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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello, and welcome. the headlines. election results are furies in egypt. hundreds ransack ahmed shafiq's headquarters. thousands have gathered in tahrir square. a brutal massacre in a syrian town. >> 13 children are among 19 killed in a shopping mall fire in qatar. a special report on the tax taking place in the country that will affect the championships next month. >> it is to block in the morning here in london. broadcasting here in america and around the world, welcome to newsday.
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>> egyptian protesters have attacked the campaign headquarters in cairo of the presidential candidate shafiq. at several hundred people ransacked the building tearing up posters and smashing the building. it came just hours after final election results. this was the scene at tahrir square a short time ago. it will remember it was at the center of protest leading to the fall of hosni mubarak last year. hundreds remain in the square, protesting against the run of results, saying they neither want to return to the old regime nor religious rule of the muslim brotherhood. earlier we got this update from
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tahrir square. >> earlier in the day i was here in tahrir square talking to people just passing on the pavement. many of them had voted for shafiq and for the muslim brotherhood candid it. having had the presidential election commission come out and declare the final results, people here, really do feel this is the time to hear their voices heard. it remains to see what will happen in the hours ahead. but certainly analyst i've spoken to since the election results renounce have said that it becomes clearer to the remaining candidates that have to reach out to these young people, the liberals come the people who took part in the revolution, and reassure them
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that are not going to have some kind of resource that will exclude them. to show people that they can include within their lineup of vice president or prime minister to represent the people. >> the results of the country's first free presidential election show that the muslim brotherhood candidate runt -- won the first round. shafiq came in with 1% less. they will face each other and a runoff next month. >> the electoral commission speaks but there are no surprises. four days after polling had checked with both camps, they investigated a number of complaints and rejected them all. >> the committee commission has rejected number four appeal
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because they were not based on reality. >> egyptians now face a stark choice. on one side is the candidate for the muslim brotherhood. he is trying to put himself forward as the candidate of the revolution. but there are many egyptians particularly opposed -- opposed to the islamic staying power. on the other side this ahmed shafiq. he says he will not try to recreate the old regime. he does promise to restore law and order after egypt's last turbulent years. as for the young egyptians who led the revolution in tahrir square, and have no obvious candidate to support. in more than a year since the fall of president mubarak, have still not pull together in a credible political movement.
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despite the long lines on polling days, the electoral commission has announced that turn out is only around 46%. with three weeks until the second round, the remaining candidates face the challenge of persuading egyptians there is something positive to go out and vote for. >> the un envoy kofi annan has spoken at the massacre of more than 100 people in the syrian city, including dozens of children. they are blaming the violence on the rebels as well as president assad's forces. kofi annan was in damascus on tuesday. this report contains some flash photography. >> these pictures of the dead fromhoula have caused revulsion around the world. the smaller shrouds' tell their
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own story. at least 40 children are among the dead. syria's government denies any involvement in the house to house murders. testimony from survivors describe as a whole families shot at very close range in their homes by soldiers and militia. this young boy filmed by the opposition says he escaped by playing dead. he saw the bodies of his sisters and mother in his home. after the soldiers left, he escaped to his uncle's house. kofi annan glued to the syrian capital. tomorrow he sees president assad, but his cease-fire plan has incomprehensibly broken. >> those responsible for these brutal crimes must be held to account. >> but the british government is in no doubt who is to blame. syria's top diplomat in london was summoned to be told that the
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massacre was an evil and sickening crime, to be threatened with robust action against syria if the regime does not cease its violence. it is a well understood part of diplomatic ritual, a way to express anger and urged better behavior. the syrian government has so far shown itself death to almost all diplomacy and those governments around world are finding it difficult to agree on other options. so what are some of those options to increase pressure on the assad regime? some call for international military intervention. it is clear the major powers have no intention of getting drawn in. what about arming opposition groups? qatar and saudi arabia actively support them, but other countries rick -- reject that approach. it has so far failed to end the bloodshed. the foreign secretary in moscow today is bleak in his assessment. the cease-fire plan is the only hope for syria.
