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tv   PBS News Hour Convention Coverage  PBS  July 20, 2016 5:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> once considered a longshot. >> great state of florida. >> great state of connecticut. >> the great state of california! >> the republican party made it official. >> and it's my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top. >> congratulations, dad. we love you. >> trying to unite a fractured party. >> what do you say we unify this party at this crucial moment when unity is everything. >> and defeat hillary clinton. >> it is our obligation to stop hillary clinton now and never let her get within 10 miles of the white house again. >> tonight, day three of the republican national convention. who is the republican party?
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>> good evening, welcome to the special pbs newshour, mpr conference. i'm. >> ifill:ued -- . >> woodruff: we're joined here in the sky booth by amy walter of the cook political report, syndicated columnist mark shields and the "new york times" david brooks. they're all here with us. >> near the podium in front of the hall is rachel martin and on the floor, the newshour's lisa dez dins and -- desjar dins and susan davis. the third night starts after had short break. >>funding for this program has been provided by:
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>> bnsf railway. >> ifill: well examine bac back -- welcome back. convention planners tell us the theme tonight is make america safe again. we'll hear from newt gingrich, senator ted cruz. another trump son and culminat culminating with the vice presidential nominee mike pence. leading off this evening is governor rick scott of florida. let's listen to him. >> we need a president who is not afraid of washington.
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we need a president who doesn't believe government is the answer to every problem. we need a president who recognizes that great countries have foreigners. we need a president who will bring american jobs back to america. we need a president who is not afraid to say "radical islamic terrorism." and we need a president who wipes isis off the face of the earth. and not every one of these measures -- and on every one of these measures, hillary clinton fails, she fails, she fails.
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america is worth fighting for. let's make america great again. let's elect donald trump the next president of the united states of america. [ cheering and applause ] >> once again, that was the audience chanting along with florida governor rick scott saying lock her up. that's been the chant of this convention. starting with chris cristie last night and continuing again tonight, we'll see whether they do that. they're about to introduce radio host laura ingraham.
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let's listen to her for a few minutes getting a big, big, big reception here in the hall. >> hey, everybody. i love you back. thank you. oh, sit down. you all may know me from tv and radio but my kids know me by my most important name, "mom." i am a single mother of three
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adopted children. they're watching in minnesota right now. and -- hi, kids -- and i'm here tonight supporting donald trump, because like most americans, i refuse to leave my kids a country that is worse off than the ones that my parents left me. now, my grandparents were polish immigrants. my parents, they grew up in depression era new england. my dad, he enlisted in the navy in world war ii. my mom, she waited tables until she was 73 years old.
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my dad, he worked at a car wash. my parents flew the flag at our house, and not just on the fourth of july. and they skimped and saved. my mother made my clothes. she wore the same winter coat for 40 years. any extra money in our house went into the bank for our education. and we learned that there is dignity in every job. every job. no matter what you do. my brothers, they picked tobacco
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and delivered newspapers. i picked blueberries and raked lawns. we did what we had to do. you see, my parents didn't believe there were jobs that americans wouldn't do. in the early 70's, i was a little kid, and i remember watching the news with my mom that night and one night, i asked her, i said, "mom, why are people burning the american flag?" and she looked at me and she answered, "honey, because their parents didn't teach them about respect." you would have loved my mother.
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respect. respect. we see it in decline in america once again. the people don't respect the government. the government doesn't respect the people. not even our veterans. politicians, they don't respect the constitution. many do not respect the life of the infant in the womb or the elderly who languish alone. others, they don't respect the police. the men and women who risk their lives every day for every one of
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us. and many in public office, we know this all too well, don't we? many in public office don't enforce or respect the rule of law. isn't that right, mrs. clinton? too many citizens and noncitizens don't respect our laws either. many of our allies, they don't respect us anymore. my friends, it is really sad,
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it's heartbreaking to see this happen to the country that we love. this is our home. it belongs to us. to our children, to our grandchildren. it's where our dead are buried. and we deserve better and we can do better. wake up! donald trump understands that we have to turn this around. we have to restore respect across all levels of society. unlike us, hillary clinton believes the status quo is just fine, because she helped create it.
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donald trump knows a nation without borders is not a nation at all, but hillary clinton, ah, she doesn't believe in borders. donald trump knows that a country must put its citizens first. its own people first and what about hillary clinton? hillary clinton thinks america is just another nation in a global order. donald trump, he understands that america's greatness -- . >> woodruff: laura ingraham, radio talk show host, has this crowd listening to her when she mentions the name hillary clinton, mark shields, they kick it up and they start with the refrain "lock her up" again. >> lock her up has become the substitute. there's no chant, at least i
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haven't heard it yet, of trump/pence, trump/pence, like there was for regan/bush which was sort of the default chant at most convention physical you chant the ticket's name -- conventions if you chant the ticket's name. that obviously has become it. she got a bigger reception than many of the political figures, certainly than mitch mcconnell did or paul ryan last night. >> ifill: it should be pointed out as david brooks says that rush limbaugh is more well known in this room probably than mike pence, so does that mean they're finally figuring out how to get this kicked off from the beginning, david? >> laura felt people were hesitating. she was right with it. she stayed with her comments strongly. this is the perfect trump speech. it's got the nostalgia, essential cultural dignity for members of the white working class, they feel they've lost and it's also the we-take-car
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we-take-care-of-our-own message. the politicians have been given giving the political stuff. she's got the psychology down. >> woodruff: amy walters, there's echoes of chris cristie and rudy jewell jewell in here. >> i've been to a lot of conventions. i've heard all kinds of speeches where you, you know, you criticize your opponent, or muck your opponent. i don't think i've ever been anywhere where i've seen the level like this. honestly, it's -- i don't think it's good for anyone or anything regardless of party and i would hope that we're not going to see the same thing on the democratic side with this level of hatred toward one person. it's not good for our politics. it's not certainly good for any hope of bringing this country back together after what is going to be a very scorched-earth campaign. the laura ingraham piece is also interesting because there are a lot of folks in the
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establishment who say this is part of the reason why the party is cracked up, that any chance the republican party has to make up any sort of compromise on any issue especially in immigration was derailed in large part because of talk radio, that she encampuses -- encompasses basically another wing of the republican party. >> ifill: laura is national public radio. we'll be coming back to this question over and over again tonight, is what is? who are the republicans? what's this begin to tell us? >> laura ingraham is pretty clear on what she wants the republican party to be. there are a lot of other supporters of trump who have tried to fit him into their template of republicanism and say oh sure, he talks this way but really he's a conservative. she's pretty clear he's not. the republican party should be a white working class party and should be a nationalist party. she's pretty clear on that. this wasn't just an us versus
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them thing, this was an us versus her piece. very, very targeted, not at a group of people, but at one person and that's why i think the chanting, the lock her up, lock her up is so powerful, because it's all directed at one person. >> ifill: the one thing we saw her do is look at the camera, laura ingraham and point at hillary clinton. >> woodruff: the message -- you want to say one quick point? >> if the democrats have any imagination or any sense, i hope that right now that they're writing funny lines. this has been a convention without humor. there hasn't been a laugh in this hall. there's not been an intended nothing. there's been no self-deprecating lines. there's been nothing funny. no point to put a smile on people's faces. >> no lightness. >> i wonder if the democrats following up on amy's good point is going to follow that
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intensity of the scorched-earth rhetorical policy with donald trump, donald trump. >> to listen to the trump people talk, they say that we're not laughing because there's nothing to laugh about the times are too serious and that's the achord they seem to be striking in this hall. >> woodruff: that's right. >> two words, abraham lincoln. he served at the most difficult time in the nation's history. >> woodruff: david, i keep trying to think of when was the last time we had an election with this mood where there was just -- i mean, maybe there's going to be some humor tonight, something light, but where there's just been this relentless negativity, criticism as all of you are describing. >> everyone is afraid of appearing out of touch. if you're not in a total panic, you're not totally driven by anger, fear and hatred, suddenly you don't get in touch with the times. that's understated. the lock her up thing, i remember in 1998 when the republicans were completely
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confident they had bill clinton at that point totally on the ropes. they were furious at bill clinton. they overplayed their hand, and that could be happening. on the other hand, maybe the times are different and the lock her up thing really does work. i'm uncertain about that. >> woodruff: amy walter, are they overplaying their hand? >> i think we're not going to find that out until after we go through her convention as well and you see the contrast between the two, but i will be very curious to see how voters out there -- and i think they may still be trying to take this all in, really feel about it. we're not going to see nor should we trust much polling before we get to the end of hillary clinton's convention. >> woodruff: good point. very good point. we know hillary talked about love and kindness. she tried to contrast herself to donald trump in every way. stylelicically and the mood. i would be very surprised if the democratic convention say mirror image in this in terms of
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darkness. >> ifill: we need to step away for a few moments. this is our special coverage of the new npr and cbs newshour coverage of republican national convention. stay with us. we'll be back in one minute. i remember getting a call from bob clarke of abc saying "bob, you're going to be the nominee for vice president" i said, "no, all the press is down the hall waiting for john conley to come out and accept the nomination." but they all had it figured out wrong. >> i didn't expect to receive a phone call this morning, but i'm
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very pleased that we were in. i'm very proud to be on the ticket with president ford for many, many reasons. >> ifill: we're now joined by matthew. you have arrived in our booth at the most unfortunate moment, because they're jeering the media as we speak. i'm very -- . >> woodruff: shocking. shocking. >> ifill: imagine that? i'm curious as to how your thoughts are about this convention. what does this convention tell you about who the republicans are? >> two things i think are significant from my vantage point, one, it's a personality that's taken over the republican party. donald trump has taken the party level in a national level, not a state or local level. it's his party. secondly, i worked on the other side of convention , partisan
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side of it, either democrat or republican or covered it, this is the most strangest energy of a convention i've ever seen. it doesn't feel like a convention that everybody is going to walk out of here and say i can't wait to get donald trump elected. he's the best thing in the world. even mitt romney as you saw and people thought he had applause -- they left the convention. they were going out. they were going to give all their effort they could. i don't feel that here. and then half the convention doesn't seem to care about anyone but anyone except for people that have a last name trump in the course of this. and so i think you're witnessing a complete personality that's taken over the republican party. >> woodruff: what's that mean going into the fall election, matt dowd? how does donald trump take this anger and turn it into something bigger than just the folks in this hall? >> well, he's going -- he's going to have to -- it'll all rides and fall on him it's not
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as if he's got great infrastructure that will push him over the finish line. it'll completely rise and fall on donald trump and donald trump's abilities. after thursday, the real matters that will -- the real things that will matter is the debates. that'll be the ultimate determinative in this race. because he's created -- he made a complete personality contest, it's easy for people to split their ticket after him. this is not a wave election, i don't think we're going see on either side it. the two domenant personalities are so defined it won't be a race that all the ballots will go one way or all the ballots on the other. i think people could easily distinguish between the top and every other race on the ballot. >> ifill: matthew dowd is joining us along with mark shields and david shield shields -- david brooks. thank you for joining us. i wonder if anything matthew
