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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 13, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now bbc world news. >> welcome. i am in singapore. >> i am in london. here are the headlines. eight people have been killed and one critically injured in a shooting in a hair salon in california. changing his plea, the so-called underwear bomber suddenly admits trying to blow up an airplane. [gunfire] >> the battle of sirte and goes on. missing from the map, why this chinese village does not really exist. it is 11:00 a.m. in singapore. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in london. this is newsday.
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>> police in the united states say eight people have been killed and one other critically wounded in a shooting at a hair salon southeast of los angeles. the man was arrested about 800 meters from the scene. in number of weapons were seized. the gunman opened fire at a store shopping center in seal beach. that is a seaside town in orange county in southern california. we have more details about the shooting. >> he was arrested shortly after the shooting, just a few hundred meters away. he was arrested by police and taken into custody. we do not know the name of that man. we know that it was a white male. we're hearing reports from eyewitnesses that say that this may be the man that was in dispute with his ex-wife who was at the salon.
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they may have been involved in some sort of custody battle. police have acknowledged that inquiries are focusing on a like the relationship between militant gunmen and someone who was in the salon. -- between the alleged gunman and someone who was in the salon. seal beach is generally a quiet and elderly population. it is not a major tourist area. it is a sweet be sort of town -- a sleepy sort of town. they have been devastated. >> we are used to hearing about gun crime in california over the past decade. buddy -- but seal beach is a new name to many of us. >> it is. that is because it is one of those many relatively quiet communities along the beautiful coast of california. it is really off the beaten track a little bit. it is not any where the tourists go to. it is not that close to los
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angeles. it is not that close to the theme parks. there is a very large elderly community there. it is otherwise left alone. it is a beautiful sleepy sort of place. it is really not on the map. that is probably why people who live there like it, because it is so quiet and tranquil. >> do we have an idea of how things stand out and the narrative -- helping japan -- and thegs anpanned out narrative? >> it happened at a salon at a small mall, a small strip mall. they found nine people who had been shot, six of them initially declared dead. three were taken to hospital. two of those three people lost their battle for lac, leaving just one person in hospital who -- battle for life, leaving just
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one person in hospital. >> and nigerian man has admitted trying to blow up an american airliner on christmas two years ago with a bomb in his underwear. he changed his plea to guilty on the second day of his trial in detroit, saying he committed terrorism in retaliation to the killing of muslims around the world. >> slowly, hesitantly, the young nigerian man declares war on christians and jews. he would become known to the world as the underpants bomber. his photograph shows the pattern explosive packed around his groin inside the nano scorched clothing. in a detroit courtroom today, he changed his plea to guilty, calling his underwear bomb a
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blessed weapon on behalf of all moslems. he said he intended to wreck the u.s. aircraft for the wreckage of muslim lands. around an hour before landing, he plunged a syringe into the explosives, causing smoke and flames. but the bomber and the fire was smothered by other passengers, some of whom were in court. >> it was upsetting, the whole thing, to see him act like he did not care what happened . >> i am thankful that i am alive. henley -- my family is thankful that we are alive. >> this case really shook america. since that christmas day, security at the airport has become even tighter. more and more passengers are subjected to full body scans, which can detect explosives hidden beneath clothes. but spotting and correcting
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intelligence failings is another matter. his own father had warned u.s. officials that his son had traveled to yemen and the young man would train at an al qaeda camp. his inspiration was anwar al aliki, the leader killed last month. >> it does look like the end game is finally game played out in the libyan city of sirte. >> just a few streets now stand between the libyan government forces and control of the entire country. they have made rapid advances on the city of sirte. if a significant number of people are still fighting for gaddafi.
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forces took key positions. [gunfire] >> a war that has lasted nine months across libya has come down to a few streets and suburbs. the fighting on the street some versions s ferocious and tense. the place that is the favorite of gaddafi of the ball of libya has been flattened block by block. after a battle that has lasted more than a week, soldiers are loading their ammunition belts for what they hoped would be the last day of fighting. the transitional government has declared more than once that the city is about to fall.
