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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 1, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the
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island with warm, sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news." jane: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am jane o'brien. president trump pulls america out of the paris climate agreement but keeps the door , open to better terms. so, we are getting out but we will start to negotiate and we will see you a deal that is fair. jane: the reaction to the decision is swift. his predecessor secretary of state speaks to us and doesn't hold back. was anink it extraordinary moment of self
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destruction by the president of the united states on behalf of this company. jane: taking a new look at an original renaissance man. an exhibition of the drawings of rafael opens to rave reviews in the u.k. ♪ jane: welcome to "world news america." it was a campaign promise that united supporters and had environmental groups up in arms. in the rose garden at the white house today, president trump announced he was pulling the united states out of the paris climate agreement. the international commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions. but he left open the possibility of returning to the pact or creating a new and better deal for the u.s. >> the white house rose garden, the most fragrant of settings or
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what environment, this will see for the toxic president -- one that will affect ecosystems all of the planet, from a donald trump's back lawn 2 -- order to fulfill myself am duty to protect america and its citizens, the united states will withdraw from .he paris climate accord >> he slammed this global agreement, and legacy of his predecessor, barack obama, claiming it gave china and other countries and unfair advantage. from his worst word to his last, this was an america first address. pres. trump: this is less about the climate and more about other advantagegaining an
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over the united states. the rest of the world applauded when we signed the paris agreement. they went wild. they were so happy. reason that it put our country, the united states of america, which we all love, at a very, very big economic disadvantage. point does america get demeaned, at what point did they start laughing at us as a country? we want their treatment for its citizens and fair treatment for our taxpayers. we do not want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore, and they won't be. they won't be. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not president.
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-- not paris. tohe said he wanted negotiate a better one for america, but he didn't seem that worried if the rest of the world doesn't agree to one. pres. trump: if the negotiations to enter a new accord or an entirely new transaction, if it doesn't benefit the americas people and taxpayers -- we are getting out, we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that is there. if we can, that is great. if we cannot, that is fine. americanhange is in problem, too. just visit florida. miami beach into a modern-day atlantis, a city
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submerged by water. even on sunny days, the tides and bring ocean to people's doorsteps. and further up the coast is mar-a-lago, the president's luxury estate. .25 of it could be underwater. miami beach is going to disappear. thinkscalled president it's a hoax, it is a chinese hoax. i cannot believe it. i live right in the middle of climate change every day. we are so affected here. how dare the leader of this great country deny it exists. trump'sof donald supporters, the paris agreement is seeing as a killer of american jobs. head to the west to california and you will find a democratic governor who promised to conduct his own climate change
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negotiations with president xi jinping of china. jinping, ando xi california will work with them and other countries to do whatever we can to offset the negative pathway chosen by president trump. >> this is a decision of enormous planetary and geopolitical significance here . the biggestably issue, america first means america alone. the european commission says it deeply regrets the united states's decision. annual macron says it is a serious mistake that will have serious consequences. our correspondent considers the
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likely impact of the decision. records for temperatures being set around the world and more warming threatening ice and sea levels, nearly every country in the world agreed to try to cut the greenhouse gases that are heeding the atmosphere. they came together, ushering in the terrace agreement negotiated in 2016, the first global attempt to tackle climate change. a landmark deal that america has now dealt a major blow. >> this is a terrible day for international efforts to combat climate change, the biggest issue the world faces. 195 countries sign of the paris climate agreement, and for the second largest polluter in the world, the world's largest economy, to say we don't care anymore, is a gesture of contempt for the rest of the world. david: under the paris agreement, countries pledged to cut emissions of carbon dioxide -- the aim, to limit the rise of global average temperatures to two degrees.
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the promise of $100 billion a year for poor countries to cope with the effects. with america pulling out, how will other countries react? china, for example, is forging ahead with a huge push for renewable energy. a partnership between china and america, the two biggest polluters, was the foundation stone of the paris agreement. today, the chinese government was clear about its position. >> china will continue to implement promises made in the paris agreement to move towards the 2030 goals step-by-step, steadfastly. of course, we have to do this in cooperation with others. -- we also hope to do this in cooperation with others. david: for donald trump, what matters is the plight of the u.s. coal industry. as things stand now, the number of americans working in cold is stored by those in the solar and wind industry. they had been growing even before the paris agreement.
