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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 7, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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this is a bbc america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm john o'brien. hurricane. of rips apart of destruction through the carribean the islands of the buddha has been reduced to rubble. residents speak about their ordeal. we had cars flying over our heads we had to contain those forty foot container is flying left and right. my whole host gave their. it was seven of us. now all we have to do is to pray part because i have. in florida they are preparing for the worst and warning some residents to leave now before it's too late. i cannot stress this enough. do not ignore evacuation
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orders remember. begin rebuild your home we cannot rebuild your life or your family. that's prince george gets dropped off for his first day at school. with a helping hand from dot. welcome to all who is on public television in america and around the world. it's one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the atlantic and right now hurricane irma is sweeping across the eastern carribean leaving a puff of destruction in its wake. at least ten people are known to have died and almost all of the buildings on the island of bombay to have been destroyed. porto rico was also in the storm's path and it's from that that laura because stops all coverage. hurricane erika a storm this size of france has carved a destructive path through the kind of being.
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ical three people were killed as women's after the islands. do you like came out the clear it began. i felt lucky to have survived such had a flying storm. but a. goal. don't go away and no more. this family to me felt blessed to be alive and that the only damage was attacked and power line and falling trees in their street. big cat eight month old aren seeks. there is a collective sigh of relief here impressed thirty because that is what can be done up to thirty feet waves threw up day brie and deluge trees. but when it comes to that catastrophic i of the hurricane not only started their silence. unlike others in the carribean. on the tiny island but they got barely a building was left untouched. hundreds of families now find themselves homeless. my house was by whom. i lose
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my shop. also my vehicle everything damage and right now. adorn have nowhere to go to sleep. we had cars flying over our heads we had to contain those forty foot container is flying left and right. and the stories that the story that you're getting for most of the residents here. is that the eye of the storm came just in time persons were literally. tying themselves to them look their roles with. ropes to keep them down. but good is prime minister said the island was now barely habitable. what i saw was heart wrenching? i mean. absolutely devastating. i would say that about ninety five percent of the properties would have suffered some level of damage. enabling some of time the film force of the hurricane side was called. camera.
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hi miles an hour hummer the island. more than seventy thousand people live in this etf which is made of dutch and french territories. shipping containers were tossed around like lego bricks. nerd votes were smashed in the harbor and there are warnings that the death toll is likely to rise. francis sent three emergency teams to help with the clean up. and it's already set a reconstruction fund. in the british territory of anguilla there was criticism from residents. uk response to the hurrican. it was labeled pathetic and disgraceful. a british task force is now on its way there included the boil marines and army engineers. who it could take two weeks for them to get there? efforts are also under way to try to get supplies to the island of saint barts. the french government say their priorities making sure people have food and drinking water.
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the british virgin islands assaults after holiday destination is the latest place to become. a tropical paradise transform. there. hurricane m. a.'s nor finished she has maintained her wind speeds and is barreling towards another british territory. the low lying taxing people silence. the u. s. sunshine state of florida will be next in her sights. they are nervous after watching others in gear her wrath. lodovico bbc news article. well laura has now made it to the on and on t. go where i expect her just a short time ago. you seeing that. well we could i know frankie go where. if the island was massively left intact over willow someone here welfare life. eight it's near here where they're trying to date eight and not if the island of
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barbuda where ninety five percent. of the buildings there have been destroyed by hard hard can it not. eight eight that totally devastated and any way we can now we're hearing that it even quicker struggling to get through we've spoken people here are saying. that the real problem here is the isolation all thieves islands i think hurricane threat three people couldn't even get in contact from a. barbuda for several hours i'm they are american hit te plight and for the british islands nearby they're sending in. and marines and the army engineers but it might take some time for them to get there. so although i'm he got here has
