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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ >> this is "bbd news." america. funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> wow, that is unbelievable. ♪ >> i'm flng! ♪ >> stay curious.
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♪ [applause] >> and now, "bbc world news." ♪ "bbc world news." porting from washington. a bombshell report says president trump instructed his personal lawyer to lie to congress. it has new questions about obstruction and the white house says it is ludicrous. a top north korean negotiator comes to washington. announcing their will be a second trump and kim jong-un summit next month. cuban is the players are hoping a new agreement will lift their .nes ♪
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host: welcome. is hitting back today against a report that president trump directed his former personal lawyer to lie to congress mr. trump instructed michael cohen to lie about lancep o build a trwer in moscow. presidential spokee an dismissed aims as ludicrous. democrats say the allegations need to be investigated and if true, could constitute obstruction of justice and perjury. ubject us -- that just won't go away. the president and russia and the most serious allegations today to hide the efforts the organization was making to build a trump tower in moscow just before the election. becameonald tmp president, michael cohen went before congress and said that the plan was scrap20d in january
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16. it is a lie that turned him time in jail. according to a detailed buzz feed report, the light was not his idea. -- the lie was not his idea. internal company emails, text messages, and a cash of otr documents. the report goes on. the president personally instructed him to lie by claiming that negotiations ended months earlier than they actually did in order to obscure trump's involvement. the president's current personal attorney, rudy giuliani, hasca categoy denied this. the white house has been most circumspect. >> this is another long line of ridiculous charges without corroboration or credibility. >> the president did not tell michael cohen to do that. >> this is exactly why the president refuses to give any credence or credibility to news ets because they have no ability to corroborate anything
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they are putting out there. instead, they are using any window- shady sources. >> that was not a tinial of my qu. >> the premise is ridiculous. reporter: the president's press secretary stuck to rudy giuliani's words. >> that is absolutely ridiculous. the president's council addressed this best and said in a statement earlier today this was categorically false. reporter: the chairman of the house intelligence committee tweeted this."t allegation the president of the united states may have perjury before our committee ino an efforurtail the and, covering business dealings with russia is among the most serious to date. we will do what is necessary to usnd out if it is true." the phrase has bee a couple of times before, it is the charge that brought nixon down and it is the accusation that led bill clinton to being impeached over the lies he told of his relationship with monica
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lewinsky. the week started with a bizarre spectacle. the president came out before the cameras and said he was not working for the russians. the reason this is so signicant is that obstructio of justice is considered a high ime and misdemeanor. something that can lead to impeachment. bbc news, washington.r host: re on this report and the legal implications, i'm -- i spoke wittoformer u.s. ey michael moore from atlanta. if these allegations are true, how serioucould they be for the president? guest: this is damaging news for the president. let me put iin context from what has happened. if in fact the allegations are trueif the story is true and if in fact we are to believe
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william barr before the senate judiciary committee in his hearing, it seems to me at this point that william barr has told us that this constituteshis -- this type of conduct would support obstruction charge. it is a significant development. probably the strongest to bob mueller's a professional prosecutor and tactician. he understands about putting a case together and understandsdo what then you have a witness whose credibility has been compromised as we see heren with michael c he has blood guilty to false testimony before -- fled guilty to false testimony before. what that means is that bob mueller and his team will have built a case not just relying on michael cohen's testimony, they will use evidence, corroborating evidence with emails, texts, documents, other witnesses.willg
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acsshe channel o the brexit. even if that means simply waving lorries through. presidential campaigns alone for long o daysthe road and sleepless nights and that's not just for those of us who cover them well for one person owns don't think with a job to capture every
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mont. from the rope lines to the rallies and everything in between poutoalist barbara kinney followed hillary clinton for twenty months on the campaign trai. i spoke with the idea about her beh the scenes look at history. hillary clinton described book known as a record of campaign the anything you convey the annual photography -- i wel i think that's exactly sort of what i the purposof the book i wanted. to people to see you know how hard we work how hard she worked for campaigns likehe grueling part of it that you know late nights and long days and and i want to show th to people because you know most people just see. her at an event to giving a speech right. it was yeah to really run go good record i think of how hard we worked and we took hundreds of thousands of phot. foth hundred thirty twsand last. how do you decide which ones make the final cut -- just it editing them after
