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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 8, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to " newsday." i am in singapore. >> i am in london. the headlines. foiled by the cia, an anniversary of osama bin laden's death. the greek crisis deepens as coalition talks break down, but what does it mean for the bailout? >> celebrations and smiles for the new president of france. but there is a warning from germany about austerity. the olympics was built as a collage of memories. it is 11 in the morning in singapore. >> we broadcast on pbs in america and around the world. welcome to "news the." -- "newsday."
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american officials are examining the bomb seized when intelligence agencies disrupted a plot to blow up an airliner heading for america. it is understood to be an upgraded version of a device used in a failed attack over detroit in 2009. the plan was to be carried out on last week's anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. >> this is the remnants of the underwear bomb designed to blow up a plane over detroit on christmas day 2009. it failed to detonate. u.s. officials say a similar bomb with a more sophisticated the commander was to be used in its latest plot. -- sophisiticated detonator was to be used in its latest plot. contained a hard to detect chemical. it has not been confirmed if the latest bomb contained the same
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explosive. it is now being examined by the fbi. u.s. defence secretary leon panetta gave a few details about the case. >> i do not comment on specific classified operations. other than to say that the united states in gauges in a number of operations to go after al qaeda and other militant allies. what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> it is not clear whether the bomb would have been detected by airport security. it does not contain metal, so conventional detectors would not have picked it up. the question is whether the new body scanners in many world airports would have discovered it. the plot was the work of an al
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qaeda affiliate in yemen. but u.s. authorities have not made public the identity or the whereabouts of the would-be bomber. officials say new targets had been chosen and no plane tickets bought. by the time the plot was foiled by americans and other unnamed intelligence agencies. bbc news. >> our washington correspondent says the device is currently in u.s. custody. the fbi are examining it at their forensic headquarters in virginia. and they will be looking to see if it does carry some hallmarks of the bonds -- bomb in the failed 2009 plot to blow up a train -- a plane in detroit and a 2010 plot to target cargo planes bound for the u.s.. this places the focus on yemen, which has been a thorn in the side of the u.s. for some time. the plot originated in yemen,
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and the bomb-maker himself is also in hiding in the trouble areas of yemen. that is where the u.s. is going to be focusing its counterintelligence, its counter-terrorism efforts. >> do we know any details of how america managed to foil this plot in the first place? >> you heard the u.s. defense secretary say he will not disclose any more specific information, but the fbi is stressing that it was in partnership with other intelligence agencies around the world. we can speculate that might be saudi arabia. during instrumental in exposing the 2010 plot. it could also be u.k. counterintelligence officials. we just have not had any further information about that. some u.s. networks have been reporting information coming from european officials. that might bear out the u.k. angle. >> , the senior vice president
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of security consultancy group and a former counter-terrorism expert for the fbi said he was not surprised a another bomb threat had been uncovered. >> we know that al qaeda and their affiliates continue to want to develop a more sophisticated weapon, a weapon that can defeat traditional security measures. we know that air travel, that airlines, are still high on the target list. we know that even as recently as some of the letters from the osama bin laden house in pakistan, where he himself, the head of the organization, still talked about targeting u.s. and particularly aviation. it is not entirely a surprise that these groups are going to continue to try to find ways to defeat the security apparatus that is at airports. >> and on the other hand,
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clearly, the foiling of a plot of this kind showing the level of security and vigilance by the u.s. authorities. >> we have many layers of security in place, particularly when it comes to air travel. but the device -- as these devices get more sophisticated, and even as recent as within the last couple of weeks, there was information talking about bombs that could be implanted inside the human body that could essentially self-detonate based on chemical reactions that take place. your typical security measures that we have in many airports would not defeat this kind of device. we're going to have to continue to develop new technologies that will allow security people to be able to find these nontraditional devices, devices that do not contain metal, the
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use chemicals and other means affect detonation. >> fiscal term of continuing in athens. -- turmoil continuing in athens. >> the political parties in greece are now attempting to form a coalition government. the leader of a center-right party which gained the most votes says he failed. now, the leader of a left-wing group, which opposed the spending cuts of the eurozone bailout, will try to form a government. it is increasingly likely that greece will have to hold new elections. we report from athens. >> there was no sense of victory in this weary nation today. the national stockmarket plunge d with news there was a vote against the bailout keeping the
