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this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington time nor a true fat and. staring defeat in the face the president summons his senate says of the white house off to republicans a forced to delay a vote on healthcare reform. a crippling cyberattack goes global affecting companies and governments from ukraine to the u. s.. appears behind it and why. and the chinese ounces highway way sits down with the bbc to talk about his latest work here in washington. sprawling tribute to those who fight for freedom.
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welcome to world news america publican senators piled on a box in washington today. hold to the white house by president trump. he wants to know what's happening to the controversial health can bell. senate majority leader pulled the plug on a vote before the july fourth recess because he feared he'd lose. novice republicans became even more skittish after an independent congressional study estimated twenty two million. people would be uninsured under that bill but mitch mcconnell remains optimistic. we'll continue to talk about this very complicated subject. i remember how challenging it was for the democrats. when they were enacting this setback in twenty oh nine to twenty ten to big. the good of subject a lot of discussions going on were still up in the. mitch mcconnell and then a brief time ago i discussed the underlying issues with the b. b. c.'s anthony zakk. anthony if they don't have the votes this week in the senate to get it through
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will that be enough republican votes after the july fourth recess alyssa very good question that congressional study you cited that was a blow to. the chain yesterday and today the senate bill hit the can. now is it going to be able to get up off that had this well they're gonna need fifty votes there fifty two senate republicans out ther. after this july recess all the centers are going to go home they're gonna talked of constituents are gonna take part in fourth of july parade and they're going to get an earful about how this bill is generally not too. popular they're gonna try to camp craft something new maybe even have some doubt friday they hope to be able to review over the. the next week but it's a tall order because they're bringing moderates and hard core conservatives trying to find a middle road that they can all agree on. and the president has summoned his republican senators to the white house but can he really bang heads together when he said that the house bill was teaming and he wanted the senate bill. to have halt right and there was an interesting new york times report died just a little earlier about how members of the senate were really upset the donald trump support were targetin.
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one of the at risk senators dean heller nevada saying that he needs to come on board they were outraged because the last thing they want is to so divisions within the caucus. donald trump but he used a heavy hand trying to get house republicans onboard i'm not sure that's going to mean that i work with senators who a little bit more independent mind. little more stubborn. are they running out of time as well because you go the july fourth recess you've got then three weeks before the august recess and then they're off till early september and they also have to raise the debt ceiling deny. so the government doesn't run out of money right i had a flat holes. right you think a congressional term is two years us plenty of time but it really is a next year they're gonna be so worried about reelection this year. you're right they're about to go on a week vacation will be back three weeks have the debt limit they have a budget then they're gone. all of august they come back it's gonna be a mad dash to try to get the budget passed. health care they want to do it they want to get the tax reform their infrastructure a lot of things they want to get to but they're just running out of time. and the sea near our report shows as well
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that is the elderly poor rural trotted voters in fact who will be. hardest hit by this that's a tough sell is not that is an end donald trump has talked to some the republican senators about taking care of his people right now his people would take it on the chin in this. bill and you've seen some additional republicans. senators like appeal of west virginia come out and say they can't support the bill either so they're going in the wrong direction. as far as drumming up support for women we can't count it out we talked about the house bill that this way as well. that it was going to be difficult to get everyone on board and it looks like it's about to get yanked and then at past. that could still happen in the senate it's too early this is really important republicans this is something they ran on for seven years something they promised voters we do well to remember that anthony zecca thank you so much. for joining us. compared assistance to russia to the united states was struck today by massive cyber attack. the pastor started in ukraine the government said banks the metric system and even the neat care facility were affected.
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i have to take say the computers and demands a ransom from narrowness. bbc security correspondent gordon carrera reports. the first signs came in ukraine. systems went down this morning some people trying to take money out of bank machines found they couldn'. even the radiation monitoring system at the chernobyl nuclear plant was briefly taken offline. scale was enormous. we sat there were sporadic. cyber virus. on that transport banned comedia infrastructure for grant in government and in the corporate of sectors. as well. but during the day it became clear that the problem was not contained in ukraine. but was spreading. reports came in if companies affected from russia across europe to the uk and also the u. s.. those affected included all produces shipping and pharmaceutical companies and the london based advertising group.
