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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> welcome to "newsday" on the bbc. >> the headlines this hour. the eurozone deal is done that
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now the french president says that greece should have never been allowed to join the single currency. the results are in in tunisia's first election. an islamic party wins the biggest share of the vote. >> people flee the capital of bangkok as the floods come in. we examine be rising population with a report from the indian heartland. it is 9:00 a.m. in singapore. >> it is 2:00 a.m. here in london. this is "newsday." >> we start with some breaking news. in turkey, a teenage boy has been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building.
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he spent around 108 hours trapped since an earthquake hit the southeast of the country. are around 523 people are estimated to have died. hundreds remain missing. the french president has said that it was wrong to allow greece to join the single currency. he said that greece should not have been able to join the euro because their economic figures were false. the agreement has triggered a world wide rally. >> a day after perhaps the most important summit in the history of the eu, eurozone leaders have returned home to sell the deal to their electorates. for his part, the president said that they would never allow
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greece to join the zero in the first place. >> neither ms. merkel or myself were in power when greece was allowed to join. greece had figures that were false and they were not ready. their economy was not ready for integration. it was a decision that was taken in 2001 for which we are paying the consequences. >> he stressed that he trusted the greek government to negotiate its way out of the crisis. his comments drew criticism from athens. they said was wrong to make any country a scapegoat. president sarkozy says he has spoken to his chinese counterpart. he said he would welcome fresh investment from beijing. >> if the chinese decide to
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invest in the euro rather than the dollar, then why refuse? after all. there is nothing to negotiate. theshouldn't we accept that chinese have confidence in the eurozone? >> there are still many questions about the finer details but mr. sarkozy was clear about one thing. the agreement had not been reached, the repercussions would have been catastrophic. >> violence has erupted in the central to an aegean town -- central tunisian town. the electoral commission has confirmed that the moderate islamic party, ennahda, as the
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winner of the largest number of seats. >> we got an update on the latest situation. "we're getting reports as the police are using tear gas to disperse hundreds of people who are protesting in sidi bouzid. the reason they are on the streets is because a party in the election was eliminated in that town. election officials said that they were canceling seats won by a popular party because of campaign finance violations. this party won many of the votes which is why these people have come into the streets. it is and reminder of what started off this whole arab spring which began at the very end of last year with people coming out on to the streets to express their dismay.
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this is a democratic process in action. this was banned under the president's regime for more than two decades and a leader was in exile in london for much of that time. thousands were banned from tunisia. some people have said perhaps the fact that the party is now back in the country is the reason that they voted for them. other people are a little bit more concerned. the leader has absolutely said that there will be no change to the direction of the country. there will not be sure real law, there will not be bikini's band on the beaches because tourism is one of the main sources of income. some people are saying maybe down the line they will change their tune and do we want to
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have a moderate islamist government in place for. >> it looks like the flood defenses are struggling to hold up. >> thousands are fleeing the capital which has been threatened by severe flooding. so far more than 360 people have died in the worst flood in decades. thousands have already left their homes. as you can see, the city center is now almost completely surrounded by water. street by street, the water is winning the battle for control of the northern suburbs. creeping further every day. a middle-class neighborhood is
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submerged. this woman just watched a street disappear under the the lucia. -- under the deluge. most take with them only what they can carry, valuable possessions and treasured pets. there is no panic but a sense of urgency. the government had originally said that bangkok must be protected. there are no such assurances any more. this is the latest district that has been told to evacuate. more areas are put on alert. now, the government says there is no part of bangkok that they can guarantee will be safe. >> we are trying our best, the emotional prime minister tells reporters. it just two months into the job, she finds herself struggling to manage a national
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crisis. in the center of the city, things seem normal apart from the sandbag flood defenses. >> if things improve, we will adjust our assessment accordingly. we will take this into account. >> the signs are not encouraging. market traders in the old quarter kept going as long as they could. few customers are prepared to wait to the stalls. little point in waiting to watch the waters relentless rise. those who can are getting out of town. complacency drowned in the face of the flood.
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>> kidnappers linked to al- shabab are accused of kidnapping aid workers. the group is linked to al qaeda. >> there is a queasy sense of dread on the streets of nairobi, a city braced for trouble. already this week, it two grenade attacks but today a rocket attack. the authorities are struggling to reassure the public and foreign tourists. >> we have enough men and enough capacity to about -- and enough capacity. >> here is why kenya might be in danger. their soldiers have gone into
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somalia chasing al-shabab, a group linked with al qaeda. no one is sure how far that the kenyans will go. it could make a famine even worse. as for al-shabab, they have lost some territory. they vowed to retaliate inside of kenya. the danger is that you are being lured into a trap. >> if we were in a trap, something would have happened to our forces. >> the authorities are claiming progress.