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country afloat. the winners are those who say no more, those who want to tear up the bailout agreement with the european union. more sinister, the protest vote for the neo-nazi party. 7% chose them as unemployment and poverty sword. -- soared. >> get illegal immigration out of my country, out of my work. >> here, many argue this was brussels' doing, the austerity imposed for emergency loans that pushed people to far. fort two years, the people of this country have lived with the government that has imposed austerity on them. with almost revolutionary fervor, they have said they can no longer accept cuts. there is now a big challenge coming from this country
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directly to brussels. will the leadership of the european union decided enough is enough and change tack? today, the great president asked the conservative leader to form a government. he clung onto first place despite losing huge support for having signed the bailout bill. but even his former partners said no to a new coalition. this evening, he said he had failed. now, the near-impossible task falls to second place, the anti- bailout coalition of the left. business leaders say politicians need to act quickly. >> i have to find a solution fast. otherwise, we will be facing exit from the euro. >> germany told chris it must stick to the bailout plan. that will infuriate the majority who voted against the agreement. greece must implement more
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reforms by june to get emergency funding. >> meanwhile, german leader angela markell has said the new french president will not be able to renegotiate the treaty limiting how much eurozone countries can borrow. francois hollande once measures included to help promote growth. christine lagarde said austerity was the news of the hour. >> hollande took time off from governing for a brief bout could be waived. he said the economic crisis will allow for no honeymoon. "i told you we were ready," he said. "now we have to prove it." the french people were taking in the fact that they will have a socialist president who has promised to finish with
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austerity. >> i think he raised a lot of hope. >> i think i am maybe going to go to london. sarkozy's program is not really what i expect for france. >> for tens of thousands who waited until the early hours of this morning to see their new president, they heard him say he will make a new direction, with a priority above austerity. that ruffled markets. it also threw down a challenge to the germans, who insist that cut the budget is the best way to tackle the debt crisis. the key relationship in europe is that between france and turning -- in germany. so far, they have stressed a commitment to work closely together. but on the question of how to deal with the eurozone crisis, there is no mistaking the have
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different priorities. in berlin, the german chancellor insisted she would not shift on the pact enforcing budgetary discipline in the eurozone. >> we in germany think the pact is not up for negotiation. it has been negotiated. >> it is going to be very difficult, because germany is set on keeping a very rigorous economic policy. the french socialists, they want to change it radically. >> as mr. hollande prepares for power, there is uncertainty over how this crucial debate over austerity and growth will be resolved. >> 7 hewitt reporting. al jazeera says it has been close -- it has been forced to close its bureau in china after
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exports reporter was expelled after being in beijing for five years. al jazeera has said it will continue to push coverage in china. the report from inside syria following parliamentary elections. >> and the boats made from bric- a-brac. let us look at the stories making headlines in newspapers around the world. the picture says it all. the headline certainly does. as greek and french voters threw down a challenge to germany's chancellor markell, if she is feeling lonely, she can still count on one is the logical ally -- britain's david cameron. the prime minister has vowed
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never going back on cuts. the election may have implications for more than just austerity, says "the times." the french president will focus upon on building renewable energy, not reaction -- not reactors. yesterday, there was news of a bailout, and announcement of a chairman's resignation today. >> this is "newsday." >> let us bring you a reminder of the headlines this hour. u.s. officials say western intelligence agencies have foiled a plot by al qaeda in yemen. the were using an underwear bomb. >> this rate increase. the country's biggest party has admitted it is unable to form a
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coalition government, which gives the radical left a chance to step in greece. hillary clinton has urged india to do more to reduce oil imports from iran. mrs. clinton has been meeting with the indian prime minister in delhi. she wants them to look at other oil countries, as part of pressure over iran's nuclear program. what political commentators telling you? well in the debt eventually succumb to american pressure to reduce oil imports on iran? >> their are already signs that the indians are taking the american threat very strongly. the have already reduced their oil dependency on iran. the second-largest oil importer from iran makes up about 12% of india's total oil imports. it is already down to about 9%.
