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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 21, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> i am in singapore. >> i'm in london. you're the headlines. the end of colonel gaddafi.
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a humiliating and for a man who once killed -- called himself the king of kings. >> we shot him. somebody shot him. >> gaddafi had been on the run for two months. his convoy came under attack from nato forces. >> this is where they fought. they found colonel gaddafi hiding. they dragged him out of here. one fighter said to me, the former libyan dictator -- >> the man rolled with an iron fist for 42 years is killed. what does the future hold for libya? nato's mission in the country. it is 4:00 a.m. here in london, broadcasting to viewers around the world.
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this is "news de." -- "newsday." hello and welcome once again. jubilant crowds of taken to the streets in many parts of libya, celebrating the death of muammar gaddafi. he was found cowering in a storm drain. it was a humiliating and for the dictator who had ruled libya for 42 years. the first oft us our report. you might find some of the graphic images disturbing. >> it must have been a painful, bewildering, terrifying and for the man who had in self rule libya through fear and force for more than four decades. these pictures come a film on the mobile phones of the more men who captured him, showed a former libyan leader still alive in the ditch on the
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outskirts of the city. after that, we're told he was taken by ambulance to a hospital. from there, to misrata. somewhere along the journey, colonel gaddafi died, bringing a final end to his 42 years in power. the reaction is jubilant and ecstatic as the news of his capture hits home. the sight of his own personal cold and impersonal -- pistol was all the evidence they needed. the men who were there when he was taken are already becoming legends in their lifetime, revered by their comrades. this is where the fighters say they found colonel gaddafi hiding. they dragged him out of here.
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one fighter said to me, the former libyan dictator, what have i done to you? fighters poured into the ditch to see the place where muammar gaddafi spent his last moments as a free man, crawled into a sewage pipe running under a main road on the upper town. the site has become an instant photo opportunity. >> bye bye, muammar gaddafi. you will go to hell. >> amid the celebration, arguments erupted over who had been the one to actually captured the former dictator. this man said it was he. the blood on his shirt front was gaddafi's. these are the people who sense that today they have made history. back to the gruesome reminder that one man goes of victory is -- man's victory is another's defeat appeared across the road from the ditch where colonel gaddafi was captured, the remains of this, they lay -- his
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convoy lay scattered in the dust. the cars were hit by a nato airstrike as they were trying to escape. gaddafi's entourage incinerated by french missiles. as these former rebels enjoy their day of victory, the sounds of shooting can still be heard. not all that is celebration. the leader may be dead, but some of the loyalists have not yet surrendered or been captured. tonight, in the birthplace of libya opposed a former dictator, -- libya 's former dictator, the fighting isn't quite over yet. bbc news, sirte. >> reports of his captors spread. our correspondent witnessed extraordinary scenes in tripoli. >> he is finished.
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news emerged of the death of the fugitive leader. it erupts in an explosion of relief and joy. fighters and civilians young and old all headed out onto the streets. >> we shall do it again. gaddafi is finished. gaddafi is dead. >> we killed gaddafi. we kill the criminal. >> with these dramatic developments, [inaudible] hope to build a new future. from hiding, muammar gaddafi released several messages, calling and his supporters to rise up. there were fears he could help direct an insurgency. palpable relief for the new authorities. the interim prime minister came
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out to announce the news. muammar gaddafi has been killed, he says. we libyans have been waiting for a long time for this historic moment. how he was killed and by who is being investigated. ♪ for these libyans, the only thing that matters was that the man they had hated and feared for so long was gone. they celebrated into the night. a 12-year-old has a cousin lying injured in hospital. >> i am so happy. so amazing. i could not be more happier than to the. -- today. >> within the next couple of days, the authorities will declare the liberation of libya, paving the way for political protests here. the parties have only just begun. bbc news, tripoli. >> that his reaction in libya.
