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this. this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the reebok dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm john o'brien. the final push in an effort to end a caliphate the bbc is with iraqi forces as they retake symbolic ground in my soul. we just been told that three i. s. fighters have fled. from the building right in front of us. but it's clear that most of the militants who remained here well thanks. finish. president trump insults a female tv presenter on twitter his attack is swiftly condemned by senior republicans. obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment i think the gore trying to run here is. improve the tone the civility of the debate. this obviously doesn't do
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that. and getting up out of the cities and into the country by this fall but turned his cow sheds into galleries . welcome to world news america so called islamic states grip on a wrong could be coming to an end tonight. iraqi security forces have retaken the site of the famous great mosque of al nuri in mosul. it was not the most three years ago that i asked declared its global caliphate with territory stretching from iraq to neighboring syria. will be reporting from syria in a moment but first our correspondent tony karon takes us to the frontline in my soul. covering fire us troops dart into position. we joined them pushing
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forward but keeping low. as an i. f. sniper ahead. no close knit one. they can see his hiding place. and he can see them. a heavily armed regauged from iraq's emergency response division. held up by the snipers creed. one shot. one killed. but they managed to press sold across the rubble of a hospital complex. treacherous terrain. closing in on the last remaining i. s. fighters. this was their main base in mosul. some are in the next building. but not for long. and i've got to one. another please warn unit to that those i. s. guys are on the move he says. i'm like well i'm originally. thank god we don't have any injuries now. a coalition airstrike adding
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to the ambers of battle. well this is the final push forward against the so called islamic state. it's a grueling abounds here and he's on the dl stick this battle has dragged on for more than a few months. we're just been told that three i. s. fighters have fled. from the building right in front of us. but it's clear that most of the militants who remain here well thanks to the finish. so will the troops who are determined to bury the islamic state where it was born. in mosul. iraq has paid a high price for this bottle. losing many young brothers in arms yeah i'm a public official ida casada we lost many months is here. all of them young. i miss them. the families met them. and the company misses them them but they didn't die for nothing. they died for this country. lunch today another fallen soldier carried from the battlefield. after troops reached what's left of the
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al nuri mosque. twelfth century treasure. it was here the i. s. leader proclaimed himself ruler of all muslims. i s. blew up the mosque last week. the liberation of most sold may be at hand but it won't free everyone here. at least not from their memories. go hide i felt how mohammed abdel karim was held at this makeshift i. s. prison right behind his own house. just for repairing mobile phones energize you want a job it will play in the machine hadi they brought a prisoner here and tied him to a tee. you my good and i should i love. that i can usually they put water all over his body. my guilty so we got a book then they brought to a conflict cables and shot him until he planted as is yeah so the call they woke him and. did it again i've had in if but you know it's my
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belief that any of us he told us that man was one of two he witnessed being tortured. to death. mosul is emerging from the shadows after three long years of tyranny. the caliphate now lies in ruins where is was declared. but the i. s. ideology has long since spread from here. bringing anguish to cities including london and manchester. in this bottle of our times there are many frontlines. or the gear and bbc news mosso. well that's what's happening in my soul across the border in syria islamic state is also fighting for survival. also known as day sh up fighting has been continuing in raqqa its forces are on the heavy siege from kurdish and arab fighters backed by the united states. from that our correspondent gabriel kate had sent this report.
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if and when russia conforms it will be thanks in large part to the american military and their allies including britain. this is their main logistics hub an airstrip comes squeaky clean between hillside someone with. from this base they support their own forces. and on the stf the coalitions of arabs and kurds with leading the assault on iraq. well all of this infrastructure has gone off in a really short space of time limits coincided with rapid advances by the anti isis coalition. but the question is what happens when the caliphate fools because as we know it from afghanistan and from iraq. it's always easier to get it. than it is to get out. already they're looking to a future post conflict. hit to me local leaders in waiting the us envoy. the american presence here has been growing quietly.
