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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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♪ this is "nightly bu" with t. inside intel. the dow component beat expect, but its revenue guid disappoints. more for less are investors bett off buying index funds that track the market or picking stocks. sales sizzle. domino pizza brings in more orde for smartphones than from walk-i or phone orders. the company's big bet on tech pays off. > those stories and more " for tuesday, october. good evening, everyone, i'm tylemathis. sue has the evening off. earnin dominated this day and
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repog qua results. but begin with intel which rele its figures after the closg bell. the world's biggest chip maker repo a rise in revenue help by improving pc demand but its outlook for sales was below expectations and that presd the stock in initial afte hours trading. intel earned 80 cents a share. josh lipton >> $4.5 billion. one big number in the latest earnin report an refers to the revenue that intel generated in its dcg business or chips for data centers. that busines is a play on the cloud, when cloud providers build out their data centers, they rely on intel to provide the processors that power those server cj muse of ever core notes that
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inte did see growth of 10%, which was the bogey it needed to hit. mu says the open question, though is whether intel could sust the growth rate into the fourthquar for now, the analysts note inve are reacting to a more need concern, a disappointi q4 outloo from the chip-maker. for "nightly bureport," m josh n intel joins three other dow comp today in reporting earnin united heacare, goldman and j. all three companies beat wall forecasts, but for very di reasons. united health group raised its outlook f the rest of the year, part of a healthier outlook fm health care. the spike driven by growth at oppo tunnel, the fast-greek primy care business that aims to put clinicst 75 major markets. united paid out less to cover
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claims, while revenue fro player and individual plans grew. united aff plans lost about $200 millio in the third though only $80 million actually impact earnings, because much of it was covered by a reserve. the company has said it will with from most of its health law marketplace next year. almost 1 million people enrolled in united aca plans. johnso grew global sales by more than 4% in the thirquarter. and posted record profit to boot. drugs driving j & j's growth b top seller, rem cade challenged pfizer, which plans to sell a cheaper version. j & j fighting to protect its pate to prevent the launch. last year, j & j sold had $4.5 worth, some anal predi the competition cod cut sales by as much as $1
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billion nex year. >> we think the launch is an at-risk launch, because we inte to defend our inte property. and we competed in a crowded market lots of discou we know how to compete in this marketplace very well. the product hase very well r qu a very broad portfolio in i'm goldman sachs, its thirr earnings jumped 47% from a year ago, easily beatg predictions with a profit of more than $2 revenu up to 19%, like its compet goldman saw a big increa in its wall street tradg business, especially in fixed income. again, thank in part to the brexit fallout. stock trading revenue up slig abo shares of united health care soared on its quarterly results. goldmas also a little bit higher, as you see right there.
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and shares of j & j fell. those stronger than expected quartey results held lift the stock market. in shares of ibm following its earn report, which would he brout to last night. the dow jones industrial average added 75 points to finish the day at 18, 161. nasdaq a 20% gain and netflix rose 44 and the s&p 500 added > yahoo! released its quary resul this day and topp forecasts. ceo marissa meier says she is conft in value of the core buss as the company prep to integrate with verizo deal with verizon had been ques following the disc of a massive data breayahoo! embattled company, yahoo! that is, earned 6 cents above estima revenue up of% from a year ago to more than $1.3billion. as for the stock, it was
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high in initial after hours tradin we h more on yahoo!'s quarte >> finally, a bit of a good news from yahoo! the trou internet company. the real focus is on its pending deal with verizon and whether ther any possible fallout from its massive secur yahoo! cancelled its conference call this quarter, due to the acquis and all we got rela to verizon in the brea was a short statement in th release from ceo marissa we busy preparing for inlt immigration and we tak resp in protecting our users and the security of th we're worki hard to retain but before you get too excited abou the beat, note that yahoo! beat on cost cuts, not growth. for "nightly bu >> blackrock, the world's cisco. larg asset manager, reported a drop in revenue for the third