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survived the worst the islands right to basics are in need of help and this is where they going to get that from. i didn't one of the major operating airports. how are people coping bearing in mind the delay they can expect from getting any a? i think when it comes to people coping if they are trying to show through whatever they had a really difficult situation especially in the wake of the hurricane. there where flood stages staff i've been really difficult weather conditions and there are very few my water supply and there won't be a family the fate of my method. they've been trying to get people and they're trying to add drop supplies but it is according to the red cross quite limited at the moment they need. eight i mean even now i know the government is based here in on three o'clock. and they have
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described this party can as marisela. i know they need help before the net tara set miami airport and he joined us from that a short time ago. helene mint wit we hearing that number is expected to strike on sunday are we seeing an orderly evacuation that or a bit of panic. a little bit of both i mean. folk much of the day it did look very chaotic here the airport of course tens of thousands of people in this part of florida. have already been issued evacuation orders and so you come out on people trying to scramble holds a flights. with before the hurricane hit say we've seen a lot of tourists sexually as well who. some of them ripping court in in limbo because. they were supposed to have been in. here in florida into the next week or so but on the one hand they're being told by the hotels. they have to
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evacuate and then they come here on the toll that they're on the seats on flights back to the uk for example and so. some people playing the other with a lot of money for this class those seats because of the only ones left. for the rest of them there are any seats available tool so a lot of very anxious tourists. not all stuck here they don't know what so that the coming days going to bring that up to what they're going to do. but of course like goes so for all the people across the state who were being told. to prepare. as you say for. made saying on sunday. and we are talking about an enormous storm how come people prepare for the x.. yeah we talk about the storm that is wider than the state itself and it is a peninsul. where people as they evacuate supply rose? are often going along the same route norfolk outs of this part of the state. on so the house been congestion the have been issues.
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with fuel but people are called being taught from coastal areas so leave because one of the biggest worries. is that school i'm certain zestimates is that this coastal flooding the sudden coastal flooding could be up to ten feet high which is life threatening and so people are all being told. there is no way to prepare for that except to get out of the area but of course. this area has been hit by hurricanes. pass through my manager in nineteen ninety two and so. in some sense of some of the buildings all prepared fort. i lean muscles efforts at miami airport thank you very much with the very latest. well hurricane ummah is now the longest lasting category five superstorm ever recorded. the pulsing the record set
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by typhoon haiyan which hit the philippines in twenty thirteen. so why has it got so much energy and all these types of storm becoming more frequent. also is editor david shipman explains. a menacing swirl of cloned stretching over the carribean. this view from space of harken irma shows it's extraordinary scale. more than four hundred miles across. a brave research team flies right inside the on. together vital information about temperatures and pressures inside the towering warmth club. to help full cost where it's heading next. it already has a new record the dangerous winds for the longest time. on the ground effects is shattering. this part of the world knows all about hurricanes and early warning has definitely saved lives. but this one is stronger than mixed. so how do harkens become so destructive well the strongest like irma form off
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the coast of west africa more morse's cools the air to rise. triggering thunderstorms and that's when the winds can start to circulate. this weather system crosses the atlantic it grows and becomes stronger. and if the winds are all moving in the same direction at all levels rise with ana. they reach devastating speeds but then closer to the carribean the harken gets another boost. that part is over yet more warm water and ocean temperatures unusually high this year making the wins even more aggressive. and on top of all this the low pressure inside the hara kun creates a storm surge a huge wave the strikes the coast. and because climate change is raising the level of the sea. the impact is all the greater. the people of the carribean cope with the terrible often off many are asking if climate change was behind i. well harkens have always happened. but scientists do think that all warming world maybe making them more violent one of the things we know about
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climate change is that warner atmosphere. can hold mold wartime. that means when a hurricane does hit. more rain can come out of the ira kane because a lot more flooding. and are you and where this comes as the people of texas are still recovering from hurricane hall of the last month. there are plenty of quiet years but this one is shaping up to be one of the most violent on record. this sequence shows how right behind oma. there's another distinctive swirl of clowns harken jose nber search patrols have been cat busier than ever before. david schuchman bbc news. and of course we will continue to bring updates about hurricane. up at a website and i'll be heading to florida myself to report from that threw out the storm and it's often of. but look at some of the day's other news now and pope francis has urged colombians to set aside a vengeance. as they come to terms with the peace deal signed last year with falk revels. he was speaking to