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international reaction to colonel gaddafi pose a death. >> president obama said this marks the first chapter for the people of libya. banking moon highlight of the challenges ahead. >> the announcement came on libyan television. gaddafi had been killed in his home town of sirte. celebrations began all across the country. it was a momentous day. this is just the beginning for the new libya >> this the marks the transition for libya. in the coming days, there will be celebration as well as
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remembrance for those who lost so much. let us recognize immediately that this is only the end of the beginning. >> the dark shadow has been lifted, and with this, enormous promise, the libyan people have a great responsibility to build an inclusive and tolerant and democratic libya that stands as the ultimate tribute to gaddafi's dictatorship. >> after 42 years, the rule of fear has come to an end. finally, libya can close this long, dark chapter in its history and turned over a new page. nato and its partners have successfully implemented the united nations mandate to protect the people of libya. >> colonel gaddafi is the first leader to be killed in the arab spring uprising. in iraq, a spokesperson said the way the leader treated his people [inaudible] >> i reminded gaddafi of the fate of saddam hussein when i
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left him. it's a bomb killed his people. gaddafi met the same fate because he committed crimes against the libyans. >> tens of thousands who fled the violence were also celebrating the end of colonel gaddafi. in the tunisian capital, there was sympathy. they were waving flags and looking forward to a future without oppression. this man says think not. this is the day we got rid of our oppressor. another man can barely describe how happy he is feeling. it is a big moment, he says. we are very happy and very relieved. in libya, it is a time for celebration. former rebels and citizens are enjoying the moment. after more than four decades of tyranny and months of bloody war, they can finally say they're free. bbc news. >> libya's uprising began in
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february with the first street protests. they grew into an international effort to depose a dictator. a middle east editor looks at the dock to's downfall. >> libya was were the first sweetness of the arabs swing turned sour. the regime -- the people who no longer wanted to be his fought back. what started as an almost impulse of fight turned with foreign help into successful insurgency. they won the war. winning it is the next challenge. colonel gaddafi had a spring in his step when i met him in march. he seemed to relish taking on the world. he was defiant.
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after 42 years at the top, he insisted the libyan people were behind them. >> they love me. they love me, all. >> those who supported him and those who hated him died. no one really knows how many people have been killed in the libyan civil war. the uprising started in and around benghazi, a place that had been neglected and whose citizens were never trusted. the feeling was new -- mutual. the east of libya fell quickly to the rebels. a hard fight lay ahead for the rest of the country. in tripoli, gaddafi turned his forces on demonstrators who wanted, like the egyptians, to overthrowing dictator who had ruled for decades. night after night in tripoli, the spokesman pushed the gaddafi regime's line, defiance and threat. >> who gave you the right to intervene in our internal affairs? you will regret it. >> in the end, the decisive
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moment came when the arab league called for the establishment of a no-fly zone. nato bombing in military training for the rebels breached -- weaken the -- weakened his regime until it collapsed. libya now has a clean slate, a new start. it has big reserves of oil. money will not be a problem. the country has no tradition of democracy. there are hopes of elections within two years. in more immediate problem is the cracks have appeared in the anti-about the coalition. tensions have risen between the military commander of tripoli and the former gaddafi ministers. libya has had the most complete of all the arab revolutions. the old regime has been smashed. it also has to recover from civil war and four decades of dictatorship. it won't be easy. bbc news. watching us live from
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singapore and london. we will have more reaction on the death of colonel gaddafi and what it really means for the libyan people. >> the moment has arrived for the interim government. the council will pick up the pieces and start rebuilding the country. david looks at the difficulties ahead, embracing the next phase of the revolution. democratic reforms, eventually leading to free elections. >> it is only two days since the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton was in tripoli, the most senior u.s. official to bring support to the national transitional council. she received assurances from the new leaders of their desire to move towards democracy quickly. that process begins now. there are several challenges to a smooth move toward democracy.
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first, radical islamists who may not want western-style political parties to form. they gain strength the longer the fighting went on. another challenges from the armed militias now in control of libya pose a major cities, providing jobs and a return to normal life. it should not be hard in a country with enormous oil wealth. the government has seen their friends die. they are now potential threat to a return to stability. the new administration faces a particular challenge from gunmen who did the hardest fighting for tripoli, coming from their homes in the mountains southwest of the capital. the political leadership in the east does not command support right across the country. there are other tribal divisions, intensified during the long months of warfare, and the cruelty of the struggle for sirte. it has been a dirty war with
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prisoners shot on both sides. reconciliation might be bumpy. today, libya can breathe again with an overwhelming sense of hope that it can rejoin the world. bbc news. >> this is "news day." >> after 42 years of ruling libya, the final moments of colonel gaddafi. killed in the city where he was born. >> jubilant crowds take to the streets as news spread of the events. >> libyan television says members of the transitional government will go to misrata to inspect the bodies of colonel gaddafi and one of his sons. our correspondent is in tripoli. she has been explaining what colonel gaddafi's death means for his sons and his own legacy.
