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this is a bbc america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. i think bbc world news america reporting from washington on your true violent. yeah i caution is defiant there was no coordination between russia and the trump campaign. but no my because i still came to know more about his encounters. i did not collude with russia. nor do i know if anyone else in the campaign who did so. the parents have time leo baby charlie god give up their legal fight to get him you treatment in the u. s.. and greenland's ice sheet could be mounting faster than originally thought. we traveled to one of the world's most remote regions to assess the impact. from the yeah would you couldn't really see is what
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looks like a fost exponents of endless white but that isn't the whole story. welcome to world news america there was no collusion in russia and the top campaign to influence the us presidential election. that was the message delivered today by jared kushner the president's son in law and trusted adviser who was cool before the senate intelligence committee. because i did admit meeting with russian officials four times last year. but said there was nothing in the face about my contacts. the bbc's north america editor john so pull stunts our coverage. jared kushner the husband of a vanka the son in law of the president and the closest confidante to donald trump. defined himself in the cross hairs of this ruling rusher investigation. nnova.
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a man whose newly found studiously avoiding the limelight today found himself. uncomfortably the center of attention like right. for giving evidence to the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors he returned to the white house to insist he done nothing wrong. i did not collude with russia. nor do i know if anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i've been fully transparent in providing all requested information. so what were the contacts. in april twenty sixteen kouchner meets the russian ambassador sergei kiss liak. apparently no more than a handshake i'm parsing small talk kushner denies that to fed the phone calls took place after this on june the night twenty sixteen. kushner joins donald trump judea and campaign manager
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to hear from a russian attorney that's highly of the sound is kyle. who has alleged links to the intel services in moscow? subject matter getting data on hillary clinton. then off to the election kushner meets the russian ambassador again on december the first. and then two weeks later he meets a russian banca sergei kulikov said to have direct links to vladimir putin. but of one thing he was insistent these meetings make zero difference to the outcome of the election. donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. but today is donald trump was framed by over a hundred white house interns. he was doing some ridiculing of his own as reporters sort to ask to supply jim questions. first by saying nothing.
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and then by letting bring. each county similarly difficult to keep his opinions to himself over russia. jon sopel bbc news washington. and we've time ago i spoke with democratic senator joe manchin from west virginia who signs on the intelligence committee. senator mansion did find jared kushner credible today when he said in that statement he did not collude with russia. well more ominous take everyone interface study there was no. jared commit. i was not in the me. staff only the staff does the preliminary meetings. we were briefed i was briefed as a committee member at two o'clock. and that there be a time hopefully will surely come before the full committee but. i'm gonna take it taken mentor there was no read for him to mislead guy anyway shape or form. i mean yeah unconvinced by jared kushner i when he says that he went to this meeting
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with multiple russians and donald trump junia. apparently not knowing the russians were offering dutch on hillary clinton because he had been my delete miles. well he knows an awful lot of people that were involved with the russians and we know the russians were very much involved in our camp. trying to disrupt the public's confidence. and a democratic process that we have a democracy as we know it the orderly transfer. of power at the highest level in our country and one of the highest levels in the world. as we take that very seriously and. my concern is that no one seems to be that much. concerned about that or have an interest in that and now i want you to know that. we have senators and congress. people represent the good people of america and the people much virginia i represent. are concerned. . so we're going to continue to push on if you will. want it tomorrow. votes on this bill imposing sanctions against russia that you in the senate already. went for how encouraging is it that the president signs
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this as soon as possible to send a signal to russia. i'd be very hopeful that it when you have something that passes. and the united states senate by a vote of ninety seven to two. that is a tremendous tremendous support for something that we believe very seriously happened. and something that we have to react and retaliate so that he'll never do it again. and we're hoping that the house takes it up passes it overwhelmingly bipartisan. and the president accept certain scientific it immediately. and do you think it would be good for the president to swaying behind congress and show a united front off to he's. fully suspicions that maybe his campaign concluded with the russians. yeah it did this this whole thing needs to be. put behind us. and the facts need to come out and need to be as transparent as possible so the people have those facts. to make the decisions they're going to make but this thing just continues to linger on and the longer it takes in the harder it is. for the facts out for people to come before the committees. makes it that just makes it
