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this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. because our foundation pursuing solutions for america's. sonny picked. mmhm. think about. brown house on long. is on the wall i think on this alright.
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rated. and now abc world news. the fifth bbc world news america on ricky needs like you know. white house press secretary sharon spike that calls it quits his resignation comes off when you communications directories names. rule hunger. break of cholera which reached. yemen is fully in the grips of. tarian price. pockets of time in a growing cadre it's friday. and civil servants like the doctors and nurses here haven't received a salaried over ten months. and if i don't beat the first place to expect to find the japanese martial off of can date. the western canada one club held a special place for decades.
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welcome to world news america. the white house press that could sure i'm spice that he's a parent today he announced he's resigning from the post after just six months on the job. it decision came right off that anthony scaramucci was named thing you communications director. mister spicer said he wanted to give patina fresh slate bobby's changes come after a sensitive time for the white house. has their own discreetly with the rupture investigations the b. b. c.'s chief correspondent gavin hewitt reports from washington. a day of dramatic changes at the white house. phone spy so the white house press secretary on one of the most recognizable faces of the trump administration. abruptly resigned. spice it was a controversial figure. early on he was forced to defend the crowd
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size at donald trump's inauguration. denying more people turned out for barack obama. this was the largest audience to ever witnessed an inauguration period. both in person and around the globe. the pictures suggested otherwise. and then there were his remarks about chemical weapons his references to hitler caused outrage we used chemical weapons in world war two. you know you had a. someone is despicable as hitler. who didn't even seem to the? to the. to using chemical weapons. his performances were marked on late night comedy shows. i mean it in the sense. i'm so glad. funes points about himself on the clue scrutiny from donald trump who prize is good on camera performances. the president began looking for a strong defender particularly as he faces a
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growing investigation into whether there was collusion. between the trump campaign and russia during last year's election. what prompted spices resignation was the appointment of this man anthony scaramucci as white house communications director? the wall street financier gave his opening page i love the president in a very very loyal to the president. then he was reminded that back in twenty fifteen he had called donald trump a hack an inherited money. mister president you're listening i personally apologize for the fiftieth time for saying that. but here's the wonderful thing about the news media that was three minutes of my life he's never forgotten it and you've never forgotten it. but you know i hope that someday mister president you'll forget it let's go to our next question. the new communications director is certainly slick but here's the problem you can stand at the podium and defend white house policy. but president trump has a habit of changing the message with just a tweet.
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today's shakeup reveals donald trump under pressure seeking a communicator who will fight for his presidency. gavin hewitt bbc news washington. and a brief time ago i spoke with alexi simmons inga white house correspondent for real quick politics. good to have you with us alexis how much of a surprise blows shown spices resignation. well you know i think of those of us who were in the white house. almost every day were not that surprised bought one of the reasons that we weren't surprised has to do with what you are describing in the set up to this matter is that. the president has had a rocky communications and i kind of a. lack of confidence in sean spicer from the very beginning. but in this particular case we also knew that he was close friends with anthony scaramucci had known him for a long period time he's friendly scaramucci is with. donald trumps children. and the he had been seen in the white house and the president been looking for an opportunity to give him a job. for quite some time so we had seen.
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some of the makings of the search for the replacement and lots and lots of run up to why the president was so frustrated with his communications. alexis you were in the briefing room when. mr scaramucci spoke earlier when you first impressions of him. well he is someone that. we know from american television we know that he has been a trump defender on television and a surrogate for the campaign before. so he's a familiar figure he was deathly familiar to a lot of the television reporters who were in the front row. he's also has a completely different just position that the president's other communicators in the white house in that he. has a kind of. fast talking new york centered way of speaking that is in some ways reminiscent of donald trump. boastful while he's talking about being humble. very clearly trying to. argue that he is the fiercest a founder of the president which is exactly
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what president trump wants to hear. and very thin maybe on what comes next exactly what kind of information or procedures are staffing. that were yet to see and those were the first impressions i think i had. and on the shalom spice that the relationship between the white house press school and the white house has been had been tense. up how do you think things might change now. well that i think remains to be seen or one thing i think we should mention is that the president did not come out and make one of the more historic. kinds of announcements that we've seen presidents do before that is naming sarah huckabee sanders as his press secretary that's the third woman. in the united states have been named a white house press secretary and. it was a little odd the protocol usually a president uses the weight of his office and his voice to tell the world of the american people. this person speaks for me and so one of the things we haven't seen yet is what role sarah huckabee sanders is the new press secretary replacing sean spicer. will have she
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clearly reports to anthony scaramucci who said he reports to the president and not the white house chief of staff. so some of the protocol and also some of the. organizational chart and who reports to whom who gets to you know argue for transparency or the president's communications remember. the communications director of the white house is not the president's daily spokesperson. it presents a communications director is supposed to be thinking long term how to help the president navigate. and get his message out for the big picture looking months ahead not necessarily in the news cycle of the moment. alexis thanks very much for joining us. and the perspective of someone who's worked in the white house i think a brief time to go with bbc political analyst ron christie. who was in the administration of george w. bush? well the white house is trying to reset its message what he thinks actually going on. good evening regina i think the white house is really