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so what does this decision by donald trump actually mean? leaving the paris agreement is a four-year process. there will be an immediate halt to u.s. funding for human climate projects. $2 billion is due by 2020. on the other hand, mr. trump has spoken of renegotiation, offering the prospect of reentering the agreement. that won't be easy, given his criticism of big players like china and india this evening. for the tiny islands of the pacific, threatened with rising seas, the paris agreement is seen as a kind of salvation. tonight, they are highly critical of what donald trump has done. >> certainly this is difficult for our country, which is low-lying, and at the very forefront of climate impact. in maldives, we have been going through these challenges constantly. david: only last year, america played a leading role in tackling climate change.
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then-secretary of state john kerry brought his granddaughter to the signing of the paris agreement. will the deal survive? the key may lie in renewable technologies like solar and wind , which have dramatically tumbled in costs. with or without the agreement, a low-carbon future may make sense anyway. david shukman, bbc news. jane: just a few moments ago, katty kay spoke with the former secretary of state john kerry, who took the lead on the paris agreement. >> you just listened to donald trump's speech in the rose garden, i would like to get your reaction to it. mr. kerry: welcome i think it was annexed ordinary moment of self-destruction by president of the united states on behalf of his country.
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it was fake news, and that the president was not direct, he was not truthful about what was said regarding the treaty itself, the agreement -- not a treaty. he, rather than putting america first, has put america last come along with syria and nicaragua. nicaragua wanted to do more than the agreement did. i think the president avoids the reality that this is an agreement in which no other country has required to the united states to do anything. this is a voluntary agreement. every country designs its own program. the president could have some -- could have simply changed the program. he had that right. he is pulling out because of a narrow ideological base at the expense of america, with leadership with china that tried to lead people in paris, led in paris to come to an agreement, which the world needs to do a lot more on that even paris required. it is a moment of grotesque abdication of fundamental
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responsibility in leadership. i think he will be judged historically as one of the most self-destructive moves made by a president of the united states. and i think the truth over the next days will come out. these silver lining is i talked this morning with the governor of california and new york, they are going to lead us live bys to terrorists. mayors across the country are committed to live by paris. i believe the american people will step up and lead here in demanding the united needs continue to respond to the urgency of climate change rather than walking away from our responsibility. -- theay be possible president has done, but what about the impact on global leadership. they are looking at america, wondering on this, one of our
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most pressing issues, is america going to lead. kerry: we started an organization called "live by paris." i think america will have a fire lit under it to make sure the environmental progress we have made will not go backwards. this is about jobs, but a very different way in which the president talked about jobs today. seen solar jobs grow 17 times the rate of our economy. we have seen wind technician jobs grow. fastest-growing category in america. -- 2.6 $2.6 million million jobs in states that donald trump one.
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he will be hurting those very states. selfis why i say it is a destructive step that was taken today, but i think the american people in communities and states across our country have laws in place they will continue to follow and will continue to show leadership notwithstanding what this ideological announcement has done today. >> the president said it was a bad deal, gave polluters and economic edge over the united states. he said at one point, at what point do they stop laughing at us. kerry: i think other countries will stop laughing when we don't have announcements like we did today. and when we have a president that offers rater vision about the possibilities of the future. i think countries all over the world has happened to the theed states as a result of
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announcement today, which is not based on truth, based on facts, not based on science. there is no science whatsoever that embraces what the president says today about unleashing other strategies that take us up backwards. it will be ceding leadership, loss of jobs all over america, the communities all over america .eeing jobs i think it is moving in the wrong direction, we are going to pay a terrible price in the short time, but i think in the long time, americans will see they want to continue to adhere to paris and move in the right direction. accord,igned the paris you put your granddaughter on your lap, and you signed it. what would you say to isabel today.