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much more excruciating we want to get it over with. and move on with the business that we need with a tax reform healthcare. i infrastructure so many things we want to do. for our great country we need to be working together as americans. quit fighting is republicans and democrats now jared kushner said today that donald trump juan because he ran a better campaign. and to suggest otherwise would it kills of those who voted for him like so many in your state of. west virginia where the president is tonight discount kushner have a point that. well you know the people were upset with the previous administration and places like west virginia voted overwhelmingly for. for a change for donald trump. and i accept the people's votes i trust the people's votes i trust the system we have. that puts the president in this position because he is elected in this certified. and you know what whoever the president is i'm going to work with that person. i'm sent there to do the best i can for the state of west virginia. and my country united states of america. and i'm going to work with our present to make sure he or she whoever
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that may be. has the best chance of succeeding. and be an honest broker and i think there. is a better way going it or they. might be wrong i'm honest. but the most respectful way and try to have input. that's what i've always done i'll continue to do that. and i hope he would accept that. in the spirit. of of what's good for our country and we're speaking and and what's what we should be doing as a as citizens of this great country. trying to help be successfu. and quit fighting and bickering over the politics in tearing people apart. so will say but john wanting to work with them. sends a jam mention thank you so much for joining us thank you are. and the moral my this investigation goes next i spoke without political analyst ron christy from outside the capital. so ramun tennis did jared kushner do enough today to reassure navis republicans worried about this plan out of russia hanging of the white house. well good evening to you laura i think is very
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important for chair cushion to come up to the united states senate today to offer testimony. to release the eleven page document that he submitted is saying that he had no collusion with the russian government. that there was no sort of. opportunity for the campaign to work for the russian government to do anything that was improper. it's very important to get this behind republicans right now. senate and house republicans are very nervous about the tone and tenor of this investigation. and the administration from officials i've spoken to earlier today are hopeful and confident that this will move them forward on the road of getting this russian story behind them. but it does seem that lawmakers have a loss of questions for jared kushner pull manifold donald trump junia rule saved you at some point. to a pay in front of congressional committees the story's not going away is and that's even before you include robert one of the special counsel. no question and i think what a lot of people on capitol hill need to do is take a collective breath and say. let the special counsel do
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his work. he is looking into all allegations all instances where there are potential areas of collusion with between the trump folks and the campaign and the russians. what does work if there is merit there if there is something behind this and the evidence indicates otherwise? let's take a look at that but otherwise i think people need to take a collective breath that is subsumed the capital here laura. so many people are focusing on the job that they were elected to do which of course is to reform healthcare. do look at tax reform and other issues all they're doing here in this building is talking about donald trump and the russians. but full donald trump is pretty much tweeting about as you know ron is russia i mean he is even tweeted saying he has the complete power. to pardon sh isn't the problem with him and the fact he called get away from this cloud over the white house. look it if i were the new white house communications director the first thing i would say is take away the twitter machine. take away the hundred and forty characters at the present
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united states is sending out tweets at six in the morning if not earlier. and doing it consistently and constantly he has over twenty million followers on this social network. and of course when the president tweets out his comments about russia and his son in law and his family. of course all we're going to do is talk about it so the president would take a wise counsel. tend not tweet about russia to take a step away from this and a focus on the job of the american people elected him to do. wrong christie speaking to me just a little and am now it's heartbreaking case which has made headlines around the world. but now the parents of the tamil baby charlie got have ended their legal battle to keep that some a knife. they had wanted to bring charlie hit to the united states for experimental treatment. i got family lawyer told london's high court that time had run out for the baby. off an american doctor who examined charlie said he was no longer willing to offer the therapy. as a medical correspondent focus walsh.
