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crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news america." katty: this is a special edition of "bbc world news america," reporting from the republican national convention in cleveland . i'm katty kay. threenman who shot dead police officers in baton rouge was specifically targeting police. the american city is still tense. a rowdy start to the republican national convention, as anti-trump delegates boo their party and presumptive nominee. beyond the speeches and balloons, what are voters really looking for? we go to virginia to hear about the issues people care about.
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katty: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. the republican national convention is officially underway, after a rather rock is start. now poised tos accept the party's presidential nomination, and tonight the focus will be on securing this nation. the convention opened against a backdrop of recent shootings which have heightened racial tensions and sparked violent attacks on police. the most recent was just yesterday in baton rouge, where three officers were killed. is from there that nick bryant has this report for us. nick: chilling new photographs of the lone gunmen and police say deliberately targeted and assassinated their officers.
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this is the volley of gunfire as police were alerted into an ambush after responding to a call that a man dressed in black was brandishing rifle. nick: the surveillance video shows how an officer tried it to take over. this was the weapon he was up against. alone gun man has been long,fied as gavin eugene a former marine who served a six-month tour of duty in iraq. he also had an online alias, cause no comment posted a video messages on the internet complaining about the treatment of african americans at the hands of police. >> i'm in dallas right now. nick: in this one he claims to be in dallas days after the killing of five officers in the city, and called for black men to fight back. these were his three victims, matthew gerald, brad garafola, and montrell jackson.
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officer jackson had posted an emotional message on facebook just days before, describing how hard it was to be a black police officer in baton rouge. "i swear to god my love this city, but i wonder if this city loves me," he wrote. "in uniform i get nasty, hateful looks, and out of uniform some consider me a threat t." race relations in america haven't been this tense in 20 years, since the los angeles riots of the early 1990's. many people are asking him when will the spiral of violence end? killings, aof the police chaplain led prayers for the dead and for the troubled nation. the state of louisiana has a long and ugly history of racial division, but here we saw gestures of reconciliation. >> we are all family. it doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow, pink. if you live in louisiana, you are family. and: some of the flowers
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flags of morning have been in all-too-familiar sight. nick bryant, bbc news, baton rouge. katty: let's get the latest from laura bicker. she is live from us in that and reached it what -- life for us in baton rouge. what do we know about the shooter and the investigation? laura: in a press conference in the last hour we heard from the sheriff and they believed he targeted officers and he used the word "lured them here to be assassinated." there were three guns found with the gun man, including 2 assault rifles. we also know he looked at various venues. he had been in the city for a number of days and he was at various venues to carry out his attack. the investigators are continuing their work. they certainly have been examining his house in kansas city, missouri.
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this highway was the center of the protest just 10 days ago, now you see a little monument behind where they are putting flowers and balloons for the fallen officers. , it is just over 24 hours since the attack on the police. what is the atmosphere and city -- in the city? laura: i have been here in baton rouge three times in the past two weeks. i was also in dallas. there is hope they can move forward, but both sides seem very entrenched in their positions. i spoke to protesters over the last 24 hours and they sympathized with the police but they do not want what they say is their legitimate voices drowned out by the gunshots of a madman. on the other side, you have police investigating this crime, and they were already really heightened tensions here during the protests. perhaps now they are wondering future protests who may be
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friend and who may be focused ashley in an open carry state -- who may be foe, especially in an open carry state like louisiana. leaders are tried to find a way to take the demands to the police, but the two sides will have to find a way to stuff forward in order to go forward. katty: ok, laura bicker there for us in baton rouge, louisiana. of course, the events in baton rouge and other american cities the past few weeks will play into the theme of tonight's republican convention, where donald trump is making the case that he can keep america safer. i spoke to republican congressman tom cole. he is not miss one of these events since the first convention back in 1976. cole: no, i haven't. it's not unusual. i think we've been watching "question time" too much on the british parliament.
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we are still in the process of coming together as a party and i think we will. i actually think the selection of mike pence was a terrific move in that direction by mr. trump, and the final three candidates, chris christie and newt gingrich in the mix -- assured republicans. katty: is donald trump the best candidate for the republican party going into the convention? rep. cole: he is the candidate at the largest percentage of our voters wanted. no question he won fair and square and he brought a lot of new people into the primary process that some of them -- katty: what do you as a lifelong republican who has been in congress for years make of this candidate who is untraditional and clearly very divisive? think we will have to be a little untraditional to win. we have been very traditional the past two contests and lost. we have to attract a different kind of voter could the fact that he is making rust belt
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states, states we have not one, like pennsylvania and wisconsin, michigan, major targets in this campaign, is extremely important , and shows he is trying to change the map of america. in doing that you will attract some new elements and there will be tension in that. katty: what you make of his more controversial propositions, the idea that muslims should be banned from entering the united states? rep. cole: well, i think he has backed off that and he should because it is clearly unconstitutional -- katty: sort of backed off. rep. cole: i don't think he likes to admit when he changes positions but i don't know many politicians who do. some of our best allies in the war on terror are muslims. climbing airstrikes in turkey, obviously a muslim country. king abdullah in jordan, muslim and tremendous ally. katty: you don't love the idea? rep. cole: no come i think it is a terrible idea.