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>> this does seem to be the end of colonel gaddafi's dynasty. more importantly, his national security adviser has apparently been killed. his body is in the town of misrata, which suffered so much during this war. it is apparently in a private house and people have been taking photographs. then there is the question of the fate of is lomb, -- fate of the man who became so important in the dying days of the regime. there are reports that he is injured. of course, the big catch is muammar gaddafi himself. the ntc is saying he will be buried in a secret location. >> news about the's debt. many are wondering who will be held accountable for the alleged crimes of his regime. the lawyer and director of the
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international justice program at human rights watch joins us on the line from his home in new york. richard, thanks very much for your time. what exactly happens now in terms of prosecuting the alleged crimes? has the international criminal court ever carried out a posthumous trial? >> well, there would be no basis for a trial of muammar gaddafi. the icc does not try posthumously. there is, however, an urgent need, if saif, muammar gaddafi's son, is indeed in the custody, the national transitional council should fully cooperate with the international criminal court by turning him over for a fair trial in the hague. >> to do you expect the icc to investigate allegations of abuse
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by ntc forces, stories of maltreatment of gaddafi loyalists as well? >> absolutely. it needs to be on the -- to be underscored that the mandate is to look at serious crimes committed by all parties in this conflict. human rights watch is documenting revenge killings, executions, and looting by ntc forces, and those deserve serious investigation by the icc prosecutor. that is his mandate and he should follow it. >> and just one very particular point, because i am wondering how much national cooperation in the libya is required for icc to carry out its mandate. you put them out and some forces in libya don't want to be investigated themselves. imagine if colonel gaddafi was executed. would that be something the icc
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would investigate? >> well, there are reports conflicting at this point as to how colonel gaddafi met his demise. if indeed he was captured alive and then summarily executed comment as some reports, that could be a serious violation of the laws of war. human rights watch can call on the ntc board to investigate the circumstances of gaddafi's death and to set up an internationally supervised autopsy to determine the cause of death. >> richard, thank you very much for your time. richard of human rights watch. some of the other main international stories? >> that is right.
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we will start with spain. the basque separatist organization eta has announced what it has called a definite end to all armed activity. eta said there is a historic opportunity to restate just -- -- just settlement. more than 800 people have been killed since eta began its armed campaign in 1968. eurozone leaders are to hold a summit next week to bridge their divisions over measures to end the financial crisis in the region. french president nicolas sarkozy and german president angela merkel said they will adopt items of the next meeting. meanwhile, the greek parliament has given its final approval to an austerity bill that will cut public sector wages and pensions, raise taxes, and allow the government to tax tens of thousands of public workers. this came after a few days strike and a violent protest
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against the austerity measures. one man died after being injured outside the parliament. thailand's prime minister has told people in bangkok to move their belongings to higher ground according to latest report. the government has admitted it cannot hold back massive floods and say they're being forced to open states to allow the water to flow into the capital. an estimated third of the country is now under water and more than 300 people have died since july. now in china, a child who was twice run over by vance and ignored by passers-by has died. the two year-old girl was knocked down and will left in a coma on a busy market street. she was taken to hospital, where she had undergone a three-hour operation. we go live to beijing and michael with more on this. there is public outcry on the internet forums over this incident.
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how will news of the girl's death be treated? >> there are comments on the internet. people are just really terribly distressed about the death of this girl. just to remind viewers, a week ago, she was wandering through a market and knocked over by a van. that the van then sped off. in the next few minutes, 18 people either walked pastor, drove past her, and another van ran over her again. a woman collecting rubbishes stopped and picked her up and raised the alarm. this has not come from a surprise from the beginning. it was clear that she was seriously injured. a doctor said that she could not even breathe on her own. she required a ventilator. many people were expecting her death. even so, it has been shocking people. people have been expressing
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outrage against the lack of morals branch shown, compassion, shown in china for all those people walking by who did not help. >> as you say, shocking reaction from the chinese. these are seen as a plum -- symptomatic of modern china. how have authorities reacted? >> the authorities initially reacted by detaining the two drivers who knocked her over. really, this is not a question for the authorities. it is about society. what kind of country this places, how it developed over the last 30 or so years, and exactly what kind of people are like here in china. clearly, that [inaudible] here in china.
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>> all right. michael in beijing, thank you. it has been a day of bloodshed, confusion come and celebration in libya as after months of conflict, colonel gaddafi is captured and killed in his hometown of sirte. the end with some of the reaction on the streets of libya. [horns honking] [yelling] [chanting] >> we are happy. we are happy. we are done with him. we are done with the depression. we have been more waiting for this moment for years. [chanting] [clapping] libya is free. the libyans are freed.
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i say congratulations to libya, the arab and the islamic world. congratulations to the whole world. [chanting] >> you have been watching "newsday" from the bbc. >> thanks very much indeed for your company. go to the bbc website for plenty more reaction and analysis on the death of colonel muammar gaddafi. goodbye. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank. and shell.
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