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they will faced with a screen like this. telling them they've been locked out of their computer i needed to pay a ransom to get back in. i'm peter systems which have not been upgraded a patch a usually the most vulnerable. today's ransomware has some similarities but is not the same as that which struck the nhs last month. and so far there's no sign of health services being affected. experts say the new attack in some ways is more sophisticated. but the aim is still to make money. well ransom was very effective because attack is considered at hyman in the comfort of their own living room somewhere possibly on the other side of the world. and met these attacks with very low risk to themselves and very high upside. in many cases the mike hundreds of thousands of dollars out of an attack like this. goten carrera pushing them brief time ago i discussed this attack with sigh banks but tone kellerman. what is your assessment of the scale of the cyber attack compared to that one that we saw in math?
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it's back in may called wanna cry was really a test run. of seeing if they could essentially establish a footprint on systems and create a mechanism to generate money and destroy systems there after. i this is their day real deal this is what we've been very concerned about for awhile now. especially because it's being used to essentially establish a forest fire a beginning in the ukraine that is spreading west. so who could be behind they some why feel the wrath so petty are and most ransomware families that we call them families in my industry. were generated and were created. by organized crime and cyber criminal syndicates in the former eastern europe. the fact that ukraine was targeted and the fact that it's being monetize. allows me to suggest that this could very well be part of some cyber criminal group that sometimes acts as a cyber militia. of for russia in fact that they were targeting ukraine at this level we kind and said that they thought the attack originated in russia but he did also affect russian entities that it did and you know once you set. a forest fire you never know where
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it's going to burn and that the fact that so much infrastructure in ukraine was targeted a through accounting software. that was levers specific to that environment specific to that language and specific to. file sharing that allow it to traverse infrastructure as a whole i leads me to believe that this was far more than just a. criminal conspiracy they took great crave money are monetize of prospects why is it that companies and entities is still vulnerable to this attack when that they know that this malware exists so microsoft from a good job of trying to. put out patches that would solve the problem that this warmer rants where could exploit. but in the end of days many companies have been deployed those patches and also they have been deployed next and cyber security. defenses like traffic security or trend micro security to give you a couple options of technologies that mexican stop ransomware before it affects your system. so welcome the next level of cyber attack look like what worries you what worries me is when shadow brokers broke into the nsa and c. eyes armory. the weapons that they unleashed on to the world the weapons that they
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are now selling to non state actor groups. allow you to create these types of worms in the future that allow you to compromise and take over systems. even systems were patches don't exist to protect you from the threat. and the fact that more and more non state actors who have the results a lever cyber attacks can now arm u. and leverage their attacks because of political ideology concerns me. as it should all of us tom katamon thank you so much for joining us. staying with tacon google assented dubious record in europe it's been fined two point seven billion dollars by the european commission favoring its own shopping service in online searches. as a baby send a penalty imposed by e. regulators in this kind of case. a media edison hummel ranjan reports. did the new most is in the universe. do those products have changed our lives forever. but today the company was brought down to earth in the brussels headquarters of the european commission. after seven investigation into google's business practices commissioner
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magritte vestiges delivered a brutal verdicts. no one has abused its market dominance as a search engin. by giving illegal advantages to another group of product. it's shopping comparison service. if you search google for something that you want to buy say for instance mind you cricket bat several ads appear here at the top of the screen. he's a clearly marked sponsored upon the service crew people shopping each time i click on one of the ads the american tech giant earn some money. but today the european commission ruled that this prime real estate gives google an unfair advantage. killed who is one of the companies that prove the case. it says google needs to be reined in. i said right i'm gonna take over this marketplace i'm gunna demote you'll then put one seventh of the listings. anti competitive they can't do that when they have a ninety percent share. in general such a use that power and that's wrong. products are online in a format that show shoppers you've got exactly what they're looking.
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google said it respectfully disagreed with the decision i would take the ninety days granted by the commission to find a solution. one former google insider says the company is being punished for its success. reality is google is all about creating a great user experience there is what people come back and we use that. problem with any basis is because. it enables us to find what we're looking for as quickly as possible as a frictionless experience. and they need to stakes they competitive. for years now european officials have been itching to subject tech giants a fresh regulation. but over in silicon valley many leading innovators believe social problem usually have a technological rather than legal solution. one of the great managers of silicon valley is move fast and break things i don't think very many people characterize in you. bureaucracy has a. spirits there are two very different worlds. america. and europe and they have very different attitudes on competition on access and data even on very fundamental things like. the
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profit motive whether it's a good thing or not. what i think's fascinating about this case is it really show is very different? okay double. paul light. through more cool innovation and engineering google has become integral to our daily routines. this record fine is a reminder that is at base an advertising company which uses out personal data to sell us things. if you don't like the search results well there's always yahoo. amal rajin bbc news. shared fine for google laug. us defense officials have warned that syria's leadership may be preparing for another chemical weapons attack. the pentagon is seen activity at the same advice from which the minute she launched another gas is sold in the spring. at least eighty seven people died in april's attack many of them children. president assad has denied any new preparations are underway. but instead visited a russian airbase in syria today even climbing into the cockpit of a fighter jet.
