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this is a bbc america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. and now abc world news. abc world news america reporting from washington i'm no retreat valium. tom's cabinet speaks out on north korea. the top diplomat cools the rhetoric on the military man warns kim jong name he could bring about that kind of his regime. six soldiers entered in a paris suburb after a man drove his car into the group is now under arrest. and. imagine if some shadow name that american icon. tonight on barry and howard johnson goes to visit the lost of a famous restaurant chain.
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welcome to world news america the president trump threat of fire and fury against north korea. today his national security team was out in force. the us secretary of state flown to guam and was off to pyongyang warned it was considering a missile strike on the american tara tree in the pacific. i still have some was more conciliatory than his boss saying there's no imminent threat americans should sleep well at night. and the us defense secretary warned kim jonoon against actions that would lead to the end of his regime. the bbc is not burnt stunts our coverage. a far off american that post in the tropical waters of the western pacific. now finds itself at the center of a dangerous standoff. this is guam the site this summer of us military exercises american territory. the north korea says could now be in the firing line nnsl north korean state tv came this killing headlines
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london england twenty up when. the guam could be targeted by medium to long range rockets. and it came just hours up the president from threatened pyongyang with some of the most incendiary rhetoric used by u. s. president in decades. the words improvised the tone agreed upon beforehand with aids north korea. best not to. make any more threats to the united state. they will be met. with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. the more tough talk on twitter this morning my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before. hopefully we will never have to use this power. but that will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world. on a refueling stopover in guam the u. s. secretary of state rex to listen use most soothing language. the island face no imminent threat he said. unamerican shouldn't lose any sleep what the president was
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sending a strong message to north korea. and language that can download would understand. small island is of a two thousand miles away from pyongyang but well within range of its sounds. with two military bases its a critical strategic cop for america and the pacific. and the home to a hundred and sixty thousand people. i guess the first thing that comes to mind is the. you know immediately furs where's my god. you know to come up with a plan about if anything happen. i think the response of president trump has presented. is this pretty much spot on. past administrations have just let it slide you kick the can down the road. so now north korea feels like they can get away with anything. donald trump is bad that he will be the president's deal decisively with the north korean problem. with the rhetoric already at such a perilous pitch there is the danger that both sides become captive to that alone tough words.
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that they talk themselves into a most serious confrontation. nick brought b. b. c. news washington. joining us now is former us defense secretary and current bbc while this has analyst william collins so secretary karen when you have the current defense secretary warning north korea not to consider actions that could lead to the. end of its regime in the disk action of its people because at the right time to strike. i think it is because he's talking about actions you know it's not something that i haven't said in the past so. in all my years in dealing with north korea that if you ever attacked. south korean no peninsula of south korean allies americans on that. peninsula japan guam united states we will respond in a way that you know longer exists so that that's a statement of fact but what about the president's extremely fiery rhetoric that i mean today we've had his secretary stains defens. lawyer to hunting to follow his lead but what about his time.
