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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 15, 2020 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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esident george w. bush. ron,in we are loat pictures eaof the impment managers having delivered those articles of impeachment to the sate. they are returning to the house side. with your knowledge of the senate, do you sense any anxiety in senate republican ranks about what the trial could produce? ron: you, know, lauat is a woman: this is "bbc world news america." very excellent question, and the reason that is such an astute question is beuse you never made possible by... know -- as a lawyer i can tell the freeman foundation; you that once you go to trial, by judy and peter blum-kovler foundation, you never know what the outcome is going to be. you never know how the jury pool pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs; is going to act as they hear tha fa evidence before them. now you have a situation where and by contributions to this pbs station you have 100 members of the from viewers like you. united states senate who are sitting as a jury, and on my thank you. states supreme court, will youd have the chief justice, over and preside over the trial, it all depends on what the house laura: we want to welcome our managers bring to the table. can they convince enough pbs viewers here in the unit republicans that perhaps there states to this special edition is evidence, perhaps there are
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of "world news america." facts that should indicate that you're watching ongoing coverage should be called, additional of the formalization of the documentation should be articles of impeachment against presidendonald j. trump. produced, that would give them pause to think maybe we shouldn't just lock stop saying nancy pelosi is just to send the articles t themselves in we are not going to vote to capitol. impeach the president or convict the president, maybe we need to it is a pivotastep in what hear more facts? is this the third impeachment of a u.s. pre in history. this is going to be quite a yes, i do believe there was a good deal of anxiety if i were a member of the united states senate tonight to what this trial and whatgh fact unfold in the days to come, and dramatic moment as the articles themselves go through the they are coming quickly. capitol rotunda from the house laura: ronti chr thank you. decided to the senate side. just a reminder of where we are fo' more on the day's events i'm tonight. joined by elizabeth wydra, a what is happening here in washington is the articles of legal expert who is president of impeachment against president trump has been transmitted from the constitutional accountability center, a ron the house representatives to the senate, and the trial of christie, former advisor to george w. bush, who joins us president trump will bn from capitol hill where it is earnest next tuesday. i would like to thank ron all happening tonight. ron, h pivotal a moment is christie and elizabeth wydra, this in the turbulent trump idprcy? our experts who haved us through this historic moment. ron: well, good evening to y, thank you so much for being with us, and we will hear plenty more laura. from you, i hope, as the senate
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this is a very historic moment. trial of the president unfolds. whether you agree with what now to the other bigtory in nancy pelosi and the h democrats have done to impeach washington, which is the signing of a phase one trade deal the president of the united between thed u.s. ina. states from this is only the third president in our history, if you go back tw o andhnson president trump was joined at the white house by china's vice premier to put pen to paper and in 1868, bill clinton in 1998, and nowonald trump in 2020, it make it official. the agreement cuts some u.s. is a very momentous event in his tariffs on chineseds g while presidency. for me, i am looking -- we are beijing will buy more u.s. goods. american comedies operating in china are cap the intellectual so20-odd days to an american property protected. our global trade correspondent election. has this assessment. reporter: from erican farmers bwhat would the presideable to do to cement his legislative record heading into the november election? would he be able titwork chuck schumer, senate minority soproducing eans or pork to leader, and nancy pelosi, car manufacturers and chinese electronic exits, these are the speaker of the house, or is amica stuck in cement from now to november due to this people and businesses bearing impeachment? laura: elizabeth wydra, the the brunt of the trade iar. their goods on which extra charges or tariffs have been trial in the senate wihe be about whthe president obstructed congress and abused imposed. and those costs have added over his power. is this what the founding $800 to the average american fathers had in msid when they family's annual bill, and impeachment? elizabeth: absolutely.