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quarter. fewer clients are investing in high revenue actively managed funds, run by portfolio managers who buy and sell securities. ceo larry fink says his industry faces a tough environment. but fink says active investing it far f >> we're a believer in active. we had $10 billion of active in-flo in fixed income. in equities, we did have outflo on the active side. work continu to invest in our active portfolios. we're using different method more big data, factor so we're looking at difft techniques to try to earn the return after fees that our clien are. >> well, blackrock's fink may be right abo active investing, but the "wall stree today quest whether picking stocks is a, quote, dying busine. new points out that in poured more than
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$1.3 t into passive or index funds over the past three years. while, they pulled more a quarter trillion from acti managed funds. and judging from the percentage of funds that beat their index benchm, actively managed funds have badly underperform e indexers in virtually all time perio over the past 25 jason zwide co wrote the articl to see you. do youy believe the busine of picking sto dying? i think it' going to be a slow death, tyler. i think i kind of like a spec. ask any dinosaur. it didn't happ overnight. you know, we would expect that this is going to be a slow procs that has already starte and will take a long time to . and i don't thi active ma is going to disapp it's going to continue to dwindle slowly for the
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foree future. >> certainly not a growth busine or hasn't been over the past few years. why are people switching, simply put, and not just people. indivi a lot of big institutions switg from active to passiv yeah. exactl know, one of the big surps for us in working on this story was the giant institl investors we spoke to who are just kind of -- as they kept putting it to us, theye feed up. the feed up with underp, high fees, and sort of the kind of story-g a excuse-making a lot of active managers have been providing their clies in lieu of performance. and there's no question that active management can outper. real problem, i think, is that peopl feel they're not real get value for the fees they' paying. >> one of the things i was inte to read in your artie was that trial lawyers are stepping in and pressing
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laws to force big inst to move money from acti to explai yeah. this i -- this is something that we have been seeing incr popping up in two areas, tyler. one is in 401(k) and other employ retirement plan and the other actually is at colleges and universities at their endowments and other benefi pla so you know, the plaintiffs' la are putting the l clients on notice that they need to demonstrate th they -- the performance they obtaining through an acti managed fund is supe after fees to what they could get from an index fund. you know, we all want to be in lake woebeg and be above aver jason. i know the feeling and indexing feels lik settl for average. you wouldn't mind, what do you do with your money? are you an indexer exclusively?
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or in your 401(k) do you go with the activ guys? >> i'm almost exclusively indexe tyler. and i have been for a long time. i thin even back when you and i first met each other, i was predom indexed. for most investors, it's a low mainte low cost way to capte the returns of the market wit incurring the risk that a manager might wander off the reservation or not earn back the fees. >> you were a step ahead of me way back when, jason and still are. jason, good to see you. >> to the economy we go. the price as consumers pay for just about everything rose at their fastest pace in five . rising gasoline, relent and medil costs pushed the cons price index up .3% in septem over the past 12 months, prices are higher by 1.5%. the fastest rate in nearly tw well, social secu recipi will be getting an incr next year, but it's a
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small one. your c will grow by -- sit do for this. .3%. g to the social secu ad, that puts the averag monthly social secu benet next year at $1360, about $5 more than it is now. the agency will also raise the maximu amount of earnings subjt to social secu tax to $127,200 from $118,500. that start in january, and is a 7% inc new leaked e-mails revd that hillaclinton' team had a long list of potential running mates, i a number from the business world. howard schultz, apple ceo, tim cook, and bill and men little dagate to name a few. in the end, she chose senator timm kaine, who on an interview wi cnbc said a clinton admini would seek to streng regulations on wall street. we are very, very committed.