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that is the message indians gave mrs. clinton when she was here. she continues to speak to them today. they have already taken steps, which recognized and commanded yesterday, but clearly stating india needs to do more. the critical moment comes in a couple of months, when u.s.-led sanctions go into effect against banks which continue to do business with iran. india is not in favor of the sanctions. at the moment, no sign yet that washington is going to comply. >> is there a possibility that india will close the tap totally and stop importing oil from iran? >> it is unlikely. they are wary of putting all their eggs in one basket, depending entirely on countries such as saudi arabia, with which india has always had a mixed relationship. it needs to keep a run on
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board, because of recent strategic reasons. if you want to know how important this relationship is, there is currently in delhi a 50-member strong trade delegation, looking to try to find a mechanism to work outside the current western-led sanctions. >> this is a visit of mrs. clinton to afghanistan and pakistan as well, with discussions among indian leaders. >> that is right. she is due to begin foreign talks -- to begin further talks. those countries will figure, pakistan in particular -- the issue of the 2008 mumbai attacks continues to be the main thing holding the country's back. that is something the indians say they will continue to raise,
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particularly the alleged mastermind of the attacks, who continues to be in pakistan, who in the once tried and handed over. they want the indians to put pressure on pakistan. two years from now, when the last american troops leave -- that is something else the sides are expected to discuss. >> thank you for the update. the polls have closed in syria, where multi-party parliamentary elections have been held amid continuing violence. a new constitution enables the formation of groups to stand against president bashar al- assad's ruling party. we have rare access in this report from damascus. >> today's elections are meant to be proof syria is changing. the ruling party says it is ready to share power.
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this is one of the young new faces. but most of the new are connected to the old. they would not be allowed to run if they were not. but he says the door is open to everyone, without exception. he is not the only one who thinks no one can win without popular support. syrians turning up here believe their vote matters. people are expressing their views. that optimistic. the elections are going great. but believe in change was short- lived for some. one candidate dropped out of this race. she told me, "i wanted to run because i believed i could serve my country. but then it became clear no real change would happen." in some parts of damascus, they
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never thought it would. it was eerily quiet. at the mosque, people did not want to talk. security forces were not far away. this man told us, "i am an old man. if you want to know what is happening, talk to the young." you see all of the shops are closed. look down this way. there are young people. six months ago, when we came to this neighborhood, people spoke. how it has changed. they take us on a tour of the street, pointing to bullet holes and graffiti. many in this group are too young to vote. they would not anyway. voting will not change what is happening here. we are told this house was destroyed by government forces three days ago, killing four
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bang areas -- killing four members of the free syrian army and for people who live here. -- and four people who live here. >> week fight for freedom every day. >> today, the government wanted to prove they could make room for new voices, but its real opposition is still on the streets. >> a jury in the united states has found that internet giant google breached copyright in a case brought by oracle over its java programming language. the court was unable to agree whether google actions constituted for use under copyright law. oracle is asking for a billion dollars in compensation. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has reached an agreement to form a new coalition government. his likud party will be joined
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by the kadima party. it contains everything from old hockey sticks to pieces of a jimi hendrix guitar. an unlikely collection of objects, but all have been used to make a boat. it will be at the olympics in london, 2012. >> every piece of wood on this boat is a treasured memory. hundreds of people across the country were invited to donate object. the only criteria was there had to be a story behind them. >> we are marking lives, thousands of lives. people have come together, and we built something extraordinary from them. it is something sociable. hundreds of people came together to build this. it is about people, at the end of the day. >> my mother, when it cleared the house, we found she had
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these reports and documents. it is nice that is on the boat. >> i played sport all my life. i plead for a hockey club. >> this is a wooden spoon handle. my mother's third pasta for 40 years with it. -- mother stirred pasta for 40 years with it. >> look at the sense of humor. take a look at the details. >> with great fanfare, this floating collage was gently lowered into the harbor. it received funding from the arts council, half a million pounds. it is part of the cultural olympiad and will sail along the south coast, in time for the olympics. >> breaking news from washington. the ap news agency reported net rick santorum is endorsing his
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once bitter rival, mitt romney. this is for the republican nomination to challenge barack obama. rick santorum is working with the republican nominee to deny president obama and second term. ironic, given that during the contest with santorum clashed heavily with mitt romney, calling him one of the worst republicans in the country to challenge obama. a turnaround from him. rick santorum in dorset's mitt romney. britain's prince harry is in washington to receive the humanitarian award in recognition of his work helping injured soldiers. accepting the award from u.s. general colin powell, he spoke of service members whose lives had been changed by their wounds. >> if i may, i would like to
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accept the award on behalf of my brother william, our foundation, all those on both sides of the atlantic who worked to support our wounded veterans, but particularly for the guys, because this is their award. it would be wrong of me to speak for these heroes, and not presumptuous of me to pay tribute to them. so many of our servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice. so many lives have been lost, and so many changed forever, by the wounds they have suffered. they have paid the terrible price to keep us safe and free. the very least three of them is to make sure that they and their brave families have everything they need in the darkest days, and, in time, regain the hope and confidence to flourish again. >> prince harry in washington. thanks for being with us. we will see you again soon.
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