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dowd just said rings a bell with you, david? >> i'm reminded of a convention you were involved with where we had compassionate conservative and democracy promotion abroad and free trade. what happened? >> the party isn't the same party. george w. bush said the other day, he had a fear he was going to be the last republican presidential elected. i think what he meant was not that there wouldn't ever be a republican elected but the republican he understood in the course of this. i think we're faced -- we have this convention and we're going to finish it out, and i think the success of this convention is totally determinative by thursday night. i remember tracking the democratic convention and tracking polls going democratic convention in 2000, nothing else changed in the polls on monday, tuesday or wednesday night. al gore gave a speech. the polls moved eight points within 48 hours. >> woodruff: good point. >> he still has a chance, but i think that there's a -- i think in the aftermath of this year, i
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think for both parties fundamentally, because i think this'll be an accelerator year to something new. i'm optimisticeven though we feel like we're in a complete disruptive state, i'm optimistic because i think the country will be very dissatisfied with the choice they have in the fall. >> laura and mark? >> let me ask you, listen to family members offer personal testimony and we heard the son from the first marriage, daughter from the second marriage and wife from the third marriage. i mean is that -- i mean, this is a family values party, and i mean, and yet we're going sit and listen and accept that as family values that this is sort of par for the course for a presidential candidate that will be our personality? i think that the days that this was a party defined by the social conservative movement that sort of came with ronald regan, moves with ronald regan and increased with power over the course is history. i either social conservatives
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have advocated there what they really thought were the most important issues. of course, donald trump fundamentally doesn't stand for the social conservative issues. i don't think anyone could argue that with all the positions he's held in the course of this, but, again, i think utilizing all the family members and not utilizing other leaders of the country really fundamentally, this is about donald trump. this is not about the republican party. donald trump is a republican. he's running as the republican party. he's defining the republican party. it's fundamentally trump. >> ifill: i heard donald trump jr. say today he thought this idea that someone needed to humanize donald trump sr. was about pannedering and that really this was a different kind campaign and we were to do things differently. >> i knew a lot of people that came into this convention saying donald trump will rebrand himself and redefine himself but that's impossible. this is not like most candidates coming into convention that are sort of known and then they could be defined in different ways in different parts of them throughout the course of the
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convention. everyone knows who donald trump is fundamentally, whether they like it or dislike it, they know who he is. i think the republican establi establishment expected to hear that. they wanted to hear, oh, he'll be redefined. donald trump won't be redefined over the course of this. we know for 15 seconds or two minutes he can do something slightly different but he's who he is, he's a gut instinct, totally runs on intuition, i don't think that'll change. >> i agree with that, he's a one-man band. the other really interesting thing that will happen tonight, the subtext, the battle for what happens to the republican party after this election never have we gone to a convention where "20/20" is such a huge -- 2020 is such a huge subject. so many people are jockeying for the next race because so many people think he's going to lose. you'll hear from ted cruz who's got the most advanced infrastructure for the next time already and he's going to start to define, i think, what the republican party is going to look like post-trump. and i think he's going to try to absorb and co-op some of the trumpism , because that's where
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the party is, it's not just this one-off black-swan event of a billionaire celebrity who came and hijacked it. what he was selling, there was a market for it in the party. >> i think the speech that i think most people i talked to are interested in hearing is ted cruz' speech, not mike pence's speech. i would guess that -- ted cruz has roughly 600 delegates that are here and a lot of them voted for him. i think it's bizarre. i don't know why donald trump is going to let ted cruz speak. >> and not knowing whether he was going to endorse him in advance. >> all of ted cruz' lieutenants were in the course of this. it senses in the beginning how much he puts a stamp on that and brands this a 2020 race in the course of this if i were the candidate running this, there's no way i would allow for that to happen. >> woodruff: don't you think did he that though because he needs the conservative? ted cruz helps him reach the
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conservatives. >> isn't that what mike pence is doing? >> woodruff: it is what mike pence is supposed to be doing but ted cruz is where their hearts are. >> i don't understand it fully. like most politicians, they want to be loved and liked by everybody. they want to sell themselves to everybody. i want to get ted cruz on board. ted cruz won't get up there and say anything that some social conservative was like, i wonder if i should vote for donald trump. ted just said it was all fine so i'm going to vote for donald trump. i think it's some sort of -- it's not about the election because i don't think ted scrus going to be determinative. i actually think ted cruz would be a worse candidate in a national election than donald trump would be. i think he's got many more fundamental flaws as a candidate personality and an issue base that doesn't fit the public. >> matt? >> if, in fact, all politicians want to be loved, ted cruz has failed miserably at that mission in the united states senate. if i'm not mistaken, one of your first involvements was in 1976
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with lloyd? >> it was in 1988 with lloyd benson. >> i'm sorry, '88 where he got vice presidential -- how good of a choice was mike pence for donald trump in your judgment? you've been through this several times, and what should hillary clinton do? >> well, i think it was the best of his limited choices. donald trump had very few choices i think involved in this. it's not the choice if i were recommending it i would have made. i thought he should have gone to a woman, someone like joancy i in -- joannie ernst. i think it was a one-week pick. the pick of mike pence was basically calming everybody down leading into the convention. i could deal with this after this, he won't have any effect on geography or demsmogography in the course of thi this -- demsmogography in the course of this. it makes some people feel that donald trump will have at least some adults in the group. i'm not surprised if donald
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trump tomorrow night lists out other people he will appoint. i'm going to put this person here and that person there. it underlines the fact there are other adults. >> ifill: we're going down to the podium right now. we're in the process of hearing from florida attorney general. >> louisiana now more than ever loved back our law enforcement. they have our backs and donald trump will have your backs. but today, these laws are under siege by a president determined to ignore laws he doesn't like
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and by a former secretary of state who believes the laws don't apply to her. and by the way, she deserves no security clearance. how do you become president of the united states when you have no security clearance? this lawlessness must stop right here right now. donald trump will stop it. lock her up, i love that. stay with me. donald is going to roll back obama's unconstitutional executive orders -- hang
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on -- donald is going to roll back obama's unconstitutional orders, he will enforce our immigration laws to keep us safe while allowing legal immigrants to bless this nation with their talents and their dreams and california, texas, new mexico, arizona, donald trump will take control of our borders. >> woodruff: we're listening to pam bondi who is the attorney general of the state of florida. we want to go out to the streets of cleveland right now where npr's kirk seigler has been reporting on some of the protests. they've been going on all week. i guess, kirk, today, they reached a little bit more of a critical mass.
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>> reporter: that's right, judy. today was really the first big one that we've seen. there was slightly smaller one yesterday, but a little bit more action today. still largely peaceful. where i'm standing here in the public square, you can see some police on horseback behind me. this is where the protests are typically starting and then a lot of times they'll head down euclid have. now -- avenue. now, it's interesting that the police for the most part are letting protesters walk the streets and they're letting protests happen. as they say the free speech rights. there was a bit of a skirmish earlier today. they did news where a flag-burning protest got a little bit heated, as you could imagine, as delegates walking into the republican national convention a couple of blocks from here seeing the flag being burned, but really, minor skirmishes. aside from that, 17 arrests, but so far, we've only seen just as of right now less than two dozen arrests which is pretty remarkable and can be in part
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attributed to some of the tactics by police, i think. they're really using this overwhelming force, but it's a very soft force, as you can see behind me, the police are, you know, all around and throughout the day, they're all around and there's a huge presence but things are relatively peaceful so far. >> ifill: kirk, we know there's been -- you say "soft force," but streets are blocked for blocks and blocks around town. the city is basically shut down and we also expected perhaps a little bit more of an uprising or something leading up to today and i don't -- i should knock on wood or something, but it seems like it's not been as much of a threat so far had perhaps been anticipated? >> reporter: that's exactly right, and that is very interesting and remarkable, in fact, the police sent out a tweet just a few minutes ago, the cleveland police saying that actually part of the issue at some of these demonstrations like the one earlier that got a little bit out of hand is that
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there are so many media, the police say, getting in, trying to get footage of this and things get even more complicated for the police. but it is, as i said, pretty remarkable, given the mood of what's been going on right now, and a lot of anxieties and concerns possible violence at the rnc that so far, any way as you say, we haven't seen anything really get out of hand. things have been mostly peaceful and as i said, just under a couple dozen arrests so far and most of those have been minor. >> woodruff: we should all be thankful for that and hope it stays that way through the rest of this convention and the next one. kirk seigler down in just near the convention center, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. >> ifill: now, let's go down t to -- right now, they're airing a video about the anniversar
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anniversary -- apollo 11. we're going to describe for our radio audience what we're seei seeing. >> one giant leap for mankind, we celebrate the memory and selfless courage of neil armstrong and the apollo 11 team and were armstrong here tonight, he would remind us of all of those who came before him to make his journey into history possible. like those two young brothers from just down the road to in dayton, orville and wilbur invented the first successful airplane in history in the back of their bicycle shop. before we knew it the race for space was on by 1958, the nation committed to wining and nasa was born. the skies were no longer the limit, america aimed for the moon and the stars. and while all that was happening
5:37 pm
another young hero from cambridge, ohio, was writing his own chapter, a decorated fighter pilot and combat veteran, john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth on february 20th, 1962. soon, brave women emerged beyond breaking glass ceilings, they broke sound barriers and the earth's atmosphere. i believe you'll meet one of them in a moment. at the age of 23, eileen collins became the first female flight instructor in the history of the united states air force. in 1995, colonel collins became the first woman to pilot the space shuttle. later, she became the first to command a space shuttle mission. then after the nation grieved our loss of space shuttle columbia, eileen collins fearlessly led our first mission back into space. when she brought it back safely, the whole world breathed a sigh of relief.
5:38 pm
america's astronauts striving to see their country achieve greatness, inspired by those star-lit skies on clear nights and the accomplishments of those pioneers who preceded them. what is it about this great country where so many have risked so much and traveled so far into the heavens? there are many answers in the eyes of these brave men and women, but there is one they all share in their hearts, they love their country so deeply they were willing to risk their lives to keep it strong and make it great. so when you look to the heavens tonight, take a minute to thank god for each and every one of them and say an extra prayer that the u.s. will soon reclaim its rightful place as the leader in space exploration, because we will summon the courage and strength to make america great again. so when future astronauts look up to the night sky and dream of taking their turn, they will
5:39 pm
know that their country is waiting for them. greatness abounds and once again the stars are the limit! >> please welcome colonel eileen collins, the first woman to command a space shuttle mission. >> good evening. it's great to be here with you tonight. thank you. from the moment the first pilgrims arrived on our shores, americans have been asking "what's next?" we are a nation built by the passions of people who weren't afraid to do something first, to step into the unknown and to pave our own way forward.
5:40 pm
we are a nation of explorers. in 1961, president kennedy issued a challenge to america, to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. in 47 years ago on this very day neil armstrong and buzz aldron answered that call and they walked on the moon. and they took with them an american flag and a plaque bearing the inscriptions "here men from planet earth first set foot upon the moon, july 1969." we came in peace for all manki
5:41 pm
mankind. we landed on the moon to fulfill a leadership challenge and to explore. we know that exploration leads to invention, innovation and discovery. for example, our successful robotic missions to mars, jupiter and pluto have provided valuable information about our own planets, but in 2011, the space shuttle program ended. the last time the united states launched our own astronauts from our own soil was over five years ago. we must do better than that. countries that are strong are countries that explore, invent and discover to remain resilient in a changing world.
5:42 pm
i'm honored to have played a role in our nation's heritage of explorers is the first woman to command a space shuttle mission joining the ranks of those that have fought to lead the way. thanks. and we are all so proud of our apollo program that put our astronauts on the moon first in peace for all mankind, nations that lead on the frontier lead in the world. we need that visionary leadership again. leadership that will inspire the next generation of explorers to have that same passion. we need leadership that will ask americans -- americans will ask again what's next? we need leadership that will make america's space program first again.