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with respect to wall street, that the kinds of abuses that led the american economy to go into a fraefl, you know, at the end of th last administrati e not going to tolerate th again. d we're going to make sure we keep protections and guard rails in place so the american public is pct that doesn't mean we're not going to listen. that doesn't mean we're not going to try to make the regus really work in prac and not just in theory. but the differences between the two ticke on this is very, sharp. we're going to maintain dodd and strengthen it and the other guys want to get rid of it. >> he added the it would i e ab the economy to grow. > how domino's became a t compy tha happensns to serve
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domino's pizza delivered a big quarter, the chain rest reported a sharp rise in profits and comes as other fast food rivals warn of slowing sales. same-s sal at domino's soared 13% from a year ago, mark the 22 md straight quar of same-store gains. those str results are being attrib to domino's adoption of technology. making it easier to place orders on mobile devices, using an app. in fact, 55% of domino's sales were through smartphones, virtua assis and other
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channels and in an interv on cnbc, the ceo said the strat >> we want to make it very easy for our customers to order from domino and then once we've got them in that environment, we got all of the data, all sorts of things we can do from a marketg p to get them to come back, drive paying into this momentum. >> the stock hit an all-time high, closing up nearly -- well, 5%. domino's isn't the only company riding the mobi wave. others such as chipotle and star on it too. but some companies that might bene from integrating tech better have been slower to climb aboard. eric thorson is a principle at food and retailing consulting firm tech no, ma'amic and joins us to discuss who is doing it right and who is playing catchu well here?no's done really, >> i think that a lot of oper have a good sense of how the technology works and
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sort the back end of the technolo what domino's has done is found ways to make it just slig more engaging for cons and that's made all of the difference >> others that i can think of that are having some success, i believ we mentioned in the litt lead-in there include starbu which has made it easy. yo order from your cell phone, you go in and the beverage is there. but i can imagine that there are certai kinds of quick-serve s where this just prob hasn't worked as well, or companies that haven't figud it out yet. can you thi of any? >> sure. you know, any restaurant that has a very complex menu, or has a high degree of customization has a little bit harder time impl this kind of -- these kin technologies. >> so i mean, a chipotle, you ca have it made your way. but i guess that's pretty easy. how about a company like mcdonald's? wh have they done in this, and obviou thee -- they have a differe business model. domino is a delivery service,
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basica mcdonald' you would have to go pick it up and you want the fries crispy. you don't want them soggy. >> that's right. that's a good point. not all food travels well. if you think about mcdonald's busi model, they get a lot of business through their drive-. cer locations, certain operats l a starbucks, it makes sense. it's a little bit easier to implem g through.t more foot traffic and so really depends on the operat the type of food. and also the number of locations and proximities of those locas to consumers. you know, amazon app really very nicely on your cell phone. are other retailers -- have they been quick or slow and can you name some that maybe missed the boat here so far? >> well, sure. i thin that the -- you know, there's companies out there that have affiliated with something like google express. which target walgreens, just to name a few. sort of use that platform and that platform is designed to be very efficient and very user-f any kind retailer who has a
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real wide assortment of goods. you can b pencils or a swing set from a retailer like a walmar they he different kinds of chal in terms of how the prod are actually shipped that, they have similar ecause challe in terms of building online apps. >> you think of a company like walmart or a home depot, where it might not translate as well. eric, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> eric thorson with tech nomic. eli lily. the drug maker says it will spen $90 million over the nex five years to grow an existing progra to provide treatment for diabet and tuberculosis. the company's ceo says this is just the >> if you say the world has 7 bill people, we think a foot today enables us to reac and effectively provide medi to about 2 billion. this i the focus on the other 5
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billio in many parts of the worl where we otherwise don't of a presence, but can bring a lot of expertise to bear in areas like diabetes and cancer and tb. >> shares of lilly up 24 cents to 78.77. the india-based online book site, makemytrip will acque rival in an all-stock deal making it the largest travel company in the sub contin value of the transaction not disclo but the combined comp estimated to be in the $2 billion range. of make my trip rocketed higher by 44%. yes, 44% to $29.45. sprint posted preliminary re today, and they showed an uptick in sales and a narr loss. the wireless carrier also said it saw post paid subscriber grow more double, helped by the company's big promotions. sprint slated to report financ results next week. shares fel 6 cents to $6.86.
