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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 26, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. ♪ >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome. >> nothing short of a miracle, a two-week-old baby is pulled from the rubble two days after the earthquake in turkey.
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political parties try to form a coalition in tunisia's first elections. >> the new dreamliner plane makes its first commercial flight. >> we're broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. >> two days after a devastating earthquake struck the eastern turkey, rescuers had pulled a
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two-week-old baby, her mother, and her grandmother from the rubble. the child's father is still missing. at least 450 people have -- are known to have died in the earthquake. >> the third day of this rescue operation began in the best possible way. a 16-day-old baby was brought out the way tiny hole in the broken concrete. she was premature, she had been born a month early. two weeks into our life, she had only just escaped death. with the tiny bodies -- with a tiny baby safely on its way to hospital, rescuers are working to bring out its mother and his grandmother, both of whom are still alive. in the crowd, sheltering from
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the cold and rain, we found the baby's grandfather. he was nervously waiting for news of his wife and daughter- in-law. >> at the moment the earthquake struck, my wife and daughter-in- law were with me. the baby was in the other room. they rushed back inside to get the baby. i have just been waiting for a miracle. >> for the next two hours, a homage to the ruins, the rescue teams slowly expanded the hole in the rubble. they cannot move down there, they told me. they have been like that for more than today's. -- two days. her mother was brought up out of the ruined block and carefully carried down to safety. 10 minutes later, the baby's
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grandmother followed. she was also a life. she is now safely in an incubator and has been taken away for treatment and a specialist hospital. doctors say she is doing well and much better than expected. her family is not complete. her father has not been heard from since the earthquake struck. like hundreds of others, he is still under the rubble. >> they promised to produce a decisive response to end europe's financial crisis. hopes are fading that european leaders can flesh out a rescue plan. key meetings between finance ministers have been postponed, which could delay any final announcement. from brussels, we have more. >> european leaders were here on sunday. in a few hours, they will be back again. it has been described as one of
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the most important meetings in the history of the eu. there's still plenty of work to do. they're trying to reach a deal on three critical issues. engineering a huge increase and the firepower of the euro zone is best defined. agreeing on how much a great debt held by the private sector should be written off. and recapitalizing european banks. in particular those who are badly exposed to risky debt. the need for a bigger rescue fund has focused attention on italy. berlusconi is under huge pressure from the rest of europe to deliver rapid economic reforms. if italy falters badly, the euro zone could be facing disaster. the other tough issue right now is a bruising debate between the euro zone countries and financial institutions to own a creek bed. how much of it should be written off voluntarily -- greek?
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debt. the german parliament is voting today on what kind of mandate it will give it council of merkel to negotiate in brussels. -- angela merkel to negotiate in brussels. it is resisting any direct role for the european central bank. >> we must not allow a misunderstanding to develop or politicians come to expect something from the ecb. >> euro zone leaders are edging closer to the comprehensive solution they promised. it may not happen today. you can use whichever method you like. the point is, you cannot give agreement on one part until the whole deal is done. that probably will still happen. the stakes are too high for outright failure. until all the details emerged,
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no one knows if it will be announced. -- enough. >> police in riot gear have used tear gas to disperse a group of anti-war protesters in oakland, california. they raided the camp just to before the dawn. the occupy wall street protest over economic inequality have spread from new york city across the united states since mid- september. we have more on the first democratic elections since the arab uprising again -- began. >> election officials in tunisia said the main islamic party ennahda is well ahead. it is not expected to have an overall majority. the party is now in talks with the secular opponents on forming a broad coalition government. >> it was reward for years of
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resistance to dictatorship. ennahda was banned under the old regime. it is now a leading voice in shaping the future. they insist they do not want an islamist state here. >> we are a political party. we are not a religious party. just like the christian democrats in germany and other parts of the world. the inspiration for our values is our faith. we are very much -- >> ennahda says there are no plans to force women to dress conservatively or restrict their freedom. gender equality in the work place is one of their policies.