5:43 pm
and we need leadership that will make america great again. i want to thank all of you. thank you for what you're doing. god bless america. >> woodruff: that was eileen collins, a former astronaut, the first woman to command a space shuttle mission, the prepared remarks had her saying at the end that leader is donald trump. we didn't hear her say that i don't know, gwen, if that was an oversight or something else we should know about. >> ifill: now we're going to go down to the floor and talk lisa desjardins. >> reporter: one of what we see on the stage and what we've heard tonight, sort of the red meat. the best example of that is when
5:44 pm
laura ingraham spoke and flanked on either side of her was a picture of donald trump with his fists raised. her speech was all about a more aggressive republican party. republicans here tell me they think their leaders have been too weak. that's level one as you hear the crowd and the speeches. number two is when you sit down and talk to the delegates one-on-one. then you hear something a little different. some concerns not coming across on the stage. things like the opioid epidemic. things like obamacare which we've heard mentioned but certainly not brought up in the way it was four years ago, the cost of everyday lives, that's on the minds of delegates here, they think, again, the leadership hasn't been strong enough, but i think it's just as important to note that what we're hearing on the stage is different sometimes on what is on -- than what is on delegates' minds. gwen? judy? >> woodruff: thank you, lisa. rachel martin is on the floor. she's been taking the pulse of some of the delegates.
5:45 pm
rachel? >> reporter: you heard lisa talk about how the delegates she's been speaking with say they want a firmer, boulder, more aggressive republican party. i have spoken to some delegates. we were talking to people in particular about donald trump's policy positions -- foreign policy positions and suggested he would take a more aggressive posture when it comes to foreign policy and military intervention perhaps even deploying ground troops into iraq and syria to defeat isis. when i talked to people about this, do you support that idea of more troops into these very complicated war zones? some people say, yes. absolutely have to send in more troops. you have to defeat the terrorists once and for all, this kind of years he along policy that they -- years he along policy that they prescri prescribe. interestingly i spoke with one woman who is here just for the day from michigan -- kind of a tourist actually -- she says this is what gives her pause. she supports donalds trump but doesn't trust him on national
5:46 pm
security issues. she actually said her husband is so distrustful of donald trump on national security, he's not voting. he's going to go, he'll show up, but he's going to vote down tickets. he's going to leave the presidential ticket area blank. he won't check that box. >> woodruff: fascinating. fascinating. >> ifill: it is. rachel, thank you. we also want to hear from npr's susan davis who is working another part of the floor. susan? >> reporter: hey, judy, how are you doing? tonight is supposed to be about mike pence, the indiana governor the vice presidential nominee a lot of buzz around here of people i've spoken with is about ted cruz. he's not expected to endorse donald trump in his speech : i was hanging out with the texas delegates today. they went to an event with ted cruz. they arrived earlier today. they said it sounded like a campaign event. there's been a lot of talk about ted cruz that made no secret woe run for president again in 2020 if there's an opportunity there. some of the delegates i spoke with today said at the campaign
5:47 pm
event, there were lots of chants of 2020 in that room. >> ifill: susan davis for us on the floor getting a sense of what is going on. lisa martin and lisa desjardins. thank you very much. we're joined by tony perkins in our sky booth. welcome, too. >> good evening. >> tony is president of the family research council. who are the republicans right now? are they what we're seeing in this hall? are they what we're seeing on the stage or is it what we're seeing somewhere else entirely? >> all of the above. >> ifill: tell me about that. >> the republican party is a big party. there's a lot of -- as you've seen some of the speak soars far this week -- a lot of difference -- speakers so far this week -- a lot of difference and a lot of diversity from the speakers. i think the party is coming around an idea, a message, a concern about the future of this country and i think when the
5:48 pm
they leave here and we're seeing it happen, i'm also a delegate from my home state of louisiana, what we're seeing happening is republicans are coalescing around donald trump and his nomination and i think they want to get behind him and help him make america great again. >> woodruff: reluctantly or enthusiastically? gee reluctant coming in. like myself if, a ted cruz support -- like myself, i was a ted cruz supporter. campaigned with ted cruz around the country. the contrast between the two candidates and certainly party flat forms -- platforms, there's a clear contrast. i think conservatives are coming to understand they have two choices. donald trump or hillary clinton. >> woodruff: tony perkins, why do you think there's been so much -- frankly it seems like anger and negativity coming from the floor of this convention? sort of the repeated chants, "lock her up" about hillary clinton. do you feel good about that message being so far was the
5:49 pm
main message of this? >> i don't think that's the main message but i've heard it i have said all along and i've communicated this to the trump campaign is that in the end, we can't scare enough conservatives to the polls with what a hillary administration would look like, we have to inspire them way vision of what america could be again. and i am looking forward to tonight with mike pence speaki speaking. i'm looking forward to tomorrow night when donald trump speaks to cast that voicing what america could be. >> ifill: david brooks? >> which of the christian virtues do you think trump best embodies? humility? grace? charity? gratefulness? >> i think what it comes down to is a lot of the evangelicals weren't with donald trump in the primary. some were. it was an elastic term evangelical. >> woodruff: he likes to point
5:50 pm
out he won the evangelicals. >> he didn't. he got 40%. 60% didn't vote for herm. the term evangelical are those that went to church on a weekly basis. they vote ford ted cruz. it's a broad term, but -- voted for ted cruz. it's a broad term but to answer your question, i think it's a concern over what happened in this country over the last 7 1/2 years where we've seen a constant drumbeat, a constant attack on religious freedom whether it's the little sisters of before, hobby lobby, bakers or florists that he's stood up to the political correct crowd and i think the one attribute that's drawn people to him is courage and that's something that's in short supply in the political class in america. >> woodruff: but do you think donald trump really cares about social issues? he says he thinks people should go to whatever bathroom they want -- . >> he walked it back a little. >> he walked it back a little. doesn't seem to be in his dna to care about those issues? >> no, but if you look at what's
5:51 pm
happened throughout this campaign, he's made some statements that were out of sync with social conservatives, for instance on the abortion issue on how women should be punished no pro-life leader has ever said such a thing. he was approached about that communicative -- he said that's not the right answer. he changed his position. look, he wasn't my first choice, but here's where we are. we have a choice between hillary clinton, we know what her administration will look like, the kind of judges she would pick. she is not spending his adult life speaking about the issues that i have the last 20 years. you ask him how to build a building and get a permit and he could tell you that, but he couldn't tell you about policy issues, but he's listening and that's a key element of learning. he's listening to people who know. i'm optimistic that he can put together a very solid campaign and he could attract those to help him be successful. >> the platform has been called the most pro-life platform ever written for the republican party
5:52 pm
by susan b. anthony lists among others and your own judgment is the mood of the country there's no doubt about it on the acceptance of gays and lesbians and same-sex marriage has been almost velocity unprecedented. and are we fighting the last war i mean, really? >> 20 years a they were saying the same thing on the life issue. >> i don't think they said the same thing on the life issue. >> you couldn't get a republican cantate hardly that would come out -- candidate hardly that would come out pro-life. in this election cycle, of the 17, only one wasn't overtly pro-life. that issue has made a lot of ground in the last 43 years. it's an issue of -- that when you talk about a mother taking the life of her own child it violates nature. the same thing with marriage, that issue won't go away with republicans. by the way, there was a great piece in the huffington post today of analyzing the actual languish -- language, i was on the platform committee and i
5:53 pm
helped write it -- all the too talk about being anti-lgbt, the huffington post said, no, it really wasn't if you read it, yes, it's pro. natural marriage. it's not anti-lgbt. >> can a make a statement? >> go back to the character issues. scripture doesn't say anything about lgbt bathrooms or anything like that. it says a lot about character it says a lot about certain thresholds. >> would you suggest to social conservatives they stay home and not be involved in the election given they have two options? >> i probably would, as a matter of fact. >> in the. >> lou: scandal -- in the lewinsky scandal, there was a lot of talk about character. >> i have two choices before me, i have a choice of hillary clinton which we believe would be a continuation of barack obama's administration and the policies. we see the policies she bushed when she was secretary of state. did she advance religious freedom around the country? absolutely not. we know what we get with her.
5:54 pm
were we celebrating donald trump in the primaries? no. we were not. but he's the other option. i believe he can get it right, if he surrounds himself with the right people. he's pulling some people in. he's listening. i think it's a better option. >> the fact he's invited transgender kaitlyn jenner as his guest to the election is that reassuring to social conservatives? >> there's not animosity as some would like to portray between social conservatives and people who choose a different lifestyle. we're talking about policy. the substantive policy conversations that have taken place have been in terms of what we see on the platform. he's not dissed the platform. in fact what he's advocated for -- and his people helped pass one of the amendments i put on the platform involving the johnson amendment to make sure churches have the right to fully engage in free speech and speak into the political issues. >> ifill: we're going to wrap it up there. >> woodruff: i think we are. tony perkins coming around reluctantly but coming around to donald trump. we'll see what happens.
5:55 pm
thank you very much for coming to talk to us. >> thank you for having me. >> woodruff: we appreciate it. >> ifill: now we're going to go down to the floor where our susan davis of npr is meeting with a delegate who is going to talk about the marquis speech of the night, mike pence, who is going to be nominated, took the nomination as vice president. susan? >> reporter: this is mike mcdonnell, delegate from indiana. he almost ran his first campaign for congress. what does mr. pence bring to this ticket? >> i think he brings expertise in service and leadership and the executive branch skill we should have going to washington, d.c.. >> reporter: what do you see -- does it hurt your feelings or hurt the indiana delegation's feelings of the reports mike pence might not have been his first pick and maybe donald trump had second thoughts about him? >> i don't think anyone's verified about that. no, it doesn't hurt our feelings. he made the right call. that's what is important. >> reporter: a lot of talk about
5:56 pm
the delegates in the field tonight that they want to hear more about the jobs and the economy? do you expect to hear more? >> you'll hear about that you'll hear about the indiana miracle and the great jobs -- we're number one in the midwest, number five in the country. that's a strong story to tell. i think they'll turn mike loose in the rest of the states saying we can do it throughout all of america. >> reporter: we'll leave it there. thank you very much. >> woodruff: we're back up now in the booth here. >> ifill: we were having a conversation a few moments ago. would you like to share it with the audience? >> i was talking about mike pence, david, about an observation. they spent six seconds together at the announcement. you wonder geographically and demographically how much of a boost he's going to be for the ticket. i thought it was rather fascinating observation.
5:57 pm
it was a natural union, it looked like. >> woodruff: more delegates are interested in hearing from ted cruz tonight than they are vice presidential nominee. amy, a few seconds before we go to a break? you could weigh in on all of this? >> i just thought it was fascinating to see how hard it was for tony perkins to embrace donald trump. you could see how difficult of a position he was in which was basically saying i have no other choice. it's hillary clinton or donald trump or stay home and i think he personifies much of where, um some of the traditional republican base is right now. >> woodruff: it comes back to david's question about character. david, he came back at him and said what about character and reminded everybody about bill clinton and impeachment. it does come down to that. >> a lot of christians are split on this tony perkins took one
5:58 pm
side. there are others like me that have taken the other. seriously within the christian community, there's questions about how much does character matter? >> we'll pick up on this afterwards. it turns out we have a little more time. one of the interesting things we keep seeing playing out over and over again are people with these foreign feelings about what to do. mike pence was supposed to solve some of this. >> mike pence did solve some of this. the point matt dowd made earlier that was so interesting is is it got him through this week. that was actually really important. can you imagine he picked someone, maybe newt gingrich that the base was very uncomfortable with for a variety of reasons? i don't think he could have gotten through this week. we think this has been kind of a symbolic convention. it would have been disastrous. >> woodruff: we'll get the chance to hear from mike pence tonight.
