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tv   Journal  PBS  January 24, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> hello, everyone. welcome to the "journal" on dw- tv. i am meggin leigh. >> and i am steve chaid. >> our lead story at this hour, russia is on high alert. s suicide bomb attacks in moscow's main airport kills 35 people and injures 130. ♪ >> crash that is in a state of high alert after a suicide bomber killed 35 people at moscow's main airport. another 130 people were wounded at the bombing at the doh note -- the domodedovo airport. the russian president has ordered extra security at all airports and train stations across the country. >> an amateur video taken by
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cell phone shows the international arrivals hall of moscow's main airport just moments after massive blast tore through the building. fix smoke-filled the hall where russian officials believe a suicide bomber set off the device near the baggage carousels. police cordoned off this part of the airport. but even as survivors were still being evacuated, air-traffic resumed. the russian authorities are keen to show the hadhe situation well under control. president medvedev immediately went on national television. he pledged to do everything in his power to bring those responsible to justice. >> i offer my sincere condolences to the families of those who died. we have to do everything possible to prevent further attacks, so i have given orders to increase security in all
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airports and really stations. >> president medvedev blamed lax security at domodedovo airport for allowing the attack to happen. so far, no one knows who was behind the blast, but the russian media is already speculating that islamic extremists from the caucuses are to blame. they carried out deadly blast in the moscow subway 10 months ago and the mid-air bombing of two passenger jets in 2004, airplanes that took off from this airport. >> earlier, i spoke to andrew osborn in moscow. with authorities calling this a terrorist attack, i asked him who they thought maybe behind it. >> well, as the reporter said, i think thathe single suspicion will fall upon the islamist radicals, the islamist terrorists that are in the north caucuses area of russia. they want to establish sure in -- sharia state in that part of
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russia. the have been waging a campaign of violence for many years now in an attempt to achieve that. they have been the people who have been carrying out these kind of attacks russia. we do know that the police are hunting for three men who are from that region, which confirms the theory that they are the pele who are behind this. >> tell us more about the airport. why would it be a target? >> well, it has been targeted before. in 2004, two female suicide bombers bribed their ways of two airplanes and then blew the mother. it is a symbol of modern russia. it is a modern airport, the best airport russian has. it is the busiest rpt. 50,000 people use it every day. to strike it is to strike a powerful blow psychologically against russia.
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it is telling russians that they're not safe and then traveling is not safe in the metro or to take an airplane. >> tell us more about the extra security measures that have been put in place. >> yes, as you would expect, president medvedev has ordered security measures to be stepped up. obviously, at this airport, but also at other airports, in the metro and other transport terminals. i think they will look at why this was allowed to happen. security was already beefed up. but clearly, president medvedev says that protocols were not followed. somebody was not doing their job properly. so i think there will be a search now for culprits amongst the people who were responsible for security at this airport. >> thank you for that update from moscow. governments around the world have condemned this latest attack. u.s. president barack obama described it as an outrageous.
