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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> welcome to "newsday" on the bbc. >> here are the headlines. the end of gaddafi, he fought
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and was killed in the city where he was born. he once called himself the king of kings. >> we shot him, someone shot him by done. >> colonel gaddafi had been on the run for two months. his convoy came under attack from nato jets. >> they found colonel gaddafi hiding. they dragged him out of here. one fighter said to me, the former libyan dictator, what have i done to you? >> it jubilant crowds on the streets as they realized the man who ruled with an iron fist is dead. >> the world will come to his death. we will ask what the future holds for the country and nato's mission.
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>> a broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america, this is "newsday." >> hello and welcome. jubilant crowds have taken to the streets celebrating the death of colonel gaddafi. he was found cowering in a storm drain after his convoy came under attack. this was a humiliating deaths for the dictator ruled for 42 years. you might find some of the images disturbing. >> it must have been a painful terrifying and for the man who had himself ruled libya through fear and force for more than four decades. these pictures films on the mobile phones of the men who
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killed colonel gaddafi, showed that he was still alive. he was killed on the outskirts of the city of his birth. after that, we were told he was taken by ambulance to a hospital and there to misrata. somewhere along that journey, colonel gaddafi died bringing a final end to his 42 years in power. in reaction from the fighters were jubilant and a static as news of his capture came home. his cool the pistol was all the evidence that they needed. they are becoming legends in their own lifetime. this is bill hole where these fighters say they found, gaddafi hiding. -- this is the hole where
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they found colonel gaddafi hiding. they poured into the ditch to see the place where muammar gaddafi spent his last moments as a free man. he was in a sewage pipe. this was to become an instant photo opportunity. >> when i die i will go to heaven, but you will go to hell. >> arguments erupted over who had been the one to actually capture the former dictator. this man said that it was him, he said the blood of his shirt was gaddafi's. a gruesome reminder that in war, one man's victory is another
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defeat. just across the road from that ditch where colonel gaddafi was captured, the remainder of this convoy is standard in the dust. these cars were hit by a nato airstrike. colonel gaddafi's entourage incinerated by french missiles. as these former rebels enjoy their day of victory, the sounds of shooting can still be heard. their leader might be dead, some of the loyalists have not yet surrendered. tonight in the birthplace of the former dictator, the fighting is not quite over yet. >> as reports of the captors spread, our correspondent filmed extraordinary scenes. >> he is finished, they chant, he is finished.
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they celebrate his humiliating and as news emerged of his -- they celebrate his humiliating end as news emerged of his demise. >> we shall do it again. gaddafi is dead. we killed a criminal, the most criminal man in the world. >> the challenges ahead are immense. with these developments, they can build a new future in a country that suffered so much. >> heat released several audio messages calling on his supporters to rise up. there are fears that he could
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help insurgents. the interim prime mr. kim out to announce the news. -- prime minister came out to announce the news. muammar gaddafi has been killed, he said. libyans have been waiting a long time for this moment. how he was killed and by who is being investigated. the only thing that mattered was that the man that they hated and feared was gone. they celebrated into the night. this child is recovering in hospital. >> i am so happy. i've never been more happy than today. >> within the next couple of days, the authorities will declare the liberation of libya paving the way for a political process here. the party has only just begun.
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"let's go over to singapore -- >> let's go over to singapore. there has been lots of international reaction. >> indeed, there has been. president obama said the news marked a fresh chapter for the people of libya. the u.n. secretary general highlighted the challenges of libya emerging from the revolution. >> the announcement came on the been television. gaddafi had been killed in his hometown of sirte. celebrations began all across the country, international leaders gave their reaction. they warned that this is the beginning for a new libya. >> clearly, this marks a historic transition for libya. in the coming days, we will have scenes of celebration as well as
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grief for those who lost so much. let us recognize immediately that this is only the end of the beginning. >> the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted and with this promise, the libyan people now have a great responsibility to build an inclusive and tolerant and democratic libya that stands as the ultimate rebuke to gaddafi's dictatorship. >> colonel gaddafi's rule has come to an end. finally, libya can close this long dark chapter in its history and turned over a new page. nato and their partners have successfully implemented the mandate to protect the people of libya. >> colonel gaddafi is the first leader to be killed in the arab spring uprising. in iraq, a government spokesperson said that the way the libyan leader treated his people see of his fate.