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wolverine worldwide, which owns sperry shoes and keds said sales but the company did mana to eke out an increase. waffle reaso expects sales for the to come in at the lower end of its previously issued guidan this is because of a tepid cons environment. shar off 3.5% on the day at $21.26 china is wooing hollywood, e head of that country's dalian wand group, is making a big play for a piece of the heart of the ame julia boorstin has. >> rep chinese cong made a big splash to lure studios in the movery metrop a $5 billio studio it's building in eastern china. commit $750 million of over five years to a production re of up to 40% of film's
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budget the chairn sayg hollywood will benef from catering to this exploding movie-going market. >> tra sin the chinese cinema mar will continue its robust growth, it is surely dest to become the largest film market. you want to profit from this market, you will have to unde the chinese audience. you ha to figure out a way to plea them and win their hearts. >> rep chan wong pred the chinese box office soon surpass that of north a to become the largt movie market in the world, forecasting 15% growth annu over the next decade. the studio promising more than just access to production facilit also relatis t help navigate the political challenges of dist films in china, which set limits to the number of foreign r >> actually, in summary, offers someth tha none of the
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glob special access to the film mark wanda showcasing for a signing ceremony, ing legendary pictures, boug in january, as well as lions gate. >> partner helps. we're doi a lot with a bunch of different players in the china wor and i think you'll contin to us do that. again, we' got to pick the right par and wanda could be the right partner in many ways. >> wanda is continuing buying spree. opens amc theatres and bought legendy pictures in january. scrutiny. 16 members of congress urging the government accountabil offi to examine its review of foren inv in the u.s. such as wanda's. we'll see if wanda can convince more studi and the government that the perks it's offering u.s.-b media companies can julia boorstin inort,"
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>> to read more about the wanda group's big push in hollywood, head to our website, coming up, working out while stayin in. how the fitness industry is brin exerc classes to your live. here' a look at what to watc tomorrow. the dow component, american expres fee the effects of losi its partnership with costco wil report its earnings. the federal res releases its beige boo of anecdotal look at th econo across the country, and we will find out how fast the world's second-large econom is growing when china rele its gdp figures, and
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that is what to watch for wednes> no more excuses for not gettg to the gym. what if you could do a live fitn cla right in your own livi room, even talk to the inst while you're doing it? it's o demd on steroids, and a business model with a long runway ahead. diana olick has the latest instt o >> we are here! >> rep at e studios of e daily burn in brooklyn, new -- only about a dozen people a but thousands of others are in the class, doing the same squats and pushups at the same time. >> live is important, because it create the community feel. that's why we're live at 9:00 23 hours and then it starts all over again and there is a commy and movement around doin today's workout. >> 3! 2! >> rep the daily burn stard with on-demand workouts to stream at home, but went live la >> for the first time we
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actu have a real community formin >> we've got a great shoutout from julia henderson. because daily combined with a social media platform where subss can connecth coache dieticians and each other. you know it's real do you feel accoun >> you definitel feel accoun it's the next step in a fast-growing landscape of on demand fitness, where being able to pull up a yoga video t enough. d or steal archive, it's not ded as pressure or important. the gene has found all kinds of new ways to work out, even compe aga each other. but it's not always easy to get to a studio, and in today's elite boutique fitness atmosp, not always cost-e, either. >> i think of it this way. even the most modest budget in the family can afford the power of 990, which is what our monthly m is, and cove the entire family. less than a netflix membership.
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$14. a month, while one class debut boutique studio can cost $35. are more expensive, but more and more are coming online and that competition will drive lower. bottom line, no more excuses for not getti to the gym. i'm diana olick in washington. >> and that is "nightly bu" for. i'm tyler mathisen. than so mu for joining us. have a great evening, everybody. we'll see you back here t
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