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france and germany called the bombing barbaric and cowardly. chancellor angela merkel made this statement earlier. >> the german government condemns this attack in the sharpest terms. we offer our sympathies to the families of those wounded and killed. and of course, any support we can offer the russian government for the investigation. i have already expressed my sympathy to the russian president. >> and we will have more on the moscow airport bombing coming up later on in this "journal." palestinian leaders have reacted angrily to claims that they offered israel major territorial concessions at peace talks two years ago. thebroadcaster algiers -- algeciras says it obtained transcripts of negotiations. they allegedly agreed to israel keeping large parts of occupied east jerusalem. the chief palestinian negotiator has dismissed those claims as a
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pack of lies. >> but israel and the palestinians claim jerusalem as their capital. israel annexed the east of the city of the 1967 war in considered a part of the jewish state. but the palestinians want east jerusalem as the capital of a future independent state. construction of israeli settlements in east jerusalem have been strongly opposed and have prompted violent protests, like these in december. but the leaked transcript prepared to show the palestinian authority and that mahmoud abbas offered major concessions. his chief negotiator is quoted as proposi the biggest tourism in jewish history. at talks in cairo, mahmoud abbas denied the reports. >> we have no secrets. the entire arab world knows this. details of every single negotiation, meeting, and position put forward or being considered are presented to arab countries. >> the transcripts published by
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the british newspaper, the guardian, and the broadcaster al jazeera, and leave yet further confusion that president abbas ded. >> palestinian leaders have continually argued that israeli settlements in west bank are an obstacle to a peace agreement. that position appeared to be non-negotiable. it is one of the main reasons mideast peace talks stalled. each document suggests that in 2008, palestinian leaders told israel a key part of the settlement there. an offer which goes against the consensus of the region's arab states. >> and staying in the region, officials in iraq say least 12 people have be killed and 150 wounded in a series of explosions in the holy city of the ball up. one blast occurred in a car park filled with buses. hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are gathering in karbala to mark the anniversary of the death of a central
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figure in the shia islam. the text and days after a series of bombings near karbala left 45 people dead. the tunisian government could be headed for its second reshuffle in just a week. reports sexting oicia spokesman sahalf a dozen ministers could go as early as tuesday, as anti-government protests show no signs of letting up. demonstrators have been out on the streets of tunisia for days demanding the interim government quit. the protesters on all ministers that served in the administration of the deposed president to resign. there are ambitious french plans for the group of 20 nations. steve has that story. >> france will have the spotlight for the entire year. it has ambitious but noble plans. france is taken over the rotating presidency of the g- economic powers for two thousand 11. in paris, the country's president underlined his priorities for the year long term, calling for a tax on
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international financial ansaction and reforms to the international monetary system. he said the new measures would be moral and reduce volatility on international markets. >> pomp and circumstance this morning in front of the president's residence at the palace. the journalists were accompanied by diplomats to hear president sarkozy's ambitious program for the g-8 in g-20. sarkozy has given himself a lot of work to do. he intends to reform the world's exchange rate and introduce a tax on financial institutions. he also hopes to put an end to speculation on more materials and a staple foods. france is hoping for a lot of support on that last issue, giving the state of the food crisis. >> it is a question of morals at a time when people are! rioting because they are hungry. the g-20 country can claim a does not concern us. >> but some economists are
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doubtful the president sarkozy has the right approach to solving world hunger. >> my targeting evil speculators who can win over voters, but the real question is about the true extent to which to fluctuations in food prices are influenced by the practice of speculation. >> sarkozy has until the end of the g-20 summit in november to show that he can come through with the bitious plans to announce that the start of france's presidency. >> and rising costs for food stocks remain a hot topic on commodities markets, with wheat prices climbing on monday and prices for cocoa beans rising to 30-year highs, largely as a result of unrest in the ivory coast. there's talk of banning cocoa exports as rival political forces of pfeifer control of the country. ivory coast is it the world's largest supplier of cocoa. on to the mkets
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european shares arte of with modest gains. for look at how blue chips performed in germany, our correspondent send us the summary of the day's trading action from frankfurt. >> it looked like a poor start into the new trading week, but thanks to the gains at a strip market in new york, the dax quickly recovered at the end of trading. shares of siemens have been the best performers. tomorrow, they will release the earnings report. expectations are very high, but the numbers will be good. traders are convinced. shares have been under pressure. turned into positive territory the end of trading. optimistic talk about our bust your head. >> we can stay in frankfurt for closer look at the market numbers. the dax index finishing a tad higher, 7067. euro stoxx 50 fearing bit better, looking in gains of 0.3%, 2979. in new york, the dow jones