5:59 pm
right now, we're going to take a short break. this is special cbs newshour and npr coverage of the republican national convention in cleveland. we'll be back in one minute. >> i'm here with a update on the non don srepbgs news. -- the law requires texas residents to show one of the ids. the court today rules it has a discriminatory effect. the country of turkey has announced a three month state of >> it was first declared after
6:00 pm
the paris attacks. law makers voted overwhelmingly for the extension. now back to gwen and judy at the convention. captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> ifill: we are back in cleveland. i want to bring you up to date around our table. we are now joined by ron elving of npr, amy walter, mark shields, and david brooks. >> isn't there a ship by that name? >> ifill: there will be at some point. before we get to the table we want to go back to the floor where lisa is about to have a conversation picking up where we left off with the question of how people who use to support someone else is coming around to
6:01 pm
trump. i'm told lisa may not be ready. let's pick up on that, ron. we have been talking about the people slowly coming around. you can see their physical pain almost. in deciding to support donald trump. not on the floor but often people working for the party. >> that's right south carolina governor who was reluctant to endorse donald trump on the floor tonight. we haven't heard from her. she is here. we didn't expect her to be here. she and her husband are present. i have been in the hallway watching ted cruz make his way around. he has his father with him. everyone is shouting the same question, are you going to endorse. he's completely non committal. >> woodruff: donald trump -p says his father had a connection to the cuban attempt on kennedy's life. everyone is asking how is that circling, how is that square
6:02 pm
getting circled. >> he has his father with him tonight. possibly going with him to the stage. possibly gives us a clue. >> woodruff: he may not of forgotten what was said. >> he will spill the beans, shall we say on ted cruz' wife threatened to do that, donald trump. the moment of victory -- when he chose to cover that stuff about ted's father being a collaborator with lee harvey oswald in the assassination of president kennedy. he is organizing 2020. the theme is this election is more about more than one year, more than one election. >> woodruff: that means -- >> yes. woodruff: i'm told that lisa
6:03 pm
desjardins is now ready. lisa. >> yes. standing next to me is former congressman -- we're under the red, white, and blue michigan sign. your home state, of course. michigan was a romney delegation through and through. this time a trump delegation, the way the vote went. you were a romney supporter. now a trump supporter. mitt romney doesn't support donald trump. you support both men. can you explain the identity? >> i think it's really an a again da of personal freedom, an a again da of limited tkpoft. a government that, you know, a candidate that stands for american leadership, effective american leadership internationally. you know, mitt romney articulated a vision like. that donald trump -p is articulating it in a different way. the michigan delegation, we're
6:04 pm
disappointed mitt is not with us on this. we had a strong level of support for donald trump yesterday. we're excited about moving forward. >> what do you want voters to think that republicans stand for. this convention ismen is meant y here is what we will do. we're waiting on how republicans will decide those things somewhere. >> i spent the last ten years as one of the leaders on the intelligence committee. one of the things i want the american people to know is don al strum and america will stand set against the threat of radical islam. this administration has embraced the muslim brotherhood, people who want to destroy us. donald trump will know who the good guys are and the bad guys are. donald trump will be a candidate
6:05 pm
to unleash the business potential in america. fuel rules and regulation, get the country moving again. we will negotiate good trade agreements. >> thank you, you heard it there economy, trade agreements and security. we hear that again and again on the floor. back to you. >> woodruff: thank you. it's interesting how, we want to point out tonight is a new sign held up by many delegates. forgive us for yelling, the noise level changes from minute to minute. they have signs that say "america deserves better than hillary." i want to bring up -- including ron from npr, the fact that they say they will talk about jobs. we heard lisa asking about jobs. we haven't heardly hear heard te podium. >> the first nym was "make america safe again." on tuesday night the theme was
6:06 pm
"make america work again." we hear almost nothing about labor or jobs. tonight it's "make america first again" the speakers are runners up and people who want to be number two. >> woodruff: what does that say. >> they wrote out a list of themes but didn't program the speakers to fix it. >> yes. this is not a party this. is a trump thing. this is not about policy. as "build a wall" is not a policy. it's not about those things. it's about culture. respect, dignity and shaking things up. people feel necessary ways. one of the things that strikes me is how the mood is so important. for a lot of people the for thet
6:07 pm
news what had trump will do is fine with them. the crowd, we saw it in tony perkins. we see it with these people here, that's why they're leaving at 10:30 with a relative bit of life lessness. when they get the chance to be unambivolent they go for it. >> woodruff: amy, it's not a party, it's not a convention, it's a trump thing. [laughing] >> yes. woodruff: david just said it. >> what i find interesting is they spent the last two days, the guy is not known for being a mag nnamdnannous winner, bringit people he defeated. for one, he's not making fun of them or shaming them in anyway shape or form. what i'm curious is to see what happens after this.
6:08 pm
usually when you bring someone to speak at your convention they're a surrogate for you. i don't think you will see paul ryan on the trial for donald trump. i don't think you will see mitch mcconnell, ted cruz, scott walker or marco rubio. that's the big difference of this campaign and others. it's a checking the box. they are resigned in many cases to support me. then we move on with me. i do also want to say i agree with what matt said. i wrote about today. the most important speech is thursday. donald trump -p is the only person who can tell donald trump's story. he can only get the message out. this crowd knows it and voters know it as well. >> politics quite bluntly, if think donald trump can help me, i'm a county commissioner of
6:09 pm
congress i'm with him. if i don't i will run independently. same is true for hillary clinton. i don't know how long her coat tails will be. i think will you see a lot of independent candidacy in both sides in 2016. >> you know we will hear from newt grinning rich tonight. he will be out there chris christie style out for donald trump. walker and cruz are auditioning for 2020 tonight. that's why they are here. >> woodruff: that's the suggestion donald trump will lose or get through one term. they're talk about the next election. normally you elect and hope for eight years. >> even if he wins they think he loses interest in four years or terrible things happen and they need another nominee. >> you have another republican branch in the house. many placated about the trump
6:10 pm
presidency saying we will set the agenda. one, he will be hands off and doesn't want to do that work. or two his agenda will be where we stop. even if he wins this fight will continue between the elements of the republican party and within the branches of government. >> woodruff: how much do we hear people talking about downed ballot rises. >> ifill: someone said there hasn't been a trump chant through the convention. we can't have the hillary clinton argument or the state houses clip or congress clip. is that the sub text here as well. >> i would say i have heard much less about. that there are many first time delegates. they haven't been in the party for 30 years. they haven't done the legislative, county races or gubernatorial races. they come in because they
6:11 pm
support the guy. whatever happens to the state legislature, i'm sure they sort of care but it's not their life. >> at first to think that donald trump would appear on all four nights of the convention. that's so non traditional. how curious and narcissist ic. now it seems if he didn't appear every night the energy would dissipate. even the high point of the first two nights. >> woodruff: for very briefly. the first night he came out and hugged his wife and introduced her, that was it last night it was very brief. >> very brief but high impact. >> his children. >> judy to, day we have the drama of the jets flying into cleveland carrying the nominees and taking the helicopter. >> yes. woodruff: speaking for president, moeed down by donald trump. one is coming to the stage now. he was one of the first to drop out. governor scott walker of wisconsin.
6:12 pm
here he is. >> you deserve better. because america deserves better. the well connected in washington are standing behind hillary clinton. because hillary clinton is one of them. they want more of the same. donald trump is standing with the american people. we want a leader who is not afraid to take on the mess in washington. >> donald trump -p knows that there is a better way forward. and we believe as republicans, we believe in a america where everyone can get the education and training that they need to succeed in college, in career, and in life. where washington doesn't deepen dependency but helps break genuine opportunity. why? because america deserves better. [cheers and applause]
6:13 pm
>> we believe in a country where people can achieve, maintain and enjoy their piece of the american dream without government standing in the way. why? because america deserves better. [cheers and applause] >> we believe in a country where we take the threat of terrorism seriously. we name it for what it is. you know the words radical islamic terrorism. we do everything in our power to eliminate it to insure our safety. why? because america deserves better. we believe in a country where there is a solemn responsibility to deliver to our troops the support and tools they need to achieve absolute victory and then provide them with the healthcare and the respect that
6:14 pm
they have earned when they return home. let's thank our veterans. [cheers and applause] >> why, why? because america deserves better. while we're at it, while we're at it we believe in a country where those who honorably serve in law enforcement, the people who put their lives on the line for us each and every day, are not just respected. they're revered. why? because america deserves better. we believe in a country where power is taken back from washington and returned home to states and local governments where it is more effective, more efficient, and more accountable to the people. why? because america deserves better.
6:15 pm
we believe in a country where freedom and personal success do not come from the clumsy hand of government, rather from the dignity that comes from hard work. why? because america deserves better. the simple truth is li liberal washington insiders created our problems. hillary clinton is the ultimate liberal washington insider. if she was anymore on the inside she would be in prison. [cheers and applause] >> america deserves better than hillary climb ton! hillary clinton. and that hraeupblgz is why we need to support donald trump and make pence to be the next
6:16 pm
president of the united states. >> now last august right here in cleveland i stood on this stage and i said any of the republicans running for office would be better than hillary clinton. i meant it then. i mean it now. so let me be clear. i will vote -- a vote for anyone other than donald trump in november is a vote for hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] >> make no mistake, make no mistake we can't wait for years to get them next time. the consequences are too great. literally just an hour ago waiting to come out on stage, i was on the phone with donald
6:17 pm
trump. this very subject came up. the supreme court. we talked about the court, he raised it as a concern. we talked about the fact that ronald reagan nominated a justice over 30 years ago to be on the court when i was in high school. we can not concede the court to liberals like hillary clinton for the next 30 years. the consequences are too great. after hearing the fbi director's report a few weeks ago. heck, i listened to that and said i wouldn't give hillary clinton he password to my iphone let alone access to highly classified information. [cheers and applause] >> this isn't just another clinton scandal. hillary scandal put our national security at risk and that,
6:18 pm
ladies and gentlemen, makes hillary clinton unfit to be president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> it is time to tell hillary enough is enough, no more double standards for the clinton's! [cheers and applause] >> why? because america deserves better. and thankfully, thankfully republicans are offering a better way forward. it's with you here in ohio. it's working in places like florida, and new mexico, and north carolina, and south carolina. heck, it's even working in places like massachusets and maryland. that's because republican leadership works. i know, i know because i see it first hand as it's working every
6:19 pm
single day in wisconsin. you see in 2010 we were tired of high unemployment, budget deficits, stifle taxes and rising college tuitions. most of all we were tired of the government union bosses and local government running our state. we had enough and did something about it. we took the power from the hands of the big government special interests and returned it firmly into the hands of the hard working taxpayers. [ applause ] >> you remember in turn the big government union bosses and their cronies in washington helped to organize more than a hundred thousand protesters to occupy our state capitol. they tried to intimidate us with threats and mobs. we didn't back down. we won.
