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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 3, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome to "newsday." >> i am babita sharma in london. seven people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a christian university in california. syria partially accept the u.n.'s peace plan, agreeing to remove military units by the 10th of april. >> the last 10 police and hostages held by colombia's farc have been released. back on dry land. british soldiers arrived in california following their dramatic rescue. it is 11:00 in the morning in singapore. >> it is 4:00 in the morning in london. welcome to "newsday."
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police in oakland, california, have identified the suspect in a shooting attack at a christian college that left seven people dead. he is a 43-year-old korean man named one goh. he is now in custody after police arrested him at a nearby shopping center a few miles from where he opened fire at oikos university. there has been no word on a possible motive for the shooting. a memorial service is expected to take place later today. our correspondent has the latest. >> a familiar scene as an american college campuses put on lockdown. police swat teams were called to the private christian university in oakland at half past 10:00 in the morning. witnesses say the gunman opened fire in a classroom, shooting one person at close range and then firing indiscriminately at others.
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the university official reported gearing up to 30 gunshots. >> this used to be a korean college. a gunman came into a college and fired multiple shots. we do have fatalities. we additionally have victims who have suffered from gunshot wounds. we have cordoned off the area. we set up a perimeter for public safety. we have medical personnel. we have our officers as well as our swat team has arrived. they are still evacuating any possible injured or students from this college. this is still a very active and fluid situation. >> there were scenes of panic as students ran for cover and armed officers made their way through the campus haunting the gunman. >> these are a bunch of police cars out here. they all had shotguns. they walked over here. they saw a man lying on the
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ground over there. they got him. they put him in the car. we heard a few shops. >> leiter, a suspect was arrested. >> as officers, firefighters, and paramedics investigated, we were led to the identity of the suspect, 43-year-old one goh. it was clear the shooting and claimed multiple victims. >> the number of confirmed dead rose from three, 25, then 7, with doctors still serving to -- from three, to five, then seven, with doctors still working on the victims. what drove the man to commit mass murder is not clear. bbc news, washington. >> i spoke to a reporter with the "oakland tribune." >> i have been here for 12
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years, and i have covered absolutely everything in this area. we do have a large korean community here. i have covered immigration issues as well as social justice and poverty issues. school issues, all related around the korean community. there is no evidence that this point that he was specifically targeting korean people, and in fact, not all of the victims are said to be korean nationality. >> briefly, a reporter for 12 years, how much of an impact you think this will create on the community? how do think oakland will recover? >> i will tell you that three years ago, we had three oakland police officer shot in the line of duty. the community is still reeling over that three years later. this is the biggest mass murder in bay area history in nearly 20 years.
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certainly, the largest mass murder in oakland in possibly as many as 50 years. obviously, we had very diverse community. we have an asian american mayor. people are already starting to plan a memorial service in the korean community for tomorrow to say goodbye to those who lost their lives today. >> in the news, syria has told the u.n. community count -- security council it will end its military operations against rebels by april 10 in a partial acceptance of the peace plan. we report from the united nations. >> this is what kofi annan's peace plan is trying to stop. pictures taken by an anonymous syrian activists appeared to show the bombardment of the city of homs. the possibility of a cease-fire
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has inched closer, with syria's announcement that it will end military operations by the 10th of april. >> the syrian government is committed towards making the implementation of this six-point plan a successful one, and of the sovereignty of syria, a plan would not be successful unless everybody is committed to it. >> kofi annan has pressed the syrian president to take a first-ever by ending the assault on anti-government activist. he is urging opposition fighters to lay down arms. it was agreed last week to accept the plan, but the violence continued. the recent visit was seen as a declaration of victory against the rebels. they declared the uprising would soon be over. western diplomats reacted with skepticism to the announcement of the cease-fire. >> we have seen over the course of the last many months promises
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made and promises broken. we have seen, a immenseto end -- commitments to end the violence followed by intense evocation of violence. the united states would look at these commitments and say, yet again, the proof is in the actions, not the words. >> the actions of western and arab nations and the clear message. they backed the opposition, offering political and financial support. they endorsed the kofi annan plan as the only peaceful opportunity to end the conflict. there has now been some movement, largely because he has been able to unite the divided security council behind him, in particular, working with players like russia to put pressure on syria. bbc news at the united nations in new york. >> colombia's farc rebels have released the last military hostages they have been holding. it is a big day.
