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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 9, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> anger in mexico as the secretary of state suggests drug cartels are carrying out an insurgency. president obama hits the campaign trail to sell his strategy of boosting the economy. who is to blame, bp and its contractors accused each other over the oil disaster. this american pastor says he still intends to plan copies of the koran despite worldwide condemnation. quote and welcome to -- quote -- >> welcome to "bbc world news."
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some mexican drug cartels are carrying out as in -- carrying out insurgencies. mexico insists institutions are strong enough to resist the cartels. mexican marines have arrested seven. >> in a remote farmhouse last month, an act of pure savagery. 72 people bound and shot. when the killers fled, they left and armory worthy of a small army. mexican troops attacked a stronghold of the gang responsible. four men were arrested. government forces have arrested three more. >> a navy patrol has arrested three people accused of organized crime. several people arrested are part
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of the operational structure of this gang. they carried out the murder of a 72 migrants. >> it was the latest in a series of recent massacres. in may, 55 bodies were found in an abandoned mine south of mexico city. in july, 54 bodies were discovered in a rubbish dump. has declaredident war on the drug cartels, but the cost has been high. more than 28,000 people have been killed since the campaign began. with the heavily armed drug gangs resorting to more violent tactics, there are few signs of progress. mexico's northern neighbor is worried. >> as drug cartels are now showing more indices of insurgency. carbide's often show up which
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were not there before. -- car bombs often show up. it looks more and more like columbia looked 20 years ago where the narco traffickers control certain parts of the country. >> that parallel was rejected by the mexican government which insists is winning the war. america pledged $1.4 billion to help mexican authorities in their struggle. but with the illegal drug trade -- they are earning 30 times as much each year, violence is likely to rise even higher. >> our correspondent in mexico city give us more details. >> the situation in mexico is really complex. the comments made by secretary clinton caused anxiety in mexico. the u.s. is a crucial ally of
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the mexican government and the fact that secretary clinton came out with its strong words and a controversial comparison has definitely caused concern. the concerns in washington about the situation in mexico are greater than we have known so far. >> this being seen as anything more than a setback in relations? does it go deeper than that? >> it may be too soon to declare the u.s. is changing sides. it has been very supportive of president called around -- president philippe baycol the round. -- president calderon. the problem is the u.s. is calling for more changes to be made to mexican institutions in
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terms of political reform in some of these regions and more transparency in the police regions. some financial aid the u.s. was supposed to give for mexico was put on hold because of concerns about human rights abuses. the u.s. seems to be taking a setback, but secretary clinton's comments may be only the beginning of that. >> they taliban > mullah omar says his fighters are living -- the talha band leader mullah omar says his people are winning the war. he called on president obama to withdraw his troops. mullah omar's statement marks the end of ramadan and was posted on a jihad website. the sri lanka and mp's agreed to
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terms for the new prime minister. it boosts the president's powers. the national party boycotted the vote and many members voted with the government. they call this a nail in the coffin for democracy. the investment bank goldman sacks has been fined $13 million by the u.k. party for failing to reveal it was being investigated for fraud in the u.s. goldman made a mistake and is one of the biggest fine ever imposed. president obama is facing the prospect of heavy losses for the democratic party in november's midterm elections. his own personal ratings have also been slipping. he is taking to the campaign trail to sell his strategy. he wants to invest $50 billion to renew america's roads and
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airports. our washington correspondent has more. >> barack obama is not on the ballot in november, but he once every vote anyway. the midterms are a referendum on his performance. this afternoon in ohio mr. obama addressed his central weakness on employment -- one unemployment refuses to come down. >> making up for the 8 million lost jobs caused by this recession will not happen overnight. not everything we have done has worked as quickly as we hoped. i am keenly aware not all of our policies have been popular. >> it is getting pretty nip and tuck. >> this man cannot afford to wait for the economy to get better. he has to find enough work for his 20 employees. right now his construction business only has this one house to build.