6:20 pm
they spent tens of millions of dollars trying to defeat us in a recall election. we didn't back down. we won. [cheers and applause] >> three times. three times they came at us. thee times we won. we won because our common sense reforms work. today more people are employed in wisconsin then ever before. our budget is balanced and responsible. taxes are down for working families and seniors, and college tuitions for the first time ever is frozen, four years in a row. if conservative reforms can work in a blue state like mine, they can work anywhere in the country. [ applause ] >> you see, you see it wasn't too late for wisconsin. it's not too late for america. if you have had enough of
6:21 pm
washington's wastefulness, washington's empty promises, and of washington's arrogance. i invite you and across america to join us, help us elect republicans to office from the courthouse to the state house, to the white house. america, you have a choice. you decide. you deserve better. why? because america deserves better. why? because america deserves better. why? because america deserves better! god bless you, thank you. god bless our next president and vice president. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> woodruff: scott walker, the governor of wisconsin. at one point everyone thought he would be the leading candidate
6:22 pm
in this race this year. he was very slow. i think in coming around to endorsing donald trump. >> ifill: i was looking back to what scott walker said when he dropped out. he deplored many candidates talking about how bad things are, rather than making things better. yet i think the speech we just heard was about how bad things are. >> yes. >> he talked about republican leadership. he sounded like a normal republican. in a normal year he would of been a strong candidate. a strong story to tell. iwasn't stupid to think he had a chance at the nomination. the climate wasn't a normal year and he dropped out in a hurry. >> woodruff: let me remained everyone in the book. david brooks, mark shield, amy
6:23 pm
walker -- >> woodruff: and she has the iphone. so, ron, what did you think about what scott walker had to say. >> i thought it was great with the back drop. disorientating -- >> we should tell the radio audience. >> they saw a back drop of a farm. ra *eulgz and it looks like he was in wisconsin. when he was in iowa a year ago he was a social conservative with a strong christian back ground, a minister's son, they loved him. what happened was not only donald trump but also ben carson came in and took a lot of that support away. then scott walker discovered people were angry and donald trump was getting those voters and he was the first candidate to drop out. >> in donald trump you have a candidate with a populous
6:24 pm
message. he doesn't talk about ripping up trade deals or china taking advantage of us. i have yet to hear one other major speaker follow-up on that or discuss that. >> woodruff: we will talk more about that. right now we're going to the floor to see what the delegates are watching. a little video about the trump family. i judge my friends and form from direct interactions of moral character. that said there is no higher way to measure oneself then your family. >> the trump family stood by me through difficult times without hesitation or concerns. they continued to trump me with every aspect of their lives and the lives of their families.
6:25 pm
>> woodruff: we are watching a video and these are just quick montage pictures of the trump family. mayor rated i believe by the woman speaking about this, lynn patton. the vice president of the eric trump foundation. essentially pictures of the trump family. let's continue to listen and watch. >> -- this country,, my boss has earned the nomination and broken numbers across america. this can not be denied. he brought this party together with more democrats, first time voters in the gop fold and has more republican votes then any other in history. >> some may claim i'm doing this
6:26 pm
from the trump family or reward. i haven't asked for them in the video. the fact that this is the right thing to do. for me it was an easy decision. the vote for my boss, donald j. trump, should be a easy decision for you. god bless this family, god bless the voters and god bless the united states of america. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the eric trump foundation and family assistant, lynn patton. >> woodruff: she's here to make a case. >> -- tough acts to follow but i
6:27 pm
will give it a shot. i said, hello america! i am honored to be here tonight on be half of my boss, donald j. trump. as someone who has been with this family each and every day for the past seven years i know mr. trump. i know his heart. i know his passion for this country to be true. tonight as we stand in the shadow of one of the darkest months in modern american history, i know, now more than ever that donald trump is the law and order needed to heal a wounded and divided nation. we all watched horrified and helpless as a radical islamic terrorist targeted members of the lbgt community in orlando.
6:28 pm
we have seen discourse in our urban community -- >> woodruff: we have been listening too -- we have been listening to lynn patton vice president of the eric trump foundation. the foundation that puts money into the st. jewed children research hospital and other causes. we will take a short break this. is special pbs newshour and npr coverage of the national republican >>funding for this program has been provided by: >> bnsf railway.
6:29 pm
>> this program was made possible by the corporation of public broadcasting and from viewers like you. thank you. >> reliable, balanced real. election 201 on pbs. >> charlie black, i'm a republican strategist. i have been involved in a number of republican campaigns over the years. >> -- had a meeting and ford ashton wanted me to speak tonight. i said no. acknowledge. >> i would be honored on your be half to ask my good friends, governor regan, to say a few
6:30 pm
words at this time. >> reagan didn't want to talk about america in a hundred years. >> this is our challenge, will they look back with appreciations and say thank god for those people in 1971 who headed off that loss of freedom? who kept our world from nuclear destruction? we have to communicate to the world we carry the message they're waiting for. >> completely upstaged ford. ford would have been better off not calling him out. >> if you're just joining us this is live coverage of the national republican convention. >> ifill: we're hering from a colleague who has reportd that
6:31 pm
ted cruz who was expected to speak tonight, whether ted cruz would speak and if he would finally endorse don't ald trump. it's now been reported that ted cruz is not going to support, embrace donald trump in his speech tonight. some people -- they think he will pay the price. what do you think, david? >> i want to say it's excited to be here covering the first day of the 2020 election. i'm tired from 2016. alright we're moving on. i am not surprised. listen the things that donald trump said about ted cruz wife. >> woodruff: we are cutting in for video of marco rubio. >> -- how to control government spending. she was a key figure in implementing barack obama's shameful foreign policy record.
6:32 pm
diminishing our roll in the world. she turned her back on the fallen heroes in benghazi and then lied about it to the american people. hillary clinton does not have the honesty, courage or independence to be the president we need for the next four years after the president we have had for the past eight. unlike hillary clinton, donald trump committed to cut taxes, curb spending and get our national debt under control. unlike barack obama and hillary clinton, donald trump takes serious the threats of islamic terrorism. hafter a long and spirited primary the time for fighting each other is over. it's time to come together and fight for a new direction for america. it's time to win in november. >> woodruff: that was marco rubio by video --
6:33 pm
not expected to endorse donald trump tonight. we're now watching him walk out onto the stage. [cheers and applause] >> a warm reaction. you have to say the trump people took a risk inviting him to speak. they don know what he is going to do. we will find out. we will listen to this entire speech. >> ifill: he also had his own rally and own supporters here. he came in town like someone running for something. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you.
6:34 pm
and god bless each and every one of you. heidi and i are so honored to join you here in cleveland where lebron james just led an incredible comeback victory. [cheers and applause] >> i am convinced america is going to come back too. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination last night. [cheers and applause] >> and like each of you i want to see the principles that our party believes prevail in
6:35 pm
november. conventions are times of excitement. given the events of the last few weeks, i hope you allow me a moment to talk to you about what really is at stake. just two weeks ago, nine-year-old girl named caroline was having a care-free texas summer, swimming in the pool, playing with friends, doing all of the things that a happy child might do. like most children, she relied upon the love she received from her mom, heidi. and her dad, a police sergeant named michael smith. that is until he became one of the five police officers gunned down in dallas. the day her father was murdered caroline gave him a hug and a
6:36 pm
kiss as he left for work. they parted. her dad asked her something he hadn't asked before. what if this is the last time you ever kiss or hug me. later as she thought of her fallen father and that last heartbreaking hug caroline broke down in tears. how could anything ever be okay again? michael smith was a former army ranger who spent three decades with the dallas police department. i have no idea who he voted for in the last election, or what he thought about this one. but his life was a testament to devotion. [ applause ]
6:37 pm
>> he protected the very protesters that mobbed him. because he loved his country and his fellow man. his work gave new meaning to that line from literature "to die of love is to live by it." [ applause ] >> as i thought about what i wanted to say tonight michael smith's story weighed on my heart. maybe that's because his daughter caroline is about the same age of my eldest daughter and happens to share the same name. maybe because i saw a video of that dear sweet child choking back sobs remembering her daddy's last question to her.
6:38 pm
maybe because we live in a world where many others have had their lives destroyed by evil in places like orlando and paris and nice, and baton rouge. maybe it's the simple question itself. what if this, right now, is our last time? our last moment to do something for our families and our country. did we live up to the values -- >> woodruff: donald is arriving at the arena. >> -- that's really what elections should be about. that's why millions like you have devote sod many time and sacrifice to this campaign. we're fighting not for one particular candidate or one campaign but because each of us wants to tell our kids and grand kids our own caroline our best
6:39 pm
for our future and our country. [ applause ] >> audience: usa! >> america is more than just a land mass between two oceans. america is a an ideally simple t powerful idea. freedom matters. [ applause ] >> for much of hue mab history government power has been the unavoidable constant in life. government decrees and the people obey. but not here, we have no king or queen. we have no dictator. we the people constrain
6:40 pm
government. [cheers and applause] >> our nation is exceptional. it was built on the fire most powerful and beautiful words in the english language "i want to be free." [cheers and applause] >> never has that message been more needed then today. we stand here tonight a nation divided. part rank, anger are tearing ama apart. people are furious of the broken
6:41 pm
promises and the ignoring of the will of the american people. we have to do better. we owe our fallen heroes more than that. [ applause ] >> now of course obama and clinton will also tell you they care about our childrens future. i want to believe them. but there is a profound difference in our two parties vision for the future. [ applause ] >> theirs is a party who thinks isis is a jv team. that responds to the death of americans in benghazi by
6:42 pm
responding, what difference does it make. and thinks it's possible to make a deal with iran which celebrates it's holiday death to america day, and death to israel day. my friends this is madness. president obama is a man who does everything backwards. he wants to close guantanamo bay and open up our boarders. he exports jobs and imports terrorists. enough is enough. [cheers and applause] >> and i am here to tell you there is a better vision for our future.
6:43 pm
a return to freedom. >> on education your freedom to choose your child's education even if you aren't as rich as hillary clinton or barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> on healthcare, your freedom to choose your own doctor without obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> on taxes, your freedom to provide for your family without the irs beating down your door. [cheers and applause] >> the internet, keep it free
6:44 pm
from taxes, free from regulation, and don't give it away to russia and china. [cheers and applause] >> freedom means free speech not politically correct safe spaces. [cheers and applause] >> freedom means religious freedom. whether you're christian or jew, muslim or atheist. [cheers and applause] >> whether you're gay or straight, the bill of rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience. [cheers and applause] >> freedom means the right to
6:45 pm
keep and bare arms and protect your family. [cheers and applause] >> freedom means that every human life is precious and must be protected. [cheers and applause] >> freedom means supreme court justices who don't dictate policy, but instead follow the constitution. [cheers and applause] >> and freedom means recognizing that our constitution allows states to choose policies that
6:46 pm
reflect local values. colorado might decide something different then texas. [cheers and applause] >> new york different than iowa. [cheers and applause] >> that's the way it's suppose to be. diversity. [cheers and applause] >> if not what is the point of having states to begin with? >> audience: usa! >> now hillary clinton believes government should make virtually every choice in your life. education, health care, marriage, speech, all dictated out of washington.