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now they are convinced it will soon be over. as the front line was slowly pushed back under intense fire, we scurried through streets that only hours before had been captured from the gaddafi's retreating army. we have now moved down as close as we can to the center of sirte. this town is being obliterated. this is the only way that forces and the new government can remove gadhafi loyalists from the center of sirte itself. this is a gaddafi soldier being treated by his enemies. some wanted to kill him. most thought otherwise. there have been allegations of abuse by both sides. as the city falls apart,
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hundreds of civilians take the chance to flee. some are gaddafi fighters trying to hide in the convoy. but there soon spotted. most are frightened women and children traumatized by days of intense shelling. this city will be in total control of the transitional government. but what will be left of it? >> libyas national transitional council says it cannot confirm reports that the son of gaddafi has been captured in sirte. a spokesman said that some clerks of colonel gaddafi have been captured. there has been celebratory gunfire. there have been false reports in the past, but these are key
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loyalists. the man charged with the pop star's death, his legal team is now dropping its claim that the singer swallowed a fatal dose of propogal " -- propofal while the doctor was out of the room. >> they say this was not what was highlighted in the opening statements. they said that one of the cornerstones of defense is that michael jackson had administered drugs to himself when conrad murray was out of the room. it involved drinking from a bottle of propofal. but research suggested that drinking it would have no effect.
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only when it went straight into the blood would have that devastating effect. as a result, the defense said they would not be pursuing that line. still, they could be pursuing the line that michael jackson injected himself with it board or lee took other pills that were in the room, which -- himself with othepropofal or itk other pills that were in the room. both doctors had reviewed the report that conrad murray had given to detectives about what had happened. he had enough left -- he had unethically acted. there were a number of counts -- six counts -- where he had been
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negligent. he has not provided the monitoring equipment whethat is essential when propofal is provided. he left the room, which is not what you do when this drug is provided. once michael jackson stopped breathing, what the doctor did in those minutes when he discovered michael jackson that way were responsible for his death, in the words of alan steinberg. he did not call the emergency services immediately. he did not act properly following the procedure in order to revive him. on this basis, he was responsible. this was a very damning criticism of conrad murray's professionalism and quite strong accusations from experts that they brought in to assess what he had done. this is quite a powerful message that the jury has received today
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from the doctor. >> a syrian-born american has been charged in the united states for spying for syria. he allegedly gathered information in america. the state department says that he was corrected by a serious intelligence agency to collect their recordings, phone number, and e-mails. and a plan is designed to bring an end to the bureau's own debt crisis. -- to the eurozone's debt crisis. the number of people out of work in the u.k. has risen sharply. it is at the highest level since 1994. the total rose by 150,000 in
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june and august. the numbers were very disappointing. you're watching newsday on bbc live. still to come, around 200 political prisoners go free. is this a first step in the long journey to democracy? >> the kaymer is a daughter of an airline pilot. -- the king mary's a daughter of an airline pilot. the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has described an alleged iranian plot to kill the saudi arabian ambassador as a dangerous plotkin two iranians have been charged and sanctions -- a dangerous spot. two iranians have been charged and sanctions against the country. >> this is the most powerful institution in iran could inside the guard court is a smaller group for special operations.
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america says that this man has admitted being hired by the forced to carry out a first-ever attack inside the united states. >> it is an outrageous act where the iranians will have to be held accountable. when you see the case presented, you will find there is compelling evidence for the assertion being made from multiple sources. >> here is the target of a plot -- saudi arabia's and data center to the united states -- saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. >> the burden of proof and the amount of evidence in the case is overwhelming. >> but iran dismisses the charges as ridiculous and fabricated. few inside the country want to listen to saudi arabia's words
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for america's accusations. >> in my opinion, america is libeling iran. they're looking for an excuse to impose more sanctions on us . >> saa now we wait to hear more from the suspect. -- so now we wait to hear more from the suspects. u.s.-iran relations may hinge on the story he has to tell. >> this is newsday on the bbc. i am in singapore. >> i am in london. eight people have been shot dead and one is critically injured in a salon in california. the so-called underwear bomber suddenly admits trying to blow up an airplane over the american city of detroit on christmas day two years ago.