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enjoying a nice rally, up by more than 0.7%, 11,960 points. 12,000, not too far away. the euro trading in the belly of $1.3640. in the wake of the recent dioxins in germany, the european union agriculture ministers have called for title -- tighter controls on animal feed, to these which produce animal feed should be subjected to a tougher safety checks to make sure the cancer causing chemical dioxin does not get into the food chain. the german dioxin scare led to thousands of farms being shut down temporarily after meats and eggs which might have been contaminated were shipped as far ay as britain, the czech republic, thnetherlands, and poland. q>> many consumers are cautious about and german pork, germany's minister for agriculture is busy in brussels trying to minimize damage to exports. she says germany's doing everything it can to address the
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problem, but also, europe needs to check current procedures. >> it is mostly the registration requirements for companies to but also the separation of supply chains. dioxin monitoring is a born as well as tightening inspection rules. >> there's pressure because about 20% of agricultural income in germany eric and it does lead the country. most of that is earned by exporting to the eu, so it is a born that the situation stabilizes. the eu leadership seems to support the plan to increase monitoring throughout the region, though there is some skepticism among individual member states. the commission is preparing recommendations to separate the production of industrial facts from those intended for foodstuffs. >> gulf -- as a confident that we will arrive at the conclusion that we have a solid feet to save the system. >> but higher-quality food means it will become more expensive,
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says germany's agriculture minister but that means consumers will eventually have to pay more. >> the power deal is causing controversy. here is more. >> the eu and is pakistan signed a deal on monday for more energy cooperation -- and is pakistan signed a deal on monday. but they say that the president of uabekhistan is a dictator. the location is of strategic interest to both the eu and the u.s.. >> the e you welcome to the head of state. but the commission president refused any questions. outside, there were protests against the president. some human rights activists have been freed from jail, but many other prospective the dense remain behind bars. >> by advising the dictator, the eu has shown and energy issues
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are more important than protecting human rights in uzbek. >> the eu plans to buy gas supplies from central asia. a few weeks ago, the commission signed a deal with is a by shawn. strategic interest also played a role. nato has a military airbase in is said third -- southern city. >> the country is a partner. like other partners, we are prepared to meet. >> nato's point of view is clear. but other eu countries that karimov is not welcome. they are accused of being tone deaf. >> nobody told them who this was our he did not understand what kind of regime uzbek was. >> there are rarely such ripples in brussels. >> finally, we have sports news.
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germany has suffered a setback at the world handled championships in sweden, losing the second game in the main round, 27-25, to hungary. germany got off to a poor start and fell quickly behind, with sundry making it 3-0 with in the first four minutes. but germany managed to find its stride and went into the lead before the end of the first half. but the hungarians managed to regain their domination in the second half, leading germany's prospects for qualifying for the 2012 olympics decidedly bleak. and i will be back in a minute with more on that attack at moscow's main airport, which killed 35 people. that is in our "in depth," which is coming up after a short break, so do not go away.
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>> the united nations secretary
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general says he is appalled. u.s. president barack obama has described it as outrageous. and in july merkel has spoken of her dismay and disgust at what she called a power the terrorist attack on monday afternoon, a suicide bomber walked into the busy arrivals hall of moscow's largest airport in blew himself up. at least 35 people were killed. russian president dmitry medvedev immediately heightened security and transportation hubs across the country and pledged to track down those behind the attack. >> amateur film clips show smoke, debris, and chaos. it is immediately clear how much devastation the latest attack has caused. thousands of passengers were in the terminal when a suicide bomber blew himself up. dozens of bodies were scattered throughout the arrivals area. the wounded rarest to hospitals by ambulance crews. -- the wounded were rushed to hospital. it happened at around 2:30 p.m.
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local time. authorities believe it was the work of a suicide bomber carrying an explosive device with the equivalent power of 7 kilograms of tnt. investigators are looking for three other suspects. although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing. russian media commentators are speculating that it was militants fighting for independence in russia's north caucuses region. islamist militants from the area have staged repeated attacks in moscow in the last few years. russian president dmitry medvedev spoke on television shortly after the blast. he said all the evidence pointed to a terrorist attack. the focus now, he said, was on helping the wounded. but he also said that lax security procedures at the airport were partly to blame for the loss of life. so far, nothing is known for certain about the nationality of the victims of the bombing. all international flights to
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domodedovo have been rerouted and security measures have been stepped up at airports and transport hubs around the country. >> the russian capital has frequently been the target of terrorist attacks, often carried out by suicide bombers who want to see an independent islamist state established in russia's north caucuses region. here is a look back at the history of terrorism in moscow over the last few years. >> terrorism in moscow, seems that the city's residents know only too well. this city has repeatedly been the target of attacks in recent years. in most cases, a chechen terrorist groups ever claimed responsibility or have been blamed by russian authorities. just 10 months ago, march 2010, the were blasted into the moscow subway stations. 39 passengers were killed in the attacks, more than 70 wounded. the suicide bombers struck during the morning rush hour. it is believed the attackers were so-called black widows, women from the north caucuses.