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>> i am worried. i could almost afford to retire but not really. i don't want to. but my guys sure could not. >> when president obama took office 60% of voters approved of the way he handled the economy. look at what has happened. it is down to 41%. >> we are a pocket book voting country. other issues can take a forefront like war and peace or a scandal, but in the long run, the economy is more important than any other issue. >> that is what voters tell democratic congressman. they are campaigning for reelection at this meeting in virginia. he is one of many democrats facing defeat. he wants to keep some distance from mr. obama. >> i have been proud to stand with the president where we have agreed and willing to call him
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out when i disagree. i am not a big fan of his economic advisers. >> the elections matter because they change what a president is able to do. there is a chance this november obama may lose control of congress. if that happens, mr. obama will have to find a new way of governing. >> bp has given its own account of the catastrophic oil spill in the gulf. 11 workers died when the deep water horizon rick exploded and the leak dumped almost $5 million -- 5 million barrels of crude oil into the gulf. bp faces hundreds of lawsuits and compensation claims. they report no single factor caused the disaster. it also appoints the figure of blame at several other companies. it speaks of a complex series of
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mechanical failures and human errors and faults in the engineering design. our business editor reports. >> april 20, the worst oil disaster in history. 11 deaths come up oil leaking into the gulf of mexico for 87 days. at last we have the first explanation from the company that most blamed for the disaster, bp. >> this is a reconstruction of the tragic accident. >> their safety kit that did not look, -- did not work, oil and gas that went where it should not have gone and a blow up prevented that did not shut the will down. -- blowout preventer that did not shut the well down. the company feels it has too much to lose from other
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investigations it faces in court cases. the game is given away in this final section on recommendations. it calls for improvements to procedure is in engineering. once the capability to be improved and most importantly, it calls on bp to show better oversight of this huge company, halliburton that works fort be paid. >> -- that works for bp. >> they have accepted responsibility for some failings, but they also identified who else they feel is at fault. >> bp points the finger at inadequate cement by halliburton. both halliburton and transocean hit back at bp. would ppb off the hook if their contractors were at fault?
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-- would bp be off the hook? >> it should be insuring management structures are within its own company are adequate. >> what is the verdict of the outgoing chief executive? it would appear unlikely well designed contributed to the incident, which matters because if it was flawed, bp would be liable for an additional 10 billion pounds on top of the 21 billion lbs of oil spill costs bp expects to incur. trans ocean says the design was fatally flawed which means citizens don't know how much damage has been leaked by the oil still -- by the oil spill. they will be living with uncertainty about the final
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spill. >> still ahead, bracing over the ice. is this the greatest way to cross antarctica in record time -- greenest way? david cameron's father has died after suffering a stroke. he died shortly after his son arrived at his bedside. mr. cameron described his father as a huge hero figure. >> today david cameron left his deputy in charge as he rushed to his father's side. the father was 77 and joined his father on the campaign trail. while on holiday with his wife he suffered a stroke. she called the prime minister this morning, and with the help from a helicopter mr. cameron flew immediately to the
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hospital. >> we wish him, his father and their family the best wishes. i am absolutely certain he has made the right decision to be where he knows he has to date with his father and family. >> a few hours later downing street announced be in cameron had died. -- announced ian cameron had died. his son spoke often about how he had been inspired by his father's courage. >> my father is a huge hero figure because he is amazingly brave. he never has let him -- let it affect him. this great sense of optimism. i hope i got my optimism from him. >> david cameron staying on in france and will return to borrow.
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-- will return tomorrow. sadly, he never had the chance to meet his latest granddaughter who was born two weeks ago. >> this is "bbc world news." there has been an angry reaction in mexico to suggestions of hillary clinton that some drug cartels are carrying out an insurgency. the midterm elections looming, president obama hit the campaign trail to sell his strategy of boosting the economy. bp and contractors accused each other of causing the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the newly appointed un coordinator spent her first day in office during pakistan -- touring pakistan. she wanted to highlight the crisis there. 8 million people remain in need
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of emergency aid. our correspondent reports from southern pakistan. >> a baptism of fire, her first day as the un top aide official. coordinating help for one of the biggest crises the world has seen. 20 million people affected by the floods, 8 million in the immediate need of food or medicine. people have taken refuge on the riverbanks trying to regain some sort of normality. valrie wants to see for herself what the real needs are. for many, the struggle is too hard. mosquitoes are breeding in the floodwaters, spreading disease. politics is never far away either. some people whose land has been flooded say their farms have been sacrificed to save well- connected landowners.
