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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 31, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> new year's celebrations in berlin but germany's chancellor warns of testing times ahead for the eurozone. there has been an explosion at the nigerian capital. and number of people are dead. oiraqi christians are burying their dead after a rash of attacks on christian tom's. welcome to the bbc world news broadcast to our viewers on pbs. why turkey has abandoned an official ban on wearing islamic head scarves on university campuses. nintendo warns about 3-d games on its hand-held consoles.
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2011 has begun in large parts of europe and africa. that little line shows where it has yet to come. this is the scene in berlin with this a fireworks display of of the brandenburg gate's. ahead of the celebration, the chancellor has warned of tricky times ahead. in paris, her fellow power broker, the french president, declared the end of the euro would be the end of europe. let's speak with our correspondent on the line from berlin. give us a flavor of all of this. >> the flavor is the fireworks, the sound of fireworks, and the night sky lit up with all of
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those things around the globe. they have been gathering for about four hours at as the moment happened a few moments ago, the fireworks began. then at the official display happened and seeing still going on. -- it is still going on. berlin is celebrating the new year and i hear a lot of english accent's a round. >> he is fighting to get heard through the fireworks. we will get back to you. we will now go to budapest. hungary in a powerful but tricky
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position, about to take up the presidency of the eu. >> a lot of excitement here in hungary. they are only the third country to take to the presidency. the checks and -- czechs and slovaks have had a more quiet time. the government is hoping to push through some of their own issues here which includes a strategy for the whole danube region. >> presumably, hungary and poland both hoping to shift the center of balance of the 27- member union to the east. some very big decisions to be made. >> mary much so. especially about the budget for the entire european union.
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-- very much so. this is what they knew well in advance. hungary and poland feel that this center of europe has been left out of these discussions in favor of heavyweights like france and germany. having this whole year, first hungary for the first six months and then fallen for the second six months, they're hoping to influence the future financial strategy of the whole union for the next nine or 10 years. >> those are magnificent pictures at the brandenburg gate. it is unthinkable that angela merkel would have made her statement about your opinion without discussing this with nicolas sarkozy. >> that is correct. there is a crisis over the economics and the euro but also
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the political project, if you like. polls in this country shows up about -- a lot of unease about europe, especially about the bailout. angela merkel has said that there is a political profit here as well and she tries to persuade a german people that the thing has to be safe. the political process starts today. >> thank you both for joining us. happy new year to you both. earlier, as that line: across the west, there were fireworks across the far east and south asia. >> the night skies of hong kong victoria harbor were alive with lights. the chinese new year is not until february 3rd and it will be the year of the rabbit.
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the former british colony nevertheless ushered in 2011 in style. in taipei, the noises almost deafening. in japan, thousands gathered at a famous temple in central tokyo where they released balloons carrying notes of their hopes for the future. then at the 15-ton bell rang out. australia's new year's eve celebrations never fail to impress and this is no exception. in sydney, thousands of people lined the harbor to watch the multimillion pound at this late. -- multimillion pound display. new zealand also welcome to the new year in style with fireworks off of the country's largest
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structure. there was aftershocks from an earthquake, one of thousands that have continued since a powerful earthquake in september. this did not put off revelers. the burmese opposition leader called for a democracy in her country. >> we hope that there will be happen is for all people of the world including the people of burma and we would hope for a more inclusive political process in this country and also national reconciliation. >> in south africa, the annual new year's eve carnival goes through dennis byrd. months of celebration paid off -- of preparation paid off in a celebration of diversity. >> a bomb has exploded close to a military barracks in the military -- in the nigerian capital of abuja.
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the attack hit people in a crowded market gathering to celebrate new year. the chief of the defense staff said it was too early to say how many had been killed or blended. -- or wounded. >> obviously this shows that there are some very devilish people who are going about the whole place trying to make life uncomfortable and and feed unlivable. as i have said, this is a matter of time before they are caught. this is a matter of time. what we need to do now as a people, as nigerians, is to be very vigilant. anywhere you are, do not allow anyone to come and leaves a bag or leave any kind of object.