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>> celebrations in a tiny himalayan kingdom of bhutan region that king has married the daughter of an airline pilot. we can bring you some pictures of that ceremony and the marriage. it is a beautiful city, the ancient capital of munaka. she is 10 years younger than him at 21. he is 31. he is an extremely popular figure in his country baton. -- his country bhutan. it is a fairly isolated country of 700,000 people. they are decked out in national dress. the occasion is marked with a
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dancing, singing, and drinking as well. it has been three days a public holiday. the country had actually banned for television until 1991. it is the only nation in the world whose government pursues a growth national happiness policy as opposed to gdp as most other countries have in place. there is a lot of fanfare going on there with the king and the marriage in batobhutan. the have welcomed the release of about two hundred political prisoners, although several hundred others remain behind bars. activists and human rights groups said that more need to be done. what is the burmese government hoped to achieve? >> it is significant to show the world that there is a move
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toward a calculated and disciplined opening. more importantly, perhaps, internally, this is part of it. calibrated and delicate diplomacy between the leader and the government to bring her more on board of what the government is trying to do and for the lifting of sanctions and the arrival of its financial institutions to help development there. i think that is the key thing. >> you talk about the lifting of sanctions. but britain and the soviet union looked well upon their release. will the u.s. removed further sanctions? >> i think not. i think there is further to the road to more openness. but the committee is committed
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to me on more taking those steps -- committed to myanmar taking those steps. i think that if there is a very negative or not particularly enthusiastic reaction from the international community, this will strengthen the hands of conservatives within myanmar and government circles that there is nothing really to be gained from taking this path. >> there is a village in northern china where the inhabitants do not officially exist. what more can you tell us about this? >> it is a curious one. -- a's rush to develop thousands of farmers are being moved to make way for new roads and reservoirs. this is a decision that has cost
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of the villagers their identity. >> you cannot find this place on any map. as far as the authorities are concerned, it does not exist. but the men of blue dragon village are taking in their autumn harvest. they were forced off of their ancestral land to make way for a reservoir. villagers here say they receive little or no concentration -- calmed some rigid compensation from authorities. there were left to fend for themselves. it is a story you hear time and time again for across china, farmers swept off their land in the rush to develop. but instead of simply leaving, they choose to build a new village. but they were punished for this
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act -- defiance. like everyone else here, he has no official papers and are needy been need for services. >> without proper id to do anything would be very difficult. >> there is no running water in the village. in contrast, the reservoir built on their lands provides fresh drinking water to the nearby city. millions of people are flooding into china's cities in search of jobs and better lives. but development is struggling to keep pace. the costs of suburbanization are being felt in the countryside. this is the villages latest arrival. but she has no birth certificate. like her brothers, officially, she does not even exist. without papers, her mother
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worries that baby joe has a bleak future. >> it is important for my kids to go to school and later find a job. there's nothing we can do. we hope it can be resolved sometime in the future. >> at night, the villagers use solar power after their electricity was cut by the authorities. this is a farmer who cannot survive in the city. instead, his family must rely upon themselves, spending and other night with strangers in their homeland. >> the company that makes blackberry smartphone says it may take until thursday morning on the u.s. east coast to clear the backlog of the mills that were caused in the europe data
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center. around the world, they have been affected by the loss of e- mails and messages. >> for 48 hours more, blackberry users have been struggling to stay in touch. what has out raised is how little the company -- what has out raids them is how little the company has told them about what has gone on. this man has not seen anything like it and why it is taking so long to fix. others have said it is hurting their businesses. >blackberry users say they depend on being in touch at all times. today's is a long time to be disconnected. the company behind the from blamed the problems on the failure of a control switch and
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a backup system. at the u.k. headquarters, the company finally spoke. >> rest assured that this is our number one priority. the service we provide is crucial to our customers and enables them to interact with their friends, their family, and their work colleagues. it is our number one priority to get that back to the normal level. >> 70 million users worldwide, it is the no. 1 phone with u.k. teenagers. but in recent months, it has been taken over by googled's standard and the iphone from android andgoogle's the iphone from apple. >> eight people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping mall in southern california. that shooting took place in seal beach, he normally very quiet corner of orange county.
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