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six years earlier, february 2004, another attack on the moscow subway. a bomb blast killed 40 people and wounded more than 100. here, too, moscow police suspected a suicide bomber from chechnya. and the attack put -- to place in the morning rush hour. and there was a similar attack in august of the same year, when a young woman blue result of, killing nine others. an islamic terrorist group supported by chechen militants claimed responsibility. in july to a dozen three, two female suicide bombers killed 14 people house at an open-air concert. there were stopped at a security check on their way in. police say their plan had been to blow themselves up in the middle of the audience of 20,000 people. most of the spectators had no idea of the drama that was unfolding just a few hundred meters away. authorities allowed the concert
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to go ahead to avoid mass panic that could have led to even more deaths. in decembeof t same year, two female suicide bombers, again believed to be from chechnya, blew themselves up in front of the national lecture an adult, killing at least five people. police believe there are original target was the russian parliament. their attack was intended to highlight allegations of human- rights violations in chechnya. but perhaps the most horrific attack of all in moscow came in october of 2002. more than 40 chechen terrorists stormed the musical theater and took 850 peoplthei hostage. after a siege lasting two and a half days, russian commandos used force to end the standoff after pumping gas into the building with the intention of neutralizing the terrorists. they were all killed, but 129
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hostages died as well. and in september of 1999, two apartment blocks or blown up by in moscow, killing more than 200 people. authorities played chechen rebels, but there were rumors that the russian sigrid's servicemen have been involved to provide the kremlin with the justification in needed to send the army back into chechnya. now a new bombing and more people killed. the attack at moscow's airport is just the latest in a long line of terrorist tragedies in the russian capital. >> for more, we're joined by an expert on eastern european affairs. he has been following events in russia for many years. thank you very much for being with us. this is a seemingly never-ending series of attacks. what would you say the russian government is doing wrong in its efforts to combat terrorism? >> well, i think there's some
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details which you can always debate, like concrete measures around airports or metro stations. as president medvedev said, the corruption in the security apparatus, but at the end of the day, i thi the russian society is very well connected today with the rest of the world. we have globalization going on everywhere. there is no quick fix for these kind of things. if there is a small groupith people really want to create headlocks, they can do it. and there are other opportunities, unfortunately. >> moscow has always taken a hard line against terrorist and separatist groups in the caucuses. does it have any other options? >> none to talk about. once there is terrorism, you have to be very decisive, and you have to take part measures. at the same time, you have to find some equilibrium. thwhole area of the northern caucuses are destabilized to
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some extent and cultural and ethnic conflicts. there have to be searches for political conciliation said. >> do you think this latest attack will have repercussions on russian politics? the country is gearing up for elections. >> as you could imagine, there is an ongoing debate between different concepts of how to provide stability. the prime minister, mr. putin, the former president, is in favor of something strict. what we see today is proof that it is not achievable. president medvedev wants to keep a guarantee stability, and wilson have to keep -- think about different ways of modernization in the economy. we also have to talk about the
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northern caucuses. i think president medvedev may have more advantages. >> briefly, what effect do these attacks have on the people of moscow? how do they deal with them? >> well, probably, you have to say that they're kind of used to that. because we have seen before how many attacks of this kind have happened in the last 15 years. there's some degree of that. the middle class, sooner or later, will say that we have to keep searching for more productive political solutions to putn end to this nd of thing. >> thank you very much for joining us. with that, we wrap up the "journal" at this hour. i am meggin leigh. thank you for joining us. stay tuned. captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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