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rule in motion solely the high court. won't inside charlie goats parents will accepting their flight is over. and they desperately use on should be allowed to die. they emerged from a highly emotional hearing. to pay tribute to john. also is an absolute warrior. so we could not be prouder david. we will miss him terribly. his body houghton song they sing because. but his spirit will live on for eternity. they will make a difference to people's lives for years to come we will make sure that. now granted spends all lost person smarting from us until they. zero four to leave work by his first birthday. i just thought that's a week five. charlie has been in intensive care in great ormond street hospital since october he has a rare inherited condition mitochondrial depletion
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syndrome. and cannot move feed or breathe unaided. a central question was whether this powder nucleoside therapy which is added to food. could boost his muscle function it's never been tried on animals or humans with his conditio. his parents raised one point three million pounds for the treatment in the united states. that money will now go to a foundation in charlie's name. but every neurologist who examined him said the treatment was few trial because by january. he'd suffered catastrophic and irreversible brain damage. the high court had to intervene and in april packed the doctors saying charlie suffering should an. his life support be withdrawn. every legal appeal by the parents failed. one last word but they had powerful supporters including the pope. and donald trump the latter tweeting an offer of help. this is being an
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extraordinary case a battle over the fate of a baby boy that was forced out not just here. court but in tonight's. the judge said it was one of the pay bowls of social media but the watching world felt it right to have opinions. without knowing the facts so the case. he said the cold paramount consideration had been charlie's best interests i don't. a case came back to court when this american urologist michio hirano. claimed new evidence that he's nucleoside therapy could help last week he and another doctor from the vatican flew over to examine charlie for the first time. new mri body scans were ordered. on friday night charlie's parents accepted the showed his muscle wasting was now so severe. he was beyond help. it was business he did not get the chance of treatment sooner. behold time has been wasted. we're now into live and up
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all boys been left to just lie in hospital. for months uppsala been given the treatment soon enough. they would have. to be a normal healthy. boy. in court connie eight said they would be haunted by the what ifs. for the rest of their lives but now they have to let charlie go. it's the kind of a brave decision by charlie's parents and. they have thought through for themselves what the new evidence shows. and and they reached a conclusion probably the judge would reach the same problem stripe right for them to do it without waiting to hear what he has say. great to mystery hospital said this had been a bruising court case. adding the agony desolation and bravery of the parents decision humbled all who work there. they are now supporting the family in their final time together. progress will supporting that on an agonizing decision by charlie galt's parents.
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watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. a suicide bomber strikes in the afghan capital movements that he killed in the attack and by the time. the united states is actively reviewing whether tom ukraine in its struggle against russian backed rebels in the east of the country. that's according to the new american envoy dealing with the conflict come foca. he spoke to the b. b. c.'s poll wording kevin describe the current situation. but it is quite dramatic how would you take away from this. is that this is a hot war this is not a frozen conflict. we see regularly. upwards of one thousand fifteen hundred ceasefire violations a day. the number of casualties in twenty seventeen is up about sixty five percent from twenty sixteen. we've seen more people killed this year
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than we saw in the preceding two years. and so this is a very active conflict that's one thing you can. that's a hot war one of the risks that could get even hotter i think russia is making a miscalculation tha. in this effort to try to. take this territory is actually not working very well. it is turning ukraine more and more towards the west by the opposite of what russia wants. and ultimately no one wants to see a conflict so if we care about. security and safety of russian speaking people in ukraine. the surest way to get there is to end the conflict we talk about changing russia's calculation. how far you prepared to go? for instance. crimea was annexed in violation of international law what will the trumpet ministration due to reverse that. love that anything anyone is drawing a distinction. between the dumbass and crimea these are both anti illegal. invasions occupations and in the case of crimea. russia has asserted that his annex this territory no
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one is going to accept that. at the same time we have this means process that is focused only on the dome boss. and we don't want to slow down the possibility of progress there if we can achieve it. so we do want to see progress there and we will continue to to keep the. . the focus on all of the territory that has been taken. nnova. in afghanistan more than thirty people have been killed in over forty injured in a suicide bomb attack in the capital kabul. the taliban have claimed responsibility for the blas. straight a bus carrying government officials. the bbc's justin right now reports. the suicide attack us struck at seven a. m.. exploding his palm right beside a bus carrying government workers. agreed to this shop keeper describes how one man staggered into his doorway.