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well ice is his tone but also the language use he said if. north korea continues to threaten. our allies well that's different than taking actio. they are known for making threats that's what they do. they made a thread immediately after he said that so when you draw a line verbally or rhetorically. and saying if you make any more threats against our allies will respond with fire and fury. well they just made a threat. now the question is. where we serious so we we bluffing or of a we misinterpreting what the president is saying so we have to be clear? the one thing when you're dealing with war. is that you have to be very clear very cautious concise and precis. and to the extent you create ambiguity you enhance the danger of miscalculation so. i think what secretary matter said if you take any actions fbo which threaten us or our allies it will be the end the eurasian. so he was clearly is but the president trades in blast a dozen a much like the north
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koreans do say well we've basically any off on that level. will is sort of like school your drug taunting. of my gun is bigger and better than your gun. and it is. and i think that the words don't matter as much i don't think we can threaten. of the north koreans that that will matter if we take action for example as we did diplomatically by squeezing them economically. if we put back into the right down the south korean president has put a hold on the flat missile anti missile system. put that back on track that is something they will get the attention knowing the north koreans but the chinese have the japanese do the same. so there are things that we can do that will squeeze the north korean regime because they had the benefit of having. a guns and butter policy that had the guns and china and russia and others have given them the butter. you start taking the butter way they've got to make a different calculation so i think that of the policy. the president's policy of squeezing him is the correct one about threatening them with fire and fury. if they
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ever threatened making at the front well that turns out to be an empty threat. all one assistant to the president said today that the brinkmanship with north korea was comparable to the cuban missile crisis is that i'm going out too much a ago i don't think it's comparable it'll. i think at the would you talk about the russians are having a nuclear weapon on a limb and in cuba. ninety miles off the coast of monsters quick different. number two. we don't know that the loans north koreans at this point in time have a capability of putting. a nuclear missile together with a miniature warhead that can strike all of the united states they may get there and that's the reason why we to really squeeze tht think a sector to listen to
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set the right tone we're going to do this working where the allies if it's just us threatening them then i think it causes more a dissension. more of a. split with us and our allies including the south koreans. and saying i can't sense what you feel they should be a peaceful solution. it has to be one. of which we can't bomb a country. into submission if they attack us if they launch any missile attack a bomb any any part of our allies. in office an obviously we're going to respond. with overwhelming force. but there needs to be a settlement of the the entire agreement we need the chinese involve the russians of all the japanese the south koreans. and the north koreans we can do that. secretary kind thank you so much for joining us. well as we've reported pyongyang says it's considering a strategy to fire missiles at the u. s. territory of guam. the bbc's report winfield hayes is that when i spoke to him just a short while ago. for us a report what is the atmosphere like that tonight on the u. s. territory given is better because rhetoric from north korea.
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well it's obviously real concern here are the threat from north korea was very detailed and very specific against this island. i'm and that's something really hasn't happened in that way before no screen has previously made very debating thank. threats about striking the united states whenever such a specific threat as this. i'm a little sore things here but it is a rhetorical threat because. i think most people feel that. if they really did strike this place with that with missiles then it would be suicidal i am for the north korean regime. i really think he's been waived south korea and. troops another you've been with americans troops in south korea you know how much preparation that is simple kind of u. s. presence is that right now in guam. i'm a huge and if you think strategically extremely important that place for the
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united states military. up behind me about ten kilometers away about ten miles away i should say.%-e is one of the biggest that u. s. air force bases in the pacific region. if the base for long range but you won't be one bombers. are and then the other way down the coast in the other direction i is a large a us navy base which is the main base in the western pacific for you with the u. s. submarine force anything strategically. a very very important place for the u. s. military. and the government of guam has said that there is no change in the threat level as yet but they must be watching it extremely cafe. if they are if you if a poem from and south korea china d southeast asia. and of course the tourist market is very sensitive to these sorts of threats that the
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governor yesterday. was reassuring that the local population but was also a reassuring tourists coming here that this is a safe place to come. and enjoy themselves with their families out because. if people start to get nervous. if you know you could see yeah a lot of damage to the economy. rupert wingfield hayes on guam thank you so much. in other news now from around the world more than two hundred villages held by the taliban in northern afghanistan have been released. they were taken off for an attack earlier this week where as many as fifty people were killed. some people are still being held. the formal wild number one golfer tiger woods has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence. i has accepted the lesser charge of reckless driving. the forty one year old was arrested in may on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. although breathalyzer tests found no trace of alcohol in his system. good news for box one a sprinter isaac makua. when she's day he was bound from the wild athletic championships in london
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teacher quarantine restrictions after a norovirus outbreak. ostracized around against the clock at it tonight he finished second in his two hundred which is semi final. to qualify for tomorrow's final. six french soldiers have been injured two of them seriously offer a car rammed into the group in a paris suburb. prosecutors say they believe the intention was to kill. every time i take counterterrorism police shops and then arrested a suspect in a major way north of the capital. from paris johnny diamond reports. paramedics swarm around injured soldiers just moments after a car plowed into a military patrol. six soldiers were injured three seriously after the car waiting for the man. separated softly and knock them down. residents looked on as the emergency services went to work. visit buckled dive my mom.
