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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 26, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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at our website. >> hello. is the japanese prime minister in a wife for the visit to pearl harbor, 75 years after the port suffered a evidence stating surprise attack. tributes from fans and artists tonight for george michael. his partner says that he will never stop missing him. looking for the remains of a military plane that crashed with 92 on board. a village in southern russia that is the birthplace of the man who became the last leader of the soviet union, which ceased to exist 25 years ago.
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hello. minister as prime hawaii andisit to tosident obama is going visit to a memorial for the victims -- he wanted to send a message that the japanese would never repeat the tragedy. in washington, we have more on what is expect did. meet with obama over they willew hours and and shinzoemorial
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abe will take part in a ceremony and theber those their majority of them are on the u.s. battleship. become theof has first minister to take part in the ceremony. >> we are told that he expressed regret, condolences, just as obama did, when he visited hiroshima. he expressed regret for the actions and said it should not be repeated and that is what we expect from shinzo abe. >> it is worth noting that he is visiting with obama in the last few days of obama's time in
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office. >> this is a delicate time for a strong alliance. shinzo abe is getting into motion and it looks like donald trump is not ready to go forward. he will take office on january 21 and has said that japan should pay to have u.s. troops and ships on their soil, paying thathe defense, saying japan should develop nuclear weapons to defend itself from north korea. it is worth noting that shinzo abe flew to new york and was the first leader to visit with trump and it was a simple of how important this u.s. and japanese with ae is to japan
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strengthening of north korea and japan. hopes toa view that he toress and he wants this friendship, before trump takes office. now and, joined professor, i want to tell you .bout diplomacy first, you and your family. you have experience in japan and a family member who died on the bridge of the ship that morning. >> west virginia was the battleship in front of the arizona that they will be visiting and he died on the
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bydge of that and was hit shrapnel, one of the first casualties of the war. >> would do you feel about shinzo abe being there today? >> i think that the reconciliation is important and aspent 11 years, serving as assistance to our ambassador there and i see the importance , but i don't like to see pearl harbor simply be a prop. as long as there is a remorse and an appreciation of what ispened, i think that it
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is a sense ofhere looking back at the magnitude of what happened. >> does it go to hiroshima? >> they are different. hadscale of hiroshima withd, in this case, 2500, the attack unprovoked. we had the united states not directly inviting the tangled storyis a with the cases being difficult
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compare and we should continue to examine this history. equivalencyral creates a rancorous debate with no end. ende have obama nearing the of his administration and how do relationship proceeding? is a succession of meetings and prime minister abe saw trump a couple of weeks ago, ainging him up to speed and theing with trump and
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with a classic and it is really meetings to have early is a needk the there for substitute with joint projects and the early meeting would be important, in that regard. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. once the music world is paying tribute to george michael.
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he said that he will never stop missing him. we look back at the life of george michael. michael takes his steps into the limelight. back then, he had big hair and a reality was a little different. hotel andt us in a .here was a bed
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>> g cont. to leave the dream. continued to live the dream, when he had a change of direction. a soloto a career as artist. sold 25 million copies and got awards and sealed his reputation as an international artist. was, i am a massive star ad i was like, i may be
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poof. this is not going to end well. >> this was the turning point where i had to negotiate a new relationship with celebrity that wouldn't destroy me. were stage, his talents admired. his private life was a different matter. >> the homophobia was flying and they were loving to be able to say that this man, who had hidden from them for the best part of six or seven years, the idea that he was this tragic, , theyshioned cottager
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just loved it. this ironic song and there were other problems addictions, and his sense of humor remained. is up toou get into you. >> you are it show, george. it is embarrassing. helpinglief is about people like you. >> he collaborated with elton john. wrote, "i have lost a kind, gentle, and brilliant artist."
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>> all you do is love and love is all you do. was a big popael star. on thesence of his music radio and the sold-out arena tours serves as a testament. generous man and he made life-affirming music that touched and will continue to touch fans the world over. >> stay with us here.