6:47 pm
but something powerful is happening. we have seen it in both parties. we have seen it in the united kingdom, unprecedented brexit vote to leave the european union. [cheers and applause] >> voters are overwhelmingly rejecting the political establishment and overwhelmingly rejecting big government. that is a profound victory and it is one earned by each and every one of you. people are fed up with politicians who don't listen to them. fed up with the corrupt system that benefits the elites instead of working men and women.
6:48 pm
[cheers and applause] >> we deserve an immigration system that puts america first and yes builds a wall to keep america safe. [cheers and applause] >> a government, a government that stops admitting isis terrorists as refugees. we deserve trade policy that's put the interesting of american
6:49 pm
farmers and manufacturing jobs over the global interests that are funding the lobbyists. if we stand together and choose freedom, our future will be brighter. freedom will bring back jobs and raise wages. freedom will lift people out of dependency to the dignity of work. >> is we can do this. 4 years ago to this day america put the very first man on the moon. [cheers and applause] >> that was the power of freedom. our party the republican party was founded to defeat slavery.
6:50 pm
[cheers and applause] >> abraham lincoln the first republican president signed thee emancipation proclamation. together we passed the civil rights act. together we fought to eliminate jim crow laws. that is our collective legacy, although the media will never share it with you. those were fights for freedom. and so is this. sergeant michael smith stood up
6:51 pm
to protect our freedom. so do the soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines every day fighting radical islamic terrorism. >> audience: usa! >> and so did the family of al constirly who bravely called to end the violence. so did the families of those murdered at the charles emmanuel ame church who forgave that hateful bigoted murderer.
6:52 pm
and so can we. we deserve leaders who stand for principle. who unite us all behind shared values. who cast aside anger for love. that is the standard we should expect from everybody. to those listening, please, don't stay home in november. [cheers and applause] >> if you love our country and love your children as much as i know you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote candidates up and down the
6:53 pm
ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the constitution. [cheers and applause] >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. i will tell you, it is love of
6:54 pm
freedom that has allowed millions to achieve their dreams. like my mom, the first of her family to go to college. my dad who is here tonight who fled prison and torture in cuba coming to texas with just a hundred dollars sowe sewen intos underware. it is love that i hope will bring comfort to a grieving nine-year-old girl in dallas. god willing propel her to move forward and dream and sore, and make her daddy proud. we must make the most of our moments. to fight for freedom. to protect our god given rights.
6:55 pm
even with those we don't agree, so when we're old and gray, and when our work is done and we give those we love one final kiss goodbye. we will be able to say freedom matters and i was part of something beautiful. [cheers and applause] >> the case we have to make to the american people, the case each person in this room has to make to the american people is to commit to each of them that we will defend freedom and be
6:56 pm
faithful to the constitution. >> we will unite the party. we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty. god bless each and every one of you. and god bless the united states of america. >> woodruff: cruz speech trump entered the hall. >> ifill: he didn't endorse. he congratulated. he congratulated donald trump on winning the nomination. as the speech went on it was clear he wouldn't embrace donald trump. >> the audience chanted donald trump's name. >> as ted cruz got to the end of
6:57 pm
the remarks more delegates said we want trump. we saw donald trump enter. we are going into the introduction of the next part of the program. the trump family video. >> ifill: quickly before we talk about that. everyone a comment about what we saw? >> his support endorsed, embraced. he came down to the voters, public service announcement to vote. vote your own conscience. he was hooted for saying, vote your own conscience. >> he put a stick of dynamite under the convention and let everyone express. this will be the story of the night. we have open booing and shouting on the floor. >> the most awkward moment we sraoepb in a republican convention in decades. >> once again we will talk
6:58 pm
tomorrow night about why the party is not unified. a theme we talked about the entire convention. >> it continues. to have someone like ted cruz say, please don't stay home in november. that's the most enthusiastic he said about donald trump. >> woodruff: we are in a film about the trump family. donald trump is in the so called family box. we will go to the film. >> that is a big part of his success. >> the work ethic, perseverance. his ability to see detail and understand it. >> he wants to make our country safe again. he wants to make our country rich again. he wants to rebuild our infrastructure, fix education totally failing. our most precious generation we v the youngest generation, he wants to fix this country. >> his goals for this country are so many bigger and important
6:59 pm
then any deal or company he has built. >> my father when someone tells him something is impossible that's the challenge. that's what h when he makes hist things happen. that's the stepping stone. whether it's business. leaving queens to do what he has done in manhattan or taking on politics. >> he's a man that is larger than life. he's the epitome of the american dream. he's my father, someone i care about tremendously. someone i know will win this race and become the next president of the united states. [ applause ] >> woodruff: we have been listening and watching a video about the trump family from, the perspective of his middle son eric trump. he will speak in just a matter of minutes. this is the moment when donald trump has entered the
7:00 pm
convention. what we witnessed, all of us, i think as you said this is the story of the night. ted cruz coming in here. >> ifill: my big question is how this actually happened. we will come to the podium. >> well, again this is not something a normal politician would do, or a normal campaign would do. let's be remained this is not a normal politician with a traditional campaign. the question now deruin or step on the message of tonight, mike pence and his night, obviously. further down the road, this is obviously what ted cruz is setting up for. it maybe short-term pain but for the long term gain. we don't know, that's a big risk that both of them took tonight. the mediate risk for trump. the longer term risk for cruz.
7:01 pm
>> let me disagree with amy. i think the first strength that donald trump has shown in this convention. the confidence he could have him in here, have him do it. i still think mike pence will be the story of the evening. i could it would only be 13th time this week that i have been. that's my guess. i agree with amy it's a big risk on his part. if trump does go down, those who weren't with him will be held accountable. >> i agree with everybody. like him walking in the united states senate and blowing the place up. that's what he does. on the other hand, trump thrives on drama and conflict and retaliation he gets to say tomorrow, he'll have his night so trumpian.
7:02 pm
>> woodruff: going to be a lot of blame to go around. more than ted cruz. >> ifill: and jeb bush watching this at home i'd love to see what -- >> woodruff: and john kasich. >> and marco rubio who sent in a videotape and looked very much like a guy who was trying to raise a little bit of money. he just looked like he was making an ad for somebody, he was on the screen, off the screen, he's been much friendlier to donald trump than trz has. even though as he did all the way back in the primaries. all he got was a lousy video. >> woodruff: the fact that he's running for the senate in florida. >> ifill: marco rubio distanced himself literally. >> he could say, i wasn't there. i wasn't at the scene of the crime. i just mailed it in. i really thought scott walker, who was the most remarkable political on republican side out of wisconsin in half a century,
7:03 pm
three elections he won judd we have just moment to get down to rachel martin on the floor before we to go our next speech. rachel? >> remarkable scene, ted cruz was not even done with his speech when all of a sudden we heard people saying "we want trump" and he was coming in to the arena and essentially stepping on ted cruz's toes as he was 'felting to finish who what was pretty much a stump speech that he's given time and time again not referencing donald trump except for once. it was about his vision. >> woodruff: here is eric trump. with his family watching. >> wow, it is such an honor to be here for a man i love so, so, so much. that is my father. 13 months ago, my father sat my family down and told us the time
7:04 pm
had come. key no longer sit idly by watch our beloved country, the country that gave our family so much success, so much opportunity, crumble before our very eyes. he confirmed to us that he was prepared to announce his candidacy for president of the united states. he made sure to acknowledge that ours would not be an easy path that we should prepare ourselves for what was to come. that we quickly learned who our true friends were. without hesitation, we each committed our unwaivering support, but this time none of us could have predicted what lay ahead. the records he would break, the stadiums he would fill, the movement he would start. today my father stands before you with the most primary votes of any republican candidate in
7:05 pm
the history of our nation. he shattered voter registration records across the country. he has defied the predictions of every single political pundit and turned traditional debates into must-see tv. he's inspired multiple generations, millennials like myself who have so little faith in politician, is that they no longer consider public service to be a noble career. a year ago my father was a businessman, but like many americans he simply could no longer stand to see what was happening to our great country. he could no longer stand to see special interest dollars dictate incompetent foreign policy that puts foreign countries before our very own. he could no longer tolerate an
7:06 pm
inept administration that considers giving $150 billion to iran, or releasing five islamic radical terrorists a successful negotiation. key no longer bear witness to our continued second amendment attacks. he could no longer stand to see the words christmas stripped from public use or the pledge of allegiance removed from our schools in an effort to be politically correct! [ cheering and applause ] so my father made the courageous deposition set aside a company to which he's dedicated his entire life, to set aside a global brand that he's made synonymous with success, with quality, with uncompromising,
7:07 pm
just the best. at a time when the people at the pinnacle of their career like my father would have held fast to a lifestyle that has truly become the epitome of the american dream, my father instead chose to give that dream back to the people it had alluded for so long. as daunting of a journey he knew it would be for him it was the easiest decision in the world. after all, who better to implement common sense business approach to this country. who better to apply practical solutions to the impractical decision making of an administration that has in a $19 trillion debt, one that goes up by $32,000 a second over $2 billion a day. who better to implement common sense tax reduction for one of the highest taxed nations in the
7:08 pm
country, allowing our citizens a chance to keep more of what they earn as opposed to having it squandered away by our inefficient government. who better to negotiate the return of countless american he manufacturers like nabisco and ford and carrier and so many others back to the united states where they began. a man who has single-handedly employed tens and tens of thousands of people around the country. it's time for a president with common sense. it's time for a president who understands the art of a deal and appreciate the value of a dollar, our tax dollars. it's time for the president who has always been the one to sign the front of a check, not the back.
7:09 pm
throughout my father's career he has been repeatedly called on by government to save delayed, shuttered, grossly over budgeted projects like the grand central station, just to name a few. back in 1986, city of new york tried to refurbish a simple ice skating rink in central park. the project dragged on for over six years and grew to over $13 million. $5 million over already inflated budget. that's when my father who overlooked this disastrous construction site from his office window each and every day, decided he had to step in. disgusted by government incompetence and ineptitude he invested 2 million of his own money in order to complete the project. what had taken the city over half a decade to botch, my father completed in less than six months, two months ahead of
7:10 pm
schedule and over a million dollars under budget. [ cheering and applause ] it's time for a president who can make america great again ahead of budget and ahead of schedule, too. my father has revitalized run down neighborhoods, shaped sky linsey cross the country and turned dreams into reality his entire career. it's what he does. it's who he is. oprah winfrey asked my father if he every envisioned running for the presidency of the united states. his answer, only if it got so bad that i had no choice.
7:11 pm
only if it got so bad that i had no choice. well, ladies and gentlemen, that day has come. as i travel building golf courses and real estate i see unmistakable look in hi eyes. the in dignity and frustration of domestic infrastructure back at home that it's a complete disarray. and no longer on par with so many other developed nations. i see in his eyes the sadness of innocent lives lost like those of kate and gentleman meal shaw and so many others, cut short by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, victims of revolving door of government ineptitude and correct that leaves innocent americans defenseless. i see in his eyes the
7:12 pm
humiliation of an education system ranked 30th in the world. i see in his eyes, nearly 400 billion dollar strayed imbalance with china. the 60 billion trade imbalance with mexico. and the continued destabilization of the middle east which are cost our nation trillions and trillions of dollars and thousands and thousands of lives. but today i see in his eyes a man who truly loves his country. who is proud of his country and who wants his country to be great again. thank you. i want to thank my father over there for the life that he's provided me.