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>> the chief of the defense staff there. i asked our correspondent if he had any course -- any updates on casualties. >> some eyewitnesses said they saw a body parts all over the place and injured people being carried away. it is not clear what kind of explosion it was but it went off at a market right next to an army barracks. >> is this the kind of place where civilians and soldiers have gathered regularly for in meals and drinks? >> this is a very popular place. tonight, new year's eve, people will be gathering to celebrate. security forces have told me that 11 people were killed in the explosion but we are waiting to hear the final confirmation of the number of people affected by that explosion. >> i know that state tv has written reporting 30 dead and
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there's no confirmation and the indication as to who might have done this? -- >> there was a weather blast that happened a week ago. an islamic group called boko haram claimed responsibility for this. we cannot lead them to this until whoever is behind it actually claimed responsibility. -- we cannot lnk them to this. >> funerals have been held in baghdad for two people who were killed in a rash of bomb attacks on christian homes in the city. there has been a campaign of intimidation against iraqi constrictions -- against iraqi christians. >> iraq's dwindling christian
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community bids farewell to the latest victims of the campaign to drive out. the two people died were an elderly couple. their only sin was to be christians at the wrong place at the right time. at least half a dozen christian homes were singled out for attack in the rash of explosions across the city. among those who survived, and mixture of anger and fear. >> enough with terrorism. if they want us to lives -- leave, we will leave. let us live. >> this family has been living here since the 1950's. a bomb went off at the their neighbor's house and another in their garden. now, they're planning to leave but it is not easy. it is a difficult business, he says. it is hard to sell the house. we both have jobs as civil servants.
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his wife is frightened to send their daughter to school. maybe she will be kidnapped. it is safer to stay at home. since the attack on the church in october in which more than 40 people were killed, thousands of christians have fled. many of them have gone to the kurdish area in northern iraq. for those who remain, there is not much more they can do but pray for better times so that these committees which have lived here since the early years of christianity, can keep living on. >> stay with us if you can on "the bbc world news." laurent gbagbo accuses the international committee of attempting a coup in the ivory coast. shops and other businesses in italy will not be allowed to sell or give out plastic bags
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starting january 1st. this is for environmental reasons but some retailers have warned of chaos at the checkout. here is our report from rome. >> like modern-day tumbleweeds, the backs -- the bags choke river is and forests. now, italy is banning the bags outlined all of them that are not able to biodegrade. -- outlawing all of them that are not able to biodegrade. >> they show up on the shore. this is so disgusting. >> retailers knew the changes are coming but some say they needed more time to make the switch. many have already introduced alternatives. >> our company offers various alternatives to the plastic bag.
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paper, reusable polyester bags as well as paper boxes that can hold heavier items. >> campaigners say that they can take hundreds of years to break down and the italians are among the biggest consumers in europe. >> in every year, each italian uses -- plastic bags. italy is responsible for 25% of those used in europe. >> globally, about a trillion are used every year. european countries like ireland have introduced a levy on them. italy is the first country to impose an outcry ban. supporters say this takes them closer to a bagless society. >> the latest headlines for you this hour on "bbc world news."
