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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 14, 2017 5:28pm-6:01pm PDT

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whose pagan roots are woven deep into their national character. with each panel, you get more caught up in the story. the establishment of the orthodox christian faith provided a common thread for the slavic peoples. to maintain their identity, they stood up to the roman church with courageous religious leaders boldly confronting vatican officials. the printing of the bible in the czech language was a cultural milestone. then they endured three centuries of darkness during the time czechs were ruled by the catholic austrians. mucha's final canvas shows the ultimate triumph of the czech people as, in the 20th century, they joined the family of nations with their czech ethnicity intact. "the slavic epic."
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>> this is bbc "world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the
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crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, bbc "world news." >> this is bbc "world news america." reporting from washington, i am .aura trevelyan the battle lines are drawn over the republican health care plan. in the balance is coverage for thousands of u.s. patients. threat of the malnutrition is made worse by islamic extremists. we speak to the family behind a famous video of how they are handling the global attention. we decided to come back to the bbc and bookend this with
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you. ♪ laura: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. it has been 24 hours since the cost of the republican health care plan has been released, it the air hasled -- been filled with politicians either discrediting them or -- over then people coming decade. their proposal will create savings of $337 billion over 10 years. rajini vaidyanathan has been looking at how individuals could be affected. rajini: she made it on her own in the world of work. she and her husband alone a small jewelry business. reading self-employed means they
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don't have abbas to cover their health care insurance. for years they struggle to pay medical bills until president obama introduced his law. >> when the affordable care act assed we were able to get reasonable insurance policy that covers more. the deductible went from a $10,000 family deductible to $3000. rajini: they are concerned their bills will rise. the republican replacement with cut subsidies and offer a year-and tax credit. >> i don't think we can pay the cost we are able to now. we have good coverage now. we just have to stay healthy and educated about the program. rajini: others are glad to see the back of obamacare. >> i need health insurance, but
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i did not want to be forced to buy it. plan he hadr the to pay thousands of dollars. >> what if they drop 20 million people off of the insurance plan. they still actually have health care. if they go into the emergency room, they will get covered. rajini: the debate over health care in america is complex, but comes down to cost. how much people pay for themselves and how much they bear the cost for others. plan to cut the deficit by hundreds of billions, doctors are unclear how it will affect patients. >> the new proposal, like obamacare, may change the winners and losers. it is not going to eliminate the losers. it is going to change the problems people in counter.
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it will not address the problems. rajini: that has been the dilemma for decades. it divides patients as much as politicians. >> will see you in six months. november your beth protectio -- best protection against of this health care system is don't get sick. more on the political fight, i spoke with edward-isaac dovere. thank you for being with us. 24 hours, the white house has been playing defense, can they get it through? isaac: it is a real question. we have seen 3 republican members of the house they may cannot vote for the house bill as it stands. they don't want to take the i don't think it will get anywhere in the senate. this starts to block the legislative process. laura: when you say members
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don't want to take the political are, do they think people losing coverage, that it isn't conservative enough? isaac: the numbers from the congressional budget office were damaging for the white house. there is an additional protection that in fact the 24 million projected to lose coverage is small compared to the 26 million the white house's estimate had. those numbers are scaring people off. members of the house taking a political risk to do this, if they don't think it will pass and get to the president's desk, and it lands on them for no achievement, it is difficult for the republicans. laura: the president said this would be a beautiful negotiation. there is something interesting on the breitbart news website. the architect and chief, paul ryan, in october saying he was not going to back donald trump all the way. what do you make of the timing?
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isaac: it is not a coincidence. clearly this is something that has been held for the right strategic moment to go after ryan. , used to beitbart run by steve bannon, now donald in the chief strategist white house. he has severed his connection to breitbart, but hired people that work on the website. there is a lot of connection. it is hard to see where the lines are exactly between breitbart, the white house, donald trump. is this donald trump attacking ryan. is this breitbart on its own? it gets into the potentially toxic mix for everyone involved. laura: is the president going to want to own the bill if he thinks he thinks it can't get through in its current form? have not seen donald trump in this position where he is now the president. he is not on the sidelines.
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he is going to be pinned into a position. is he for or against this bill. what is he going to do to make this not be a failure for him. if the republican majority with a republican president cannot get obamacare repeal done, something have been promising for six years, it starts to block the rest of the legislative agenda. the whole thing starts to be in the balance. laura: like a house of cards. thank you for joining us. last night we told you about the warning for the united nations that millions are at risk of starving in africa and the middle east. in nigeria, that is made worse by the fighting with boko haram, leaving tens of thousands of children at risk. you may find some of the images distressing. atve: they began queuing sunrise. you cannot afford not to get in.
