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this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the reebok dot com. and now abc world news. this is baby say wild news. reporting from washington i'm nora trevally. for us the missile launch. diplomatic fallout. the united nations china says a military action must not be an option. as the u. s. warns it will use force if asked to. the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves. and our allies. president trump plans in europe for a series of high profile events. round one is in power and the most closely watched meeting will be with vladimir putin. and they keep that company and that crucial to china's diplomatic out reach. we chill over the politics of pandas.
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welcome to obvious on public television and around the globe. divisions a match that the united nations today i have the best way to respond to north korea's aggressive missile test. the us ambassador said if the international community acts together. pam prevented could testify. the last will propose new un sanctions. the russians representative warned that attempts to economically strangled north korea would be unacceptable. away since president trump arrives in europe had a the g. twenty summit. a diplomatic editor james landau stop saw coverage. today the coast of south korea. borrows. taught by local u. s. feels. a simulated attack cold
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north korea. the show of force retaliation. tonight by hard words at the united nations security council. today is a dark day. it is a dark day because yesterday's actions by north korea. made the world a more dangerous place. there are legal missile launch was not only dangerous. but reckless and irresponsible. it showed that north korea does not want to be part of a peaceful world. with this launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. the council should note that the dprk. clearly intends to threaten directly an ever greater number of states. and indirectly the whole world. this is the cause of that concern. yesterday's launch of what the u. s. now admits north korea's first. will ballista so. let's play. carry. a weapon. far as alaska. today north korea claimed
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the test showed that its warheads could withstand the heat of reentry into the atmosphere. a crucial step forward if true. no wonder the country's leader kim jong hoon look say please no wonder he was quoted as saying the yankees must be quite unhappy with the gift we said them all the independence day. the problem is that so far the international response has been divided. president xi of china who's in germany today has called for restraint. and russia has warned against any preemptive military. we are. but i see for russia and china it is absolutely clear that any attempt to justify a minute she solutions using security council resolutions as a pretext. is unacceptable. but it's china's reluctance to use its economic klaus against north korea that has angered donald trump as he left for europe he complained about the growing trade between both countrie. saying on twitter so much for china working with us
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but we have to give it a tr. the question is what else the u. s. mike's do. today's joint military exercises were designed to show what command to set. u. s. selfish. well i'm sure we'll go. it is their bases that are under threat it's that sea board. that is not. within. reach. but. whether any other country would be asked to come and help is. at the moment is hypothetical. tonight's donald trump arrived in poland to head of the church twenty summit in germany. with the crisis will be high on the agenda. where would you like to do sports looks on like? and a short time ago i spoke with james from also. james the white house deliberately chose poland as the first stop on this trip. what exactly is pregnant expecting to hear from the president on what kind of reception we get? so i think this is a hugely
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important and very significant and actually delivered by the white house the aim. is to come to europe and get a good reception. in the. there's a huge confluence of between some of the attitudes of the white house and don't jump and also the government. in poland at the moment they are both people who think nationalistic klay they think of that the importance of the sovereignty of that country's. they i'll whole style to immigration particular muslim immigration doesn't will flow these governments share in common. are they the government here is bussing in support says that again to be. there in the square here and will still tomorrow listening to donald trump. so i think the white tests are expecting a new flood of united lots of clapping also chairing lots of good mood music. of that simply because when donald trump carries only his trip to europe and he ends up with the g. twenty he's like the i think to have a tough time because he's going to be asked tough questions there. about. north korea about climate change and those things that so he's coming here i think initially just to have a good start to the strip.
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james landau and also thank you. as we had him james that donald trump will be enjoying a warm reception mahdi can before tackling the tough issues at the g. twenty like north korea. at the un today as we were hearing the american ambassador had some tough words as the world body mass in new york to discuss the next steps in dealing with the regime. a correspondent ned a taffy because at the you and i spoke to her idea. any agreement that the world body on the best way to respond to north korea's aggression. well we had a clear divide really you had the u. s. along with western partners in japan. alleged by nikki haley saying that there needed to be tough you tougher measures against north korea so nikki haley said that the kind of clear and sharp. military escalation from north korea meant a diplomatic possibility was really. closing in on site and so she said that the united states would use military force if necessary to protect its allies. she said the us would cut off trade with those who do business with north korea in violation of un u. s. resolution un resolutions.