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i will james to reduce has written a new book see pat the history and geopolitics of the world's oceans. he joined me added to discuss syria and more. and most of it is we get to see pat in just a second if i may i have a question about and power fast. what do you make of the white house warning president i sat of syria that his regime will pay a heavy price? if it uses chemical weapons again is the threat of air strikes a good strategy. i think it is laura let's face it. this president has already demonstrated that he will respond. with the previously seventy nine tomahawk missiles from navy destroyers in the eastern mediterranean we now have a carrier operating there. there's heavy strike capability that has to weigh on the minds of a side and his russian handlers i think it's a good strategy to lay that out as long as he will enforce it. well the theme of your book is how oceans influence geopolitics much more than we think so how much of the syrian conflict is to do
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with the fact. that the russians have a naval base in syria. certainly russia's historical geo political interest in the eastern mediterranean is to have access to that kind of warm weather report. it fits with their black sea fleet and it also allows them to demonstrate global reach we're seeing russia pushing not only into the eastern med laura but. into the baltics into the north atlantic and indeed into the pacific it's part of a global naval strategy by vladimir putin. one in your book you toured the oceans of the world you talk about the arms race. race around the pacific how concerned are you about china's military build up the possibility of aggression in the south china sea. i'm extremely concerned especially from the maritime perspective let's face it china could have an enormous army but they can't. really threaten the united states with an army what they can do with it capable maritime
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and air strategy. is dominate the south china sea which they claim in its entirety as chinese territorial waters. if we acquiesce in that laura they will have control of all those hydrocarbons billions of barrels of oil trillions of sgt cubic square feet of natural gas. and they will have control of the shipping lanes through which eighty percent of the pacific straight passes. that's not good strategy for the united states we need to be in that maritime game to prevent it so is it your contention that c. pow is just as relevant today. as it was in the days of admiral nelson of the spanish on model. indeed or even during world war one or world war two when great britain urinatio. was. very dependent upon open sea lanes from the united states for resupply and protecting the coasts. of great britain from invasion from europe so yes it continues to matter
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because of the. rise of the chinese navy the return of the russian navy because of the tactical consequences we see in places like syria in the baltic sea in the black sea. sea power continues to be absolutely central to how nations control their destiny even in this twenty first century you spent eleven years of your life at sea is the u. s. maybe still the back him off the walls in. the days of world war two. in terms of numbers of ships we've come down a long way and let's start from the cold war we had about six hundred ships under president reagan. we declined and now to about two hundred and seventy five ships to less than half of what we had in the cold war. the good news is russia reduced their own fleet china had not yet really risen. what's changed now laura is the fact that. is china adds ships in russia adds ships the united states navy needs to get back up to about three hundred fifty ships. i'm
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hopeful this administration will do so because american power will depend on sea power in this century. among james to radius thank you so much for joining us. thanks laura always a pleasure. you're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. it was one of germany's most decorated pilots during world war two. today hugo brought flew out of england spitfire. don't tom has been facing tough poll numbers that have miss investigations of policies and politics have held up his legislative agenda. the economy is looking solid but people are still worried about the direction of the country. and it turns out those concerns are not specific to just america. according to a new poll people across the world and looking at the growing lack of confidence in the us and its president. his catch a cab i.