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there is growing concern about the impact on the biggest economy. for years, kenya has managed to keep the anarchy more or less at arm's length but that has just changed. they have taken a very big gamble. in nairobi, the adults are already simmering. -- the doubts are already simmering. >> did they make a mistake? >> yes, i think so. >> for now, the army is pushing deeper into the chaos of somalia with no exit strategy in sight. >> you are watching "newsday" on the bbc. town and country, by the growing
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population is putting strains on india. >> the new medical research which could keep people from going blind. an alleged israeli spy has arrived in tel aviv after being freed by egypt as part of a prisoner exchange with israel. ilan grapel the was detained in june and accused of spying. in return for his release, israel released 25 egyptian prisoners. this is a sign that the countries can do business despite the new leadership. >> ilan grapel back in israel. he was arrested in june on suspicion of spying, a charge denied by israel and his family. his mother met him at the airport. a u.s. congressman was there.
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the u.s. government did much to approve the deal. ilan grapel was working for a refugee agency when he was seized. they pointed out that his facebook page contained photographs of him wearing uniforms. earlier, they kept their side of the bargain releasing 25 prisoners. they were largely petty criminals. some bowed in prayer or kissed the ground as they walked back onto egyptian soil. this man said he had been treated well but he had been unable to make contact with his family while in custody. others said that they never expected to be released. some commentators said that this would bolster support for egypt's new leaders. relations between egypt and
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israel had been strained since the uprising. if the peace deal between the two countries had failed since 1979 and this is considered -- the peace deal between the two countries since 1979 is considered a pillar of stability. >> our top stories, the french president nicolas sarkozy said it was an error to lead greece into the euro in 2001. >> the final results are declared in tunisia ponce's first free elections. an islamic party wins the largest share of the vote. -- the final results are declared in tunisia's first free elections. the chinese population has are the top 1.3 billion people.
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india has just over 1.2 billion. this is set to overtake china as the world's most populous country. the growth rate is currently at about 41% a year. as the world's population grows, countries are facing new challenges. >> this is a farmer in. out. this is where he lives. the nine member families squeezed into two rooms. his father once owned 18 acres of land. the land was carved up with every generation. what is left is not to support.
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this will be divided with the next generation. >> this was once breadbox growing much of the country's food. in the past five decades, the number of farms have doubled. small pockets of land that are no longer productive, a rich and fertile region is becoming impoverished. people are struggling to survive. >> farmland has been cleared for other projects. vast tracts of land are transformed. development is aimed at the urban rich. right across from it, a brand-
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new development, high-rise luxury. this is typical of what is happening across india. many were forced to sell their inheritance. what isoking at generated. india has 16 million to their population every year. the in the country will be a challenge.
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>> you don't agree that this is compounded by a shortage of land. why is that? >> the problem that was just described was really more a problem of property rights rather than a problem of population growth. the last part is shifting away. those can consolidate the land into the problem is that property rights are very unclear. >> moving away at india and looking at the problems globally, this is due to hit 7 billion. you're not worried. why is that? >> this is not as if the population worldwide will keep it flowing out. by the end of the decade, the rates are below the replacement
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rate. already, the entire western world cannot replace themselves. even india has a first-rate. population growth is not going to be about having more children, it will be about the fact that people are living longer. >> that was a huge strain. how will the government prepare for getting medical assistance, health care? >> this is a different problem from the problem that most people think about population growth. we're interested in keeping people working in to their 70's. in fact, there are many things we need to become thinking
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about. >> of course, as you say, we will have to prepare for a world with much older people. people have relied on their kids to look after them. what can the government to do? >> this is not is for traditional society, even advanced society. we need to think that most people will be continued to be healthy. i think that it's fair that many of these people will continue to work. >> you can see much more on our website.
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fill in your date of birth, where you were born, and you will find out your number in the 7 billion and where you can fit in. south africa's main opposition party had chosen a black leader for the party. the change as described as when addressing. there have been demonstrations in santiago. water cannons and tear gas were fired at the protesters. they are demanding education reform. the social networking site facebook has chosen to set up their first storage center outside of the united states. they're hoping to save money on
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keeping the computer service. the facility will run on hydroelectric power and clean energy. you have news of a breakthrough in medical research. >> they are working on a genetic therapy that they hope will cure people from being blind. this could transform the lives of many others as our science correspondent reports. >> jonathan y. it is going blind. he can just enough to see enough. 10 years ago, he was a successful barrister. he had to abandon his job because he began making mistakes. >> i was reading out a statement to the courts and i made a mistake and the judge turned to me and snapped.
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i decided that it was time to put my weight down. -- wig down. >> he is losing his side because of a faulty gene. if he is part of a new experiment. >> if we put this back into the cells, we can stop the loss of vision. atin jonathan's case celkls -- in jonathan's case, calls at the back of the i have been dying. the operation is just about to begin. there is little bit of a tension in the air. one small slip and his
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redneck iter. the attempt to save his sight could fail. -- one small slip and his retina coul tear. the needle is inserted through a foot operated control. has the operation been successful? >> so far, so good. no problems. >> he claims he can already see better. it is too soon to be sure whether there is a real lasting improvement. if it does work, gene therapy could be used to treat a wide variety of sight disorders. >> the chilean government has ordered the evacuation of residents living near a volcano in the south of the country.
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scientists say seismic activity increase on tuesday. chile has over 3000 volcanos and around 80 are considered active. >> you are watching "newsday" from the bbc. >> a reminder of our top story. the french president has said that it was an error to lead greece into the euro in 2001. he told french television that the economic figures had been false. that is all from us in london and in singapore. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank.
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