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before collapsing and dying. this woman. must have. this is. attacks in kabul are common but the bombs are getting bigger. the trauma ward is quiet. but the anger in the city understandably so this is this. i can huge blast in kabul in as many months the government promised. to increase security. but this attack shows just how vulnerable the city state layers. taliban has growing in strength since the nato combat mission in afghanistan ended two and a half years ago. the insurgents now control a tenth of the country they contest another third and islamic state and i'll call you guys. are active to. president trump has promised a new strategy to break the stalemate he just. hasn't announced it yet perhaps.
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because it's so unpalatable. his military advisors want a significant increase in troops taking the total of foreign soldiers close to twenty thousand. the peak of the war. the war one hundred and thirty thousand foreign troops here and they could be the taliban up. what we send them all right? nbi the. this american led training exercise is a key part of the argument the u. s. military is making. to justify more troops spring cleaning afghan forces. so the day can fight on their own. esports makes all the difference in the world. it's something you have that they don't have. so the train the air the afghan military to have an airforce when the insurgents don't have an airforce provides enormous advantage for. the hope is eventually the afghan military will be able to force the taliban to the
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negotiating table. but would it fast. be a hollow victory and if it's successful a tool could take many many years the other option of course. is to pull out but then. taliban would flourish justin wrote out. bbc news cobol. very few good options that are in afghanistan right no. now the green and i sheet maybe melting faster than expected rising ocean levels more than previously though. as the consent of scientists who say warmer conditions are encouraging algae to grow in the ice and docket surface. i matches because docker ice absorbs more of the sun's rays amounts more rapidly. our science editor david shipman has this exclusive report. the vivid blue snakes across the greenland ice sheet a beautiful sight when the ice here melts the oceans rise around the world.
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on the who released the ice sheet looms ahead of us. we've joined a team of british scientists. they're trying to understand how the ice is changing. we touch down in one of the remotest corners of the pla. the first task is to set up camp. the home in an awfully barren wilderness. from the yeah would you couldn't really see is what looks like a vast expanse of endless white but that isn't the whole story. because what's hard to grasp as i stand here. is that this is just the surface of a vast mass of ice. it's unbelievably thick. so let's imagine. tossing it away right in front of me. the ice sheet stretchers for as much as two miles three kilometers from the service here. light down to the rocks below. in fact it's certificate. you could take the world's poorest building. the burj khalifa in dubai.
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and fit four of them end to end inside. and as we walk around as a real surprise white tice is turning dark. and the doctor a surface the more it absorbs the sun's rays. and like wearing a black tee shirt on a holiday. the more it warms up. we don't have dog going her. yes we gotta talk so much in trenton and the chief scientist here says one reason for the doc ice is audi. tiny plums the aldea microscopically small but they may be having a big impact. well we want to know is how far the algae. can spreads over the green eye shade eyes the climate warms. and it might well be that they will cause moan out saying. i'm an acceleration of sea level rise. in the evening light the shimmer of gentle streams thousands of. until recently the melting in summer was balanced by
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snow fall in winter. but in the last twenty years the flows of water have multiplied. each one adding to the level of the oceans. no one is saying that this whole thing's gonna mail in the next decade or even the next hundred or even in the next thousand years. but it doesn't all have to melt for more people to be in danger. only a small amount of a very small portion of a sigh she has to mount raise the sea levels and then threaten millions people in coastal communities around the worl. what's striking is that this massive block of ice may be vulnerable. if morality darken the surface and lead to foster melting. down at the edge of the ice sheet the streams become a taller. we already know meltwater is raising the level of the sea bit by. but the researchers here want to find out whether that rise with x. hillary's. and for people in low lying areas of florida bangladesh
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parts of britain. getting an accurate full cost really matters. david schuchman bbc news in green. i know richard batman thanks for watching wild news america. make sense of internet. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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