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cheetah isme, the heading towards extinction. we will talk about what can be done to save it. >> we saw the wave approaching the beach and people started to run. theroops are overthrowing dictatorship of noriega. they failed to capture noriega to have him face charges. >> the hammer and sickle was taken away and the russian flag -- hosted that choice did the russian flag was hoisted. happens whene what
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the airplane falls 30,000 feet. >> thousands went to the mass and there were anti-communist riot here 10 days ago. >> you are watching bbc world the japanese prime minister arrived in hawaii and is making a visit to pearl harbor, after it was bombed by japanese warplanes. there have been tributes from fans and fellow artists alike. his partner says he will never stop missing him. russia has observed a day of site,ng and, at the crash
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40 ships and more than 3000 are involved. there is information about the cause of the crash. prayers forssia, the dead and for the victims of the crash. service in special russia and this is a day of national mourning. flown atlights were half mast. this is thought to be the last picture ever taken and it .rashed into the black sea the operation continues for the bodies and for the black rocks
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flight recorder. parts diverse have lifted of the mechanism to determine to the missing airplane. for or pilot error may have caused a crash. crash, the have been on their way to syria for a new year's concert. outside of the musicians headquarters, there is a shrine night grows bigger. leaving messages. this one says, farewell, friends. we could not save you.
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her son used to work in the ensemble and left. everyone.n with there is pain in my soul. officially, there is one day of national mourning. for many russians, the sense of loss will last longer. >> 25 years ago, the soviet union collapsed. for havings admired the war and without bloodshed. many russians blame him for the loss of an empire. >> with a gorbachev impression and a song, we are welcomed.
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this is a southern russian village. familyder was a child of farmers who went on to end the cold war. misha.a boy named we're went to the school that gorbachev went to. he was remembered as a star pupil. >> he was an approachable lad very clever. ago, there was worry as he was forced to resign. it was the end of an empire.
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>> it is strange to think that this figure came from this village and people said that they are proud of that fact, but many russians have mixed feelings, particularly about the collapse of the ussr. in was restored recently. as a team, they told me that his liked gorbachev and economic reforms. increasing number regrets the loss of the ussr. that is true. even here. >> germany is united and our country fell apart. this is the mistake of our
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leaders. >> gorbachev did a lot for the village. as for the ussr, we are upset about that. tothere is a section devoted gorbachev. for the young generation, ussr seems like ancient history. the boy says that russia has democracy now and that he cannot even say socialism. never meant for the reforms to go so far. the russians are still wrestling with the consequences of losing their status as a superpower overnight. >> the colombian authorities investigate a plane crash in which 71 died, concluding that there are ran out of fuel. it crashed and there were only
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six survivors. diede tape, the pilot who a lack of fuel, but never made a distress call. the corruption scandal is being questioned by the parliament detention center. the cheetah is rapidly heading for extinction. cheetahs are coming into conflict with human beings, as they go beyond protected areas. are in a small area of iran.
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me.founder joins thank you for being with us. this shows that they are closer to extinction than we thought. >> well, yes. togetherrs are brought from all the research that we have been involved in and the numbers are primarily outside of protected areas, putting them at a critical point. toy are more vulnerable land-use changes in conflict, which is why we are concerned. >> what about poaching? are they vulnerable to legal activity? >> indeed. there is wildlife trafficking in
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the northern parts of africa to and the gulffrica states. the other issues revolve around the larger populations outside of the protected areas, where we a large percent of where the cheetahs are found. >> some countries are developing new plans. what is important to do here? worked there for a number of years, we're just trying to get the numbers around where they are and this is a where we wereess with the range countries
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throughout africa. angola was where a meeting is habitatd there outside of protected areas and that puts them in conflict with people and that is the big problem. they are not just in one country. they cross different borders and we work with different programs and we come together and look at programs that will help the with them.working >> i'm afraid we have to leave it there. we are finishing the bulletin. thank you for being with us here on bbc world news.
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>> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, the newman's own foundation, giving off of his charity of pursuing the common. aruba tourism authority. but bbc world news --
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> brangham: good evening, i'm william brangham. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight, dueling visions for the nation. president obama seeks to preserve his legacy as donald trump lays out a very different path forward. plus, the greek island of lesbos is facing strained relations with the refugees it once welcomed with open arms. >> they're soaking wet, they're freezing cold, the temperature is close to zero. when you have a few people holding two towns to ransom because they don't want refugees in there, that's absolutely disgusting. >> brangham: and, remembering george michael, the '80s pop star and gay rights advocate who died at age 53. all that and more on tonight's pbs newshour.


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