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after each event after each day i go through most of my images and pick out what we wanted to post something on the hoodland flicker side. so i g through and pick out the best you know event photos -- candids -- and when we did the book i went back warren my publisher did most of the editing but we went back to look at those slack to see. but then they're also in in ickly you you miss so missng so a few jams and so he was able to go back through and and and also in there some time - a distance between the campaign and actuallyit g if it gets a different. feeling to some of the pictures we got some of your photos. and which ones really stand out for you now you say you got a bit of distance to look at them which is -- whilet' so hard people ask you which one is my favorite and i really it's hard to say i love the one of us secretary clint and obama laughing it was just a really special. moment ty were by themselves after his speech
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at the convention and myself and pete uza his photographer of the only ones back there. and which is this really. great moment -- that were able to capture -- i likeheictures of her -- when you shoot you see her by herself either working or speech or in a momentven when it by yourself but even people could be all around herhe but in this quiet moment? the ones that speak to me because they're they're real and no -- and you talk aboutel the tion of the selfie -- inton take a lot of selfary he's got people and yet why do youly think that that re change things. well i've i've mentioned this a million the intro my book- i noticed the beginning of the campaign that there was a different feel. to to the campaign than the one i did in two thousand eight and some other times when i was at the white house coverg. of president clinton. up there is it was missing gured it out that theinally
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interaction that she would have with people othe rope line after she gives a speech she comes down and shakes hands. on and she would talkre to people have interactions and you'd see faces and emotions a now you. all people are healthy. and so there's a little bit of a of of spontaneity that is and and emotion that is is missing but pple have to have that selfie and you know. it makes for great photos for us the but that in this interaction i mean there's a picture back here the full girl. you know just beside yourself and those are the kinds of things you know i i missed seens much of a beginning nkanks for doing it tou. right now relations between the trump administration in cuba rkie to say the least but despite the diplomatic hostilityrend importantthroughs being made in sports. major league baseball hey in the us and keep his baseball federationeached a deal in december which let cuban
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teams without defecting from the communist run nation. from havana will grow reports on the impact. cuban baseball t is verge of a breakthrough. you'll spend a penny of it ayers on the island andyouth spends hours a week practicing his swing. now a new agreement could take him to major leaguee baseball in th u. s.. and unlike the past he wouldn't hav to defect. model gum bill bailey simple since. there's going to be a complete change 1100%. if until w now have been playing for the love of baseball now there's going to be something extra. that will be scanned watching us from the stands and that's sure tmake the players try harder. at but a little so -- if once a month. youee many of that baseball heroes flee over the years often on risky journeys five people smuggling gangs.
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the plus side of this new arrangement is pretty clear. for these players effect good enough that prospects baseball i the u. s. just rose exponentially. almost overnight. thank you bye hopes it means the brain draining bicycle ly permane saying that best talent free to the u. s.s -- sent over. the ground work for the agreement was made during a period of much warmer relations between cuba and the us in two thousand and sixteen president obama made a historic visit tthe island. and took in a game with raoul castro in havana. cuba certainly has the talent but lacks much of the infrastructure. something the government here blames on the us economic embargo. many in cuban baseball hope the deal will help the grass roots game on a little hill be good for us to we'll take a percentage to a federation and that will be used for cross streets for infrastructure.
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the baseballn general. find the opportunity for young cuban players some still oppose to deal particularly senator marco rubio of florida who wants the trump administration to overturn it. others simply regretted didn't happen sooner. will it out honestly i would have loved to have played in the major lgue not just for the financial side with- obviously that's attractive to but i'd like the chance to tt myself by playing in the very elite of world baball. if it moves forward the deal between cuba and the major league could be mutually beneficial. may finally stopped cuba's talented youngsters rking their lives to defect. this generation may be the one in the us with cuba's blessing. will groun beef senior was have an baseball in havana wheh enz show tonight remember you can find more on all the ay's news.that website why not download the bbc knees. you can also find me on social media i'm it's b. b.
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c. reggie t onwitch. i'm regina evil i did on thanks very much for watching world news america have a wonderful weekend. with the bbc news out. of vertical videos designed to work around your lifestyle. sequence what you away to the news of the day. up to date with latest headlines you can trust. download now from selected apps does. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected need [inaudible] possible. your day is filled with. pbs helps everyone discover there's anytime.
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any. we're with you [inaudible] for life. bbc world news was presend by casey in los angeles b
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captioning spoy newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy wdruff. on the newshour tonight: democratic lawmakers pledge investigate a report that president trump directed his former lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress about pls for a trump tower in moscow. then, the white house announces plans for a new summit with kim jong-un, as north korea's top nuclear negotiator visits washington. plus, it's friday. david brooks and ruth marcus break down the stalemate as the vernment shutdown enters its fourth week. and, rising above racism. how black hockey players, from youth leagues to the n.h.l., are confronting hate on the ice. >> it's disgusting. but what i first thought when it happened was, i mean, i'm not


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