as ronald august ran said, and i quote, if we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. this is the last stand on earth. i love it. you guys are great.
7:49 pm
a centerpiece of american foreign policy was once the protection of the united states and its people and interestses around the world. sadly undercurrent leadership that is no longer the case. this cannot stand, period. we must recognize -- we must recognize that america as enemies in our homeland andla abroad. and our military needs to be capable of protecting the nation by finding and capturing our enemies. >> retired army lieutenant general michael flynn.
7:50 pm
delivering a little more red meat to the audience.e nothing to compare i think to rudy guiliani. lisa desjardins is on the floor right now she spoke a few moments ago with wisconsinco senator scott walker and his wife. >> i'm with scott walker and his wife. i want to start with you, you just heard melania trump you've been in her shoes. how do you think she did, what stood out for you about her remarks? >> i thought she was amazing. i thought she really told us exactly what she thinks about her husband, how she feels about him.h i think that she -- she would be a good first lady.y. >> you were not initially -- i wouldn't ask you right now, area you a trump support are or a hillary clinton supporter? >> i'm both. i'm for donald trump, i think you heard tonight in the coming nights why his family so
7:51 pm
important. his love for america for those who have had enough of barack obama policies, enough of hillary clinton and her thinkine turn, who is going to shake things up. >> are you going to stump for him specifically? >> i imagine wisconsin will be a battleground and other republicans in that state. >> what do you need to convince other republicans that we -- >> i think the best thing you can do talk about him and hillary clinton, what the differences between the two of them. and how you heard about from his wife talked about he's going to help every american not just republicans, but every american out there, the more he can talk about how help every day americans improve their life. which many americans feel unsafs in this country not just around the world, i think he'll do well. >> governor, thank you both.h
7:52 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you lisa. she's been climbing over boxes, under boxes, crouching on the ground to get interviews allge night long. that interview with scott walker was interesting. i'm trying to keep the number of staunch competitors. we saw chris christie wandering around. we saw rick perry speak. now just saw scott walker, who else was around as we've >> ben carson earlier. >> in our sky booth, domenico montanaro of the npr. mark, you've been listening to a number of retired military and former seals and parents everr
7:53 pm
seals, mother of a seal who was killed. is this -- what is the message that we are supposed to be b taking away? >> i think more than is testimonial of donald trump. tonight was on indictment of hillary clinton and the -- that was the case that was made. there was line by darryl flynn, the number of people of colorco who spoke, latino and african american which exceeds any republican convention i've ever been to. and the candidate for united states senate said hillary clinton, send her e-mail tell her that she deserves a bright orange jumpsuit. that's about as tough and raw as you're going to get. it's not the line of the evening was rudy guiliani when he said, in a trumpian fashion, what did i for new york, donald trump can
7:54 pm
do for america which was sort of a boastful -- >> the line of the conventionve tomorrow. domenico you were an elevator tonight with -- outside of one. tell us, he's going around, he was -- he wanted to be vicevi president really badly. but he seems in pretty good humor. >> now taking up the mantle of vetting donald trump's cabinet.a he is chairman of the transition as he was happy to tell everyone going in tonight one of the jobs happens to be attorney general, we'll see if he pulls a dick cheney and puts himself in there. he's playingment attack dog roll. he's backing donald trump and he said that what happens earlier today which he didn't see here in prime time after the rules vote on the floor, where theree was a little bit of chaos, you heard him basically say that these are people who are putting on some shenanigans, trying to t put on a show that's fine. but he dismissed them as professional politicians, leavei
7:55 pm
delegates on the floor not professional politicians i canci tell you this sun like any republican convention that i've been to. these are not -- this is not mitt romney's republican convention. this is more like everything i' seen when i covered tea party, i would be out doing live shots and lot of the similar, same kinds of people, grass roots, people excited to be at an event for the first time politically engaged for the first time.e. i was in the audience during the den gads see portion, you had -- benghazi that fired up that crowd just listening to him. >> striking you and others made the point how many first time delegates are here tonight. david brooks, when the theme of this night was supposed to be "make america safe again." you think we're going to feel the country is going to be safer under donald trump? >> i'm scareddo out of my mind, are you kidding? the emotional envelope here and
7:56 pm
certain emotions are welcome and are in full bore, certain emotions are very hard to play in this audience, maybe in this country. emotions like indignation get ramped up like law, set up, some what -- not going to take it any more that's the emotional tone of night. when guiliani comes out he's back to it. other emotions, softness, kindness, occasionally referencf to it not as emotionally.ot >> share another emotion that is going on behind us on the floor. there was a big build up to the arrival of donald trump introducing melania, now the air has gone slightly out of the balloon lot of empty seats.ts >> lot of empty seats and this sit. this is prime time. and this is the time where you want to show, most americans are tuning in, these are our best, longest speakers, they're goingi to make the case for donald trump now looks like we're
7:57 pm
actually going to go over time with the flynn speech not close to being done right yet here. missed opportunity i think, up until this point looked like a very well run convention in terms of sticking to time. now we're hitting a very different roadblock.nt >> we should say that in the briefings we were given by convention, they emphasized how important it was to get out of the program by 11:00 because they know many people turn off their tv and go to bed. they wanted to get it all out. it isn't quite working out that way. >> nobody is turning us off, we know that. t >> no, no. >> hope not.. >> didn't mean to suggest it at all. >> i do want to -- >> don't touch that dial. >> running a convention is important and running it on time. i recall vividly in 1929 ronald reagan's last moment at the
7:58 pm
republican convention whennt george w. bush was in trouble running for re-election they gave pat buchanan, the right wing of the party was -- with george h.w. bush he went over, when meagan was put last came out in the first he looked at his watch as he's being introduced. being cheered. 11:05. meaning that a lot of stations cut away. >> we have to be fair first introduction most people had toe bill clinton was in the is the 88 convention. he talked for 45 minutes.. he had to apologize or make joke on tonight show. >> to be fair turned out the future of the party. >> and bill clinton was the future that have party. t >> amy >> i think i would be struck by compared to presumptive -- >> i shouldn't have gone to you
7:59 pm
right now we need to take a break. we are going to do this for our npr stations. special pbs "newshour" npr coverage we'll be back. >> on the podium here at the republican national convention,v beginning to wrap up now. we just finished a couple of very high profile we heard from the former new york city mayor rudy guiliani gave a very powerful address. got all kinds of applause. strong reaction. we also heard from the candidate's wife, donald trump's wife, melania trump, not someone who has been very comfortable in the spotlight on the campaign trail, it was a big deal to see her come out and endorse her husband, try to paint a personal picture of him. she called her husband, and try to make the case in part why
8:00 pm
donald trump can be the candidate for women.n special coverage from pbs and npr. >> if you are just joining us, this is live coverage of the republican national convention from npr and the pbs "newshour." i'm judy woodruff. >> i'm gwen ifill. we are still here in the hall joined by our npr and pbs "newshour" colleagues and our conversation up here in our booth with domininco montana row. mark shields, from the cb -- pbs "newshour" and david brooks.da from the "new york times." i'm t sorry just before we went away for a moment, amy, you had a very deep and important thought. >> the contrast between this


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