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i would say the president made a terrible she needs tohe become a part of an army of young people. if we can't discern what real facts are, and have leaders that put a genuine choices and real facts in front of the american people, we are in trouble as a country. i think this is a critical moment for our nation. my hope is the leaders who have already stood up like andrew cuomo and new york, and california, and said we are going to live by paris are going to show where the true america still finds its grounding. >> secretary john kerry, thank you very much for joining us. was a john kerry talking to katty kay earlier. there has been gunfire at a
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complex in the philippines, in manila. there are reports of people jumping to the ground in an attempt to escape the bullets. the white house says that president trump has decided to delay of moving the embassy from .el aviv to jerusalem israel spoke positively of mr. trump's expression of friendship to israel and its commitment to moving the embassy in the future. still too, on tonight's program, pakistan denies involvement in the massive blast in the afghan capital. we will have the latest from . bul
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at least 10 soldiers have been .illed in the philippines the army has been trying to retake the city for a week, but duterte has-- insisted the violence was purely the islamic state. a residential city in the southern philippines has become a battleground. deployed bye been the army and support of ground troops and rockets from helicopters to try to flush out rebels. the insurgents have proven to be a fierce enemy through days of airstrikes the military has said on surgical targets. soldiers were accidentally hit in one attack. >> they are still conducting an investigation headed by the chief of staff what really happened.
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islamists thehe army is up against, returning from the war in syria. their ability to fight off the fears theyll add to could become the recognized southeast asian affiliate of the islamic state. has --klong fighting exodus for the residents, leaving the mounting rebels to torch the city. the army has been sent to rescue some who have gone into hiding. growingation is increasingly desperate for those who remained trapped. the insurgents using some residents as human shields.
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jane: pakistan has rejected allegations that it was involved in a massive explosion in kabul yesterday. our correspondent reports. >> this man has just identified his brother's remains at the morgue. the victim works as a security guard in front of the german abbots the. -- german embassy. of dozens we have only just found him after searching for two days. >> the blast left smoke hanging over the city. authorities believe a suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden in a sewage tank or. nker.wage ta
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this man worked directly opposite the site of the blast. [indiscernible] today, construction workers were filling in the crater left behind the blast. can see the wall marks the boundaries of what is known as the fortified green zone in -- partially the destroyed german evidence the -- embassy over there is based. security in afghanistan has been steadily deteriorating. last year was the highest ever recorded number of civilian casualties. no one claimed responsibility for this attack. pakistaniment blames
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militants, but they deny this. for those waiting outside the hospital to see injured relatives, the focus of their anger is their own government. >> the government -- they were just leaving, nothing out. they arepoor people killing, no one else. states is due to decide shortly on whether to send and asked her 3.5 thousand -- and extra 3500 troops to afghanistan. jane: we will keep you updated as the investigation into that attack continues here to one of the biggest stars of the italian is once again in the spotlight. "raphael: the drawings" opened up in oxford today. it brings together rarely seen
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works of art from around the world. reporter: the transfiguration by raphael, who died only 37 years old -- this being his last masterpiece, confirmation of his supreme talent come with a reputation for clarity and control. but that is superficial. beneath the surface lies another raphael, a surprisingly experimental artist, who would draw with the freedom of expressiveness of a jazz musician. >> he is moving away from the traditions he inherited. he is trying to infuse the traditional image of the madonna and child with real human sympathy and naturalism. it is that element of human sympathy that makes raphael different, that shows us where he is going, and it is true -- through drawing that he can explore this kind of expressiveness. this is an amazing drawing. it shows the burst of brainstorming creativity, madly drawing.
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hugely febrile. like a volcano for the energy in the drawing going on. he is chasing his thoughts on paper very very fast. reporter: it is messy. >> is very messy. reporter: with these drawings of raphael, do we meet a different artist than we think we know? someone much more emotional and experimental? >> absolutely right. very expressive in these drawings. also very adventurous in the way he is using drawings as the way of conveying emotions. here we see exploring quite profound emotions in the drawings, and creating forms that are moving, deeply moving. i saw these drawings coming out of the crates as they arrived for the exhibition installation and i was moved to tears at times. that is the magic of the drawing. reporter: raphael gave this picture to his contemporary,
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he, too, could draw like a master. jane: just shows the oldies are still the best. i am jane o'brien. thank you for watching "bbc world news america." >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm, sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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