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would shoot it was a truly odious attack said the neighborhood math. to target soldiers who are here to protect the french people s. not going home would. usually got though i heard a loud noise and i looked out my window i so many people arriving. i so damn buttons and a fire engine arriving. and they didn't go out. after her morning over intense investigation the operation here is beginning. to wind down this is a quiet suburb some distance from the bright lights. tourist sights of the city. this morning's attack a reminder if one were needed. that france must remain on guard. think that problem for you it's a problem for us french people because adoptions safe even foreigners don't feel safe in france. it ended with a hail of gunfire the suspect's car brought to a halt in northern france. this evening french media name to the suspect as humble ben letras
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a thirty seven year old algerian. but there's no official confirmation. the country's long struggle with tara. continues. johnny diamond bbc news paris. well that's returns politics here in the u. s. in the ongoing probe into russia's interference in the two thousand and sixteen election. our own you details today that fbi agents raided the virginia home of president thompson former campaign manager paul manifold last month. documents and other materials was seized by agents who have such warran. for more on this development i spoke a brief time again with the b. b. c.'s anthony's erica. so i'm gonna pull the pole manifold was cooperating with the fbi say why the need for a dramatic p. a pre drool don't one right well that's a very good question. paul metaphors lawyers say they have turned over more than four hundred pages of documents to the intelligence investigating to robert mahler's investigation. they would have to get a judge to sign off on this. search warrant which was
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barely executed by armed fbi agents. early in the morning of july twenty six for a judge to do that he asked a reason to believe that all metaphor wasn't being entirely forthcoming perhaps are could. possibly destroy evidence are a lot of reasons why this could happen but it seems like robert muller is flexing his investigatory muscles here. and it's also been role that a busy august for the special counsel has measles have been reported that he's convened a grand jury here in washington. right this is another big step. a grand jury should that here in washington impetigo they've been using another grand jury in virginia for for certain parts the investigation but to have one right here. in washington just a few blocks away gives them the ability to quickly. submit subpoenas for evidence calling people to testify under oath and conceivably somewhere down the line bring criminal indictments. i think that cut to the hall some i here in washington dc thanks so much for joining us pleasure. you're watching bbc while news america still to come on tonight's program.
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but why the tyrannosaur strikes as a nearly nine dinosaur that could crush you. this county to top the scales at seventy six times. the u. s. a slap new sanctions on a venezuelan politicians. serious shortages in the country remain with lines for just about everything has daniel pada reports now from caracas daily life in minnesota has become a real struggle. people have to queue for hours to be able to buy basic. to get medicine from the pharmacy. even to get. from the h. him because the venezuelan currency to believe it. as the value is still massively so notes here are worth nothing. when the me. but it gave us this is him the four feet and estimate the why you curing today. thing at the moment it doesn't open up but i got it right now on curing to get into the. and make payments but now it's the bank and later it's going to be the
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supermarket. and then the pharmacy and tomorrow to buy anything else in this country you queue for everything minnesota used to be the richest country in latin america. the largest oil reserves in the world allow this country to consume as no other country but what really happened and how bad is the situation. given that how it is that he to us young men as well. it's bad it's really really bad we have to wake up really early to be able to queue to buy just one item. years ago in this country you're able to go to the supermarket and get whatever you wanted. and if you have five or six kids how do you give one item to five kids. it's not right we want our country back we want madeira out of the country and we want the country stabilized as before more than half the venezuelans live in the buddy list and islam's. surround see like caracas. many venezuelans used to be middle class this to be a very rich country but now most of them. the middle of the crisis come. for. good boys w. i knew about you what's life like. nobody was.