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-- sealed his fate. >> i reminded colonel gaddafi of the fate of saddam hussein. now, he met the same fate because he committed crimes against the libyans. >> tens of thousands who fled the violence were also celebrating the end of gaddafi. in the tunisian capital, hundreds gathered outside of the embassy chanting and waving flags and looking forward to a future without oppression. this man thinks -- says thing god. this is the day we got rid of our oppression. -- this man says, thank god. we are very happy and very relieved. in libya, this is a time for celebration. former rebels and citizens are enjoying the moment. after more than four decades of tyranny and months of bloody war, they can finally say they are free.
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>> the uprising began back in february with the first street protests and simply grew into an international effort. our editor looks at gaddafi's downfall. >> libya is with the first sweetness turned sour. the regime led the counterrevolution of the dictators and the people who no longer wanted to be his fought back. what started as a chaotic flight by the rebels turned into a successful insurgency. -- was started as a chaotic flight by the rebels. keeping the peace is the next challenge. he had a spring in his step when i met him in march. he seemed to relish taking on the world again. he was defiant and after 42 years, he insisted that the people were behind him.
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>> they love me. they will die to protect me. >> die they did, those who supported him and those who hated him. no one knows how many people had been killed in the war. the uprising started in and around benghazi, the second city. the place that was neglected and the citizens that were never trusted. the feeling was mutual. they fell quickly to the rebels. in tripoli, colonel gaddafi turned his forces on demonstrators who wanted like the egyptians and the two nations to overthrow the dictator who ruled for decades. the colonel's spokesperson pushed the gaddafi line. defiance and threat. >> who gave you the right to
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intervene in our internal affairs? you will regret it. >> in the end, the decisive moment came when the arab league came for a no-fly zone. the airstrikes week into the regime until it collapsed. they have a new start. they have reserves of oil. they have no tradition of democracy but there are hopes of elections within two years. a more immediate problem are the cracks have appeared in the coalition. tensions have arisen between an islamist fighter, now the military commander, and the former commissioners to head the former transitional council. libya has had the most complete of all of the revolutions. the old regime has been smashed but they have to recover from civil war and four decades of dictatorship. it will not be easy.
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>> you are watching "newsday" on the bbc. our world affairs editor looks back on the rise and fall of muammar gaddafi. >> the moment has arrived. the interim government is picking up the pieces and rebuilding. we look at the difficulties ahead in embracing the next phase of the revolution. >> it has only been two days since the u.s. secretary of state was in tripoli, the most senior u.s. official to bring support to the national transitional council. she received assurances of the new libyan leaders of their desire to move to democracy quickly. that process begins now. there are several challenges to a smooth move.
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the first is from radical islamists who might not want western-style political party support. they gained strength along with the fighting went on. another is from the armed militias and control of the major cities. a return to normal life should not be hard in a country with enormous oil wealth. the gunmen have seen their friends die and they are now a potential threat to a return to stability. the new id administration faces a particular challenge from gunmen who did the finest dutch artist fighting for tripoli -- who did it be hardest fighting in tripoli. the leadership does not command support right across the country. there are other tribal divisions who testified during the long months of warfare. in particular, the struggle for sirte.
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it has been a dirty war with prisoners shot by both sides. reconciliation might be bumpy. libya can breathe again with an overwhelming sense of hope that it can rejoin the world. >> this is "newsday" on the bbc. >> the headlines. after 42 years several in libya, the final day of colonel gaddafi. he was killed in the city where he was born. news spread of the offense in gaddafi's hometown. what about those who feel like victims of colonel gaddafi?
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this man continues to work with victims of flight pan am 103. he joins us from his home in new jersey. i imagine that everyone lost a family member or a friend on that flight and they must feel some sort of emotional reaction whenever colonel gaddafi's name was mentioned. what were your feelings about gaddafi when he was alive? >> colonel gaddafi was a crazy man but he was a murdering crazy man. he not only did pan am 103 flight, but he also murdered lots and lots of people in libya. the fact that he is dead is a good thing. >> was that your reaction when you heard this news? >> that's right. >> can you hear me?