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the stream ofy, anxious women and their children gets bigger and bigger. is my child malnourished? did my child die? -- could my child die? this treatment feeding center has been working flat out recently. found aueue we 10-month-old born into a cruel world. >> we have had to beg for food. sometimes going to sleep without eating. our home was burned down, and we had to leave our village. i pray that things will get better. this story is typical. these people were driven from their homes by bo boko haram, whose fighters for seven years burned villages and killed
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thousands, left two point 5 million people homeless in the name of strict sharia law. farmers could not attend their fields because of the fighting. now, people starve. takes measurements. it is not good. she is painfully thin and her weight is confirmation. does that mean the child is malnourished? >> yes, it is malnourished. clive: her chances of survival are better than mohammed's who is four years old, malnourished, and weekend by t -- weakened by tb. live sickmy daughter like this is unbearable. can't count the number of days we have had to go hungry. it has been so difficult.
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i just want my child to live. seconds later there is a new arrival. doctors struggle to help mustapha, 20 months old, breathe. away.fe is ebbing later that evening, mustapha died. what about those children that do not make it to a treatment center from areas inaccessible to aid. doctors,re are no clinics, where food and water has been looted a retreating boko haram fighters. for those children the end is inevitable. innocent victims of a man-made tragedy. this 10-month-old should make it. she has an appetite and should recover. has been driven from most of the country, their
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legacy of pain and starvation continues. laura: the children who are casualties of the ongoing conflict with boko haram rom. in other news, the ethiopian parliament declared three days of national mourning for the victims of the rubbish collapse. mother 70 people have been confirmed dead following a landslide. bodies have been retrieved from the debris three days after the landslide. the head of the u.s. marines admitted the recent scandal involving photos of nude female marines on a website is one of she darkest moments in it history. he promised to change the culture in the marines which could be biased against the marines. president erdogan has doubled down on his rhetoric against the
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netherlands. dutch soldiers failed to stop the killing of 8000 bosnian muslims by serbian forces. the prime minister of the netherlands called it a disgusting distortion of history. adkins is in the hague and caught up with the prime minister of the netherlands. : you will find lots of divisions, but on the issue of a president erdogan has been saying, there is a remarkable amount of agreement. and compared what is happening in the netherlands and referred to state terror. hereer the prime minister in the netherlands was campaigning in the hague. i managed to get some words with him to get reaction.
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what is your message to president erdogan and turks watching this interview? is completely unacceptable and a rewriting of history. the president of turkey is behaving increasingly more hysterical. i want him to calm down. this is not helping. it is unacceptable. theaid that people in netherlands will fail to vote in the interest of turkey. the people of the netherlands will float in the interest of the netherlands, not turkey. proud country. the netherlands is a proud nation, too. ross: do you have doubts about president erdogan's approach to democracy? pm rutte: we stopped the rally because in the middle of negotiations to have a logistical way out of the problems facing us on saturday, the turkish prime minister
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threatened us with sanctions. we will never ever negotiate under threat. the moment he did this we decided to cancel. later today, the minister from turkey will travel to the netherlands. we told her we don't want you to be here. it is a threat to the public order. particularly today. she still continue to travel. chaos.ated i am extremely angry with turkey. we have to talk about this yard we have to tone the rhetoric coming out of ankara and istanbul. only when that happens can we talk about it. ross: let's draw attention to the language used, saying that the president of turkey is becoming hysterical and rewriting history. that his comments are unacceptable. these are turns or phrases that are incredibly strong and not
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likely to diffuse the situation. laura: you are watching bbc "world news america." still to come on tonight's program, the u.s. secretary of state goes to asia. the problem of what to do about north korea looms large. horns worth $5 million has been seized in thailand after they were found in luggage from ethiopia. haul in years.h this contains images you may find disturbing. reporter: eager to showcase their success, thai customs officials lay out the contents of a suitcase intercepted at the bangkok main airport. they smallrns were fortune. that is at least 11 endangered animals slaughtered for trade that will not die.