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it is unsafe for the country and it is unconstitutional. he has now backed off and taken up what is essentially the house position from which is if you are coming out of an area rife with terrorist activity, we have to have the appropriate vetting, much more severe than it would normally be for someone coming from a family country. katty -- friendly country. katty: how important is this week and convention to donald trump's chances of winning the election? rep. cole: i think it is extremely important. more americans will see him in the next few days than in all the primaries combined. obviously, the world media is here and the american media and will determine everything that is seen inside. the menace opportunity to change things for the better, change the narrative, if you want to come and it is going to be unusual because it is going to be different from any convention we have had. katty: if you would ask donald trump to do one thing in terms of his tone, what would it be? embracee: reach out and
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the entire republican family across the board even the people who perhaps have not been fair to him, because he did win fair and square. but also reach out to the changing demographics in this country -- the hispanic population is enormously important in the united states. african-american revelation is a population that has been locked into the democrats for 40 years. that is a population we ought to be able to reach. you've got to do some of that and i think you ought to show what kind of person you are beyond the political figure and perhaps so many members of the family here will give us some insight into that. katty: we will have more from cleveland in just a minute but we have a developing story out of germany, where more than 20 people have been injured in an attack on a train. the incident happened in the southern german city and it is understood a man armed with an axe attacked up to 21 people. reports are coming in that the perpetrator has been shot. that report out of germany. the white house has stressed that all parties in turkey must
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show restraint and respect for the rule of law as officials pursued instigators of friday's failed coup authorities have suspended some 8000 police officers suspected of being involved. there are conflicting reports as to whether former air force commanders confessed to planning the revolt. our middle east editor jeremy bowen has more. purge continues. these men, all military officers from look as if they have been beaten. and green hoops, polo shirt, accused of being a coup mastermind, is a former member of the air force and member of the high military council. so far, more than 6000 of the armed forces have been arrested, with 2000 judges and prosecutors sacked and under investigation. behind is a security cordon, has been erdogan visible, reestablishing his authority, idolized by his supporters, and an object of suspicion and increasingly, fear for his opponents.
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he has not ruled out bringing back the death penalty. the speed and size of his crackdown is making his american and european allies nervous. you have a lot of trouble in turkey, right now, don't you? ahmet davutoglu was prime minister until erdogan forced him out of office two months ago. he has no time for complaints about the response to the attempted coup. mr. davutoglu: our freedom has been attacked. all parliament has been bombarded. our innocent people have been killed. those with concerns regarding turkey, they should raise concerns regarding this could a top. --coup d'état. katty why deep -- jeremy: why do you think the european union is so critical of the attempted coup? >> this is even worse than terrorism.
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nobody can use the assets of my country to kill my people. nobody can criticize the government because of reacting against these criminal organizations. whatever they say, we will work for our country and defend our democracy, we will defend our people. katty: warships and cargo vessels -- jeremy: warships and cargo vessels traversed the bosporus. modern turkey looks to be a role model for the middle east, until the region began to collapse into historic, chaotic, and violent change in 2011. now turkey is part of the problem. the president's opponents say his desire to monopolize power created the crisis that made an attempted coup possible. >> unfortunately, the president's political style has caused a big wounds in the country, the wounds of democracy, freedom, peace in our
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society, our integrity in our institutions. his political style is corrosive and we have seen the consequences. without everything he has done to society and democracy, i don't think the coup-makers would have dared to act. they wanted to take it vantage of the damage he has done. katty: the parties -- jeremy: the parties in parliament all condemned the attempted coup but this is an unhappy, divided country. turkey has always mattered because of where it is. i'm standing a ruptured asia is on the -- i'm standing in europe. asia is on the other side of the bosporus. it could and should be a rock of stability in an unstable part of the world. but it isn't, and that is a problem for everyone. jeremy bowen, bbc news istanbul. katty: the french prime minister has been booed by crowds in nice at the end of a memorial service for victims of the attack last
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week. hecklers called on manuel valls to resign amid accusations that the french government has not done enough to keep citizens safe. lucy williamson has more. lucy: he came to show respect, not to get it. just as well. france's prime minister stood on a nice's promenade, excluded from the brotherhood of grief, alone in a crowd of thousands. but just listen to the response the emergency services get. when his turn came, valls met with jeers, laying his wreath to the chants of "resign." these two lost their sister on thursday night. despite the rhetoric of
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right-wing parties, or death, they say, had nothing to do with islam. >> it is political. i'm angry with the media. my sister was not killed by a muslim. we are muslims. that man was not. lucy: with 13 victims still unidentified, investigators say the killer's computer reveals a fascination with violence and radical islam, but no direct command. >> investigation does not show that the attacker had pledged allegiance to isis or was in touch with members of the organization. on his computer it shows a clear interest in the jihadist movement. attacks,er last year's people packed this square in the name of unity. france's national motto -- liberty, equality, brotherhood here for more than a century. now in the shadow of a presidential election, people