7:13 pm
for the life that he's provided my family and the life that he's provided all of our employees around the world. i want to thank my father for the life that he's enabled me to provide for my future children as my beautiful wife laura and i start thinking about that amazing chapter of our lives. to that end i often think about the legacy i wish to leave my children and to me there are few things that i hold closer to my heart than charity. for me, it's the essence of who we are as human beings. it's the barometer by which we will be measured for our time here on earth. as martin luther king, junior once said, life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others. when i was 22 years old i found the eric trump foundation to benefit st. jude's children research hospital, an incredib incredible, incredible organization.
7:14 pm
i run my foundation based on the principles my father taught me, honesty, integrity and values. i expect other charities to be run by the same moral code. not serve as conduit for personal enrichment. not become a beacon of corruption and scandal. to who much is given, much will be required. this is a very belief that compelled my father to make this great sacrifice. to run for the most powerful yet unforgiving office in the world. there is no greater calling. there is no more selfless act. to the unemployed volters sitting at home watching me right now, wondering how you're going to make your next mortgage payment or rent payment, my father is running for you.
7:15 pm
to the veteran tuning in to the speech from his or her hospital, who has been ignored and disrespected by ungrateful system, for far too long, my father is running for you. to the schoolteacher forced to walk through metal detectors each and every day into underfunded school, my father is running for you. to the laborer watching me right now, forced out of job by u undocumented workers, illegal workers, my father is running for you. to the oil and gas industry workers denied a job because of radical regulations from a radical epa, my father is running for you. the single mothers, families of
7:16 pm
special needs children, middle class families who can no longer afford medical benefits, sufficient to cover their every day needs, my father is running for you. this know i ask you to be true to yourself and vote for the candidate who you know is running for the right reasons. vote for the candidate who has never been a politician. vote for the candidate who has never received a paycheck from our government. [ cheering and applause ] vote for the candidate who can't be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, intimidated or steered from the path that is right and just and true.
7:17 pm
and quite frankly, friends, vote for the one candidate who does not need this job. never have i been more proud to be a trump. never have i been more proud to be my father's son. i'm incredibly honored to be part of this journey of which he's invited me our entire family to play such an integral part. dad, you have once again taught us by example. you are my hero. you are my best friend. you are the next president of the united states! god bless america. [ applause ] >> woodruff: middle son of donald j. trump who is finally
7:18 pm
saying what we expected others to say, which is vote for the one candidate who does not need this job. we have not heard that i think, people have been asking for the last three nights what is consistent message, what's the compelling message about donald trump. we've just heard certainly a big piece of it from his son, eric. >> this is former house speaker newt gingrich's wife, callista gingrich about to introduce her husband. >> -- with republicans from all across america. as many of you know, newt and i love american history and recognize that we are gathered here in cleveland at a historic moment. this week we nominate a republican candidate for president who for the last year has given hope and encouragement to millions of americans. as one of 17 candidates, donald
7:19 pm
trump received more primary votes than any republican in american history. as he assured us that we can make america great again for all americans. newt and i are proud to be work tongue republican a president who will put america first and make our country safe again. we are also delighted by the selection of governor mike pence as our vice presidential candidate. newt and i have known governor pence since he first served in congress in 2001 and we are confidence that he'll make an exceptional vice president. tonight newt is going to speak about making -- making america first again in safety at home and abroad. >> we're listening callista gingrich she's intro dicing her
7:20 pm
husband the former house of representatives, newt gingrich, you just saw -- we just saw if you're here in the hall or able to watch a flash on the large screen behind all the speakers here at the republican convention, that's just one small piece of what's really an electronic failure they have had at the convention over the last 20 or 30 minutes behind donald trump's son, eric, giving really compelling speech. there were no big screens of him, what they call the crawls with messages that have been going around the arena those are all down. >> ifill: look at mrs. gingrich she's against a black backdrop this is basketball arena where the cleveland cavaliers play there is a huge jumbotron which is also dark. we don't know how long it's going to continue. we're about to hear from newt gingrich after that the vice presidential nominee mike pence. we'll see how dark the hall remains.
7:21 pm
former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. >> people are yelling "newt" not boo. >> there are lights on it's the electronics that are down and maybe it makes the speaker, puts them in more dramatic backdrop. >> thank you, callista. she writes best children, sings in the been kill la choir, plays the french horn, i am amazed at her achievements. i'm also proud to be here as republican activist to see the extra effort donald trump has invested in bringing the republican party together. with no requirement for endorsement. he encouraged his competitors to speak once again. governor rick perry, governor chris christie, governor scott
7:22 pm
walker, dr. ben carson, senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz have all responded to donald trump's generosity. now, i think you misunderstood one paragraph that ted cruz who was superb orator said, just want to point it out to you. ted cruz said, you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the constitution. in this election, there is only one candidate who will uphold the constitution. [ cheering and applause ] so, to paraphrase ted cruz, if you wanted to protect the constitution of the united states, the only possible candidate this fall is the trump on the republican ticket.
7:23 pm
that way we have a republican ticket to implement republican principles in washington. now, what i want to focus on is the subject that is dominated my thinking for decades. how do we keep america safe. keeping america safe is the first responsibility of the american president. there have been many fascinatings things to watch about the extraordinary historic rise of donald trump. but the most significant has been donald trump's courage to tell some important truths about our national security. for example, we are at war. we are at war with radical islamists they are determined to kill us, they are stronger than we admit and there is no substitute for victory. in contrast to donald trump, our
7:24 pm
national security and foreign policy led by hillary clinton are incapable of speaking with such honesty. while they lie about the threat. we need to tell the truth about the danger. if our enemies had their way, not a single woman in this room could define her future. if our enemies had their way. gays, lesbian and transgender citizens would be put to death as they are today in islamic state in iran. if our enemies had their way, every person on earth would be subject to conversion by the sword and to a cruel and violent system of law. there would be no individual liberty. there would be no equality there. would be no freedom. if you doubt we are at war, if you doubt that this threat is as real as i say, let me refresh your memory. on monday an afghan refugee in germany used an axe and knives to slash and wound train
7:25 pm
passengers while shouting alaho akbar. last week isis claimed responsibility after tunisian man drove a cargo truck into a crowd in nice, france, he murdered 84 people including ten children, three americans and injured over 300 others. two weeks ago, almost 300 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded in attacks in baghdad. two days before that, radical islamists in bangladesh killed 20 hostages including three american college students. a few days before that, at the istanbul airport in turkey, isis attackers armed with guns and bombs killed 44 people and injured hundreds more. last month, a radical islamist in paris stalked a french police officer to his home where he murdered the officer, tortured his wife to death in front of their 3-year-old son while streaming it all on social media. he was pondering out loud
7:26 pm
whether to kill the 3-year-old when he was killed by police. two days before that, an attacker pledging allegiance to isis killed 49 people in an orlando nightclub and wounded dozens more. all this in just the past 37 days. we cannot let ourselves grow numb to these accumulating atrocities. one analysis estimated -- [ applause ] one analysis estimated that since january of 2015 some 30,000 people have been killed at the hands of terrorists. let's be clear. donald trump is right. we are at war with radical islamists we are losing the war and we must change course to win the war.
7:27 pm
let me be very clear. because i know the news media will do their best to distort this. we have nothing to fear from the vast majority of muslims in the united states or around the world. the vast majority are peaceful. they are often the victims themselves. they are people we'd be happy to have as our friends and neighbors. the challenge is when even a small percentage of a billion people support violence against those who disagree with them, that is still a giant recruiting base. for example, pew research finds that only 9% of muslims in pakistan view isis favorably.
7:28 pm
unfortunately 9% is 16 million people. that's just one country. so the truth is, although we are losing the war with radical islamists we have been very lucky. the danger we face is much worse than the horror, is that happened in germany on new year's eve when 1200 women were assaulted. it's worse than what's happening in france where there are stabbings of jews in the streets and the nation's security chief warned recently that europe is quote, on the brink of civil war. it's worse than what's happening in israel where average citizens fear for their lives whenever they leave their homes. the danger is even worse than september 11th when 19 hijackers murdered almost 3,000 americans. the worse case scenario is losing an american city to terrorists armed with weapons of
7:29 pm
mass destruction. instead of losing 3,000 people in one morning, we could lose more than 300,000. instead of losing two great buildings, we could lose block after block after block to a nuclear event. that's not just my view. back in january of 2001, the commission warned that terrorists, quote, will acquire weapons of mass destruction. and some will use them. americans will likely die on american soil possibly in large numbers, close quote. 15 years later, the dangers are even greater in a world where pakistan has nuclear weapons, where north korea has nuclear weapons and where iran the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism is close to having nuclear weapons. this, catastrophic attack of innocent americans is a very real threat. which brings us to the heart of the matter. we are sleepwalking through history as though this is all about politics. it is not.
7:30 pm
it is about our safety and our survival as a country. we cannot keep in place the people and the systems that have brought us this point then lie to us every single day about the threat. that is why every american should be terrified at the prospect of a hillary clinton presidency. hillary clinton has been right at the center of this dishonesty. we know this administration and its allies lied to us about the iran nuclear deal. we know it because they openly bragged about it to the "new york times." we know that hillary clinton lied to us knowingly about the terror attack on benghazi cans lat. we know that hillary clinton and president obama lied to the american people when they say they can safely screen the syrian refugees, they cannot. and, yet, hillary wants in to crease the number by 500% so when you hear about hillary's dishonesty or the e-mails,
7:31 pm
taking money, this is not about politics. the cost of hillary's dishonesty could be the loss of america as we know it. the first step forward to safety is a leader who will be truthful with the american people about the realities we face, only then will we understand, support and demand the strategies required to confront this threat. and because safety and security are the conditions for our freedom and prosperity it is also first step to rebuilding the america we love. donald trump understands this. and that's why he will rebuild our military because he knows that strong military is the best way to ensure peace. donald trump will secure our borders because there's no such thing as a nation without a border. drunk will enforce our immigration laws, he will end the policy of delivering and
7:32 pm
will end abuse of our visa programs to protect american workers and their wages. donald trump will take care of our veterans by holding bureaucrats at the veterans administration accountable. he will fire those responsible for the waiting lists and will give veterans more choices about their care. with donald trump's leadership, no bureaucrat will get between a veteran and their doctor. donald trump will get america building again. he will blow apart the ridiculous regulations and requirements that drive up infrastructure cost and drag out the timeline to get anything built. s the trump infrastructure program will make us once again the most competitive economy in the world. donald trump will rebuild our education system and give every parent of every income and every ethnic background a choice about
7:33 pm
where their children go to school. and donald trump will help us rebuild and strengthen our communities. here again, the first step is safety. the basis for strong families and good jobs and vibrant neighborhoods, that means restoring law and order. donald trump will show zero tolerance for people calling for the death of police officers. think about this. if anyone publicly threatens the life of the president of the united states, the secret service is on them in an insta instant. our law enforcement officers deserve the same respect as the president of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] of course if individual officers are found to have violated someone's rights they must be held accountable under the law. americans based on the rule of law, we are one nation under god
7:34 pm
indivisible with liberty and justice for all. that is what allowed us to absorb more people from more backgrounds than any nation in history. nobody is above the law. and nobody is too small to deserve its protection. donald trump won our pear's nomination because he is willing to tell the truth about the things that matter. he has a great running mate in mike pence. they will put our safety first and they will defend america first. we can be proud to stand with them. so tonight, the challenge for everyone in this hall and everyone republican, democrat or independent who is watching at home knows we cannot continue in our current course to rise above our factions. excuse me. and rise above the politics we've inherited. to ignore the lives of the news media and old order. reject the suicidal dishonesty
7:35 pm
of hillary clinton and her establishment allies. to stand with donald trump and mike pence what we know is true, we can make america safe again. we can make america work again. we can make america first again and together we can make america great again for all americans. thank you! god bless the united states of america. >> a newt gingrich starts off by talking about ted cruz. made the crowd unhappy. >> woodruff: he did. ted cruz noticeably did not endorse donald trump. told the delegates everybody listening and watching in the country to vote their conscience. people started booing. he came out after his wife introduced him said, what he really meant was vote your
7:36 pm
conscience and only vote for somebody who can uphold the constitution. donald trump is the only one. >> ifill: there was enough unhappiness on the floor that heidi cruz, ted cruz's at one point, escorted. >> woodruff: they are so unhappy with what ted cruz was doing they were -- somebody yelled at her, goldman sachs, this was -- >> we're now anticipating house speak tore come out introduce mike pence the is theial nominee we have moment. to give sense how remarkable this evening was. >> reminded me of wwe. you have to have a bitter villain, there was donald trump wave down as ted cruz was being booed off the stage. all you needed was a metal chair being throw and following off turn bucker.