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huge crowds in bogota off on the first full day of his visit the country. the first five po pimp over three decades simply told government leaders to commit to it piece on weakened by politics on politics. the french president has called for a continent wide debate about the future of the european union. speaking in athens emmanuel makran born that if europe didn't change it with delight he said debaters should present that suggestions at the end of the year opening the way for public discussions across all member states. that would allow citizens to decide what kind of union fable. the spanish prime minister mariano to hoist as a planned referendum on independence by the autonomous region of catalonia is illegal. the central government in madrid is taking steps to prevent the vote from taking place off the catalan lawmakers beat voted to hold the bottom next month. the region voted overwhelmingly for independence in twenty fourteen and an unofficial election which was unrecognized by the trade. a son of the philippine
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president has denied involvement in a multi million dollar drug smuggling operation. hollow deter take told a senate hearing the allegations against him were baseless attributes to answer questions please call that president from trigo declared safe no just a violent campaign against drug crime last year. and as promised to resign if any family members were invalid because the tracer. watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. it's back to school time and for prince george that means being dropped off. first telling. in pakistan over twenty million children are not receiving education many a force to work by the families who are often desperately poor. but this succumb to come on the has been finding out ten a series of schools in the country's biggest city our aim to change that. in the middle of four lanes of busy traffic.
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school for some of pakistan's most vulnerable children. many of the peoples here a baby in their teens but practically all of them used to work for a living. eleven year olds may ha used to be a mate. now she hopes one day to be a doctor. meant that. the staff to sweep to mop and dust of the people's houses. my dad died so my mum said i needed to work. but i'd be school how do you feel coming to school now. i like it a lot. there is said to be hundreds of thousands of street children in the city of karachi. many of them live and work in the shadow of this religious shrine where local charities and devote teas. distribute free food. so that's where one local business woman decided to start to school. opposite the swine underneath a fly over. what time is the noise from the traffic can be pretty deafening you can see just
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how close the because off? the other side of this fenc. but it's cool it's hugely popular six hundred children a registered here alone in that two other schools just like this. elsewhere in the city they say that like open mor. they don't have enough one. the school runs entirely on voting she donations that manages to provide free lunches and school uniforms. they also pay each child equivalent of around thirty pence a day to make up for the money they would have been no ending. that helps persuade that parents to allow them to attend. succumb to come money bbc news karachi. many migrants trying to reach europe make the perilous trip across the mediterranean from libya. but what about those who get court before the journey the
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b. b. c. gained access to libya's largest official detention center and fun desperate conditions. many have suffered deeply traumatic experiences at the hands of people smugglers as they tried and failed to reach europe. the b. b. c.'s orla guerin reports now from traveling. mmhm. trams together in punishing he's. the migrants europe doesn't want. did livia country in chaos. that doesn't want them either. most traveled from sub sahara africa. psalm were stopped at sea. others on dry land. now they are in trickled sica the largest detention center in tripoli. we were given unfettered access to those suffering here. i just need. when it's done. because here is like you know inhale. it's like in hell for me that's what life.
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well this is the reality for those being held in detention in libya. the men here have all still sgt show these conditions they're very anxious for all of this to be seen. this is present by any other name. the only hope of release for these men is to be deported five to their home countries. but that could take time to arrange. some of those here have been languishing in this center. for six months. it's really hot and the clothes that are. save really gets people come breedlove. people frame sometimes. street clock right here. my golly tennessee is eighteen and from south sudan. it for three years he was a london school boy by his father worked in the uk. hennessy paid traffickers to get back to london. but was kidnapped by an armed gang in libya. he escaped by leaping from a moving truck. the time we jumped off there was a chap man old chapman
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he was shot. so blacks when all of my my my my tee shot so i close my eyes while with both can't. so i just ran away. grimace things are here hennessy says conditions were far worse another detention center. where there were daily beatings by the guards? if people make noise filled the people. rush for food. you get bit you get bits an. if. people want to use the bathroom. or if people want to drink what's so. just make you lie down on his stomach the whole the whole jail. and everyone gets about five five. everyone. everyone gets beaten everyone gets a bit. that's only one risk the migrant trails through libya. the men are pawns to be bold and sold by malicious some forced into slave labo. well what about a monopod i mean manual was beaten by a gang links to. occurs.