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>> i am just wondering, was that absolutely your first reaction. good, i am glad he is dead. >> yes, and it is also an opportunity for us to actually find out all the details of what happened because as long as gaddafi lived. the people that knew what happened were afraid to talk. presumably we can find out much more of the information about the bomb and how it got to malta and all of the other things that we have some information about. there is a whole lot of information missing still. >> what king organization to to get that information now? can the u.s. government helped negotiate? -- what kind of organization can get that information now? >> they are asking the council to help with that.
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we have got support from the administration and the legislature to do that. hopefully, we can get fbi agents and the scottish police into libya to start trying to find out more information. it would be wonderful not to hear a constant drum beat of all of the people in the uk who keep saying they are innocent, libya did not really do it. it would be great to put that to rest. >> what if you find that colonel gaddafi directly ordered the bombing of the flight? >> we listened to the trial. plenty of evidence to convict him of his involvement. >> thank you very much for your time.
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>> , gaddafi first seized power in 1969 and soon became one of the most ruthless dictators in the world. over the years he tortured and killed thousands of his own people. we look back at gaddafi's rule. >> i cannot leave the soil of my country. i will die a mortar at the end. >> many people doubted it but he did not try to escape. he died as he said he would. it is hard not to remember how glamorous he once seemed to many people to be printed in september, 1969, he looked like a symbol of 1960's revolutionary sheik -- chic. during those years, the living standards rose. gaddafi possible political ideas started to do damage.
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he abolished local shops in favor of regional super stores. he claimed that he was just a figurehead and the libyan people ran everything. that was fiction. he was the boss and his secret police terrified everyone into opening him. this total disconnect between rhetoric and reality was characteristic of the entire gaddafi system. as a result, it was hard to interview him as i first found in 1979. was western influence declining in the middle east? >> when, now? you mean the influence of america? >> when i asked him about all of the arms he had given the ira in northern ireland, he simply refused to answer. some of his supporters were
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acting like terrorists themselves. in london in 1984 during the siege of the libyan embassy, an official inside fired out at the police and killed wpc fletcher. after the bombing of u.s. servicemen in berlin which might or might have been the work of gaddafi, ronald reagan ordered the bombing of libya in 1986. gaddafi escaped unhurt but he made immense propaganda out of it all. >libya got the full blame for the lockerbie bombing which made gaddafi a pariah for years but a cry with oil. libya became more and more corrupt. he described himself as a port bedouin and he insisted on being interviewed in his 10's. -- he described himself as a poo
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r bedouin and he interviewed in tents. >> they committed an assassination. >> it was a british and americans who were most determined to bring him in from the cold. something that still attracts a lot of criticism. >> if they are prepared to say that we want to give up chemical and nuclear weapons capability, we want to see some our ties with terrorist groups, then we should be willing to open up to that. -- we want to stop our ties with terrorist groups. he seemed like a fixture. now, almost everyone in libya is celebrating his fall. he will not leave any kind of system behind him. he remained a one-off right to the end. >> john simpson with that report. you have some of the main international stories today.
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>> that's right. in spain, the cost separatist organization eta has announced a definitive end to all armed activity. they said that there was a historic opportunity to reach a historic settlement in the boston region. more than 40 people have been killed since eta began their campaign. -- more than 400 people have been killed since they began their campaign. the greek parliament has given its final approval to an austerity bill which will cut public sector wages and pensions, raise taxes. the battle to save bangkok from the worst flood in 50 years has entered a desperate new face. the authorities are forced to open up gates to allow water to flow into the capital. the floods have inundated
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provinces to the north leaving 1/3 of the country under water. more than 300 people died since july. a day of bloodshed, confusion, celebration in libya and after months of conflict, gaddafi is killed in his hometown of sirte. we will end with some of the reaction on the streets of libya. [chanting] >> we are happy, we are happy. we are done with him. we are done with his oppression. we have been waiting for this moment for years. ♪ ♪ [gunfire]
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>> libya is free. the libyans are free. [gunfire] >> i say congratulations to libya, the arab and the islamic world. congratulations to the whole world. >> those are the scenes in libya as the death of muammar gaddafi was confirmed. don't forget our website for plenty more analysis. good bye for now. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank. and shell.
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