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>> when you ask people why they voted for ennahda, they do not talk about religion. the talk about honesty and public life. about the need for a government that will not steal, the people. people voted for them because they want a clean break with the corruption of the old dictatorship. in the wealthier, more secular quarters, there is no great alarm. behind the smiles, some wonder if they are a wolf in sheep's clothing. will they use power to subvert democracy? have they a hidden agenda? >> the defeated secular parties say their job is not to provide date -- their job is now to
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provide a counterbalance. >> if we leave ennahda alone, i think the secular basis of our debate could quickly change. >> to what? >> toward a debate of religious vision of the state. it'll be very catastrophic. >> something new is being born here. if democracy in the arab world. there is much promise in fact, and great optimism here. >> the new boeing 7087 --787 gets its newest flight today. it was built mainly of carbon fiber high-tech plastic. the aircraft is more fuel- efficient and it will make new
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routes more profitable for airlines. >> after all the training, the 787 is entering service for real. the cockpit as among the most advanced in disguise. -- the skys. production problems have pushed back the delivery for three years. but now it is making the first flight of passengers on board. >> it makes the windigo gradually down. there are no sliding plastic screens on this aircraft. those of the kind of touch is that passengers are going to notice. the selling point is the engineering for the airlines. quite simply, this jet will be cheaper for them to fly. the 787 is billed as the first
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passenger plane made of plastic, not metal. it is expected to use 20% less fuel than earlier generations of aircraft. good news for airlines struggling to make a profit. >> colosio to -- low co2. >> the cabin crew chosen for the first flight have been practicing how to work in the new plan, taking every precaution not to get the carpet's dirty. the future of aviation is linking more cities with more direct flights.
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>> we envision the flying public and we think this is accurate, people that want to go where they want to go when they want to go. they do not want to go through the hub. >> more than 800 of the new pact have been -- of the new aircraft have been ordered so far. within a few years, they will face new competition. >> we are live from singapore and london. five days after they were killed, colonel gaddafi and his son are finally buried in the libyan desert. >> bollywood tries to take on hollywood with its own game.
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>> communities in mexico's yucatan peninsula are bracing themselves for the arrival of hurricane rena. the storm is expected to make land fall later this week. it follows several days of torrential rains in central america, in which more than 100 people were killed. large parts of the region left under water. >> mexico's gulf coast is struggling to cope. massive flooding had affected around 300,000 people, leaving thousands of families homeless and stranded. the people in the region are preparing for worse. the hurricane has turned into a category 2 storm and is due to make landfall by thursday. the government in belize are bracing themselves. in central america, more than 100 have been killed in recent
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floods and mudslides. leaders gathered in el salvador to discuss greater cooperation on the crisis. the president of bell salvador said the reconstruction effort in this country alone might cost as much as $1.5 billion. >> it is the industrialized countries which are responsible for carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. it is of vulnerable countries which deal with these problems. we are the ones to suffer the death and destruction of our infrastructure. >> this is a difficult period for mexico and central america. earlier this month, a hurricane hit mexico's pacific coast line, leaving several dead and causing serious flash floods and landslides. with the hurricane still growing in strength, the communities on the caribbean coast of the can avoid similar devastation.
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>> these are the latest headlines. two days after a devastating earthquake struck the eastern turkey, rescuers have pulled a two-week-old baby, her mother, and her grandmother a live from the rubble. >> hopes are fading that european leaders can flush out a rescue plan during emergency talks in brussels on wednesday. five days after they were killed, colonel gaddafi and his son had been buried in the libyan desert. exactly where is being kept secret. a ceremony for the two men were is held at dawn. their bodies have been on public display in misrata. >> these pictures broadcast by the dubai-based general purport to show the bodies of gaddafi
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and his son being prepared for burial. it is the only footage that had emerged claiming to show elements of the former dictator's secret funeral. a convoy of cars are ride at night. -- a ride at night. then they left for an unknown destination. after days of disagreement over when and where to bury the body, the spectacle and a refrigerated meet container was finally over. symbols are potent bargaining chips in the near libya. this giant fist once stood an accord adopted's tripoli compound. it is being brought back here to misrata as a sign of their achievement. colonel gaddafi's body is the ultimate war trophy of all. the five days of wrangling over its burial were signs of the intensive political positioning
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that is now going on behind the scenes. as the victors argue over the spoils, defeated loyalists are getting used to a new reality. this man was a trusted cleric under the deposed regime. now a prisoner, he was amongst those who prepared the body for burial. gaddafi's followers only have one option. >> everything is clear. the end of gaddafi means a new life. >> it is not going to be easy. very slowly, life is beginning to get back to normal. people change from their military fatigues back into civilian clothes. the real revolution starts here, this man told me. after the death of colonel gaddafi. this was a peaceful revolution that we started back in february.