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up but on the other side you had the russian and chinese who said for example russia said it any further sanctions would be unacceptable. out they wouldn't work to reach a solution and the chinese ambassador. said that really the proposal they have with russia is to kind of suspend north korea's. buildup of its arsenal in exchange for the u. s. in north and and south korea stopping it joint military exercises and he thought that would be the best way forward. cemented the u. s. is talking about yet more sanctions against north korea off to say many years of sanctions which don't seem to have stopped north korea and its missile program. what is that that hasn't been tried yet that so warri's apparently russia and china? well what we heard from. a us diplomat here in in nikki haley made mention to this they want to go after. the guest workers that north korea sends to china and russia that send back money to north korea. they want to have an oil embargo they wanted. you know intercept some cargo ships all of this aimed at
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stopping a north korea's currency now a china and russia are really concerned about choking off north korea too much economically. up because it certainly china doesn't want to see instability in the region that would bring chaos in and refugees right to their doorstep and they would have to deal with that. so while china in the past has up passed resolutions they don't want to go too far. that is happy at the united nations thank you so much for joining us. tomorrow the british defense secretary michael fallon comes to washington to meet with his us counterpart jim mattis. and and my colleague christine fraser discuss the trip on the message he'll be bringing on north korea. began by asking for mister founds response to that missile launch. clearly the the missile launcher i it is illegal. it's provocative united stained. are on it's unacceptable when we need to do something a. and that means first of all i think looking at what further. diplomatic pressure can be brought there have been security council resolutions before.
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they probably need to be toughened up. they certainly need to be enforced properly that may be witnesses. being witnesses in them so we need to look at all that. but also. i'm sure the united states will be looking at the. threat to its own bases in japan. and indeed to its own seaboard these missiles cannot reach an oscar. but where do we stand a we. urging americans to stick with the diplomacy to find a diplomatic solution. or a week also talking abou. a military option. well strategic patience as it was called clearly has worked. of the missile program continues. so it's clearly you know something we've got to reconsider. we do think there is more diplomacy to be done. first in the united nations work has become their ready this week. i'm looking at the resolutions whether they're being properly and for most. but there is a. there is. also work to be done to continue to bring china.
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and even more closely into the game they have the most influence. on north korea. there is more that china could do a needs to do. to get the regime to start responding. british defense secretary michael fallon that. and president trump is already strategizing about how best to raise the topic of north korea during his diplomatic encounters in europe this week. before we left washington he tweeted about china's failure to control north korea sang. trade between china north korea grew almost forty percent in the first quarte. so much for china walking with us but we have to give it a try. i mean i spoke to daniel platt care of the american enterprise institute about u. s. options on north kore. anya pet cat president trump's approach so far has been that north korea is china's problem to solve. given what happened is the white house not gonna look for a new approach. well i think that the president trump needs to recognize that if north korea's china's problem to solve. china isn't solving
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it and that has real implications for the united states and our security. what do you think the options all facing the white house now ban on north kore? i'm not quite sure i think that kim jong un is a little bit on unknown quantity not just to this white house but frankly to the united state. and when not entirely sure how to leverage him so. without the chinese this is going to be. a real challenge for the white house but one that is quite pressing in quite urgent. having declared the area a strategic patience with north korea is out of out what price you think president trump takes when he meets president xi at the g. twenty this week. first of all i did there's no question that china still does have cards to play vis a vis north korea. perhaps they're not going to be decisive but they certainly could help at energy supplies. money. they can really squeeze pyongyang if they want to and then we also have opportunities to further squeeze them economically the question is really whether those kinds of