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>> that is right. according to the red cross, the 10 captives were picked up from the jungle by a brazilian military helicopter and are being flown to safety. they had been held for more than a decade. our correspondent explained the reasons why they decided to release the hostages. >> there are two reasons. one is they're looking to open a peace dialogue with the government. one of the preconditions for even considering talking, the release of kidnapped victims. the second is that the farc have abandoned the plan that began more than 16 years ago, which was to collect through kidnappings soldiers and politicians and try to exchange them for rebels held in prison. it never came to fruition and
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unraveled in 2008 when the army managed to rescue some of the highest-profile hostages in farc hand. -- hands. >> despite the release of the hostages, the rebels still hold a significant number of civilian hostages. >> that is correct. they still use kidnap for ransom as a source of income. there is still anything up to 400 victims snatched by the farc who have not been accounted for. people do not know whether they are dead or whether the guerrillas are still waiting for ransom payments. >> any reports if the civilian hostages will be released? how is the peace dialogue between the governments and the rebels progressing? >> there is no dialogue at this moment.
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the president has just made a national address where he says it is still not enough. the guerrillas have got to release those that they're still holding, the civilian hostages, and until that is done, it sounds like there's going to be no official process beginning. >> political analysts are saying there won't be any peace talks or peace continuation between the government and the rebels, maybe not until the 2014 presidential polls. >> that certainly would be a very strong card for the president to play during his reelection campaign, if he can say, all right, we are now going to begin a peace process with the guerrillas, and we will seek to bring an end to 48 years of conflict. that would certainly be a strong reelection card to play.
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>> the west african regional body has imposed sanctions in response to a military seizing power almost two weeks ago. the junta have had to promise a return to rule. alex reports. >> mali finds itself in a very uncomfortable position now. people are bracing themselves for the impact of the sanctions imposed by ecowas. they decided borders with neighboring countries will be closed until it is given back to civilian leadership. the associates have been hit with troubled bands within the community. access to the central bank as well as private financial institutions has been cut, which
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will squeeze an already struggling economy. the troubles that have led to this scenario have their roots in an uprising in the north of the country. they say they're fighting for an autonomous state. heavily armed, they have taken advantage of last month's coup to gain ground in the mob -- the north. ironically, this is the very reason the military junta force the president from office. having is gone as far as the ancient city of timbuktu, the rebels insist that they have no intention of going as far as the capital. >> upon -- we don't want to create problems with the and theent of molali region. our objective is achieved.
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we stop there. >> despite these reassurances, leaders of neighboring countries who met today so remain worried. >> i think that the prospect of power falling into the hands of fundamentalist is a nightmare for all the countries in this region, and we will take all measures to make sure they do not take part -- to power. >> today's sanction, as well as the fighting in the north that has displaced hundreds, will intensify the worries malians already have about what lies on the road ahead. bbc news. >> you are watching "newsday." how the new optimism in burma is being seen by its neighbors. we will have a live report from the summit in cambodia. >> on the 30th anniversary of
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the falklands conflict, argent -- the president supports her country's claim to the island. the front page of "the daily terror -- telegraph" has a harrowing account of the attacks by the gunman at a christian university in california. at least seven people were killed in that shooting spree. gulf news goes to the developments in syria appeared president does sot has agreed to begin implementing -- in syria, president a sossad as agreed to begin implementing the peace plan. the front page of the spanish
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newpaper, plenty of drinking and partying. the paper reports on new unemployment figures. >> this is "newsday." >> i am babita sharma in london. let's bring you up-to-date. seven people have been killed in a shooting at a christian university in california. police say 43-ruled caribbean and has been arrested. -- a 43-year-old korean man has been arrested. >> aang san suu kyi a says this is a triumph for the people.