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>> the alternatives of the kofi annan plan or ever increasing chaos in syria. it is descending) closer to all- out civil war and collapse. >> for now, the oxide world relies on a small un mission in syria, so far unable to prevent the slide into more and more shocking violence. >> 13 children have been killed in a fire in qatar. the childrenht, are among the 19 people who died in the fire in a shopping mall in doha, cutting off a stairway. some say evacuation procedures were chaotic. panic and despair and do the heart ofha. that black, deadly smoke rises from a shopping mall, at the
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center of which was a nursery. although many people escaped, children, many of them from the expatriate families, were trapped inside. the smoke blocked their exit and made it hard for rescue crews to get in. parents sat in anxious wait, later to confirm that the children who died were from japan, the philippines, spain, and france. it was also confirmed that 33- year-old new zealanders have been killed in the bleak -- 3 3- year-old new zealanders have been killed in the blaze. >> they are obviously going to start investigating at what they could not get anyone out. i know that security guards were posted at the entrance and he would have picked up in seconds of something was wrong. the question is, where were the people? >> the authorities have ordered a special commission to look into the deadly blaze. >> we tried our best, but when
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we got there, the children were trapped inside. we are very sorry for what has happened. we tried as hard as we could to save these people. >> it was built in 2006. shopping malls are popular source of entertainment in doha, but now their safety standards are likely to face close scrutiny. >> thousands of fans will be heading to poland and ukraine for the european football tending ships in june and july, but there are fresh beers the vans will be hit by racism and violence. -- fresh fears the events will be hit by racism and violence. includes nazi salutes, rampant anti-semitism, and a vicious assault on a group of asian students. chris rogers has a special report. >> in ukraine, extreme right- wing politics and football go
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hand in hand. we filmed last ranks of fans is using aidnazi-style salute in stadiums across ukraine. this is how some supporters reacted to rival players and fans. anti-racism campaigners claim some extreme right-wing organizations are hijacking football. one such group is patriots of ukraine. they don't trust the journalist, but they agreed to take me to one of their secret training camps. they claim to recruit members from local charities, educate them with their ideology, and train them to fight. they are clearly ready for
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violence. we are learning to shoot and we are learning tactical combat and military preparation. we can take all this by training into the streets. it is one of the last matches of the season at the medalist stadium which will host bureau 2012 matches. with no segregation, scuffles break out between rival fans. suddenly, there is a new target, a small group of asian students. it appears they are singled out because of the color of their skin. >> we were supporting the home team. >> are they going to help you get home safely? >> european football's governing
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body say they have zero tolerance of racism. >> look at that. that is absolutely disgusting. >> we showed our footage to the former england captain, phil campbell. >> until we see drastic improvements, you do not deserve these prestigious tournament in your country. >> tonight, the ukrainian ambassador insists fans will be safe. >> there are individual cases of intolerable behavior of minorities, but overall, i have to underline that we do not have a problem of racism in ukraine. >> what to recommend for families traveling to europe in 2012? >> no chance. stay home. don't risk it.
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it could end up coming back in a coffin. >> in ukraine, where some fans are searching for a national identity, questions remain after whether the safety can be maintained. >> you are watching newsday on the bbc, live from singapore and london. still to come, radioactive contamination. >> a quick look at what is making front-page news from the world. racism friends to e touro 2012 into a pr disaster. the investigation by the bbc's panorama program which obtained footage. the bp russian project appears to be in turmoil. the billionaire ross resigned as chief executive of the joint oil
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venture. the wall street journal in your reports that riskier companies are bypassing banks and investors and shopping for loans in america. the south china morning post as a hardline former mayor of beijing during the tiananmen square protest has called this didn't killings and regrettable tragedy that could have been avoided. many u.k. and internationals- >> the headlines for you. protesters in need to have attacked a campaign headquarters of candidates shafiq hours after it was announced he will stand in an election runoff. >> accounts have emerged from
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the syrians h town ofoula for more than 100 people were killed on friday. the un has described events there as a brutal massacre. india's prime minister will meet with the opposition leader later today as he continues an historic three-day visit. he met with the country's president on monday and they signed a number of agreements. our guest joins us now to viaskype. what can we expect from this meeting? >> i think this historic meeting is the first time in 20 years. the relationship between india and aung san suu kyi in the past, obviously because india
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supported the military in the past decade. >> so you say that there is a connection, but what kind of support will be indian leadership give the burmese opposition? >> i think india could do a lot here. there could be some kind of support from india reconciliation of burma and the democratization proxy -- process. i am not sure if india meet the right balance between the need to engage burma economically and how far in he would go in terms of supporting the current reforms in the country. >> aung san suu kyi traveling to
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thailand, which is your home country. why do you think she chose thailand as our first foreign visit outside of burma? >> a thing logistically speaking, it is the best place for her to start over. but more than that, i think she chose thailand because it is a little bit neutral compared with the competition between india and china. in the past, and thailand has been known for supporting the dissidents of burma who reside there. thailand some out is the gateway to get into other countries in southeast asia. so it makes sense politically and economically.