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if you look at the record to date. we have now coalition backed operations in iraq and syria have cleared out. a sixty thousand square kilometers of territory. we've liberated over four million people. as the coalition advances into rough cut families a flea. many end up in this camp. old lived under the harsh rule of the group that calls itself islamic state. not to against their will. god i thought what i say one corner of the camp is reserved for the wives and children of i. s. fighters. newer left lebanon from rocket two years ago to join her husband that she had th. when he was killed she married with two museum. and so she joined the ranks of a relatively privileged group. the wives of foreign fighters we challenged on the treatment of sex slaves at the hands of the i. s. captives. she seemed unsympathetic we certify the seven member spending the money on sex slaves they put on the best makeup clothes and accessories.
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yeah the best. american troops in syria number in the hundreds they won't say exactly how many. the special forces are involved in the fighting on the ground that planes a bombing rescue from the air. ice is certainly not defeated. win mosel. is liberated or rock is liberated there's a lot of hard work left to do. i asked the general if he knew the whereabouts of abu bakir al baghdadi. the self declared leader of the caliphate. man i when i was hoping you knew. if you know please tell me and we will kill him forthright everyone claims to kill him at least once a month we have someone claiming to kill baghdad. reports from the frontline today suggest you s. backed forces africa surrounded. but as we learned in mosul capturing the city itself like to prove alone hard fight. and a brief time ago i spoke to gabriel who's that for us in northern syria.
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gabriel clearly islamic states are losing ground both in iraq and syria but all we really coming close to the end of that so called caliphate. i think we're coming close to it how long the actual end game takes is another questions resort most so i took many many months from the start of the offensive. at to get right into the center of the city we're looking at something quite similar here in rocka i've been. on the front lines such as they are around the city of rucka and of the past we can more and what we saw was quite a rapid advance until they got into those. narrow streets near the center and then really getting bogged down with ios. fighting them house the house really with at snipers at suicide called bombs even weaponized drones said it may take sometime out for record to full but i think it is. away and not an ex when that happens it will effectively mean the end of the caliphate what it weight necessarily means the end of islamic state so cold. out or its ideology it
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definitely white mean the end. of the syrian war. and of course taking territory is a lot different to actually holding it. the did any of the american soldiers and officers that you spoke to early i give you a sense. of whether there is any appetite for boots on the ground for an american presence that off to islamic state is defeate. well i think the question i mean there are effectively boots on the ground and we had we met as some of them. just yesterday at that base at united states has not been keen to publicize its presence here. up until now they opened up a little bit yesterday they allowed us on to one of their bases out when their central logistics hobbes. as for numbers i'm there in the hundreds they won't give us an exact figure but the kind of things at that they do at the moment is. artillery fire in support of the kurdish are belive sits with the sharp end of the conflict as well as our training and assisting and i think that means. at quite a heavy and close to the front
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training assisting at those stf fighters now i spoke to at general stephen towns and who's the. overall commander of the coalition fight against i. as in both syria and iraq and he was very clear. that the liberation as he put it of mosul and rough cut will not mean the end of islamic state in the whole circle me that that will be. jumped on to the united states is certainly i think they envisage being here a little bit longer than that how much longer. is another question as we saw in afghanistan and iraq getting in is always much easier than getting out. cable guy types reporting that from syria look now at some of the day's other news and a cherry in moscow has found five chechen men guilty of murdering the russians oppositions most prominent activist. boris nemtsov near the kremlin in twenty fifteen. face a hunting a former chechen officer who promised them a quarter of a million dollars piston themselves found they called it a fiasco. that the most mind remained at the launch.