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sanctions are going to deliver what we want. now on the white hegemony president tom gives a major speech in power and tomorrow is this a chance for him to sh reassure a country wide about russian aggression and also nato members. that the u. s. really is committed to nature. well this is an opportunity for the president to either reassure the world that in fact the united states commitment to nato is as strong as it always has bee. and that we are going to stand with our allies against russian aggression or it is a chance to give them a whole new set of things to worry about. and i don't think any of us are exactly show which way he's going to go. what would you gaspe that given the role the cool reception he got six weeks ago when he didn't outline that commitment to nato and the principle of collective self defense? my sense is the president trying but i don't know him personally but my sense is he's not that responsive to that sort of criticism. and so i doubt that the repercussions from his previous nato speech are going to impact this one
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that strongly. i reckon he's going to look at the situation on the ground and i hope he will. push back on the russians and reassure the poles and others that we stand with them as he did i should say with the leadership of ukraine when they were visiting recently. you mentioning russia that of course the big meeting of the week for president trump is that bilateral with president vladimir putin. what do you expect to be the key issue that the yarns russian interference in the u. s. selection? i think that the president is going to use the exact same strategy he uses without a strong man which is. i'm not going to get into a public fight with you putin erdogan cc issues and paying anybody. i'm not going to get in a public fight with you because i don't need to know five issues i want to take up with you i'm gonna take the. privately my feelings for you are utterly. irrelevant the president is enormously transactional and all of the obsession of a russia here
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has really been misdirected. my hope is that he makes very clear to the russians exactly where we stand without any sentiment whatsoever. done up like that thank you so much for joining us. my pleasure. moving on after north korea and saudi arabia said today will not lift its embargo of kasa. after the gulf emirate rejected times to end the blockade. the saudi foreign minister described the decision is painful but necessary. saudi arabia joined the uae egypt bahrain in imposing the embargo. insisting that cancer is a supporter of terrorism something the qataris deny. the country's foreign ministers told the bbc they won giving. frank gardner reports. ikari palace in the egyptian capital today a crisis me. to discuss the. auto. foreign ministers from for arab countries have accused kata of supporting terroris. which it denies. they've cut ties and slap sanctions on cutter. to no avail.
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we cannot have a country like qatar. that is an ally. militarily and in the gcc and in the arab league. and that. host an air base. from which. planes take off to fight isis and dodge i mean ice isis and al qaeda and at the same time it turns a blind eye. the terror financiers who opened who operate openly and got out. the gulf state of qatar stands accused of using its vast wealth from gas. the back islamist movements all over the middle east. and of allowing extremist preachers to broadcast on al jazira. it's our opponents have insisted that tv network be shut down. one of thirteen demands that include closing the turkish military base on its soil. and cutting back ties with iran. kata is refused. from the syrian civil war quatre admitted today it had made mistakes in the past over which rebel groups to support. but so too says qatar hope
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other countries in the region. for a list of thank you very much when i met because us foreign minister in london today. he insisted the terrorism accusation was just an excuse to rub kata of an independent foreign policy. i thought it has never and will never. support to any terrorist movement or. whenever i kno. yeah. terrorism funds to be erased from pluto ought to be channeled through open. and two would take whatever measures the ticks. an orthodontist to. that. gets wind of. cutoff masses to britain. it has huge investments in the uk economy. these include britain's tallest building the london shot. a fifty percent stake in the canary wharf development. all of the luxury department store harrods. and nearly a quarter of the supermarket group sainsbury's. the you can vestments total around forty billion pounds. then there's the u. s. cut to host the pentagon's largest at base in the
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middle east. a vital part of the us led war on so called islamic state. washington and kuwait have tried in vain to mediate this dispute. love it looks set to escalate to the dismay of katas western allies. frank gardner bbc news. what will resolve that dispute at the heart of middle east diplomacy you're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program? driving* in a new direction. what do you want to make a is betting big on electric and hybrid because? in recent weeks moscow's being battered by gale force winds and stones at about rooted trees and filled the russian capital's read that we day brie. but the authorities say that managing to keep the city's river claim thanks to moscow's fleet of russian built rubbish collection bites. his all moscow correspondent steve rosenberg with more.