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are wondering where the security is. and when they got under the promenade today, the mood had changed. when once looked like solidarity here is starting to feel very thin. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. katty: you are watching "bbc world news america." from to come, we have more here at the republican convention including a look at the week's big speakers, starting tonight with donald trump's wife, melania. report has found evidence that russian government agencies were actively involved in a doping program across the vast majority of olympic sports. here is our sports editor for us. >> team russia. reporter: it was the most expensive olympics in history, and for russia and its president, a triumph. the hosts topping the metal table at their own winter games. now we know sochi 2014 was a
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sham. i guess report today confirming allegations of a doping regime -- i devastating report today confirming allegations of a doping regime that went right to the top, with the help of the country's secret service. sport russian minister of directed, controlled, and oversaw the manipulation of results, sample swapping, with the active participation and assistance of the fsb. reporter: but if it didn't -- but it didn't stop at sochi. we do know that every single positive first screen in the moscow lab was sent up the chain of command and sent back down. now, that has to affect every single sport across the board. reporter: the report indicates the shock allegations of the man at the center of the scandal,
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the whistleblower seen here in a russian documentary and now in hiding in the united states, former head of moscow's claimingng laboratory he had helped dozens of athletes to cheat. despite previous russian denials and their insistence to clean up their act, many want that to mean a total ban from the olympics, which starts in three weeks time. the country's track and field team is already barred as a punishment for state-sponsored doping. the question is whether russia will be in rio at all. katty: let's get more from the republican convention here in cleveland. i am joined right our not just joined by our north america editor jon sopel. i've never covered a convention with a started with guzan protests. -- booze and protests. -- boos and protests. jon: they did not like the rules
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of the rules committee had imposed. strip away all of that. this is the anti-trump's action trying to make its voice heard. and they can make their voices heard. if you are thinking, what is the one thing that came out of this convention, today that is that. uneaserlies the deep many people feel about having donald trump as their presidential candidate. katty: but the truth is that they won't nominate donald trump for president. how important is it that a unified behind him this week because if they don't, is that going to ruin the chances of winning? jon: i don't think it ruins his chances because he has always appealed above the heads of the republican party. it is like someone has come in and there has been a hostile takeover. you don't like the old management much. donald trump is not terribly keen on the old management. he is appealing over the heads of these people to the country. i don't think it matters overly that you don't have mitt romney
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here -- katty: you don't have any of the bushes here. jon: you don't have john mccain here. there are holders of people who you would imagine would be here who won't be. they are not reconciled to donald trump. donald trump's appeal is to reach out to other people and part of the reason of having mr. pence on with the vp ticket is he will reassure those parts of the republican party that are not quite convinced that donald trump is the right person to be at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it will be a fascinating week, isn't it? cracking start this afternoon. katty: it was very good start. we will see more of it over the course of the next four days. we will hear endless speeches from republican leaders and lots of the trump family as well about what they think of their nominee. but what do voters in this country think about the issues? what are the things that really matter to them? has been jane o'brien to winchester, virginia, to find out what people really care about. jane: the city of winchester,
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population around 27,000, a place where history meets modern america. george washington surveyed the land is city was built on an held his first elected office here. war,g the civil because of the strategic position, it changed hands around 70 times, and more recently, while remaining deeply conservative, voters in winchester helped put barack obama in the white house twice. at the winchester brew works, they are concocting a maple sage ale. the business only opened a few months ago and the owners fred about anything that might harm the local economy. >> one of the concerns being brought up now is the minimum wage increase, which is awesome on a personal level, but as a business owner, that is a really hard thing to manage. it is a hardship for us to be able to come up with that kind of money. that would put us at a
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disadvantage because we won't be able to take on new staff. jane: in winchester's revitalized city center you can see smoking outside bars and restaurants. the pedestrian role has been a boon to local businesses and some have also benefited from obamacare. julie is a wedding photographer and used to pay $1000 a month in health insurance. >> now because of the affordable care act i am looking at $450, still a considerable amount of money, but it is affordable. that is important to me. jane: this is one of winchester's newest additions, café where gay, lesbian, and transgender people can feel safe. lgbt issues have become a hot button topics on the campaign trail, after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in orlando and a raft of state legislation that has widen social divides. >> we don't in this state had lgbt people as a protected
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class. you can be married, because we have marriage equality, on saturday command fired on monday for being openly gay. you can be discredited against in housing for being openly gay. these are everyday applications outside of dust everyday implications outside the bubble of washington that impact my friends and my family and my customers. jane: in the republican primary, winchester voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. but for the democrats, hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by fewer than 100 votes. neither candidate is well-liked in america, and that could affect turnout in november here and across the country. jane o'brien, bbc news, winchester. katty: that is what voters are thinking about in that she swing state of virginia -- that key swing state of virginia. here in cleveland, delegates are wondering if they can unite behind donald trump, their nominee, because the convention started with a lot of signs of protest.
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that is it from the republican national convention in cleveland. thanks so much for watching this special broadcast. from all of us here, do tune in tomorrow. we will be right here in cleveland. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the
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