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trying to find their footin. all the talk about investigations with russia and the president's inability to work with congress to get a healthcare bill through. i think there's a certain level of frustration either the president felt and he felt he needed to get someone who's close to him. someone who hear you but he felt had his back and so he chose an individual who's not known for his communications prowess. but known for being a loyal ally of president truman and as someone who has worked in the white house how effective do you think he'll be given that he is. a political looks at some later you say with very little experience of communications. let me put it to you this way if i were donald trump the builder i wouldn't hire a communications professional to build my skyscrapers. so in that realm i don't know why putting someone who has no experience as a communications expert. as the white house communications director is a recipe for success it's a very difficult job i can tell you i work for the communications director on an almost daily basis when i was in the white house. they're in charge of the press operation they're in
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charge of meeting regional media here in the united states. there the outlet really if you will for all the press inquiry is impressed inputs. and not having relations with reporters not having relations with people around town who are communications experts. i think this is a very difficult role for this gentleman to succeed and and i think it was a mistake that the president hired hi. well if you think this says about the other relationships in the white house the relationship the president has with his chief of staff for example. what this shows is that mr scaramucci is very close to the president's children? and so i expect the refs that you see between. ivanka his daughter and of course your kushner his son in law with the more traditional stylish but people like rates previous the chief of staff. fire the chief of staff this evening i would be saying they came for spicer first they're going to be coming from the next. and the note if you look from your last segment that mr skir he said he's not gonna report to the white house chief of staff which all staff in the white house do. but directly to
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the president said that isn't clear undermining the role of the chief of staff. and i wouldn't be surprised virginius if mister. r to the president. and i think we circumvent the chief of staff from your experience and knowledge. i've never seen it i've never seen in the obama administration we certainly didn't have that the bush administration. one thing that the president does to inoculate himself from the running of the white house is to delegate all responsibility to the white house chief of staff. that's not just the the staff who work their regina but it's also the cabinet secretarie. who are often used as a buffer the white house chief of staff that is between the president and those who might have different opinions? having someone go straight into the oval office straight to the president without having a boss or intermediary. is not only unprecedented but i think it's unwise the president needs that layer and that barrier from staff and now president trump. has someone who directly reports to him
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who does not have to do in iraq with the other staff and i think it's a bad combination and rot frankly with peril. well christy good to have you with us. let's take a look at some of the day's all the needs the united states has confirmed it will find its citizens from traveling to north korea. in the wake of the death of an american student who was imprisoned by pyongyang during the tourists visit. once in force americans he won't go to north korea need special permission. the united states says it's withheld the remaining fifty million dollars in military payments to pakistan. secretary of defense jim matheos says islamabad was not taking sufficient actions against the haqqani network. trumpet ministration is looking at hardening if approach toward pakistan to crack down on militants launching strikes in neighboring afghanistan. the cholera epidemic which is sweeping the war ravaged country of yemen is now believe to be the largest ever recorded in a single year. because just the latest crisis to hit the country after two years of a devastating civil war. and
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famine that folate now on the coffee has been in the area around how do province where the outbreak stasis. another crisis has hit yeme. people who question how much more they can take. warren poverty have combined to meet cholera has swept through this country pasta than any on records. unless treated quickly this will to bone disease can kill. most have moved out was to get treatment but only the fortune it's make it in tim. samira rushed here from the village to save her daughte. have family have suffered all three tragedies of this war. they've lost their home to an ashtray. the children go without foods and now that fools fighting corruption. secondly because you can't get out. of the room. you know they have to. love that devilish.
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but it can run is that. too malnourished to breast feed similar has been feeding her daughter padded mill. was harder infected volta. more than seven million people here also face the threat of famine. cholera cost pennies to treat. but being among orest makes it much harder for the body to fight the water borne disease. in another kinnick please abdullah. for months now he's had very little food or access to clean water. put it all off. i do yeah. but. the new president clinton. venus. mmhm storeroom at it again announcing us. flooding. leaving the show outbreak ig their ability to respond.
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one person dies in yemen every allah from cholera. this is the world's largest humanitarian crisis and it's completely man made. pockets of farm in a growing cadre is spreading and civil servants like the doctors and nurses here haven't received a salaried over ten months. there's one thing that people who keep telling me. and is that they feel completely forgotten by the world's. hospitals here are on the verge of collapse so schools like this one are being turned into color treatment centers. about sasha hamza local businessman which i had it so anti is funding this case out of his own pocket. five thousand have been pulled here in the two months since the children's. and. them when you sit on one. back other things on the of you whom. let's. have a thought it. we have a man around what
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adam the tumbling what i'm. just. and you got hurt that you then. which was the that was let out. say at lsu and my people face the biggest threat in rural areas. in this one village alone twenty people have died in the space of three months. i was esta hence the concerr the medicine for that illness a funny. little. marvelously. mozilla through. nothing was going. it's been over two years since this conflict began. and people have a sick hungry and exhausted by this war. abdullah and hand a two out of five people in the family that have been infected with cholera. and the nearest hospital is over an hour and a half away. like most people here. they simply can't afford to get the. the truth is that for many in this country there's no escaping cholera.