7:37 pm
donald trump was in there for some time. let's go honest hard to think there was something up of that kind of magnitude. what sense, you don't to go wedding reception where you fell in love with the bride then you decide still going to try to keep -- >> i think totally -- he is now the official oppositionist to donald trump, if donald trump loses marco rubio was whistling and waffli waffling. ted cruz took big risk tonight but -- >> amy walter. >> i'll do the david brooks. i agree with everybody a little bit. but i may lean a little more on this which is there is a big risk in being person, donald trump loses. >> woodruff: final thought on stage, speaker of the house, paul ryan to introduce the vice presidential nominee.
7:38 pm
>> my fellow republicans. i could not be more proud of our vice presidential nominee. i served with this man in the house of representatives. we became very good friends. i've watched this man up close. i've seen what he's made of. let me tell you something about mike pence. this is a man of solid charact character. this is a man who sees public service as a calling not a career. he has served honorably with great dignity. you know what, the results are impressive. this is a man who led the charge to ban earmarks in congress that he won that fight.
7:39 pm
as governor of indiana he passed the largest income tax cut in state's history. he balanced the state's budget. this man is a reagan conservative through and through. pro life, pro strong defense. and most importantly, he is the father of three beautiful children, michael, charlotte and audrey. and he calls his wife karen, the best part of my life. my fellow republicans, the man that you have nominated is a man of faith. he is a man of conviction. he is a man you can trust. he comes from the heart of the conservative movement and from the heart of america. and now we need to send him and
7:40 pm
donald trump straight to the white house. there is no doubt in my mind that he will bring real change to washington, i have every confidence that he will do us all proud. so, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce to you, the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence! [ cheering and applause ] >> walk can up from back stage. >> we're seeing the man donald trump decided he wants to serve with him as he's elected president, mike pence, the governor of indiana. found out about him less than a week ago that this is the choice, it was a little bit, shall we say up in the air. but here he is, mike pence walks up to the lecturn. >> the crowd is on its feet.
7:41 pm
the sea of signs as they try to regain a little bit of the air that went out of the room alter the opposition to ted cruz earlier. policy heavy speech from newt gingrich. trying to start a chant but we're about to hear from mike pence. >> mr. chairman, delegates, friends and my fellow americans, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i am deeply humbled by your confidence and on behalf of my family here and gone, i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america.
7:42 pm
[ cheering and applause ] let me thank speaker paul ryan for that gracious welcome. paul you're a true friend and great american leader. paul knows me well and he knows the introduction i prefer is just a little bit shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative and a republican in that order. you know, i'm new to this campaign and honestly i never thought i'd be standing here. i thought i'd be spending this evening with all my friends from the great state of indiana, yet there i was, a few days ago in new york city. with the man who won 37 states, who faced 16 talented opponents
7:43 pm
and outlasted everyone of them. along the way brought millions of new voters in to the republican party. you know, he's a man known for a large personality, a colorful smile and lots of charisma and so, i guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket. for those of you who don't know me, which is most of you, i grew up on the front row of the american dream. my grandfather emigrated to this country, i was raised in a small town in southern indiana in a big family with a corn field in the back yard. although we weren't really a political family the heroes of my youth were president john f.
7:44 pm
kennedy and the reverend marge. martin luther king, junior. when i was young, i watched my mom and dad build everything that matters, a family, a business and a good name. i was raised to believe in hard work, in faith and family. my dad, ed pence, was a combat veteran in korea. dad ran gas stations in our small town and he was a great father. if dad were with us today i'd have a feeling he's enjoy this moment. and probably be pretty surprised. but it's such a joy for me to tell you that my mother is here. [ applause ] would you join me in welcoming
7:45 pm
the light of my life, my mom, nancy. [ cheering and applause ] you know growing up i actually started in politics in the other party until i heard the voice and the ideals of the 40th president and i signed on for the reagan revolution. but the best thing that ever happened to me, even counting tonight, is that 31 years ago i married the girl of my dreams, a schoolteacher, an artist, she is everything to me, would you
7:46 pm
welcome my wonderful wife, karen pence. [ applause ] >> woodruff: looking at karen pence stand up, wave to her husband, big smile on her face. >> the most important job i'll ever have, is spelled d-a-d. karen and i are blessed to be the parents of the three greatest kids in the world. a writer named charlotte, college student named audrey and a second lieutenant in the united states marine corps, michael j. pence. i'm so proud of you guys.
7:47 pm
now if you know anything about hoosiers you know we love to suit up and compete. we play to win. that's why i joined this campaign in a heartbeat. you have nominated a man for president who never quits. who never backs down. a fighter, a winner, until now he's had to do it all by himself against all odds but this week, with this united party he's got back up and on november 8th i know we will elect donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states of america! [ cheering and applause ]
7:48 pm
we're running on the issues facing this country because we're leveling with the american people about the stakes and the choice. you know, the american people are tired of being told. they are tired of being told this is as good as it gets. they are tired of hearing politicians in both parties, we'll get to that tomorrow while we pile a mountain range of debt on our children and our grandchildren. as ronald reagan used to say, they are tired of being told that a little intellectual elite in far distant capital be plan our lives better for us than we can plan them for ourselves. this election comes down to two names on the ballot let's resolve here and now that hillary clinton will never
7:49 pm
become president of the united states of america! [ cheering and applause ] hillary clinton offers a third obama term, the role is perfect for her. she championed obamacare because years earlier she had all but invented it. the national debt is nearly doubled in these eight years, her only answer is to keep borrowing and spending. likes the president she thinks the path to more taxes, more regulation and more government. they tell us this economy is the best that we can do. it's no where near the best that we can do, it's just the best that they can do.
7:50 pm
let me tell you i know firsthand, it doesn't have to be like this. in my home state of indiana, we prove every day that you can build a growing economy on balanced budgets, low taxes, even while making record investments in education and roads. and health care. you know, indiana is a state that works because conservative principles work every time you put them into practice. [ cheering and applause ]
7:51 pm
now today while the nation suffers under the weight of $19 trillion in national debt we in indiana have a $2 billion surplus, highest credit rating in the nation even though we've cut taxes every year since i became governor. four years ago. we have fewer state employees than when i took office and businesses large and small have created nearly 150,000 new jobs and there's more hoosiers going to work than ever before. that's what you can do with common sense republican leadership and that's exactly what the no-nonsense leadership of donald trump will bring to the white house. [ applause ]
7:52 pm
donald trump gets it. he's the general bin article. he's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. and when donald trump does his talking, he doesn't tiptoe around the thousand new rules of political correctness. he's his own man. distinctly american. and where else would an independent spirit like his find a following than in the land of the free and the home of the brave. the funny thing is, -- >> usa! usa! usa!
7:53 pm
>> you know the funny thing is the party in power seems helpless to figure out our nominee. the media has the same problem. they all keep telling each other that the usual methods will work against him. they keep thinking they have done him in only to wake up the next morning and find that donald trump is still standing and running stronger than ever before. the man just doesn't quit! [ cheering and applause ] he's tough. he perseveres. he's gone about as far as you can go in business but he's never turned his back on the working men and women who make this country grow. and donald trump will never turn his back on those who serve and protect us at home and abroad.
7:54 pm
you know, it's been a heartbreak can time for the women and men in our law enforcement community. and in this time of great testing for them, let's let them know here and now, all across this country, we will always stand with those who stand on the thin blue line! h6 law enforcement in america! [ cheering and applause ] while donald trump was thinking my measure as possible running mate i did some observing
7:55 pm
myself. i've seen the way he dls with people who work for him at every level. and i've seen the way they feel about working for him. now, i grant you he can be a little rough with politicians on the stage and i'll bet we see that again. but i've seen this goodman up close, his utter lack of pretense. his respect for the people who work for him and his devotion to his family. and if you still doubt what i'm saying, remember, as we say back home, you can't fake good kids. how about his amazing children! aren't they something?
7:56 pm
these are the true measures of our nominee. chosen pip the voters as the right man for these times. this is the outsider, my running mate. who turned long shot campaign into a movement. over on the other party, the idea was to present the exact opposite of a political outsid outsider, the exact opposite of an uncalculating truth teller, then on that score you got to hand it to the democratic establishment they out did themselves this time. [ cheering and applause ] at the very moment when america is crying out for something new and different, the other party
7:57 pm
has answered with a steal agenda and the most predictable of names, people in both parties are restless for change, ready to break free of old patterns in washington and democrats are about to anoint someone who represents everything this country is tired of. you know, hillary clinton wants a better title and i would, too, if i was already america's secretary of the status quo. you know the choice couldn't be more clear. americans can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in washington, d.c. or we can choose a leader. we'll fight every day to make america great again. it's change versus status quo. and my fellow republicans when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america,
7:58 pm
the change will be huge! [ applause ] know, for years we've had fundamental problems in america that get talked to death in washington, d.c. but they never get involved. they even get worse. we've seen entire stretches of our country written off by bad economic policies in ways that are deeply unfair to american workers. we've scenery lentless mandates from the executive branch, seems like no aspect of our lives is too small for the present administration to supervise and no provision of the constitution is too large for them to ignore.
7:59 pm
meanwhile, we've seen borders that go unrespected, military that's been diminished and promise after ringing promise to our veterans promptly forgotten. then donald trump came along. and started saying with practically everybody was thinking anyway, that our leaders need to be stronger. under donald trump our deals will be smarter. our soldiers will have what they need and our veterans will have what they earned. we will secure our borders, protect our nation and all this we will be more serious and when we do, this nation will start winning again. [ cheering and applause ]
8:00 pm
you know, that's the message of men and women in both parties have been longing to hear but none of us should think for one second that this will be easy. the outcome of this election depends on us. and how we contend with an incredible onslaught that's coming our way. america's first glimpse of the clinton machine in action as bernie sanders can tell you. when this time around she'll have the press doing her work for her. >> ifill: you are listening to live coverage of the republican national convention on npr and pbs. >> the way donald trump has. on issue by issue. he and i will fay our case to


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