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this is the largest seizure at the airport says this wildlife detention officer. he thinks a number of people were involved in the smuggling attempt inside and outside the country. what is worrying is that it was found by chance. a couple of women putting their suitcase through the green channel. in a normaled suitcase x-ray. you have to wonder how many other shipments of animal products get through this airport. in africa are being killed to order. in this case, they think an order from vietnam where demand is high. poachers are going after these rhinos like never before. someone on this side made a big order, which would have caused the spike. generally, it is bad anyway. there have been 3 rhinos
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poached every day. it has gotten even worse. thankfully, there were honest officials willing to stop it. that is not enough to stop the smuggling rings running this immensely profitable trade. bbc news, bangkok. ♪ laura: the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to asia for meetings with key u.s. allies. during the four-day trip, the issue of what to do about north korea's recent missile launches will dominate the agenda. barbara plett usher looks at the high-stakes diplomacy. america's new secretary of state is going to asia to take on an old, treacherous problem. north korea has accelerated its
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nuclear missile tests. it fired its latest last week. the regime has persistently pursued such weapons. >> the spread has a ground because the missile development has gone forward. their design of nuclear weapons seems to have gone forward. barbara: north korea's young leader has shown himself to be more aggressive than his father. president obama warned president trump that north korea would be his most immediate foreign challenge. a bigger threat than iran. here's why. north korea is aiming for missile powerful enough to strike america with a nuclear warhead. president trump has tweeted "it won't happen." the administration is trying to figure out a strategy. >> alternatives is part of what this trip is about. barbara: the most radical option strike on north
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korea's weapons system. that is unlikely because it will probably start a war. extreme is to cut a deal. during the campaign president trump said he would be willing to sit down for burger with kim jong-un. the stipulation has been that pyongyang give up its nuclear weapons. many think that will never happen. it is notas said ready for negotiations on any other terms. another option is tougher sanctions. it is not how tough the sanctions are, it is already that china is to enforce them. raging is their biggest economic partner. secretary of state tillerson will be focusing on ways to press china. china is furious with the u.s.
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are deploying missile defenses in south korea to protect against north korea. this willeves undermine china's military security. the diplomacy is complicated and the standoff is dangerous. it will only grow worse. usher. plett laura: the options for containing north korea. it is days from spring, but winter is not ready to bid farewell. the northeastern united states was whalloped with a blizzard. york, covering the big eeze. reporter: what started as powdery snow has turned into icy snow that fell to your face, and sleet. let makes it more rough is the howling wind gusts. despite new york missing
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the brunt of the storm and a large accumulation a predicted, as much as 20-inches, they are concerned about how the icy conditions will affect travelers. the roads are a mess. 1500 plows have been going up and down the streets trying to clean it up. new york officials are trying to get the city up and running tomorrow, to have schools reopen, companies reopen. this storm has been weather whiplash. such a mild winter and spring-like temperatures. this storm has caused major disruption. at laguardia airport 90% of flights have then canceled. united nations has been closed. schools, companies, courts closed. the officials are hoping to avoid that tomorrow, have the city running, and they are thankful despite harsh
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conditions it wasn't worse. laura: now for the interview scene around the world. we're talking about professor robert kelly who had no idea that he and his family would become global stars when he sat the bbc. they're back, speaking about that unforgettable discussion. let's discuss this further with professor robert kelly. >> it began of so many interviews do, and international story, a presenter, and an expert. what happened next, no one could have predicted. this is professor robert kelly. last thursday he was an expert on south korean politics. on friday, and internet superstar. during his live interview on the impeachment of the south korean president, his wife, jung-a
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kim, and 2 young children stole the show. people raced to twitter, youtube, and facebook to share the moment. speaking to me for the first time since the incident, i asked his family that life was like since they went viral. >> it has been unreal. we did not expect attention like this. we have never had anything like this before. we had to turn off the phone, facebook, and twitter. >> she had been busy recording bob while he was on the tv. that is why the children were able to make a break for the study and why she flew win with such speed. one focus of the social media storm and the news coverage became the mistaken assumption that the woman was the children's nanny. >> we were uncomfortable with it. >> we did not argue about any of
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those. hope people enjoy it, not argue over this thing. >> a normal family living a normal life turned online bhajans. i asked bob what had come since the last encounter. today.nt to work i don't turn off my phone as much as i used to. >> there is one suggestion sent to me that you should buy jung-a a spa day for everything she did in the video. fory wife deserves a medal taking care of us and the family. >> it goes to show that anything can happen on live tv. as the saying goes, never work with animals or children. bbc news. laura: the kelly family and
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their 15 minutes, or more, of fame bringing the broadcast to a close. you can find more on our website . to reach me and the team go to twitter. i am @lauratrevelyan. thank you for watching. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and voya financial. >> ♪ voya >> hey, how's it going? >> who are you? >> i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see, we are putting away acorns to show you the importance of being organized.
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>> that's smart. who is he? >> he is the green money you can spend now. what's up? >> oh, you know, going to pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. >> tennis racket for a squirrel? >> he's got a killer backhand. >> ♪ voya >> when it is time to get organized for retirement, it is time to get voya. >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, where the republican leaders' health care bill stands following analysis from the congressional budget office. also ahead this tuesday, all eyes on the netherlands-- what the implications are of tomorrow's dutch election on the rise of the right in europe and populism around the world. >> people are fed about the government for the last couple of years. during the economic crisis, we pay a lot more taxes. they cut our pension benefits. it's a protest vote. >> woodruff: and, the revival of the groundbreaking play "zoot suit" brings mexican-american culture to the spotlight with a purpose. >> it's a masterpiece of american playwriting.


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