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but what paint him most is what he heard them due to two teenage girls. evidence that the moment of the dollar. they're up to god. yeah i'm going to do anything because. i don't have. in the printer can also fro. stuff here coldham broken men. starved of hope. and nourishment. for breakfast just bread and butter. officials tell us they have no phones to pay food suppliers. so they rely on donations. what i? find among those going hungry women and children held in a separate section. sola is just three months old. he was at the mercy of the mediterranean when a smuggler's boat broke down who this stuff and. seattle police arrested us said his mother was sealer. since then we have been in a five prisons lysenkoism.
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outside the latest arrivals weary. airforce. turned around at sea by the coast guard. young dreams dashed. instead of a new life in europe. returns to the nightmare of libya. the green paint dog dawn by their traffickers. proof they paid their fair. human beings branded like cattle. or the gear and bbc news tripoli. it is unrelenting the ongoing migrant crisis that continues to cause so much suffering to so many people. now it is back to school time and today prince george joins those going to class for the very first time. the four year old was dropped off by his father prince william but the duchess of cambridge was the occasion to to severe morning sickness from her third pregnancy which was announced earlier this week. the b. b. c.'s nicolas
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which'll reports. it's a daunting day for any four year olds no matter who you are. a george arrives looking well understandably a little nervous but his first day at the new school in south london. parents have chosen for him. dot was there to take his hand and carry his school bag but not mom. she had to remain at kensington palace suffering from acute pregnancy sickness. each day it thomas's school in battersea starts with a handshake with the teacher. georgian you what was required. as did his father. and then it was time for those shiny new school shoes to head for the classroom. define the paik fort george cambridge but to meet the twenty other four year olds boys and girls. will be in the reception class with hi. william it may have prompted members of the day thirty years ago when he was taken by his mother for his first day at school. back then it was all rather more formal a boys only school complete with the school cap.
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school some formality were much in evidence in nineteen fifty seven. when the queen took prince charles for his first day at his home boys prep school. jones was in fact the first hand of the throne to go to school wrong of them to be tutored privately. fast forward to twenty seventeen and george's school offers a broad curriculum with a strong emphasis on human values. it's a choice of school which represents a bit of a break with royal tradition nothing too radical of course it's still privates in fee paying. but it is co educational and the school has a strong emphasis on columnists. george will find that to be kind is one of the guiding principles for people's her. together with courtesy and humility. or useful qualities for a future king. nicholas which'll bbc news battersea. and i'm sure it is not a separate body else and of course you can find more on all the day's news is a website including the very
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latest on the palm. of hurricane. up on double goes according to plan. all be reporting from florida tomorrow. thank you for watching bbc world news america i'm jane abroa. the bbc news out. our vertical videos designed to occur in your lifestyle. so you can swipe your way. to the news of the day. and stay up to date with the latest headlines. trust. download now from selected apps does. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight... >> florida is as well prepared as it can be for something like this. >> woodruff: ...hurricane irma cuts a devastating course across the caribbean, as the record breaking storm eyes a path toward florida. then, reaching across the aisle. we talk with democratic senator richard durbin about president trump's deal on the debt ceiling and what bridging the political divide could mean for so-called "dreamers." >> we have an opportunity to work together on bipartisan deal to do the right thing for these young people. >> woodruff: and, faking normal in america-- since coming out as being over 55 and financially fragile, how elizabeth white's story is resonating with people all over the country.


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