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berlin has ushered in the new year with fireworks at the brandenburg gate. angela merkel warns of tough times ahead in europe. there has been a tackle in the nigerian capital of abuja. the british foreign secretary says that the u.k. would support military action to force the president of ivory coast to step down. the u.n. said that laurent gbagbo lost recent elections but he is refusing to leave office. he said that any attempts to remove him would amount to a coup by the international community. >> a united nations call center taking testimony about post- election violence the u.n. says that they are certain who won the elections, the opposition leader laurent gbagbo -- the opposition leader alassane
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ouattara. there also sure about which camp is responsible for the violence. >> this is the defense forces of the ivory coast who are currently controlled and commanded by laurent gbagbo's camp. >> this camp is still firmly inside the presidential palace resisting international pressure to leave. >> i have a question i would like ask, if i said that i would leave office right now, who could provide an assurance that this would increase and not bring in even greater violence -- who could provide an insurance that this would provide peace and not even greater violence? >> some say that he is simply stalling. >> time for him to recognize that he must go. let me make very clear that he should not underestimate the determination of the international community that the
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will of the people will be recognized and a democratic transfer of power will take place. >> if that happens, it would be to the elected alassane ouattara's government which is currently operating out of the tent protected by u.n. peacekeepers. there is an atmosphere of great tension in some parts of the city, particularly where opposition supporters are concentrated. some people are leaving for neighboring states fearing the worst. >> in a new year message, north korea has called for a korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons and for improved ties with the south. confrontation between north and south should be defused as early as possible, the north said in a joint editorial and three leading newspapers. tensions had been running high on the peninsula. mexico's police have announced that the infamous drug cartel
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has been completely dismembered. they have been thrown into disarray by recent arrests of top members. the ukrainian prime minister is someone going -- is undergoing questioning. she's accused wrongly using funds earmarked for environmental spending. in an interview, she accused the president of being behind the charges. in iran, the opposition leaders were told they would be put on trial. they were called criminals to try it to topple the existing system. it is contended that mahmoud ahmadinejad only one election through fraud. several major cities in
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pakistan ought have been shaken by protests. many shops remained closed. they are protesting against possible changes to the tough laws on blasphemy. when turkish students returned university and i october, they discovered an official ban on wearing islamic head scarves have been abandoned. hundreds of islamic women had been banned from campuses for wearing a scarf. >> every morning, this woman puts on a piece of cloth that marks her out as a devout muslim. this also determines how she is looked at by other turks. she is heading into her university where she studied architecture. until this year, she had to put on a hat or a week before she got there. the rules have just changed. >> you don't have to stress of four. school.
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-- you don't have the stress before school. you can just enter like a regular student. >> she can walk to her classes without fear of being barred entry. >> this is a factor of self- confidence. i am normally a very social person. when you see that people are looking at you differently, you need to hide yourself. for example, in class if you want to say anything, 1st you need to ask your professor if he is accepting you are not. if he is a liberal person and the understands you or he has no problem with you, maybe you can't talk about the lessons. -- can talk about the lessons. >> she can think this man for her freedom.
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overturning the ban was part of the reform campaign from the prime minister before the elections. >> all of those girls whose education and religious nights are denied, it is we have helped them >> this is a popular issue with his supporters. it was not until this year that his party overcame secular opposition in lifting the ban. this year, the prime minister's al i made a point of attending the opening ceremonies of universities that were defying the ban. the government has also said they would support those who were confronted for wearing one.
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it might be controversial but islamic dress and turkey has gone beyond being a political or religious statement. some of them would like to look stylish and fashionable as well as modest. but resistance to islamic dress here is now pretty much been broken. the government will find it harder to overturn restrictions remain in many other areas of turkish life, including the civil service, the military, and the judiciary. this is a lawyer who specializes in defending women. she is on her way to court in central istanbul. once she gets there, her head scarf is a problem. like most state buildings, court rooms to not allow them.
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so, she will have to get proxy lawyers to represent her clients and side. -- her clients inside. >> for the past 12 years, have been working long hours as a lawyer and i have special skills in international law also i should be well paid. however, i have to rely on financial help from my parents to run my office. >> that is what the students will have to confront when they leave the shelter universities to look for jobs . when they do, will the headscarf be the divisive political symbol is today or will simply be seen as a personal expression of faith? >> the japanese electronics company nintendo is saying that there is a risk that playing three games on the next generations of their hand held games council could damage the eyes sight of young children.
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they say that children should adjust the settings so that children under 6 only see images in two dimensions. >> the warning comes as nintendo prepares to launch its next big thing, a 3d version of the ds. >> this will show you full 3 d graphics without the need for glasses. >> now, the company says children under 6 should not use it at least not to play games in 3d. on their website, they say that experts believe that the possibility of 3d processes could affect the development of addition and small children. nintendo says the younger children should only play the games in two dimensions. 3d is taking off in a big way that many people have complained of feeling tired and sick.
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sony and toshiba have already issued rather similar warnings. financially, the stakes are high. electronics makers have invested heavily in 3d technology for movies, video games, and televisions. this could cost a lot if consumers are put off by the perceived health risks. the warning might be a precautionary measure to avoid potential lawsuits in the future if held concerns are merge -- health concerns emerge. >> what does the year hold? you can see what some of our top correspondence think will happen. one thinks that this next year will be the breakup of the euro. another is looking forward to following the progress of the voyager probe as it approaches the end of the solar system.
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