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according tone estimate, cost cwe sing out of the house the articles of impeachment that of to 300,000 u.s. jobs. talk about the president of usinhis office, considering with the pain mounting for those the trade dispute was meant to himself above the law by help, president trump has agreed a truce. obstructing the congressional pres. trump: today we take a -- that is t second article of impeachment. momentous step, one that has and the founders for the remedy never been taken before with of impeachment into the china, towards a future fair and constitution precisely for reciprocal trade as we sign face situations like this, a situation specifically one of the historic trade deal contemplated by the fnders, between the united states and china. dharshini: the relief may be the idea that a foreign mutual. government could be used to the chinese people have seen their incomes grow at the correct the erican presidency, slowest rate in three decades, an individual who has given so in the face of the war triggered much power by the constitution by president trump to protect as our chief executive i uniquely, as the founders knew, american jobs and companies from what he viewed as unfair competitio victory or a susceptible to corruption. climbed out from the u.s. they were specifically concerned president, and is the about foreign corruption. constitution knowing thathe superpowers been significantly overhauled? obviously we elect our presidents democratically in the united states. bchina has promised another $200 billion worth of but they kn that there must be u.s. agricultural goods and
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a time, if circumstances industri goods worth $75 billion. warrant, where the congress will it actuallyto keehose promises? takes into its own hands whether in return, the u.s. is halving or not someone should be removed for high crimes and misdemeanors, as the terrace or import tes constitution says, particularly on $150 billion of chinese goods, but it will levy 25% because, as the founders knew, a tariff on products where under the $250 billion. president could try to manipulate the democratic process in such a way that anwhile, president trump's biggest and thorniest complainta impeachment was the best remedy -- laura: absolutely. the china ly subsidizes industries, has not been resolved, and is unlike to be absolutely, elizabeth. anytime soon. >> it will take a number of and now we see the house months for us to see how the impeachment managers -- there is adam schiff, chair of house agreement is working out in practiceanthen with respect ceintelligjerry nadler, to the remaining issues that are supposed to be in phase two, i chair of house judiciary are walking the articles of think that is, frankly, going to impeachment from the house side take quite a lg time, because of the capitol through the i think our governments are very far apart. dharshini: with an american capitol rotunda to the senate side. election looming, this this is the formal moment where the people's house -they have cease-fire may be as much politicaas economic. president trump has yet to charged president trump with obstruction of congress and of abuse of power and this is the achieve his ambition of rewriting the trade roll block.
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moment in which the house impeachment managers carry those those hoping that the u.k. in america can form a mutually charges are crossed to the beneficial relationship after united states senate, which is brexos will be watching y. dharshini david, bbc news. where the formal trial of the laura: in other news from arouno president will begin. thd, the russian othis is a moment pageantry, it is a moment that has been government including the prime minister dmitryha medvede choreogrhed for high drama. resigned, and partly to pave the do they aregoing past the way for major cotitutional changes announced by president statue of george washington, putin. the shakeup could extenmr. first prf idente unit states. it is highly symbolic, but it putin's: howardon beyd 2024, also shows the moment at which when he is due to stand down. under the changes from the process to the united states powers of the state council strengthened.would be senate. iran's president hassan rouhani they are walking towardsto the ca rotunda. military to give more detail and then on the other side of about how it could have mistakenly shotss down a ger that rotunda, it is symboc plane last week. new footage has emerged which because he divides the house of representatives, the peop's appears to sw two missiles house, with the united states being fired at the ukrainianwi t senate, which isupposed to be a loss of all 176 people on e more considerate and deliberative body. board. in thee, sen that is where the the images obtained by " the new york times" were captured oa senators will be sworn in for this trial of president donald security camera in tehran and j. trump. apparently filmed on a mobile
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the tri will be presided over phone. the amazon's jeff bezos has by the chief justice himself, john robertson and they will announced a major investment in have to take an oath administer--john roberts, and india, saying the country is a key growth market for the online they will haveo take it out to retailer. administer impartial justice. this is a solemn a moment, isthe $1 billion investmeno help get small and medium-sized albeit a divisive one. indian busesses online. to coincide with his business, they will have these articles to some businesprowners held a the secretary of the united states senate from who works est from accusing amazon of trying to crush localms t with with mitch mcconnell, who is the senate majority leader. it is a formal moment, but also discounts so it can dominating the market. the interest around since harry very dramatic and symboc one. and his wife, meghan'plans to i want to bring in ron christie again. ron, president trump has been separate themselves from the royal family is growing, not saying to friends that he doesn't want the stain of peachment on him. least in canada, where te couple pla spend more time. well, he has it now. on tuesday, the duchess of but is it something heoman get suss appearance at a women's refuge out fr under, do you think? ron: i think he can. in vancouver. people there are having to get it gives me chills, not just used all thisas tensionophie because of the weather on long reports from vancouver capitol hill this evening, but island. he gives me chills to see these sophie: d thess of sussex i was counsel for our united pictured smiling at a women's center, the first time she has states member of congress in been seen in public since the so-called sandringham summit.