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when the. body. now what we need food a lot. you give us a willing see woody out what about crime in neighborhoods like this. crime is everywhere you're not safe in any place. but this situation right now many people are turning to crime to be able to feed their kids. nnova. when it comes to heavy white says one dinosaur which is bigger than all the rest. seventy six times this plot eighteen colossus white as much as a space shuttle. and dwarf toys relatives. the findings come off to fossils were discovered in argentina five years ago. brief time ago i spoke with cut johnson a paleontologist at the smithsonian's museum of natural history. stanislaw was longer than a blue while and heavier than a dozen african elephants how demand plenty to get to be set outsized well there are a lot of plants and this
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animal lived a hundred and one million years ago. it which is a time when the world was really quite warm so warm that you had forests that stretched to the both poles. different kind of place it is today so there was no shortage of food. so it was sort of feasting on or you can eat buffet in argentina was recruit gigantic salad bar in south america. and had no predators busy world no there are there big that i'm predecessors down that is i think a giganotosaurus which the big tyrannosaur shrek sized carnivore who would of. probably harass the young of these animals are like like a lot of big animals the elephants they say from the get huge but their babies are small. member these guys had babies in eggs laid eggs so the little tiny ones have been very tiny and probably quite delicious. that must have been great advantages to being that large back land what weathe. well number one is you don't have to worry about the predators because you're just massively begins flick of the tail and off they go. and clearly they must of been ample food. or the metabolism these animals was
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slow enough that sort of combination uniflow here slaf the slow metabolism you'd have to eat that you just you know a time it's a slow. vampire lumbered around slowly eating all the time the heads are pretty small. my friend what they their heads are relatively small how exciting is it for you the discovery and the naming of this decide this donna so would i know the guys i found this one tonight and they work at this. great little paleontology museum in her lap and southern patagonia and dislike for that museum defines this dinosaurs just fantastic date detects a newly founded back in twenty thirteen. a picture of one of them lying next to this leg bone that is. humongous that's. eight feet long face a little guys laying next the giant bone so fabulous discovery a great bunch of people found that. and you just one more bit of amazing dennis revolution well given that it was so loud you didn't have any predators they had tons of food how come it became extinguished.
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thank you lasted for a long time in these animals stretch from over a hundred million years ago right up to the very end when the asteroid strikes listen animal had more last on earth more than fifty million years disk. lineage of titanosaurs. stipe along a dancer so they wouldn't they were doing just fine thank you very much tell the asteroid came along. maybe an even larger dinosaur out that someone. well the fact we found this one and the fact these bones as bones and six if individuals they're not even full grown so even of this species there might be larger examples to be found on the. next hill over. and they never say never in paleontology we've only been digging bones and fasa leaves and things for about two hundred years. and there aren't that many paleontologists out there digging so all the good stuff remains to be found. co johnson that's very exciting thanks for joining us my pleasure thank you. now for americans of a certain generation the mention of a howard johnson's restaurant brings back memories of pancakes wolf down on the road. today just one remains and you'll have to go to lake george in new york if you're craving and ice cream.
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so what happened to the once booming franchise well all corresponded with the setting connection went to find out. nineteen fifties america howard johnson's roadside restaurant chain is moving. as more americans like because it take to the highways there's a growing need for. travelers. by the early nineteen seventies howard johnson's becomes the largest food chain in america. with more than a thousand restaurants mmhm. the boss four to twenty seventeen. and this only one last in lake george new york state. now before we explore the reasons why i should because i have a personal interest in the story. as my name is also howard johnson growing up in the u. k. visiting americans would loft when i told them my name. this would be my first visit to a howard johnson's restaurant.
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zero. safe haven this judge. in nineteen three call a grade a franchise deal with howard johnson's. to build this restaurant in the tourist area of lake george. it worked it was so successful. that we went from one restaurant. six howard johnson's. it brings back. it brings back memories of guns you could almost put one anywhere. it would go in his heyday. because it was well known. and also the competition by chains were not there. cut backs off to the company went public with one factor in its demise. but ben and jerry's also muscled in on the ice cream business. will mcdonalds became king of the road. we screwed up as a company. we screwed up. we could've made it go when we get. but. you know. that's history and. nothing
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is forever so how likely is it that the laws how johnson's will still be open this time next year. well i think what's really going to happen is. lake george every year. unfortunately is. declining it's got to be in the. work could be like a sixty forty deal. you know sixty percent. maybe not forty percent maybe still have an open and that's sad news for ho jo fans who grew up with the brand. one ozone there were lots of all were johnson. and this is the last one. verisign this is the last one standing so we're going to try it out. plug now go forward firms on this week and. the. . we. we. thing about my name. no. are you serious. no way that is so cool.
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it really is a very and howard johnson reporting on it or a true band and thanks for watching wild news america. bbc news out. our vertical videos designed to look around your lifestyle. so you can swipe your way. to the news of the day. and stay up to date with the latest headlines. trust. download now from selected apps does. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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