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donald trump travels like an american president and has the power of an american president. when he doesn't seem to have is the world's respect. according to the nonpartisan pew research center only twenty two percent of people surveyed in thirty seven countries. have confidence that mr trump will do the right thing for the world. sixty four percent felt the same about president obama when he left office it's not even close. penta fellow world leaders mr trump come. terms of global confidence he pulls behind germany's and. china's president xi and even vladimir putin. a full five posts. personal part of its policy so let's start with the politics. three of his major initiatives more than seventy percent of those surveyed disapprove. those include withdrawing from international climate initiatives and trade deals and building that famous wa. and then there's the personal three quarters of
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those surveyed found him arrogant. more than sixty percent think he's intolerant even dangerous. on the upside to more than hough described mr trump as a strong leader. quite a few found him charismatic. but then there's the broader question do is american supporters care about any of this. pads it's exactly what america first is all about. not minding what the world thinks of you. for them this pew poll could be a validation the president trump is getting it exactly right. the chinese artist and activist i why ways a champion of human rights around a fount of the chinese government back in two thousand and eleven. when he was detained and had his computers confiscated. this week he's here in washington promoting one of his most significant works.
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i go portraits of people he calls freedom fighters. and what can be seen at the harsh tone gallery when jana brine quartet with him. nbae way way came up with the idea for trace the sprawling portrait project when he was incarcerated by the chinese authorities in twenty eleven. he uses a lego bricks create. they have a strong believes they're very brave. most circumstance. been known that could loss and i. the quote then known them allows all they have. most of the people you portray here have been imprisoned by repressive regimes. but some of you portray our of people who've been imprisoned in the united states how to think visitors will react. for many visitors wouldn't be surprised if the buyer often missing. we are leaving for a world offerings society.
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i think this is a very shallow thinking solving crook chelsea manning. who is so brave? for me. like most divine way ways works trace was constructed by others following his design. it was first shown on the site of the notorious prison of alcatraz and it's transferred to washington comes at a time of heightened debate. about the meaning of truth in politics fake news and the power of social media. a medium i way way has lost it. what impact do you think president donald trump has when he uses social media? i often heard that a lot of criticism. but i also think is the wha. we want to know home. this guy really sinks. or even the mistakes sky come make but the discussion is still always on the surface not that really in the mall profoundly. unnoticed killer stands out lucia above the jailed chinese
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dissident and nobel peace laureate who as the exhibition opened was moved from prison to hospital suffering from terminal cancer. i way way says he symbolic of many of those who suffer the same fate unnoticed. they could easily make it disappear your lawyer cannot to really defend you or your family even. know where you are. in some cases even after you're serving the time. i still cannot see your family. audiences may not simply. the natives everyone portrayed in trace. the broader aim of highway ways work is to raise. about the nature of freedom and how it's. it'd all violated by governments. jane o'brien bbc news. chinese artist you standing up for freedom of speech right here in washington dc. after one of germany's most highly decorated world war two pilots. until today yeah over the skies of england today but
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this time in a spitfire. ninety five year old hugo boldt carried out his lifelong ambition in kent. but all that force held the line against john ashcroft during the battle of britai. well the whole reports now on the experience. ndlovu of a merlin engine heralding an encounter between a great machine. and a great pilot. during his flying career mostly on the russian front hugo brock was credited with eighty one victories in three hundred and twenty four missions. every german squadron had heard of the spitfire. have brought it waited most of his life to fly in one. the file on the phone. feeling the spitfire was greatly respected with these machines you have a fantastic feeling of being free of being able to do what you want. and i expect to get that feeling again today. spitfire gained its iconic status during the summer of nineteen forty when the aria forced to hold off an invasion.
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still debate over whether the planes or the pilots won the battle. as his ground crew hurried to scramble this bit far ahead of the approaching rain clouds have brought clearly remember the drill. at all i'm off to another one of our. the flight was captured by documentary cameras so we can share hugo brooks delight as he scored above the canned hills. declined an offer to take the controls saying that in this case he was just a backseat driver. then all too soon it was over summed up in one word. wonderful. required under good immersion into the spitfires and excellent at croft and i had an excellent pilot. i remember how fantastic it is to be able to fly. on one question have brought was adamant the aircraft he flew all those years ago was still the best. robert whole bbc news begin hell. you gotta fuzz the jam on ashcroft over the spitfire
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: facing revolt from inside the party, republican senators delay a vote on health care reform, as president trump calls them to the white house to keep the pressure on. then, tensions rise as the white house warns syria's president against another chemical weapons attack. and, in the second part of my interview with warren buffett, one of the world's wealthiest men talks about philanthropy, what keeps him going, and tax breaks under the republican health care bill. >> you could entitle this, you know, "relief for the rich" act, or something, because it-- i've got friends where, it would have saved them as much as, it gets into the $10 miio


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