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the issue in this area is the pressure of the water caused a breach in the defenses, which saved some of the irrigated farmland but caused flooding in other areas. that is where the politics comes in. was the breach deliver it or was it the pressure of the water? >> there is a lot of accusations flying around. my first priority has to be to get delivery and to speak with government and humanitarian partners, our ngo's to do what we need to do on the ground. i am not concerning myself with those rumors because the key has to be that we save as many lives as possible. >> pakistan's agriculture and future depends on a system of irrigation canals designed to
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regulate the flow of water. floods have shown the system cannot cope. a coordinated by the un is crucial to saving lives. in the long term pakistan's rural economy will depend on better management of the country's water. >> we small evangelical church in florida says it will defy international condemnation and proceed with the plan to burn copies of the koran. pastor terry jones said he wanted to send a message to the radical islamists. the u.s. attorney general condemn the plans. our security correspondent has the latest. >> from an obscure church in florida comes a u.s. preacher with some inflammatory ideas. >> this is not a book of peace.
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this book is responsible for 9/11. >> terry jones decided the way to hit back is to insult all muslims by publicly burning the koran. the u.s. secretary of state has been quick to distance herself. >> it is regrettable a pastor with a church of no more than 50 people can make this an outrageous and disgraceful plan and get the world's attention. >> in rome, the vatican spoke out saying these deplorable acts of violence cannot be counteracted by an outrageous gesture against a book considered sacred by a religious community. world leach at -- world leaders are appalled. the european union and tony blair have all condemned it.
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pastor jones is defiant. he is determined to make a stand. >> as of right now we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. on 9/11 we shall continue with our plan. >> already this week muslim protesters have been taking to the streets of afghanistan. at this university where president obama once gave his address to muslims, officials see trouble ahead. >> there is a anger. there will be a very big moment that will last a lot longer. >> it is in afghanistan where the u.s. are most at risk of retaliation. extreme anti-muslim abuse at the hands of muslim extremists.
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this is a gift they will likely take advantage of. >> the six colombian police officers have been killed in a gun battle with the rebels. the gunmen assaulted a police station in an area associated with drug smuggling. 45 people died in the past week. at least four people have gone missing after wildfires gripped colorado. 136 homes have been destroyed. fire conditions are expected to worsen over the next few days and more resources are being deployed. 81 passengers escaped without injury from a russian plane when it was forced to make an emergency landing. the jet was on its way to moscow when the power supply and navigation equipment failed. it overshot the runway and came
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to rest at a nearby forest. campaigner as opposed to the pope's visit to britain have met one of the seniors -- senior figures in the catholic church. the archbishop said the group had reassured him the visit would not be marred by violence. the president of nigeria replace the heads of the army and police after hundreds of prisoners escaped. a gang of armed men attacked the prison and set them free. authorities blame a radical islamist sect. four people have been confirmed dead. >> police are hunting between 700 and 800 men on the run. the gunmen who attacked a jail went from cell to cell, freeing inmates before setting fire to
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the building. the authorities say intelligence indicates it is the work of a radical islamist sect bliley opposed to western education. -- violently opposed to western education. members had been awaiting trial for their part in last year's violent uprising against the nigerian police. back then more than 800 people were killed and the leader was shot dead in police custody after a siege at his compound. the sect has been active and they have their headquarters in the capital. there has been unrest in other states in the northwest of the country. they want the implementation of strict of sharia law. boasted of recent -- new leadership.
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it is also fearful they are embracing new tactics and are behind a silent killings in which police officers are shot dead and gunmen speed off on motorbikes. >> a team of british explorers will be heading to antarctica for what they hope will be the fastest landing of the crossing of the continent. >> it is not a car or a plane, but it is a unique contraption a british expedition is hoping to cross antarctica. >> of course you can. >> the vehicle runs on bio ethanol. but there are extreme dangers ahead. >> some of the campuses can be a comedy. -- can being the. >> traveling along will be two
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giant monster trucks. there will be equipment to monitor the impact of their journey. >> we are looking to alternatives to kerosene. looking at how we can reduce the impact of the future. >> i have been offered a quick trip around here. >> we are driving around a congestion area. you can just imagine the wild landscapes, but to the explores lucky enough to go on this mission, it will be the road trip up a lifetime. >> the u.s. secretary of state has suggested some drug cartels in mexico are carrying out an insurgency. we will wrap up this bill to end of world news.
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