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she won a parliamentary feet and her party gained almost all the seats they contested. howard these developments being seen by the country's neighbors? discussions have started in the cambodian capital. what has been the reaction of leaders to burma posed a political exercise that took place over the weekend? >> i think everybody is very satisfied, seeing it as a vindication of the approach to the burma issue over many years. burma is one of 10 member states, and there has been pressure on the organization over this time for them to cast burma out, to put it into a situation where they cannot have anything to do with the other asean nations. they have also adopted a softer approach. they see the reforms as justification's for the stance
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they take in cambodia. already calling for economic sanctions to be lifted. the respected for ernest -- minister of indonesia saying it is an important step. >> apart from the burmese polls, other issues, you have the claims in the south china sea and north korea in this e in mid april. >> it could be a tricky summit. they are good friends with china and north korea. these are two issues which are troubling many of the other asean nations. several countries have competing claims with china for exploration rights. hours, you have got the philippines, who are concerned about whether north korean rocket tests will overfly their country and potentially pose
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them problems. >> thank you so much for that update. two of china's most popular social media sites have lifted a ban they imposed a few days ago, stopping people from commenting on other people's postings. the ban was ordered by the communist party because of rumors that a military coup was about to take place in beijing. the authorities shot down -- shutdown sites and arrested people in attempt to stop the rumors from spreading. family have laden's been given jail senses for living in pakistan illegally. they were captured during the raid on the compound. they will serve 45 days each and be deported afterwards. >> marking the 30th anniversary
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of the falklands conflict. argentina's president has used the occasion to reaffirm her country's claim to the islands. the world affairs editor said this -- sent this report from southern argentina. >> in buenos aires tonight, a small but determined crowd, mostly from the far left, attack the riot police near the british embassy with rocks. it was their way of marking the 30th anniversary. 2,500 miles to the south, the president, a fiery politician much compared to evita, is marking the anniversary in her way. it is no supply -- noticeable that president fernandez is focusing on the falkland islands
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dispute. she had invited presidents and ambassadors from across latin america to come here today. they did not show up. she called the british position not observed, but her speech was essentially just rhetoric. >> it is on just -- unjust that there are so colonial enclaves. like the one we have just a few kilometers away from here. >> this man was 18 when he was sent there as a conscript. the experience marked him for life. >> a human being has no idea what war will be like, from the moment is started -- >> in an extraordinary gesture of friendship on the 30th
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anniversary of the work, the navy -- the crew seems tough, but they and three other patrols are the only defense this major port possesses. you can see just by being on this boat that argentina neither has the ability nor the interest in fighting another war. ever since the military regime collapsed after the falklands, successive civilian governments have cut back and back again on the military budget, until now, argentina is effectively a country that has disarmed itself. the war was an utter disaster for argentina's armed forces, which, before the falklands, were among the biggest in south america. there have been no new ships or planes in 30 years. it is argentina that is complaining that britain is militarizing the area. the british government thinks the fact that argentina keeps
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banging on about the falklands is becoming counterproductive in latin america. before i left for argentina, i spoke to the foreign secretary. >> many of the countries of south america have been pushed as far as they want to go by argentina on this. they're not willing to join together. they're getting rather irritated behind-the-scenes sometimes at argentina raising this subject of one regional meeting after another. >> this has been a summer day of reflection here. president fernandez chose not to change the mood by launching an angry attack. britain's diplomatic offensive has been rather successful until now. it will start to ease off a little. bbc news. >> firefighters in moscow have been battling to control a fire that has engulfed the top of a skyscraper still under construction. helicopters doused the flames,
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which broke out more than 60 floors above ground and were visible across the capital. the fire broke out inside the federation tower complex, which is due to open next year. it was designed to be europe's tallest building. a small plane has crashed into a central florida shopping center. initial reports indicate at least five people have been injured. several people claim they saw the plane hit the building burst into flame appeared the pilot and passenger on board were airlifted to hospitals. two british crewmembers injured during a yacht race have safely arrived in california following a dramatic rescue. the u.s. coast guard had to help after the australian not they were sailing was struck by a huge wave. nine teammates decided to remain on board to complete the leg. more details. >> pulling into port, the coast guard with two injured british
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sailors on board. it was not long before the two were escorted from the deck. they had been injured 640 kilometers out at sea when their vessel had been struck by a huge wave. once bought it, it had taken the coast guard 24 hours to reach the 68-foot yacht and to lower the two injured crew members into a dinghy. >> the helicopter remained overhead, orbiting. we also added aircraft orbiting. we had a crew of three alongside the deck. we were able to take the injured crew members into our boats and return them to the ship. >> other sailors in dress testified to the conditions they have had to contend with in the pacific ocean. >> the biggest fees were saw -- seas we saw -- there was quite a
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height. the wave really depends on how steep. if it is really steep, it can be dangerous. >> the sailor's encountered the treacherous seas in the closing stages of a 9000, to leg from china to oakland in california. jane, senior after the rescue, had broken ribs. nick had sustained a pelvic injury. they began their recovery in america. their teammates were due to complete this stage in the race, becoming the last of 10 yachts to cross the finish line. bbc news. >> you have been watching "newsday." >> i am babita sharma. a reminder of the news. a 43-year-old man named one goh is being held in police custody in connection with the shooting in oakland that has left seven people dead. stay with us. more on that to come.
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