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1998, the last time we had articles of impeachment walked through theun r and sent to it is not hard to see why the duke and duchess of sus tx might the senate. wantspend more time here, president bill clinton was very and if they did, it seems they defiant in how the house would be more than welcome. >>[lery exciting. atte office decades ghter] i believe the american people well, i think, you know, maybe look at this and sd that the it is come to canada and chill with a house republicans overreach, and he left office with a high level of approval. nice canadians. the questiontrrom president >> i think it is nice move, a p will be how can president trump try to convince the beautiful place. americaneoe, using social eyi know isited before and they like it. media, using his rallies, using happy to have them, obviously. sophie: but some question his powers of persuasion, to say whether they would be afforded the privacy they seek. >> people here should leave them i should not have been impeached and i still am an honorable and alone, but they can't. decent president for the laura: the localns media, radio stat ron christie, thank y. tv are all talking about it. we are looking at live pictures of the united states senate pick they can't stop it is let's just listen and. unfortunate you just can't let >> h. res 798, a resolution people live lives the way they want to live it. hotel, named after queenmpress appointing ana authorizing rs for the impeachment trial of donald john trump, victoria, as served high tea. on special occasions they do so president of the unitedtas. on china given to them by the queen. people here say they would
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>> the message will be received. canadians have to cover the cost of their security. >> can lovely people. a very there obviously will be a fraction of backlash, no laura: so thee you have it. question aut that. but as a whole we will welcome the united states senate them to our national community. confirming that it has received sophie: it is thought tt the message from the house of representatives that the prince harry may come here to be articles ofmpeachment have en transmitted from the house reunited with his wife in the to the senate, wthch means that coming days, but that remains a trial of president donald j. private matter for an increasingly private couple. sophie long, bbc news, vancouver trump is something that can happen. this is the senate majority island. laura: recapping our top story leader, mitch mcconnell. atlet's listen to e is saying. tonight, house have delivered sen. mcconnell: the secretary of the articles of impeachment against president donald trump to the u.s. senate. the senate informed of the house of representatives that the this is a vital step in the senate is ready to receive oie managers aed by the house transfer of proceedings from one side of the united states congress to the other, and sets for the purpose of exhibiting articles of impeachmendo against the staged for only the thir ld john trump, president of u.s. president ever to be the united states. impeached. tagreeably notice democrats accuse mr. trump of communicated to the senate abusing his power and obstructingoness by leaning further that at the hour of on ukraine to get an 12:00 news on thursday, january investigation into the bidens. 16, 202 the senate will
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ihe nancy pelosi speaking receive the managers on the part just before signing the articles of the house of representatives of impeachment. speaker pelosi: so sad, so ay presenthat they and exhibit the articles of tragic for our country,ti tt the impeachment against donald jo s taken by the president trump, president of the united to undermine our national states. >> is there any objection? security, to violate his oath of office, and to jeopardize the if not,or sred. security of our elections, the sen. mcconnell: i ask unanimous integritof our elections, has consent that pursuant to rule ree and four, when sitting on taken us to this place. hour of 2:00 p.m. on thursday, today we will make history. laura: earlier in the day, house jennifer 16, 2020, the senate speaker nancy losi named seven proceeded to the consideration democratic lawmakers who will be of the articles of impeachment, the impeachment manaters in the serial. and that the presiding officer through the secretary of the they were approved by the house. senate notify the chief justice they are the ones who will act as prosecutors in making the of the united states of the time and place fixed for case against mr. trump of abuse coideration of the articles and request his attendance as of power and obstruction of congress. an historic day here in the presiding officer pursuant to article one, secon three, united states, and tidt trial of clause six, of the u.s. prt donald j. trump is due institution. to begin in earnest next there any objection? tuesday. after a long weekend in so ordered. washington. sen. mcconnell: ask unanimous you can find much work of all