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the skill of the task is daunting. reconstruction, reconciliation, and the rebuilding of a political system from scratch. the road ahead will be a long one. >> less than a year ago, a fruit vendor in tunisia set himself on fire in despair and frustration and helped unleash the demonstrations the spread to other regions. and pakistan, an unemployed father of to has done much the same outside parliament in islamabad. he was exhausted by poverty and the privilege search for a job. -- and the fruitless search for a job. >> his name was raja. this jobless pappas danny -- pakistani laborer could not feed his children. outside, he set himself alight before police could stop them.
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he was rushed to hospital. police say he left a note claiming poverty and asking the government to look after his family. he was brought here to this hospital. doctors say he had burns on 90% of his body. only his feet were unaffected. they tried hard to save them, but after five hours, they lost the fight. his father said, only god will help us. he has two boys and is wife is pregnant. he told us his son was a ruling party supporter who believed pakistan's president could get him a job. in the mortuary, he called out for the president. where are you, he said. this would not have happened if
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he had worked. his desperate act at the that of another young man, a vendor in tunisia his sentence of all light last december, sparking the arab spring. >> a 12-day long rebellion in a prison in venezuela has ended with the release of the remaining hostages. the authorities have agreed to return the prisoners to another jail. they had been moved to end a previous rebellion. venezuelan prisons are massively overcrowded. christina fernandez has matter first public appearance since being reelected president of argentina. she said she runs a government
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of accomplishments. an estimated $3 billion -- the owner of american parts museum claims to be closed for finding the remote -- close to finding the remains of sir francis drake. he died at sea while over iraq -- but organizing on the caribbean. explore said the head onto ships on the coast of panama and may soon find where he was laid to rest. >> bollywood has turned to a super hero to take on hollywood. india is bracing itself for its big budget super hero movie. it is packed with special effects.
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it opened on wednesday in thousands of cinemas. it is said to be the most expensive film in india's history. it is a big leap forward for the film industry. >> india has never seen anything quite like it. state of the art super hero movie. it is not the industry's first superhero fell. -- film. >> this comes right from the heart. i have been working around the clock. i wanted to look nice. >> there is nothing in agent about the film's production.
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it is said to have more special a facts than "avatar." the project has taken the entire concept of the indian super hero genre to a totally new level. it is a quantum leap. if it works, it could establish the genre. ♪ >> it has been promoted relentlessly. no one is quite sure how it will perform at the box office. even if it does not become a it should like -- it should rise to a level where it could compete with state of the art hollywood productions. >> the youngsters are exposed to
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international cinema. they want storytelling. if you do not cater to that -- >> what ever happened at the box office, the film has brought commercial strategy to india. it has a record marketing budget. >> its is everywhere. it is on-line. it is in the newspapers. it is everywhere right now. >> industry insiders do not expect a picture to be a massive hit beyond india. they do see it as an important step in mind the groundwork for the day that india can promote and supplies and a month to a truly global audience.
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>> the man who became known as joe the plumber is making his own bid for congress. he has launched his campaign to run as a republican candidate in ohio. he became a household name during the 2008 prisons the campaign when a question to barack obama about his economic -- during the 2008 presidential campaign when he cuesta the barack obama about his economic policy. >> that is it for this edition of "news day." >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank. and shell.
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>> this is kim - about to feel one of his favorite sensations. moreell, we're developing efficient fuels in countries like malaysia that can help us get the most from our energy resources. let's use energy more efficiently. let's go. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you?
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>> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. [radio chatter] there's always a 50:50 chance that the man who found the body di >> the gulf, lewis. the gulf. >> two murders and a very nasty case of bribery and corruption.
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welcome back to "this old house." we've got a hundred-year-old fieldstone foundation, and today, we're going to put a serious hole in it.


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