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cardinal george pell one of the most senior figures in the roman catholic church has set sex offends challenges that have been made against him paul bowle. called no pal told a media conference that he had undergone a relentless character assassination. he said the pope had given him leave to return to australia from the vatican to face the challenges. the european union has appealed against the world trade organization ruling in favor of the united states so if a state aid for the american plane maker boeing. the eu is objecting primarily to tax breaks in washington state web boeing is based but do you and the u. s. of spent thirteen years arguing over the level of support they give respectively. advice and. now congress has a lot on its plate right now particularly as it struggles to pass healthcare reform and you might think that would be the focus of the white house. but instead republicans were answering questions about the president's tweets in which he insulted the and because of the morning television program. in a
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very personal attack. quote i heard poorly rated out morning joe speak badly of me don't watch anymore then how come low iq crazy micah along with psycho joe. came tomorrow long ago three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me sheet was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. well number of republican senators were dismayed saying it was beneath the dignity of the office of the president. this is what the speaker of the house had to say. obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment i think the gore trying to run here is. improve the tone the civility of the debate. this obviously doesn't do that. but white house wasn't backing down saying the president didn't go too far and that this is what his supporters voted full. the president has been. attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by members on that program and i think he's been very clear that when he gets it. he's gonna hit back i think the american people elected
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somebody who's tough goose martin who is a fighter. and that's all trump and i don't think that it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. well earlier i spoke about all this with on north america correspondent anthony sucka. anthony despite what the white house has been saying. the reaction has been pretty strong hasn't it pretty strong across the board i mean. people have talked to donald trump about his treats from his wife to his white house advisers to his lawyers to republicans in congress saying. tone it down a bit even his supporters across the country have told pollsters they think that it's counterproductive form to tweet like this. he hasn't paid any attention he keeps doing this and once again we have what these eruptions where this mornin. we were going to talk about healthcare instead we're talking about something entirely different. you visit of patton here isn't that there's the tweak the outrage and then nothing happens what can republicans actually do to make him sto.
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well they can distance themselves from him but they don't wanna do anything right now because anything they do the damages the president is going to damage their own party in their ability to pass legislation they really need donald trump. operating on the same page as they are right now if they're going to try to pass this healthcare reform legislation. is not popular right now it's very very low in the polls they need to drum up support for and that president needs to help do that. if they're going to try to get this thing over the finish line as he say a monumental distraction where is the health care bill right now because that down to the wire on getting it fixed on that. right right down the wire right now it's back to the drawing board to have to decide who they want to try to make happy with the changes they can. keep the tax increases that. that obamacare brought in that help pay for medicaid healthcare for the poor there's another idea being advanced by ted cruz a conservative republican from texas. the same why not let insurance providers in this independent. obamacare markets offer non regulated plans if they offer regulated planned so
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therefore there's a low cost option for many americans that would drive down rates that one has been getting a little bit of traction. it's a question of whether the moderates will fly out of the can fashion something on both sides and makes everyone elise happy enough to cast a yes vote. and of course if they don't get this done by tomorrow federal form that break when does this leave him about it they're off they're up on plane support the july parades and picnics and listening to constituents who may not. be very happy about what's been going on in washington they'll be back the week after and then they have about three weeks to try to craft something together before they leave for the entire month of august. them a very narrow window here if they can find some sort of common ground they still have an opportunity but every day they spend on healthcare today they can't get into tax reform. and figured out the budget and raising the debt ceiling. anthony's a cup thank you for joining u.
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they're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program the presidential visit during uncertain times twenty years since hong kong's handover. we look at one chinese leader may. the welcome. of the two difference kicks off this weekend we thought we'd take a moment to look at the origins of the humble bicycle and it turns out it's older than you might think. as a correspondent david eves reports. you imagine these were the early days of the bicycle the penny farthings the bone shakers. you'd be nearly fifty years out. because this is the first verifiable bike the velocipede or dandy holes recreated to mark two hundred years since its invention by called. trace in eighteen seventy nine. uniform optional no pedals not much saddle and banned for being dangerous to pedestrians. but ultimately here to stay. in sweltering heat the
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hundred and ten mile first leg pedestal removes it begun. by the time the tour de france was a. averaging twenty eight miles out on the first day the vikings a feature of everyday life and simple. as a tool for self punishment by dr riders to anything from easter strychnine and alcohol. to amphetamines and e. p. l. it has a lot to answer for. bicycle polio is becoming almost he knows them but what others have tried to expand the bicycles portfolio not always to universal acclaim. that's been the old niece market perhaps. but buses and trains have tended to prove more popular for mass transport. well these days cycling is just about the way to get about it's healthy of course environmentally friendly and can be quite cheap. they could be high tech as well you can get disc brakes electronic gear shifting carbon fiber frames. you name it. but just get this when called on grace demonstrated
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his first velocipede two hundred years ago. he clocked up fifteen kilometers an hour that is slightly faster than the average speed for driving around london in that car. today. david eads bbc news london. twenty years ago this week hong kong was handed back to china off to more than a century and a half of colonial british rule. to modification chinese president she's in paying is on his first official visit to the territory. ceremonies are being planned as well as a number of protests with critics saying the promised legal framework of one come. systems has not become reality all china editor carrie gracie reports. hong kong's patriots greeks that president and first lady. flags but no umbrellas and.