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the day's news on your website. consent that the presiding to see what we are working on at officer be authorized to appoint any time, check us out on a committee of senators to, upon twter. i am laura trevelyan. thank you for watching "bbc recommendation of the majority world news america." leader and upon recognition of announcer: funding for this presentatiopo the democratic leader, to us for the chief justice into the senatehamber i further ask consent of the is madible by... secretary of the senate the the freeman foundation; representatives of the time and place fixed for the senate to by judy and peter blum-kovler foundation, heproceed upon impeachment of pursuiic solutions for ams neglected needs; donald john trump in the and by contributions to this pbs station senate chamber. if not, so ordered. from viewers like yo sen. mcconnell: i ask unanimous thank you. consent that access to the senate wing, the senate floor, and the senate chambenggalleries dull the proceedings involving the exhibition of consideration of the articles of impeachment against donald john trump, president of the united states, and all times that the senate is sitting in trial with the chief justice of the united states presiding be an acco with the allocations
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and provisions now sent to the desk, and i asked that it be just up here. that's where... printed in the recor >> is there objection? man: she took me out to those weapons. rethink we're off to a start. if not, so ordered. sen. mcconnell: i ased the unanimonsent that the senate proceed to consideration of h. res.>> 471. the court will report. >> senate resolution 471, authorizing the taking of a photograph in the chof the united states senate. >> is there objection to proceeding to the consideration? withoutse objection, thte will proceed. sen. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent that the resolution be agreed to and th motion be considered maymulate up on the ble with no intervening action or debate. laura: so we are looking atethe united s senate. wet are lookingnator chuck grassley and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell could the articles of impeachment has been
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sent from the house of representatives to the senate. mthns that the trial of president trump can begin. we have been hearing the senate majority leader talking about how it is going to be the united stat supreme justice, john roberts, that he will preside over that trial. he will have to preside over all of the senatorbeing sworn in. this is a dramatic and historic moment because the articles of donald j. tru beent president transmitted from the house of representatives to the sate. elizabeth, do you think tg senate is go feel its responsibity to have a deliberative trial that is rather different from the partisan atmosphere house? elizabeth: certainly as evidenced by what we just heard, this is an historic, solemn moment. hei certainly hope that senators feel the weight of that constitutional responsibility. for only the third time in american history, a president has been impeached, and now
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according to the constitution, responsibility for a trial to see whether he should be removed from officeased on those articles of impeachment. this is certainly a very solemn duty, and while president trump, no matter whatappens in the senate, will always be noted in history as someone who has been impeached, i think the way that history views if he is acquitted, which a lot of observers think he will be -- i don't neow if that is ssarily a foregone conclusion, especially if we have a robust trial -- but a lot of that will depend on the contours of the trial as we go forward in the senate. president clinton's impeachment trial in the senate had witnesses under oath. there was evidence preseed. i think the question will be whether or not we havehat same kind of fair trial in thee sen and whether or not the evidence and witnesses that the house managers are going to ask for in the senate are allowed to be
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heard. certainly the american people want a fair trial. i think chief justice roberts, who is going to be in the difficult position of trying bring solemnity and order and constitutional gravitas to what could be partisan political circus in the senate, is going to want a fair trial as well. we will really seeow mitch mcconnell deals with his majority of republicans in coming to that conclusion or not. it is going to be a difficult captioning sponsored by position for t chief justice newshourroductions, llc as he presides over this trial if there is antr attempt t to >> woodruff: good evening. short-circuit the impchment i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: trial process. >> we are here today to cross a we have gotten indications that very important threshold in there are not enough republicans to dismiss the case out right. american history. >> woodruff: the u.s. house and i think that is certainly good as a matter of formally votes to send the articles of impeachment to the senate, setting the stage for constitutional procedure and the trial of president trump. president. -- precfeedent. then, gender divide. democratic presidential hopefuls discuss whether a woman can win
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the white house at their final t at goes on from there remains to be seen. debate before the iowa caucuses. the american people will be watching and the eyes of history are upon the senators. laura: they certainly are. and: elizabeth wydra, thank you so >> together we are righting the wrongs of the past, and much for joining us. justin a rr of our breaking delivering a future ofmic justice and security for news out of washington, d.c., american workers, farmers, tonight, therticles of and families. impeachment have been he>> woodruff: a treaty in trade war. transmitted from the house of the u.s. and china sof representatives to the senate. mcconnell has said that theh trial of president donald j. trumporbstruction of congress an abuse of power will begin in earnest on tuesday.
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