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i don't know about you but personally i find it quite challenging keeping my little home. beach and tidy with that vacuum cleaner and a dustpan and brush. somehow into to the russians came. or this clean. forty miles of moscow river the onset is with this thing this is what they call rubbish because. the moscow literal shortly been but. sales up and down the moscow river. fishing out the items that be that. the first place. okay this is pure thought with the set long rubbish scraper. and you can see he's helped to collect them while. tweet and branches and leaves. so the the pics scoop. sometimes the rubbish but finds. think about it's like fridges. don't. so it seems that the court fish. so this is what the captain is scooped up to some phones
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will bring it into the. download. but on average. eat up crews it covers around so tons of rubbish everyday for the moscow river and as you can see today that recall. three there are lots of vodka bottles empty ones. this it should hear all kinds of things not all of this will be taken to a moscow rubbish dump. unless of course the owners of lost items are quick enough to claim them. anyone lost a rubber duck. steve rosenberg bbc news. on the moscow river. volvo is trying to change gears on how because a maiden driven. the chinese and company says from two thousand nineteen it will start rolling out
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new models pout bile tentative fuel. amin's electric and hybrid o. times only my petrol. but i'll drive is ready for this shift. on transport correspondent richard westcott takes a look. i. drives up in nineteen hundred make model t.. the shapes of changed a bit over the years. and thank goodness when it comes to the brown allegro. but all these calls have one thing in common an internal combustion engine burning petrol or diesel. we've relied on it for a hundred years but is that's about to change. both accounts is taking a bold step forward. heralding the end of an era for the pew internal combustion. from twenty nine same volvo says all its new models will be at least partly electric. ambitious plans but experts say it won't be quick diesel and petrol will have a long life in them yet. adult people choose to adopt hybrids before they go or electric and during that time and batteries will improve which increase the
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range of miles you can do. on prices will drop which also make the more tenable for people to buy. assets can be quite awhile yet before we see or electric because as every call on the right. in fact sales of alternative engines remain small. in june last year and more than eighty thousand three hundred electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in the u. k.. not increased to nearly eleven thousand this year. but it still dwarfed by the quarter of a million patrols and diesels people bold. this straight sums up one of the big reasons that plugin calls haven't sold in any great numbers. many of us live in houses like this we don't have carriages we live in flats you often connie from paulk new york panels so how you supposed to chill juror electric com. then there's the problem of topping up big journey. certainly some of the country is is better than others so new costs on the face has quite a lot of charging infrastructure wales is is very poor. but to get from where we are so
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where we need to be looked so different parties going to have to. come forward and i'm putting charging points beta workplaces will need to see that business is booming and vest off. supermarkets anyone's going to public call park available. all cities are plagued by pollution with diesel engines one of the main culprits. electric because a quieter and cleaner getting cheaper with the pets a range. but it'll still be some years before the internal combustion engine drives off for good. richard wescott bbc news. well the future of driving is electric if you can figure out how to challenge your car of course. now they are the most adorable ambassadors in the world that would be pandas. they've been a tool of chinese diplomacy ever since president nixon was given a parent giant pandas off to his nineteen seventy two goodwill trip to china. and that gemini host of this week's g. twenty summit is on the receiving end of panda diplomacy. johnny diamond has more.
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nnova may look friendly but don't get too close. china's loan of zhaoqing. darling and mong among sweet dream comes from the global superpower with a price. needs worth paying attention when germany and china meets these days. germany is europe's undisputed leader. china's surging economic power is turning into a global political muscle. the chancellor and the president are meeting before the world's twenty biggest economies get together in berlin. once it might have been america around the table. but germany ones chinese health claims cropping up old world order destabilized by change in washington. and china once open markets to sell into. an ally that
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can rely on. we know we're going to see this is pioneering for our relations we are happy to note that thanks to mutual efforts on both sides. chinese german relations have reached a new phase in which we are moving on a peak level. the panda special came to britain in the nineteen seventies as china emerged from decades of isolation. ching ching and cha cha would gifts part of an effort to warm frozen relations. panda diplomacy. became known as. now mong mountain zhaoqing. making halts race in berli. but vi's bamboo guzzlers our on line and they don't come cheap. nearly eight hundred thousand pounds a year. some berliners at least they're worth every penny. johnny diamond bbc news.
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the power of the panda that remember you can find much more nowadays news it's how website plus to see what we're working on at any tim. sure to check. a facebook page. i'm your true value. it's watching world news a mac. make sense of internet. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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