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because umbrellas of a similar protest here. gosh it full full he said he'd come to support hong kong. is known current democracy activists see it. we'll keep pulling a monument china presented to hong kong for the handover. one student insisted on her freedom to protest as she was arrested. hours earlier she'd illustrated have feelings about the chinese communist states. a hong kong flag in mournin. a veteran protested at twenty. but she's no longer optimistic about what protest can achieve maybe we're not going to have and they were south but still wish it stand now and. finds out yeah i think it's very important to let. i the hong kong people on
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that that beijing government know that we are not giving up. i love the whole on the moon in the year at the. dover. coffee shop police dot com freestyle football at my junior. bus to make ends meet. in one of the world's most unaffordable cities. he resents the people from mainland china who he says. pricing him out. or that hunger where they if they tumble play. sounds like a god or allah also and i know the hey big out. they got full meander year and only by. so but you subs out ntta forty to twenty year old to celebrating. best to look from maine linda. sonny turned is a student here. she grew up in china. and from an early age was taught to be proud of her country. i would rather welcome presence is in danger visits hong kong. this
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shows the contents of that central government in this region so distressed about. and i think it's really worth celebrating. we know all. some some the bright and on this morning this big chill corning for the release of a political dissident would be. impossible anywhere else in china only the home call has the freedom to protest. which is what makes it so special. but what also makes it. the one in china site. carrie gracie b. b. c. news hong kong. now when it comes to finding great topped one typically heads to the capitals of europe for new york all the many excellent options right here in washington. but who says galleries museums have to be emageon urban areas well that's what a retired farmer in herefordshire england delved himself and his own set up was to take matters into his own hands. that's okay reports. mmhm his family have worked
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this land for generations mmhm that steven dale had a different dream car nbi because i'm a follow why she encountered i come. nbi of seventy three stephen has sold almost all his lan. fund his passion. turning his shades into a free public gallery. harvesting work from leading international artists. what is it about art that you love so much? shapes. basically. simplicity of it. and how they use materials. more you study it more easily get after it. only started in the nineteen seventies when stephen was in london being treated for cancer. critically ill he walked out of bots hospital and by chance ended up in the tate. his first time in a gallery they're probably the most expensive
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so the world the controversial work known as breaks was on display and stephen was captivated. shades of gray is getting crease and decreasing and if you did not have spent seventy thousand pounds buying a similar work by colin dray. for his cabin would gallery beautiful. stunning deliver now would you. stunning in. you either like it or hate it. it sounds to me like. seeing those bricks forty years again changed your life. they certainly have. martial arc being london. manchester liverpool and nothing in that role area. stephen hopes his gallery will grow to be like that takes that inspired him. many farmers diverse if. if you do it like face. john k. bbc news herefordshire. i bet you won't get the huge lines to get in other places
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as well. and of course you can find all the day's news at home website and you can check out facebook at any time i'm john o'brien thank you for watching . funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: after the supreme court clears the way, parts of president trump's controversial travel ban go into effect. then, mr. trump's latest attack on twitter aimed at a cable news anchorwoman brings sharp criticism for crossing the line of civility. and, serving a health care desert-- how one low-income community in california is using its local fire house to provide affordable care. >> fire stations, fire fighters, are strategically located in every community. so we saw this as an existing but perhaps untapped resource to serve our patient population. >> woodruff: all that and more


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