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here on the edge of the village is the only source of water. if people know it's infecte. with no other options they continue to rely on it. no one in my comfy bbc news had jeff yemen. you're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. three people were killed as palestinians clashed with israeli security forces palestinian presidents now what suspension old official called. if reams of buckingham palace threatening to the public this weekend and as a special exhibition they dedicated the diana princess of wales. the other state wins will display more than two hundred gifts presented to the queen throughout her reign as john online manga reports. over her sixty five year reign the queen has been lavished with more than a few. celtic get. from baby crocodiles in the
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gambia. five tons of australian try freaked. now those more suited to the display cabinets have been curated to mark the summer opening of the state rooms. one. thing clued a strip of french lace from the official opening of the your tunnel. undies vip passes should she need them to the commonwealth games in glasgow. the queen is the most traveled monic in british history and they're a priceless gift here for more than a hundred overseas countries and territories. that's even a little something from no where on . this batch was presented by the astronauts him peek it's the first union jack to be born in the vacuum of space. a rather famous admirers include nelson mandela who gave her this silk scarf and from president john f. kennedy a signed photograph of john f. kennedy. the queen of course has one obvious passion and visitors will quickly notice a theme emerging.
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there have been several gifts of life courses during the queen's frankly none of which is shown in the exhibition. but also objects relating to courses site porcelain horses an example of her writings will spend me's in bronze and examples of her mind to it. from grand gifts personal belongings for the first time one of the displays has been dedicated to princess diana with items chosen by her sons to mark the twentieth anniversary of her death. among them her ballet shoes and a suitcase full of cassette tapes of her favorite music. john manga bbc news at buckingham palace. estonian president locked with a boss is suspended all official contacts with israel is the crises gray savor additional security measures. in the old city of jerusalem three palestinians were killed in clashes with israeli security forces. and three israelis have died
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after stabbing attack but it's unclear thought incidents related. alan johnston reports. and so it began with the palestinians said would be a day of rage. they gathered in their hundreds the israelis said men under fifty wouldn't be allowed to go into the old city and perform friday prayers at the holy site. so the palestinians prayed in the street. and then the tensions exploded. the violence playdown team pockets in different parts of occupied east jerusalem. fierce exchanges in the sacred city. when the tear gas eventually cleared arrests were made. in jerusalem and in violence in the west bank hundreds
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had been wounded. there were fatalities to. at the center of the tension muslims call it the harem al sharif. choose the temple mount. last week this holy site was the scene of violence. israeli arab gunmen who killed two israeli policemen were hunted down in the courtyard. so the israelis in school these metal detectors the gates. palestinians vehemently oppose this many refuse to go through the detectors into the axle mosque compound. instead they started praying in the streets outside. i don't know who these people the new security measures are an attempt by the occupiers to secure more control over a place that seats at the very heart of the religious and political divisions between israel. and the palestinians. reasonable thinking reasonable behavior and not.
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extremism i'm gonna schism. is that the way. to solve problems. palestinians act any keys. we do not accept any compromise on this about. i love some of. the israelis say the detectors are only in place to keep everyone safe. a week ago today. muslim radical terrorists women and murder two israeli policemen after smuggling and rifles the only way that we can defend ourselves is by placing those metal detectors. and so often jerusalem's day of rage the metal detectors remain in place this latest. bitter disputes is not over the dangerous standoff will continue. alan johnston bbc news. now in japan the motion ought name is ken day cruise routes we stretch back centuries but thousands of miles away and western canada help the japanese
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community. overcome the devastating effects of internment during world war two. the bbc visit a club in the city of richmond british columbia to see the impact can day still have today. mmhm. kendo martial arts i think are all footholds with that i can be. the test does that the japanese have. back to their own culture. i would. suggest that were the epitome of the definition. multi cultural policy in canada . the first documented candle and stage that was nineteen fourteen. and we consider steve said to be the birthplace of kendo in canada.
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the first tournament was held in nineteen thirty one. and we have records from my. all over lower bc one out. haney and places like that. competitors coming. i. . . . i. . . my father where were first t nineteen forty nine that. the company are quite his thing first because you kno. without it they don't have tried in trouble amongst the other fishermen. for they were quite his them but somehow or you know. did it. greeted us and that. yeah. one by one. i always am amazed by the. how the generations who when
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they came back immediately began to contribute to this community? and. nineteen fifty five there were some money is left over from the sale of the japanese hospital. they use that money and donated it to the first community center in richmond. exchange that was set aside one room for judo and the gym would be used by ken. i think they were thinking of what the future holds for the children and they felt that. no matter what happened in the war they needed just rebuild a lecture in steveston. a lot of people look to to us knowing that we are. the original club. who may not always be the strongest player? but in a way we try to carry on that tradition. as much as i can a little boredom third generation. a part of my heritage says it's a very very important part of my life. i remember you can find much more all of the day's news on our website on richie
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need bike in allen thanks a watching world news america. i could look at. n't . funding of this presentations made possible by. the freemen foundation. because our foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and sony pictures classics. mmhm. think about. help brown house on long. wall i think. it's alright.
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