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>> from the center for southeast asian studies, thank you so much for joining us with your insight. >> the former british prime minister tony blair has defended his relationship with the media tycoon rupert murdoch and denies doing any deals in return for the support of his newspapers. blair told an inquiry and essex that an unhealthy relationship has involved between the press and politicians in britain. at the same time, he said a close relationship was inevitable. >> he returned later to power after 18 years in opposition. critics say tony blair did what amounted to deal with rupert murdoch. support new labor and we will give you commercial freedom. mr. blair told the club as an inquiry there would never be such -- told leveson inquiry that there had never been such a deal. >> neither express or implied.
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>> mr. blair was reminded that in 1995 he had accepted rupert murdoch's invitation to travel to australia to deliver a speech at a conference attended by mr. murdoch and his most senior executives. it was suggested it was a charm offensive. >> i would not been going all the way around the world. i remember had to go -- if it had not been a very deliberate and strategic decision i was going to go and try to persuade them. >> mr. blair said when he became prime minister he decided not to confront the media, but did the relationship become too cozy? >> the concept of coziness is not quite the way i would put it. we were in a position where we are dealing with very powerful people. >> mr. blair said that since leaving downing street, he had become friends with a report murdoch and was godfather to one
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of his children. looking back, he said labour had ascribed to much power to the press barons. he reflected on the difficulties he has had the papers like the daily mail. >> with any big media groups, you fall out with them. it is literally relentless and unrelenting once that happens. my view is that that is what creates the situation in which the media people get a power in the system that is unhealthy, and which i have felt uncomfortable with. >> so far there have been very few surprises. >> this man should be arrested for war crimes. >> a protester had entered the core router record or nine large justiceleverson -- between lord
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justice leveson. >> there had been a limited admission of culpability from the former prime minister. while getting too close to report merkin his key lieutenants, buddy partially renounced that context like this were necessary for labor to be accepted and to achieve victory. as mr. blair left the royal courts of justice, there is the vehicle carrying his security team. >> the sudanese army says it will pull its troops out of the disputed border region that was unilaterally seized a year ago, forcing 100,000 civilians to leave the area. it was described as a goodwill gesture but they have talks with south sudan. a verdict is expected shortly in the impeachment trial of the chief justice of the philippine
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supreme court. mr. corona is accused of hiding millions of dollars in assets and amassing a fortune way above the level of his salary. he has denied the claims against him. >> increased levels of radioactivity from last year's fukushima accident have been found in pacific bluefin tuna off the coast of california. the fish could have picked up contamination of swimming in japanese waters. the root bread of radioactivity is within safe limits -- the rate of radioactivity. >> months on from the fukushima nuclear accident, radioactivity has been found in one of the pacific ocean's most iconic fish, the bluefin tuna. while the accident could have had a far worse outcome, it is thought the japanese disaster is the source of the radioactive
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cesium now found in some fish. during the battle to bring the damaged power station systems under control, large volumes of contaminated water when from the fukushima reactors into the sea. 15 samples of tuna caught as far away as the north american coast or showing low-level traces of the pollution. >> with contrast to the radioactivity in the bluefin tuna with the radioactivity and yellowfin tuna, a different species that also lives in the pacific. the yellow finn were collected at the same time, at the same location, san diego in august of 2011. the yellow fin tuna tend to be more residential fish so they do not swim across the pacific. there radioactivity was just background levels. by comparing the bluefin and the yellow fin, we could conclude unequivocally that the bluefin tuna had to have come from
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japanese waters. >> scientists will continue to monitor the pacific tuna. they are a highly valuable fishery with thousands of tons landed annually for consumer markets. researchers also want to check other migratory species like sharks and turtles to see if they are carrying fukushima radioactivity as well. >> you have been watching newsday from the bbc. >> a reminder of the main news for you this hour. protesters and egypt have set fire to the campaign headquarters of a s ahmedhafiq after official confirmation that he will face a runoff of the presidency. hundreds remain in tahrir square protesting against the results, many of the so-called revolutionary said they want either reporting either return to the old regime and our religious world. more on that to come. stay with us.
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